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Smart-bulbsSmart bulbs are particularly designed to emit light as per your mood, occasion, and weather requirements. To be precise, they replicate your desire through a range of shades or colors. If you are looking for smart bulbs for your beautiful home then this article will help you a lot!

1.    Nanoleaf Ivy Smarter Lighting Kit

This lighting kit includes one hub and two exceptionally energy efficient bulbs that gorgeously designed in an origami-inspired pattern that looks strikingly appealing and incredibly attractive. All in all, this is like completing your electricity needs along with decorating your home in a chic fashion, all in a single go. Interestingly, these bulbs will last ages, so forget about changing them for decades. Additionally, each bulb consumes just 7.5 watts energy while delivering the light of a 60-watt bulb. Fascinatingly, this Ivy Smarter Lighting kit can be affiliated with Apple HomeKit, thus making it feasible for you to command it through voice. In addition to that, it can also support Amazon Alexa. The price of this kit is 100 USD and is surely worth every penny because of its incredible glow, and superb warranty. If you are looking for smart bulbs for your beautiful home then pick this one and you will not regret.

2.    Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Wireless Lighting Kit

Philips has a long and credible history of producing high-quality electronics and is still one of the leading electronic company of this modern age. Maintaining the quality, known for Philips name, and changes itself according to the needs of the time, and launching products that are adorned with smart technology have kept Philips one of the credible brands in the tech industry today. And this hue white and color ambiance wireless lighting kit is surely among the best of modern day's products. It is loaded with a great many highlighting features that will attract you towards this product in a single sight. This lighting bulbs kit can light up in millions of different colors and if you haven't seen numerous shades of white, then it will give you that. This kit supports Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. In this lighting kit, you will get one Hue bridge, and 4 bulbs. Buy this product without any doubt as Philips is definitely the best in business. This overwhelmingly amazing lighting kit by Philips is definitely one of its finest product that can be purchased in 199 USD.

3.    Philips Hue White Ambiance Wireless Lighting Kit

Having all the great features as described in the previously mentioned lighting kit of Philips, this lighting kit is also an incredible option to light up your home with the soothing ambiance of white shades. Prepare to be amazed, as this lighting kit has an unbelievable range of shades of white color. Any guesses? 100, 500, or maybe 1000! Well, how many shades of white there can be? Well, Philips got the answer. As this lighting kit is all set to give you 50,000 shades of one neutral white color, and you'll be amazed by the cool tricks this shade range can do. Surely, a perfect pick to create an amazing white ambiance that no other lighting kit can offer. Taking the compatibility of this gadget with other home assisting gadgets, it supports Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa so you can give it voice commands. Including in this kit are, a dimmer switch, two bulbs, and one Philips Hue Bridge. Interestingly, if you need then more bulbs can be connected with this bridge. This lighting kit is available at a lucrative price of 100 USD.

4.    Philips Hue Bloom

Prepare yourself to get fascinated by another remarkable gadget from the house of Philips. The Philips Hue Bloom is an exceptionally incredible table lamp that is loaded with tons of amazing qualities. This table lamp is built to emit a range of millions of colors in addition to delivering infinite shades of white color. This is an outstanding gadget to place on your table, that can illuminate your place incredibly. Just like other Philips products, Hue Bloom too can easily be synced with video games, movies, and your favorite music. Additionally, it can also be easily connected with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and the Google Assistant thus allowing you with the voice command option. This superb product is available at the amazing price of 60 USD, and once you'll start using it, you' will surely fall in love with it immediately.

5.    LIFX + Light Bulb

The infrared lighting quality of this LIFX + smart light bulb distinguishes it from all of its competitors in the market. At first, you may find this feature, meh, but you'll be shocked to see how efficiently it enhances the viewing capacity of a compatible camera, especially when it is dark in the night. If you are wondering what bulb could be the best option to install outside your home, then this could surely be the best pick. Additionally, you'll be amazed to know that it can emit 16 million different colors. Installation and setting of this set are exceptionally easy. Just install the app on your cellular device and follow simple instructions. This gadget too is compatible with all other home apps including the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit. This tech-savvy gadget is available at a price of 72 USD.

6.    Single Element Classic Light Bulb

This bulb is the cheapest product covered in this list, but surely not of cheap quality. This classic bulb can be purchased by spending just 10 USD and will light up your place in a smart manner. You can connect to Amazon's Echo plus speakers to give voice commands without requiring a hub. Additionally, this device can also be connected with Samsung SmartThings, Wink, and the Google Assistant through the hub. To do that, you can purchase a bundle of two bulbs and a hub in 40 USD. This gadget can be ordered either with soft soothing white glow or bright glow.

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