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Posted Date : 15 Mar 2019 16:02 hrs

LG-watchWith each passing day, you get to see a surmountable number of superb inventions of the tech industry, whether its a laptop, a watch, any home appliance, or something else. This article will help you know which products have hit the market recently and are a top choice. 

•    Apple MacBook Air with Retina Display

If there is a throne in the tech industry, then Apple has unquestionably reserved it for itself with its marvelous creations right from the first day till today. This MacBook air with retina display is one such stud in the Apple's galaxy. This product had certainly startled everyone with its amazing hardware specifications, perfectly crafted body, crisp retina display, 8th generation Intel processor, lightweight, and built-in fingerprinting sensor to make it more secure. Precisely, it is perfection. Available in 1099 USD, this stunningly gorgeous and superbly crafted Apple product both from inside and out, is surely worth every penny. You will definitely fall in love with this superb creation at first sight.

•    mophie powerstation USB-C XXL External Battery Pack

One of the must-haves of today, the battery pack should be versatile, aesthetically appealing and also comes with spacious capacity. This powerstation USB-C XXL external Battery Pack by mophie ticks all these boxes. It is compatible with MacBook and MacBook Pro through the USB portal while connecting various other devices simultaneously. You can charge an Apple notebook with this product up to a playtime of 14 hours. You can get this battery pack by mophie in 150 USD.

•    Incase Nylon Accessory Organizer

Incase nylon accessory organizer splendidly live up to its name. You can properly pack various things inside this efficiently crafted, spacious, and well-compartmentalized bag. This can hold up your chords, chargers, memory cards, and different other gadgets perfectly. It feels chic and lusciously crafted to hands. With small compartments, spacious pockets, and high-quality zippers, all create a great organizer that can be a great travel buddy. This uniquely designed and incredibly useful bag is available in 50 USD.

•    DJI Mavic 2 Pro Quadcopter Drone

You will definitely be amazed by this incredibly stunning technological creation. And when it comes to its highlighting features, this drone stands out in the lot. For all the lovers of photography and video making out there, this gadget will stun you with its captures from way above in the sky. You can capture 20 MP pictures and 4K quality videos through its an inch measuring camera. It can fly non-stop in the air for 31 minutes, have omnidirectional sensors, and adorned with tracking abilities. This powerhouse of technological advancement can be purchased in 1478 USD.

•    Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Waterproof Wireless Speaker

Ultimate Ears company has certainly raised the bar up high with these top-notch quality BOOM 3 wireless speakers. This gadget is overloaded a great many features. To name a few, it gives fantastic 360-degree sound that'll bang high from floor to the roof, with this you don't have to worry about recharging the device for 15 hours, it is amazingly crafted and will enhance the beauty of your place, it is waterproof so you can easily play it on your beach parties or during swimming sessions. These speakers are available in 149 USD.

•    Google Home Mini Smart Speaker

You'll get the signature Google Assistant in this device which is highly advanced and can capture and sense the voices sent through tapping motions. Fascinatingly, it can assist you in several tasks, both work, and pleasure. Such as it can answer your queries, play music, control distantly connected devices, set times, and several others. You can get this device in charcoal, coral, or chalk color options. Google has kept its price 49 USD, and every bit of it is worth every penny.

•    Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier

Dyson is a leading name when it comes to bringing nothing but excellence through it's in the market that increases the quality and ease of our everyday life. An air purifier is definitely the need of time in today's dusty, dirty, and environmentally deteriorated environment. This air purifier, in particular, has a few amazing features that make it distinctive. This can monitor the air quality of your space in real time that can be checked through an LCD display. It is equipped with topnotch quality HEPA filter, the best in the business. Moreover, it can alter the temperature of your air as per your requirements. This futuristically designed, and thoughtfully made gadget is definitely one of the superb inventions of the tech industry. This incredibly designed and intelligently built gadget can be purchased in 649 USD.

•    Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera

Exceptionally efficient, brilliantly designed, and well-equipped Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera will bring tremendous ease in your life. It cleverly safeguards your home, and immediately let you know if there is a stranger face wandering around your workplace or home. And aesthetically, it looks fabulous. This intelligently designed and superbly crafted product can be purchased in 349 USD.

•    LG Watch W7 Hybrid Smartwatch

LG is one of the leading brands of the tech industry that has a highly diverse range of gadgets and appliances to offer in various categories. This W7 Hybrid Smartwatch, in particular, is like an epitome of amazing quality and futuristic features that everyone requires in a smartwatch. Among a lot of its highlighting features, it provides you with a full circular touchscreen, adorned with OS system by Google, and offers amazing connectivity options to the user. Above all, it maintains a unique balance of modern and classic fashion in a lusciously chic manner.

There you have it! These are some of the highly talked about gadgets in the tech industry that are launched recently. Where these products bring ease in the life of many, they also enhance the curiosity and passion to achieve more in this category in others. Nonetheless, wherever you stand, it's good to have a knowledge of what's hit and what's a miss on the international scene.

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