Brilliantly Designed Alarm Clocks that won't Snooze Completely

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Posted Date : 19 Mar 2019 12:09 hrs

Smart-clockHere is a list of brilliantly designed alarm clocks that won't snooze completely that are reviewed among the best available in the market.

•    Clocky Alarm Clock by Nanda Home

You'll be amazed at this stunning wheeled alarm clock. Once you press the snooze button and lay down to have that "5 minutes of sleep" that have a high probability of converting into no less than 20 minutes, this alarm clock will start moving away from the bed, and to turn it off you have to get out of the bed. This genius invention is available in the market at a price of 39 USD. Bring it home and forget about leaving bed late in the morning.

•    Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light With Colored Sunrise Simulation

While talking about embedding of smart technology in alarm clocks, this gadget will come among the best of the bests. This is like having an artificial sun aside your bed without moving the curtains. To wake you up, it glistens with a soothing glow replicating the gentle light of the morning; along with 5 different calm sounds, so you will wake up amidst the spread of tranquility around you. You can get your hands on this remarkable gadget in 137.97 USD.

•    Sonic Alert Alarm Clock With Bed Shaker

If you are someone who is so stubborn for any alarm sound and find it excruciatingly difficult to wake up in a timely manner every morning, then the thunderous buzz of this alarm clock is specially made to wake you up. This is particularly best for heavy sleepers and not otherwise because it uses 113 decibel sound and is extremely loud. Moreover, it flashes vibrant LEDs which along with deafening sound will shake your core. Believe it, if you are not a heavy sleeper then this one is not for you. And if this gigantic alarm clock cannot wake you up, then nothing can. This sturdy looking, barbaric alarm clock can be purchased in 53 USD.

•    Mirari OK to Wake! Alarm Clock

Cute, vibrantly colorful, and superbly stylized Mirai OK to wake alarm clocks are perfect to get for kids. This can work as an efficiently beneficial tool for kids to learn vitality of following sleep schedule, and to get used to it. Once the nap time is over, or alarm starts buzzing, this clock emits soothing green lights that will help kids to learn its the right time to start morning chores. Additionally, this adorable gadget is adorned with interchangeable front plates that enhance its aesthetics. Mirari alarm clock is priced 26.94 USD.

•    HAMSWAN Digital Alarm Clock

Pyramid shaped HAMSWAN Digital alarm clock resides on the affordable end of price range without compromising on any required features. There is a built-in thermometer that shows outside temperature so you'll make up your mind on how to dress up for the day. This gadget can display 7 alluring colors, all look amazing. And the pyramid shape enhances the beauty of your bedside. Without any discount or deal, this alarm clock can be bought in 20 USD from the market.

•    DeRoyal Reminder Rosie Voice Controlled Clock

This alarm clock is jampacked with highlighting features such as it verbally tell you waking up time, have a gigantic display of digits, is easy to keep anywhere, can record 25 reminders with the difference of 6 seconds, you can record human voices as well, and so on. Loaded with numerous attractive features, this alarm clock comes in 97 USD, and you will not regret spending this money.

•    Lego Star Wars Figure Clock

This will be a gem of a gadget for the lovers of Star Trek, as it is beautifully structured as the Star Wars figure. So, rather than casual "Good Morning", this war hero seems to display more like "Rise and Shine" vibes. Enlarged digits are brightly colored on the screen, and just like Lego the arms are adjustable, all making an attractive figure/ clock. With this alarm clock aside, you'll wake up to spread peace, prosperity, and calmness in the universe. The price of this thoughtful alarm clock is 24 USD.

•    SWAN Vintage Teasmade Alarm Clock

With this brilliantly thoughtful design, you will wake up with the smell of freshly brewed tea just at the right time of your need. Instead of buzzing horribly to wake you up from your sleep in a terrible manner, this alarm clock with sooth you with a morning cup of tea. After the tea completes boiling, then it will ring the bell. In the dark, it displays soothing blue light at the front, and you can adjust the intensity of this light as per your preference. The price of this vintage Teasmade alarm clock is 70 USD.

•    Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock

Mesqool projection alarm clock allows you to see the time without rolling over on your side, as it displays the time on ceilings or on the wall through the 180-degree moveable projector. You can adjust the display position yourself, and it will exhibit time in large vibrant digits on that position. At the time of night, this light can be dimmed using a button. This alarm clock is available at 47 USD excluding any discount offers or deals.

•    LEXiBOOK Olfactory Radio Clock

Sending various sorts of scents ranging from sweet peaches, cappuccino, candy, to banana, and grilling bacon, this intelligently built alarm clock wake you up in a unique fashion. These scents are available in cartridges that you can choose as per your preference. This smart clock is superbly priced and is affordable for everyone. You can decorate your side table with this amazing alarm clock in just 9 USD.

•    PureGuardian Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Alarm Clock

This alarm clock definitely resides among the best of brilliantly designed alarm clocks that won't snooze completely till you wake up. It is adorned with aromatherapy and gently wakes you up with soothing light and therapeutic mist. You can get this in 47.24 USD.

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