Yoga Journals for Your Physical and Spiritual Chronicles

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Posted Date : 20 Mar 2019 11:15 hrs

Yoga-PlannerYoga is not just a physical exercise like hardcore workouts, rather it gives a direction to your inner energy, brings peace and calm within your personality, helps heal you your wounds, and mend you from inside out. If you are an enthusiastic yogi or planning to hop on this exceptionally helpful ride then make these yoga journals your physical and spiritual chronicles and jot down your progress.

•    Yoga Daily Planner

The name speaks for itself, this yoga daily planner is an amazingly handy and superbly easy to use the notebook in which you can write your daily progress, both spiritual and physical, take notes, and also write down different poses or practice tricks that have been beneficial for you. This may seem a bit understated, but it is exceptionally useful, handy, easy to carry, and extremely helpful. The cover of this planner displays the classic yoga pose in sitting position made with the glittering single line. You can get it in your hands in just 5.90 USD.

•    Leather Embossed Chakra Stone Journal

This is truly an extraordinarily special and uniquely distinctive journal to get your hands on. All 180 pages of this exceptionally amazing journal are handmade and while writing you will definitely feel special. So do not hold back anything, and write whatever inspires you, excite you, or motivate you in life to be the best version of yourself. Additionally, as the name indicates, there are stones embedded on the cover of this leather made journal which enhances your physical, mental and spiritual progression in the course of being a yogi. And to take things to whole another level, along with leather cover there are three metal hooks aside that will safely lock all your secrets intact inside. This amazing piece of art and inspiring journal for yogis can be purchased by spending a total of 89.49 USD, and surely the feel and definitely the use of it makes it worth every penny.

•    Yoga Body & Mind Handbook

Yoga body and mind handbook by Jasmine Tarkeshi is not only a notebook but also a guide that has a handful of directions and guidelines for the highly recommended and efficient yoga poses. And sure the blank space is all yours to write down your achievements, favorite poses, and notes for the future. Feel the pleasure of having this handbook by spending a total of 16.99 USD. You'll love to hand out with your buddy, a mini handbook that you can always carry with you.

•    Feel the Universe Inside of You Yoga Journal

The sort of motivating and stirring cover this journal has, you may not have seen that before. Showcasing the classic yoga pose on a blue silhouette of a girl with "Feel the Universe Inside You" written on it, and a soothing, alluring, and calming peach pink color in the background, all make an enticing picture that will excite your passion for your yoga. And the more yoga practice you do, the more relaxed and connected to the universe you will feel, and truly this journal will inspire you in doing so. This superbly designed, inspirationally crafted and gorgeous looking journal is available at the remarkably reasonable price of 7.18 USD, and surely once in your hands, you'll love to record your progress or inspirational quotes in this a lot.

•    Practice You: A Journal

Practice you: A journal is nothing less than a wand that is all ready to cast a spell on your soul and transform into a better version of itself. This journal was created by a meditation and yoga expert Elena Browner, and you'll definitely see a sparkling touch of insight by this best in the business. Every once in a while, you'll experience slight flashes of insightful visions that will alleviate you to think bigger than your horizon, or simply outside your comfort zone. The actual price of this incredibly appealing and delightful journal is 16.95 USD, but in case of any deal or discount offer, you can get it at a much cheaper price. Nonetheless, no matter what price you pay to get your hands on this journal, your motivation, excitement, and dedication will let you write your progression, and you'll love this handy buddy around after achieving your set goal.

•    Soar Guided Yoga Journal

Once you'll have the inside outlook of this journal, you'll love it at first sight. The first thing that you'll see is the cover of the journal, and that is exceptional. Emitting some stunning gothic vibes with a dark background, gold-colored inscribed quote, and vibrant swirling design seeming like a sun emitting sunshine all over. Surely, you'll love the fascinating feel of this journal a lot. And now coming to the inside story of this piece of art, you'll find simple classic pages having a perfect texture to write upon, and you can write without worrying about smudging of ink or anything alike. The whole look of the journal invites you to write your story. And on top of all this, the inspiring quote written on the cover says, "In the midst of our lives, we must find the magic that our souls soar".

Definitely a great quote to lift you up and get you motivated to shoot for the stars. The soar guide yoga journal can be purchased in 9.50 USD and will prove to be an incredibly amazing guide of your activities.

There you have it. Hope you have enjoyed the read, and we wish you tremendous progress for your spiritual and physical journey through yoga, or any other mean. Surely, it is great to set a goal and then work consistently hard to achieve that goal. But, it is also vitally important to keep an organized check of your progress. And for that, make these Yoga journals your physical and spiritual chronicles, thus you'll know that all your hard work, consistency, vigilance, and determination is not going in vain, rather you are coming near to nearer to your set. All the best!

By Amna A. for Ezega Blogs

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