The Inspirational Success Story of Billionaire Bill Gates

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Bill-GatesBelonging to a wealthy family, where all of his elders had booming careers, Gates presented himself as a highly organized, discipline, and self-assured man. All of his life, he remained stuck to his goals, worked hard, and achieved way more than what he had desired all because of his self-confidence, determination, and hard work. Showcasing his lifelong inspirational story, he is dedicated preacher of hard work pays off. He always has strongly asserted on the fact that no matter what your background is, if you have selected a path, and set a goal, you will achieve it with your skills, and resolve. And if you are lazy, idle and get discouraged easily, then even if your wealth will take you not anywhere near success. Here in this read, you will get to know a sneak peek of the inside story of this great man, who is not billionaire financially but also have a wealthy heart. I'm sure the inspirational success story of billionaire Bill Gates will shake you to the core and will inspire you to amend your own life successfully.

•    A Born Genius

Bill Gates was born in Seattle on 28th October 1955. Affirming his crazy talent in computers, genius mind, and determined personality, the invention of tic-tac-toe game at the young age of 13 years, Bill got a firm recognition from his school teachers who were aware of his raw potential and skills. With that, his school teachers encouraged him to show off his skills in computers and he depicted and refined his natural talent there. He was not only born genius, but he was also packed with courteous, respectful, modest, and friendly personality traits. And this innate smartness and polite personality traits helped him to achieve immense success at such a young age. Gates says, "Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important." And his life is an exceptional example of this great advice.

Soon, he became famous as the most brainy, skilled, and intelligent student of the institute and his fellows and teachers raved about his abilities.

•    Lakeside Programmers Group

Fortunately enough, Bill Gates always had his parents' back. They were amazingly supportive of his talent and believed him right from the start. Acknowledging his intelligence, his parents enrolled him an intensely organized, and well managed private school that portrayed epitome of the brilliant academic environment. There he was introduced with the high tech computers of that time that were enormously lucrative for his passionate mind. 

After seeing his great computer skills through his first creation (tic-tac-toe game), he was allowed to exempt math classes thus to give more time to refine his programming skills. In 1968, Bill Gates, Paul Allen and other schoolfellows who were supremely interested in the programming, formed a Lakeside Programmers Group. Gates says that,

“When I was thirteen, my school (Lakeside School) installed a teletype machine. From that point on, my friends and I spent most of our free time writing programs and figuring out how to make the computer to do interesting things.”

The gain of confidence and support from his family worked as a strong pillar in his success, and with the distinctive amalgamation of his smartness, and family's support he managed to achieve wonders

•    Working for CCC and Earning a Handsome Salary

Working on a PDP-10 system that belonged to CCC (Computer Centre Corporation), LOG got banned after they caught using data from CCC to gain free access to more computer time. To solve this problem, LPG requested CCC to use LPG's skills in finding any bugs on their system and in return give them free computer time. And they were allowed to do so. This paved the way for Gates to work in the  CCC offices to analyze source codes that were running the system. Later after CCC went out of the business, INC hired them to write a payroll program and in return earn computer time along with salary. Gates was the only 15 years old at that time (or maybe today) who made 20,000 USD by selling software designed to optimize traffic. He also worked for Bonneville Dam and earned 30,000 USD in a single year.

Gates wrote a program that depicted the class schedule for students of all the school, and funny enough he was able to change the codes to adjust his roll number in the girls' classes.

•    Venture of Traf-O-Data

Bill Gates and Paul Allen built a business partnership in the 1970s (when Bill Gates was 17 years old) called Traf-O-Data. The main objective of this venture was to build a road map, count traffic, and generate raw data, thus helping the traffic engineers. The project earned a modest success in the market, but it surely boosted their morale for future success. This is the start of the inspirational success story of billionaire Bill Gates.

•    Co-Founding Microsoft

In 1973, Bill Gates enrolled at Harvard with Mathematics major, but his heart and mind were not at all interested in this subject, and he spent most of his time lost programming on computers. Gates dropped out from Harvard within the first year and at that time he co-founded Microsoft with his other genius friend, Paul Allen. He described Microsoft's vision as, “A computer on every desk and Microsoft software on every computer”. And well, he had surely done that in no time.

But it was not all smooth right from the start. The company suffered through an enormous financial crisis as they were using pirated software. In spite of all the difficulties, financial crisis, and hardships, after excruciating hard work these geniuses, launched MS-BASIC that was a huge success and made 500,000 USD profit in the market.

•    Buying an OS system

Founding Microsoft is the most astounding and noteworthy stepping stone in the inspirational success story of billionaire Bill Gates that paved way to tremendous success in the field of information technology, not only for him but for the whole world. Next step was creating an operating system (OS). IBM launched the first ever personal computer in the year 1979 and offered Microsoft to design an operating system for this computer. Unfortunately, Microsoft had no drafts for this task so it refused.

Later, Microsoft bought 86-DOS OS and after refining it on daily basis it launched MS-DOS and asked IBM to use this as the main operating system for a personal computer. IBM immediately accepted this offer and in 1980 both giant companies signed the contract. In 1981, Microsoft, now running as Microsoft Corporation, released MS-DOS within IBM personal computers along with other products including MS-BASIC, MS-PASCAL, MS-COBOL, and several others.

•    Computer's Accessories

Well, another startling invention in the field of information technology was the mouse, and this prestigious gadget was also made by Microsoft. Within a few years of popularity of personal computer, the invention of the mouse and its immense usefulness to put data in the computer was a huge milestone in this field. The hardware group under Microsoft Corperation had the hands behind this incredible invention. This also gained huge profit and immense fame to this company in those years. Honestly, the boom of Microsoft is truly the boom of information technology all over the globe.

•    Masterpiece- The Invention of Windows

Truly surpassing a mountainous milestone, Microsoft released Windows on 20th November 1985 and the profits of the company were shooting the sky. Genius programmers behind Microsoft developed an outstanding operating system that was used in all personal computers all around the globe. Famously, Gates has long been saying that "The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow." This shows his farsightedness. His amazing futuristic view has enabled us to live in the age we are living in. The incredible boom and vast and fast growth of the tech industry are because of a few geniuses, and without a doubt, Bill Gates is one of them.

You can see the logo of Microsoft Windows on every computer today. The first ever version of Microsoft Windows was Windows NT, which was followed by Windows 95, Windows, NT, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista (along with office suite) and Microsoft office in 2007. And now this operating system is available in 138 languages.

And the development in the basic version continued with the release of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and then Windows 10. The latest preview of Windows is released about 4 months ago on 14th November 2018. You may not find many differences in the latest version of Windows, but as Gates said, "If you can’t make it good, at least make it look good."

Undoubtedly, Gates has taken Microsoft to the heights of success in a very short time, and the recent appearance, uses, and functions of Windows are definitely hard to beat by any other company in such a short time span. He is not only a born genius, but also is a determined hard worker, has an eye for brains, and respect hard work.

He never shies away from accepting the brilliance of other, as the most famous and influential saying of Bill Gates goes as, "At Microsoft, there are lots of brilliant ideas but the image is that they all come from the top – I’m afraid that’s not quite right.”

And this is what stand him out from others. He is not greedy of success, fame, or money, rather he has the courage to accept failure, learn from it, and work as a team. As per his own words, he has amazingly described the positive and negative impacts of wealth and success in a single line, saying,

“Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.”

And his whole life is a great portrayal of honesty, hard work, determination, courage, and respect for others. Obviously, Microsoft was not all soothing smooth ride initially, as it suffered through severe issues regarding piracy, but Gates managed to emerge as a great leader, learning from the failures and owning everything with courage and nerves.

•    Resignation from Microsoft

Bill Gates resigned from the post of Microsoft CEO in 2014 but remained a board member. And Satya Nadela became new CEO of Microsoft. Gates is working as a technology advisor at Microsoft.

•    After Microsoft

Gates indulged himself in the philanthropic works mostly after resigning from Microsoft's daily operations. During his tenure at Microsoft, in 2009, Gates founded The Giving Pledge along with Warren Buffett. The major task of this organization was to ask billionaires to pledge at least half of the wealth in philanthropy. In 2000, Gates donated 5 billion USD  worth stock shares to create Bill & Melinda charity Foundation. This organization has been recognized as the world's wealthiest charitable foundation in 2013 with the reported assets of about 34.6 billion USD. Gates donated 20 million USD to CMU- Carnegie Mellon University through his foundation in 2009. These are a few of his amazing generous works for the well being of humanity. This list can go on and on.

Additionally, he is co-chairman of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Chairman of Branded Entertainment Network, CEO of Cascade Foundation, and Chairman of TerraPower.

•    Being the World's Richest Person

The inspirational success story of billionaire Bill Gates has loads of learning twists and turns, and still to this day, he is working tirelessly for more surprising works. These achievements have named him among the richest people on earth. He topped this list 4 times in a row from 2014 to 2017. With amazing success, Bill Gates has topped the richest people's list 18 times in the last 24 years. As of today, at the age of 63, Bill Gates is on the second spot with more than 96.5 billion USD net worth in 2019. 

There is a lot to learn from the inspirational success story of billionaire Bill Gates. Following a fraction of his life can bring great success for us.

By Amna A. for Ezega Blogs

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