The moon is light and light, and the same is the vicissitudes of life

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Posted Date : 16 Mar 2019 23:04 hrs

LifeWhen the residential area on weekdays became empty due to holidays, I took out the yellowed diary and read the past on the balcony where the sun often came. Although the sun is glaring, the state of laziness can be awake because of the sunshine of this meter. In such an atmosphere, I will, as always, like me in your memory, like to make a cup of tea, just soaking, not dripping a drop. However, my taste has changed. It is no longer the girl who simply likes jasmine. It is a complex blend of chrysanthemums and green tea. In a touch of light, look for the quietness of the other side.

Open the middle page of the diary, you said there, you have been very difficult to me thoroughly understand, and clearly accuse me of the change. You will use a variety of reasons to push my request, and will not compromise anything with me. You mean afraid of spoiling me. I never imagined that I was Cinderella, I didn't want you to be a prince with grace, and I wouldn't expect you to be polite as a gentleman. I just want to get a little care, but you drive me out. There was a lot of rain in the sky. I stood in the wind and rain. It was so embarrassing, so helpless, I could only turn back and wait for your sympathy. How many times I made up my mind to leave you, and I was forced back to the original place by miserable reality. Yes, that is what you said, leaving you, I will be a wandering child with nothing, without your acceptance, I can hardly see where tomorrow is! And I am so timid, I will never leave in your trap, I have no ability to leave you. So, again and again, I am still standing still.

When the new landscape occupies you and my eyes, your eyes will become very gentle, but in my eyes, everything is so cold, there is almost no temperature in summer. packing up a few simple bags, out of the so-called paradise on earth, without any expectation, no longer want the phone to ring, no longer expect to receive the information you retain. And I won't be so desperate to ask to stay. Dragging the luggage, walking on the crowded road, constantly passing strangers. The wind blew, my tears entangled, and finally, my eyes were filled with tears that could not be erased. However, even if I cried, my heart is not painful, but there is more freedom. This time, I don't have to worry about things that I can't face behind. The worst case is not the case. For me, to give up the most cruel things, now I have joined a new partner. This undoubtedly gave me a death.

Your love is very special, so I have to spend a lifetime. Close the diary, the sky is gone, there is no temperature in the sky without color, the chrysanthemums and green tea in the cup are no longer fragrant, only the piece of cold is telling me that people are walking, tea is cool.

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