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Fitbit-VersaKeeping a highly organized track of your fitness routine has become exceptionally easy, seamless and smart with the invention of hi-tech products in this modern age. Technological evolution has surpassed the level of anticipation and curiosity, and the development of smart sports watches is one such milestone. Here is the list of some of the top sports watches available in the market that are particularly manufactured to help you achieve your fitness goals with ease, and enthusiasm.

•    Fitbit Versa Fitness Smartwatch

Fitbit has certainly excelled in this genre and has produced some of the incredibly stylish, technologically up there, and amazingly beneficial watches for us. This smart sports watch track all your fitness related physical activity 24/7 which includes tracking your heart rate during work out sessions, within all four sleep stages, and also when you are just running. You can listen to your favorite music, download music, playlist, and play with all kinds of music right there on your wrist. You can wear this watch while swimming too, as it is completely water resistant. There are more than 15 exercise modes available in this watch, easily available for running and swimming. You can connect your watch with smartphones to precisely record and track your fitness routine. Additionally, during workout sessions, running or swimming, you can attend your calls, text, see app alerts and can manage your calendar too. Increase the smart value of your time, physical fitness of your body, and sharpen up your personality with this watch. You can purchase this high quality, technologically posh, and superbly stylish watch in $230 from Amazon.

•    9 GPS Watch by Suunto

This extraordinarily amazing sports watch has certainly brought in some revolutionizing features in hand. Suunto has introduced smart batter modes that can be adjusted manually as per your required fitness schedule. These smart battery reminders and battery modes give you a total of 120 hours of battery life which is certainly something that calls for the long lasting duration. This futuristic watch is adorned with all the amazing features that you require in a sports watch and provides you with much more. Specifically, runners will love the very idea and awesome practicality of this watch. This measures your running, physical fitness and track accuracy with remarkable precision. Moreover, it is loaded with features and modes that can cater requirements of more than 80 sports and various sports events. You can easily connect this watch with Suunto apps and can track your fitness activities such as running, sleep, heart rate, etc. By connecting through the apps, you can share your progress, comments, and activities with other members of the Suunto community. Get this high quality, futuristic watch in $500 from Amazon.

•    Apple Watch Series 4- Smartwatch

Apple has revolutionized the game of technology by inventing variant hi-tech products that remarkably assist people in all sorts of ways. It certainly is the best sports watch available in the market today. With the lusciously sleek structure, large screen, easy cellular connectivity, built-in GPS, a heart rate sensor and numerous other amazingly lucrative features, this is definitely the best in the market to date. It gives you the option to connect it to your cellular devices thus to observe your fitness track. Presence of built-in GPS record all your outdoor check-ins. And the ECG enabled heart rate sensor keeps track of your fitness activities such as running, swimming, and workout. This sports watch has received high praises from the high-end reviewers such as Wired, The Verge and CNET. Embellish your lustrous personality with this $384 watch by Apple, and handle your physical fitness, business, and routine singlehandedly. Among all top sports watches available in the market, this one stands out on top.

•    Withings Steel HR Sport Smartwatch

The first look will remind you of the classic wristwatch but once you get to indulge in the amazingly incredible and futuristic features of this sports watch, you'll be pleasantly surprised. It has great fitness and different sorts of activity tracking qualities. Including monitoring of heartbeat rate during exercise, it also monitors your sleeping heart rate pattern. Simplicity, class, and ease are so beautifully amalgamated in this masterpiece. On the main screen, you'll be notified with the important fitness data, and connected smartphone's notifications. For swimmers, this is a great pick as being water resistant. Another highlighting quality of this watch is that it can last about 25 days without the need for charging again. This $200 sports watch is a great option to keep you enthusiastic about your fitness routine and to also make the strenuous workout a little easy.

•    G-Shock GBA800 Fitness Tracking Watch by Casio

Casio has long been there in the business and has developed great fitness tracking watches. This model can easily be purchased from Macy's at $120. For people who love bright colors, you'll get to see a range of vibrant colors along with decent and subtle color options. With built-in fitness tracking and Bluetooth connectivity, this smartwatch will help you achieve your fitness goals quite remarkably.

•    Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire Fitness Watch

This one is definitely an expensive and posh option among the lot with a whopping $697. Nonetheless, its remarkable features and luxurious appearance worth every penny. Lusciously designed stainless steel body with up to 100 meters water resistant wrist band and scratch resistant crystal on top that is made with sapphire, all make it best of the bests. The impeccable craftsmanship, amazing fitness tracking features, and long-lasting battery life are some of its highlighting qualities. It has a heart rate sensor, GPS, and you can multitask various activities with a connection to your smartphone device.

•    Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

Samsung is powerfully competing with various leading companies in this market and has developed great products. This smartwatch is one such great invention which is water resistant, track your running and swimming record, and you can easily sync this data with your smartphone devices. Get this smartphone from Amazon is $278 and enjoy all of its incredible fitness tracking features.

By Amna Anees for Ezega Blogs

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