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Posted Date : 14 Mar 2019 16:26 hrs

HeadphonesHeadphones have definitely become the utmost important accessory in today's lifestyle. We all love to watch videos and listen to music all the time. Everyone out there who is looking for affordable Bluetooth headphones with high sound quality and great apparel, give a good look at the following headphones. Depending upon your price range, and prioritized qualities, you can pick any of the below, and for sure the quality will be blasting. Let's get started!

•    Plantronics BackBeat GO 600 Wireless Headphones

If you are hitting for the best of the bests in each and every quality, then these Plantronics backbeats go 600 wireless headphones have got it all. Knowing nothing but the good things about these headphones, the price seems more catchy and attractive, and you'll be amazed to know that you can enjoy a shockingly impressive sound, 18 hours of non-stop playtime, and modernly designed headphones in just 54 USD. These feel super comfortable to wear, are lightweight, and the perfect padding of ear cups take the high quality to whole another level. 

•    RHA MA650 Wireless Earbuds

On the very first sight of these beauties, you'll fall in love with the stunning apparel, fantastic design, and delicate structure of these RHA MA650 wireless earbuds. It got everything from class, chic design, intricate body, perfect sound, amazing battery life, malleable feel, perfect fit and everything and anything you can wish to have in your headphones. Among all the neckband earbuds available in the market at the moment, these stand out in the lot with a flair. You can get your hands on these by spending 83.60 USD. And when you'll get to know all the features of these earbuds along with the soft touch and comfortable feel of the material you won't stop using them.

•    Anker Soundcore Liberty Lite Completely Wireless Earbuds

Anker Soundcore Liberty Lite completely wireless earbuds are surely the best wholly wireless earbuds available in the market right now. The recharging of these earbuds gives you almost 3.5 hours of playtime which is superb for going on a fierce run or hardcore workout schedule. The interesting thing is that the box carrying these earbuds is where they'll get charged, so you won't need to get worried about that. Surely, Anker company has some of the best high-tech products in the market and is one of the most reliable brands. Fortunately, you can enjoy these chic-looking earbuds in 60 USD from Amazon. Once you'll start using these, you'll definitely fall for them immediately.

•    Sony MDRXB650BT Extra Bass Wireless Headphones

If you are a big phone of powerful sound, then these headphones have got the stunning bass quality for you. These are particularly lucrative for their crispy, clear sound. And the battery life is amazing, as you can enjoy non-stop 30 hours of playtime without getting worried about recharging the device. Moreover, these headphones are reasonably priced, and if you love to have a high-quality product at an affordable price then pick these up at once in just 38.99 USD from Amazon.

•    House of Marley Positive Vibration 2 Wireless Headphones

House of Marley has introduced the brilliantly designed headphones in the market which are perfectly suited for people who wish to stand out in the lot. The sound quality of these headphones is top notch and an extra plus of these is that they are made with eco-friendly material. These superbly crafted, and beautifully designed headphones can be purchased in 55 USD from Amazon, and you'll love the look of these on your head very much. For all the stylish dudes, and gorgeous girls out there, these headphones are the best option for you, for sure.

•    Plantronics BackBeat 500 Wireless Headphones

For all the people who are wishing to find the best of the bests one option with the expenditure of less than 100 USD, you have to have these Plantronics BackBeat 500 wireless headphones in your hands. These are available in the market at just 56 USD. Talking about the appearance of these headphones first, these look stunningly modern, exceptionally cool, and for sure remind you of robotics or some sort of futuristic stuff. You'll definitely feel yourself running in a future world wearing these. Now coming to the highlighting features of this product. Firstly, the battery life is 18 hours long. The fitting on the head and the feel on the ears is exceptionally comfortable, soft, and perfect. The sound quality is just superb, surely you can expect nothing but the best from Plantronics. And for the picky people out there, you actually have three colors option. You can get these headphones in white, gray, or jet black. Depending upon your choice mood or personal preference, these all look fantastic.

•    Anker Soundcore Space NC Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones

Among all the affordable Bluetooth headphones with high sound quality and great apparel present in the market, this model by Anker has the best noise canceling quality, apart from its numerous others. To name a few, it gives you an impressive battery life of more than 20 hours, has amazing ergonomics, is beautifully structured and well designed, and on top of all, you can enjoy 50 full hours of tunes with top-notch noise canceling feature on. These headphones can easily be purchased from Amazon in 99 USD. You can also check out the reviews, that has nothing but the best to say about these.

Well, there you have it. This is a few of the highly recommended, easy to get hands-on, superbly reviewed and perfect quality headphones that you can purchase in less than 90 USD, without compromising any feature. All of the above-mentioned headphones are amazingly designed, perfectly structured, have the superb sound quality, and one thing that everyone is touchy about, the battery life, that is just splendid. No matter which one you'll pick to purchase, you'll be surprised by the great sound quality, comfortable feel, and all other incredible features. Happy Shopping!

By Amna A. for Ezega Blogs

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