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OculusThe technology industry is booming and flourishing exceptionally well, and there is certainly no stop to it. With each passing day, we are getting introduced with some of the superbly sufficient hi-tech products by leading brands that are all set to make our everyday lives hassle-free, easy and of course smart. Here, I have listed some of the top tech gadgets of 2019 which are highly anticipated and appreciated. Get a look at it, and scrutinize your favorite ones from the lot.

•    Sonos Beam Sound Bar with Amazon Alexa

With amazingly excellent audio quality and stylish outlook this sound bar will be a great addition to your already installed audio system or if you want to surpass the amazing level then install it with Sonos multiroom audio system and enjoy the beat. It has perfect compatibility with Alexa and you can also connect it with Apple AirPlay. You can get all of its benefits in $399 by buying it from Amazon.

•    Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen) Smart Speaker

Sleek and stylishly designed Amazon Echo Plus speaker is adorned with Dolby-tuned structure that produces 360 degrees sound. Robust bass, incredibly balanced and heart throbbing sound quality, and top-notch quality seven microphones, all create a masterpiece. The built-in microphones guarantee that each and every word spoken to Alexa is properly heard. The fabric covering the speaker is available in three chic colors, sandstone, heather gray, and charcoal. This hi-tech product can be purchased from Amazon at $120.

•    Apple Watch Series 4

Apple has revolutionized the technological world with innovative technologies which are bringing ease, simplicity, and relieve in everyday life. This Apple watch is one such incredible product that is a must-have for fitness freaks. It perfectly records your heart rate, accurately sense changes in your heartbeat at different levels of workout and even during sleep. Its large screen and perfectly bright display are perfectly suitable for its daylight use. This watch can be bought from Walmart at just $399.

•    Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

Oculus Go standalone Virtual reality headset is like a heaven for addicted gamers. Fascinatingly enough, it is loaded with more than 1000 games that will amplify your virtual reality gaming experience a million times high. Giving you the option of choosing the onboard memory of wither 32 or 64 GB, you can choose one as per your use. You will be required to connect it to a Smartphone in order to add content. You'll get it along with an intuitive controller that will spark up the world of virtual reality for you. You can get this hi-tech product from Amazon at $199.

•    Bose Home Speaker 500 Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa

You'll love the top-notch sound quality, sleek design and exceptional craftsmanship of this speaker. Powered by Alexa, it has 8 built-in microphones it making easy to give commands by Alexa. The design has the ability to blend in perfectly within your home decor while giving a powerful audio performance of a giant speaker. This intelligently manufactured and beautifully designed product can be purchased from Amazon at $399.

•    Sophie PowerStation USB-C XXL External Battery Pack

Sophie powerstation is perfect for charging MacBook Pro, MacBook, and other devices. The battery capacity of this pack is 19,500 mAh which is sufficient for recharging an Apple notebook for 14 hours. This product comes with a perfectly protecting fabric cover that is stylish to look at and also safeguard your laptop from scratches. This battery pack is available at a price of $150.

•    Samsung Galaxy Note9 Smartphone

Samsung is one of the leading brands in the market that is producing high-end Smartphone in competition with gigantic companies such as Apple, Nokia, and Huawei. This Smartphone is one of the tops talked about technological product of this year. And knowing it's amazing features and incredibly alluring characteristics it's definitely worth every word. The screen is superbly large with a 6.4-inch measurement that gives you a great view. Built-in stereo speakers and the presence of a highly advanced camera that is operated with 2 optically handled sensors this phone creates new standards. This phone has 6 GB RAM, everlasting battery, and expandable storage space of 512 GB. Galaxy Note 9 comes with a Pen Stylus creating an easy to use the device. Luxuriously designed, well crafted, highly advanced and technologically powerful Galaxy Note 9 can be bought in $829.

•    Netgear Orbi Mesh Wi-Fi System with Amazon Alexa

This is definitely one of the top tech gadgets of 2019 which are superbly stylish, exceptionally creative and are much needed indeed. The Wi-Fi system is available with Alexa which powered by an sufficiently functional smart speaker. No worries about its installation or working mode, as it is super easy to get all things done. The Wi-Fi capabilities of this system are extraordinary as it can cover about 4500 sq feet area and will provide excellent quality Wi-Fi. This powerful device worth $430.

•    OnePlus Type-C Bullets USB-C Earbuds

This is one of the cheapest available incredibly amazing and efficient tech products of 2019 that everyone is going crazy about. These sports earbuds are available in $20. Yes, you've read it right. These stunningly sleek and superficially devised earbuds are so affordable to get. Perfectly balanced sound quality, 3 buttons remote control, and elegant design create a masterpiece on the whole.

•    JBL Link View Smart Speaker

This is something extraordinarily brilliant to get. With an 8-inch large touchscreen, the smart speakers will define the new world of crystal clear sound quality, full range audio and remarkable features. It allows Wi-Fi connectivity, has a built-in camera and allow interactions with Google Assistant. This superb product is available at a price of $250.
Well, this is not it. It's just a sneak peek. You'll get to know about more amazing gadget of 2019 in the future. Just get tuned and come back to find out more about what's new in the technology world.

By Amna Anees for Ezega Blogs

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