Best Animated Movies that Your Kids will LOVE

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MegamindAnimated movies are an excellent way of entertainment for kids. The vibrant colors, great picturization, and above all, enchanting characters make a home in viewers' hearts. If you want to know Here is a list of a few of the best animated movies that your kids will love and of course you too. Let's get into it right away!

1.    Megamind

Megamind projects a different take on action movie or rather on the whole concept of action heroes. It superbly depicts the social norms on perceiving the physically strong, beautifully clothed, superbly toned and gorgeous person as a superhero or the savior from the bad person, and that bad person or villain is always presented as dark, gloomily clothed, and severely disgusting looking. Here, in this movie, story of a not so much pretty looking boy is shared who is brilliantly genius and utterly genius but after receiving negative gestures from people all around he started using his talent and skills in a wrong way. Well, I should not tell the whole story. This is an amazingly alluring movie, and your kids will love it and will receive a great lesson too. This movie earned approximately 322 million USD and also the love of millions of people from all over the world.

2.    The Incredible

The Incredibles is certainly an incredible animated movie in each way. Its plot, basic concept, character building, situations, villans, costume designs, direction, and what not. It is a full action-packed movie, that is beautifully adorned with the emotional flair of family bonding, siblings fight, naughty tantrums, motherly love, respect for the profession, and loads of other stuff. Your kids will love this movie a lot. And not only kids, play it in the TV lounge and your whole family will remain glued to the couch till the last scene. And while talking about the last scene, it will urge you to start the sequel of the first movie so bad, that you'll play the 2nd part right away. This movie was released initially in 2004 and made tremendous business on the box office with a whopping number of 633 million USD. Moreover. the love appreciation and praise it has received from the audience, critiques, and especially kids is commendable. You surely don't want to miss this movie. Keep this in the playlist and you will not regret it, for sure.

3.    How to  Train Your Dragon

The first movie of How to Train Your Dragon was released in 2010, the second sequel came in 2014, and we are cheering for the third movie of this series this year YAY! Well, the basic concept of the movie revolves around, as the name indicates, training a naive dragon right from an early age. The first movie of the series incredibly captivates the viewer in the charms of the beautifully depicted world of amazingly interesting people and superbly talented dragons. How to train your dragon had earned 129 million USD on box office and apart from financial success, this movie had gained millions of followers and loyal fans from every nook and corner of the world. And surely, upcoming movies are going to raise the bar to whole another level for sure.

4.    The Penguins of Madagascar

This movie surely is a masterpiece. The subtext of this incredibly portrayed movie brilliantly describes the struggle, hard work, and emotional resonance of minority groups that are in complete sync with our modern age society. Apart from bringing in the impactful subject into the light, this movie brings in great moments of joy, happiness, and fun. The storyline of the movie is so enchantingly attractive that you'll stay glued to your seats till the last scene. You'll see the highly motivated, intelligent and handsome penguins spying to protect the world from evil hands who are desperately plotting to destroy the world. Other than the movie, Madagascar has a TV series as well. This TV series is a big hit among all ages of kids. Talking about the business, this movie was released in 2014 and earned a handsome business of more than 370 million USD in the box office.

5.    Big Hero 6

By reading the name for the first time, it sounds that this is the 6th movie of the series Big Hero, and by watching the movie you will definitely desperately desire it to continue releasing more such movies. Disappointingly, it is the only movie without any sequels, nonetheless, you will enjoy this movie A LOT. This movie revolves around an adventurous, mysterious, and action-packed encounter between technologically well equipped and sufficiently efficient people, but the spark is one is a mere little boy who is super enthusiastic about robotics, and the other is a great expert of this field. In addition to being a great entertaining material, this movie will build interest regarding robotics and technology in young kids. Surely it is a must watch for kids of all ages. This movie was released in 2014 and made a record business of approximately 660 million USD in the box office.

6.     Robots

The world of robots this story revolves around the adventurous Rodney and his super enthusiastic friend Fender who fight together against the evil Ratchet to safeguard their serene robotic world. This animated movie will keep you stuck before screens and you'll enjoy each and every scene of it. Great for kids, but no matter what your age is, Robots will mesmerizingly capture your attention right away. Being synchronized with the realism of modern age is one of Robot's highlighting feature, and you will grab numerous in-depth lessons that are going on in our everyday life. This movie was released back in 2005 and earned the business of more than 260 million USD. The audience loved the plot, direction, and overall concept of the movie. Get this movie for your kids, and enjoy this pure entertainment altogether.

Well, there you have it. These are some of the best animated movies that your kids will love and also extract great lessons from the plots as well.

By Amna Anees for Ezega Blogs

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