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Apple-HomePodWe are living in a technologically superior world where the tech competitors are all enthusiastic to launch new gadgets or upgraded versions of previously launched apps or products in the market. Most of these gadgets and tech products bring in ease in our life, and the basic concept behind these productions is mainly making your home a smart home. Here, let's look at some of the brilliant tech products coming out in 2019 and relish ourselves with what's going on in this hi-tech world. In this article, you will learn about the price of each gadget and from where can you get it.

•    Apple HomePod

If you are looking for the best of the bests in the available speakers in the market this time, then this Apple speaker is a sure choice. With super chic looking grey and white color and simple design, this product definitely attract you right at first sight. It has the ability to instantly pick your voice commands, play in crystal clear HD sound, and bring in a 360 degree sound all over. It specifically works perfect with Apple Music app and has no connectivity with Spotify. This Apple product is available at Walmart and you can purchase it in $349.

•    Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Like most of the hi-tech products publishing recently in the market, this doorbell is superbly easy to install and all set to bring ease, comfort, and relief in your life. With this doorbell installed, you can keep an eye on your door all the time, whether inside or away from home. And the screen is high resolution. Additionally, it is associated with a built-in alarm system that will notify you when some stranger is at the door, Moreover, you can feed the data of your family and friends in the database and it will recognize them instantly and let you know immediately. This technologically advanced doorbell can be purchased from Walmart at $229.

•    Dyson Cyclone V10 Cordless Vacuum

Say goodbye to the old, noisy, wired, and heavy vacuum cleaner and welcome this hassle-free, technologically advanced, cordless vacuum cleaner from Dyson. With this, you won't have to stress about tangles or length of wires or the dragging of a heavy machine from one place to another in order to clean all the nooks and corners of your space. This technologically marvelous electronic equipment provides you with 60 minutes of continuous runtime, without worrying about recharging it. Among all the brilliant tech products coming out in 2019, this ergonomically designed, sleek and stylish, and superbly lightweight vacuum cleaner is definitely a must-have. Get your hand on this gadget in just $558.

•    Apple TV 4K Streaming Console

The revolutionary streak of incredible inventions from the Apple brand is surely on a never stopping pace this time. Crystal clear viewing experience of this gadget is enriched with Dolby Vision standards, HDR 10 and UHD resolution, bringing in the best of the bests. This can show you movies and videos from iTunes, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. And the most exciting news is that there are no extra charges for purchasing or renting 4K movies. Apart from that, you'll have easy access to numerous games and apps. This lavishly stylish, and the lusciously chic product can illuminate your TV lounge or bedroom in just $179. Bring it home and enjoy all of its highlighting hallmarks.

•    Microsoft Xbox One X Gaming Console

Microsoft has always remained top in the tech game all around the globe, and never cease to amaze. This product is one such superb product which will bring the flair of amazement, fun, and entertainment for all the gamers out there. Giving 4K resolution with an outstanding HDR display that gives 60 frames in a second, this product will instantly grab your attention.  You can purchase Xbox One X from Amazon at $368.59, and get into your own gaming arena.

•    Netgear Arlo Pro 2 Home Security System

Equipped with high-end technology, Arlo Pro is an incredibly superficial home security system. Its seamlessly easy to install, perfectly blend in with the simple architecture of the home, and is adorned with a built-in siren. It can connect up to 6 wireless cameras that can be installed at different places easily. Screen resolution is brilliant, and the body is weatherproof. Battery life of this device is amazing and you do not need to worry about recharging for at least 2 weeks. This superbly beneficial, the eye-catching product can easily be purchased from Amazon in just $384.70.

•    Pad & Quill Wooden Rollerball Pen

Allowing us to take a chic and classy break from the hi-tech products this Pad & Quill wooden pen will introduce you with a smooth touch and coolest style. Crafted using a high-quality wood this chrome-plated pen is definitely a must-have the invention of this year. Avail this amazing product in either walnut or cherry option and enjoy the writing. This high-quality pen is priced at $129.95 and is surely worth every single penny. Once you get your hand on this super amazing pen, you'll love every bit of its writing. To make things brilliant to the next level, you can pair this pen with Pad & Quill Journal notebook which can be purchased in $21.95 from their official website.

•    Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-up Light

Philips has long been there in the electronics industry and has definitely made its mark in the technological world with the launch of its high quality, reliable, and durable products. This particular product is devised to improve your sleeping routine, quality of sleep, and to enhance your freshness after waking up from a sound sleep. The light this gadget emits in the night is scientifically tested to be beneficial for your sleep and waking up fresh. Lamp sort of appearance, touch operation, soothing sound, and easy connectivity with your smartphone make it one of the incredibly amazing inventions of this age. You can make this your own in just $200.

By Amna Anees for Ezega Blogs

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