Top Reusable Water Bottles Available in the Market

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Water-BottlesWater bottles are definitely a necessity if you want to be healthy, fit, and physically fine. Whether you go to the office, or work from home, are fitness freak or not, keeping a water bottle always at your side will be tremendously beneficial for your health. Here, let's find out which are the top reusable water bottles available in the market that you can have faith on blindly!

•    Narrow Mouthed Water Bottle by Simple Modern

These water bottles have numerous advantages. First of all, these bottles have the characteristics of keeping the temperature of the beverage constant, meaning either you pour hot beverage or cold drink, the temperature of the drink will remain same for hours because of its vacuum installation. The body is of 18/8 stainless steel with a finish of powder coating making it durable and a perfect finish. You can easily take it with you anywhere in the bag. On the inside, a thin layer of copper is installed as an installation. Sizewise, these bottles are available in a wide range of 12 oz, 16oz, 20oz, and 24oz, take as per your daily requirements and baggage capacity. Depending upon the size of the bottle, the price ranges from $12.99 to $32.99. In addition to all these properties, aesthetically this water bottle is definitely a beauty. These bottles are available in an excellent range of prints, colors, and shades, so be easy to select as per your likeness.

•    Super Smart Water Bottle by Hidrate Spark

In this era of the tremendous boom of technology, everything is becoming smart with the touch new software or magically working interfaces. To all our amazement, water bottles have also been affected by the spell of technology. This water bottle from Hidrate Spark is the example of this phenomenon. This water bottle is connected with an app which will remind you of drinking water after specific intervals. So, forget about forgetting to drink water as having this incredibly brilliant water bottle in hand will never let you forget it. This water bottle glows from the middle so you will be reminded to have a sip of water. Additionally, it also tracks your total water intake and you can check this record through your cell phone. There is no need to recharge this bottle, as it is loaded with replaceable batteries that are long-lasting. Fascinatingly enough, you can also connect with your friends and build a healthy competition of drinking water. Thus, everyone will remain hydrated throughout the day. The price of this bottle is $45 and it can be purchased from the official website of hidrate spark.

•    With Double Vacuum Installation Sports Water by Hydro Flask

This water bottle is definitely the best among the bests in the category of sports water bottles with a built-in attachment of straw. And why not, Hydro Flask is one of the leading companies that specialize in manufacturing high-quality reusable water bottles. Sure, it is definitely of the finest quality, so let's talk about some of the most highlighting features of this water bottle. Firstly, this water bottle gives you a slip-free grip. There is a fine powder coating on the external surface of this bottle which has TempShield insulation thus preventing condensation. As most of the people complaining about the slippery or sliding surfaces of the water bottles that hinders them in drinking perfectly. So, for them, this water bottle will work amazingly well. The designing of this bottle is so thoughtfully done that the material used is absolutely toxic free and the opening of the bottle is perfectly wide. It is available in 3 perfect sizes, 12 oz, 32oz, and 40oz with synchronizing mouth diameter, capsize, and the total weight of the bottle. Depending upon the size you pick, the price of this water bottle ranges from 44.95 to $99.99, and surely it's worth every penny.

•    Sweat Proof Water Bottle by Hydro Cell

This water bottle is loaded with a number of characteristics making it one of the best available in the market. This water bottle is made with the highest quality 18/8 stainless steel that creates a corrosion and oxidation resistant surface. To make it slip-free a layer of powder is coated externally on the bottle, so when you are sweating during workout and strenuous exercises, this bottle will make drinking water absolutely easy for you. Plus, the manufacturing material of this water bottle is free from any synthetic elements, plasticizers, and other such elements. Surely, Hydro Cell delivers the perfect water bottles to be used during any activity. It keeps the temperature of the beverage it keep constant for up to 24 hours. So, whether you have put a cold beverage or hot drink, the temperature will sustain for about a day. This makes it a perfect travel partner. Additionally, you will get an extra cap. All in all, this is one of the best sports water bottle out there.

•    Premium Glass Water Bottle by Purifyou

Among all the brands having glass water bottles, this water bottle stands out on the top. The glass is a perfect manufacturing material because it is recyclable and is absolutely free from any harmful chemicals such as stainless steel or plastic. And the glass used in making this bottle is of premium quality borosilicate which has high resistance than commonly available glass. Another great quality of this water bottle is it is super lightweight. The shape of the bottle is sleek, stylish, and super cool. The price range of this bottle is $14.97 to $151.97 depending upon the color and size you purchase. This bottle definitely one of the best top reusable water bottles available in the market. Try one yourself to know the best.


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