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HamburgerIf you are someone who always wonders about the cuisine of different places, then get ready to find out what dishes please Americans. Here are some of America's top favorite traditional dishes that I have picked up to share with you. But, it is not customary to eat these only in America, you can prepare your own version of these dishes as well with the ingredients available at your place, and enjoy the American flavor at your table.

•    Hamburger

Americans take pride in introducing the concept of burgers in the world. The fist-sized meal is stuffed with all the nutrients a person in need in one meal, without having a great fuss of making it. Every nook and corner of America can feast you with a different variety of burger, and especially talking about hamburger, every American will have a certain favorite restaurant. No matter where you are standing, either on the urban area or countryside, you'll get to enjoy a wholesome variety of hamburgers. Have it at lunch or at dinner, you'll surely enjoy every single bite of it at any time of the day.

•    Apple Pie

Americans love having pie on their table in almost all traditional feasts. You can get an idea of this craze of Americans for the apple pie by checking out the pie chart created by the American Pie Council, in which Apple pie is residing proudly on the top spot. And chocolate, lemon, pumpkin, and cherry pies are coming way after apple pie.
The mouthwatering combination of sugar, pastry, and sliced apple, that is super simple to make, will make you fall in love with this dessert right after the first bite. If you want to taste the real American sweet flavor at your table, then try some yummy apple pie.

•    Texan Barbecue

Texans LOVE grilling the meat on smoke till it is juicy, tender, and lusciously delicious. Smoked meatloaf, spicy ribs, and chunky pieces of lamb, mutton, or beef are the real obsession of Texans on all occasions, especially on sports events, and musical nights. Barbeque ribs, smoked or slathered, are like a treasure or asset for the country people. People hang in there for hours in long queues to have a bite of some super spicy and juicy meat. If you go to the countryside of America, you'll get to see some amazing local chains doing business by selling only the grilled barbecue meat.

•    Tacos

America is home to a variety of people belonging to different ethnicities, all of them together make a harmonious community bringing in the specialty of their native regions in this gorgeous country. One such special food is a taco. The specialty of Spanish speakers, Americans are now obsessed with simple yet scrumptious food and it has become one of America's top favorite traditional dishes. Interestingly, you'll see plenty of big chains selling tacos, but the real taste is surely in the hands of small food trucks or vendors outside the workplaces. There are different varieties of tacos available, all of which are enriched with spicy sauces, stuffed meat and loads of veggies, all making a delicious bite.

•    Biscuits with Sausage Gravy

The crunchy yummy scones drenched in white thick gravy are eaten as biscuits at the breakfast table. Especially people of Montana and surroundings who serve their time working on horse ranches love to have this breakfast in the morning to start there with full of energy. According to the traditional American recipe, biscuits are made with lardo butter and buttermilk, and the gravy is prepared with sausages or meat. Pieces of fresh meat sausages spiced with black pepper, delightful gravy and biscuits, altogether make a great meal that is full of nutritious ingredients and overpowering taste.

•    Bagels

Various studies have been conducted to find out the core reason behind the superior flavor of New York bagels over other bagels from any other place. This might be due to water, but who cares! If you want to enjoy the best of bests than New York bagels are the best option. And when the bagels are combined with lox, you got a remarkable breakfast or lunch option which is full nutritious, flavor and tasteful colors.

•    Deep Dish Pizza

It is hard to find any American who is not a Pizza lover. Pizza is enjoyed like a cozy, casual, fun meal at parties, events, office lunches, musical nights, pajama parties, hangouts, or name any get-together. you can count pizza as one of the most enjoyed meals of Americans. And when talking about deep dish pizza specifically, and where to find the best flavor of it, then Chicago stands on top. Anyways, you can enjoy a flavorful pizza at every nook and corner of America.

•    Clam Chowder

Do not fall in the trap of the hideous looking white lumpy gravy. Just a single bite of clam chowder is needed to convert you. A unique mixture of salted pork, fragrant herbs, heavy cream, and mashed potatoes creates a flavorful dish that will bring heaven in your mouth. A visit to Boston is surely incomplete without eating clam chowder.

•    Blueberry Cobbler

Blueberry cobbler is also famously known as grunt, buckle, and slump and is cooked in a pan over the flaming fire. This is an American version of British steamed dough pudding with fruits. But as blueberries are a specialty of North America, so Blueberry has become native to America. People enjoy this yummy dessert on a beautiful evening while the whole family is playing monopoly an enjoying the sunset.

•    Nachos

Mexicans have brought a rainbow of flavor in America, and Americans have appreciated it with wholesome heart. Nachos is a distinctively created Mexican dish that will blast your palette with startling flavors. It is served as an appetizer, but you are free to find yourself wholly with this yummy dish. It is made with hot tortilla chips, loads of herbs and spices, and topped with melted cheese. There are numerous versions of Nachos having various ingredients as per anyone's preference.

By Amna A. for Ezega Blogs

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