Be Smartly Fit and Healthy with These Workout Apps

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Posted Date : 09 Mar 2019 06:43 hrs

workout-appsIn this age of dynamic technological advancement and superbly overwhelming shadow of software, smart gadgets, and incredibly brilliant inventions in the tech field, keeping a physically fit, enormously healthy, and focussed fitness routine has become really very easy. Fortunately, there is an exciting number of workout apps available, both for Android users and iPhone users. Here, you will learn about the topmost rated, and highly recommended fitness or workout apps that are amazingly designed to change your fitness routine. You can be smartly fit and healthy with these workout apps by following recommended exercises, checking your fitness pattern, and daily exercise routine. So, without further delay, let's dive in the smart world of workout apps and get set ready to follow a smart pattern.

•    C25K

If you are a newbie and have no idea where to and how to start your fitness routine, then get your hands on this app and be ready to become an expert level fitness freak. This app is perfectly designed to make a layman to a high achiever athlete. You will be able to build your stamina with its smart pattern of walking and jogging with cozy intervals in between. This app is available for both iOS and Android users in just 1.99 USD.

•    MyFitnessPal

Both Android and iOS software users can download this app seamlessly from their respective app store and sign up by just paying 9.99 USD. This app will work as your fitness buddy and will proficiently guide you through a great fitness session. Just make your own fitness goals by setting an amount of food, weight, and other physical fitness options. There are more than 6 million food varieties are entered in this app, so you can easily record what you are eating. You can download this app on your smartwatch as well, thus it'll be superbly easy for you to keep a record of your training sessions.

•    Nike Training Club

This is a free share app, available for both iOS and Android users easily through play store or Apple store. The topmost prominent feature of this app is that it is specifically designed by the Nike trainers and is loaded with more than 100 workout plans. Additionally, you won't feel alone as you'll always remain connected with members of the club all the time. This is just like having your own, very personal, fitness trainer right inside your pocket.

•    Headspace: Meditation

All iOS and Android users can enjoy the unbelievably fantastic and proficient features of this app by just paying a total of 9.99 USD in the start. The main focus of this app is to illuminate your mind, encourage you to meditate, and enhance your focus and concentration. Not only that, with this app, you will feel enhanced tranquility, poise, and calmness. This app keeps a record of your breathing pattern, sleeping schedule, mood swings happy modes and much more.

•    Runkeeper

This app is available for both iOS and Android devices from their respective app stores in 9.99 USD for the initial basic functionalities. Runkeeper app not only keeps track of your fitness data in the storage but also let others know with your successful achievements. Your data will be updated on the app, and all other users can check out your progress.

•    Fitness Buddy

Both iOS and Android users can take advantage of this app by signing up in just 4.99 USD. The name of this app speaks for itself, it is loaded with all kinds of instructions that will guide you to achieve hard fitness goals. There is a wholesome library of various sorts of workouts that are categorized on the basis of fitness of particular body part, plus you can choose your fitness level from beginner, intermediate to expert.

•    RunDouble (Go from Couch to 5K in 9 Weeks)

The kind of motivation you get from this app is enough to get you off the verge of the top and start running. With your determination, will power, and focussed mind, you can run and achieve your goal. This app will act as your running mate and will pop ahead when you'll achieve half of your set goal. Checking out this app will introduce you with various programs categorized as per your running skills, from beginners to marathon champ.

•    JEFIT Workout Personal Exercise Trainer & Gym Log

Enjoying this incredible workout app requires 6.99 USD of monthly subscription charges, and you will be amazed by its uses, easy functionalities, and superb results. Once you start using this app, it'll become your hands on fitness buddy for a long time. It is adorned with more than 1300 distinctively characterized, properly devised and amazingly chosen exercises that will help you to build a consistent workout routine, or if you are already on an expert level, this app will guide you to achieve excellence. The fitness tracking feature with all inclusive characteristics, this app will be surely a great help for all fitness freaks out there.

•    Sworkit — Personalized Workouts for Exercise & Fitness

You may find this app expensive, as it requires quarterly subscription charges of 29.99 USD, but nonetheless, the incredibly efficient features of this app make it worth every penny, and with the consistent results in your fitness schedule, you'll love spending this amount of your hard-earned money. Now talking about its features, it is loaded with numerous workouts that are superbly designed to be customized as per your personal preference, thus giving you the flexibility of time and workout plan. Whether you can give a small portion of time, let's say 5 minutes or can extract 60 minutes, this app will guide you through the perfect work plan. This app is available for both Android and iOS users.

Well, there you go. You can easily be smartly fit and healthy with these workout apps. All of these apps are perfectly efficient on their own. Depending upon your personal preference, goals, and affordability, download any of the above and starting working out.

By Amna A.for Ezega Blogs

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