Easy Solutions To Get a Blooming Relationship

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RelationshipLove is a tricky business that requires utmost honesty, pure friendship, raw feelings and also most importantly rocks solid trust. Problems start rising when couples start feeling the relationship as a work rather than being a place to enjoy your life with the most adorable and lovely person in the world. That is the main reason that the start of every relationship feels like heaven, like a cool breeze all around, music playing in the air, and tinkling feeling all over the body; and as soon as you take things to another level, a sense of responsibility prevails that start to overshadow your raw feelings of love, togetherness, and admiration for small things. And you start observing this phase as a weight over your shoulder that is only born by you. Well, saying all that, nothing is impossible. And you can get back on track by giving yourself a little time. Here, I will tell you easy solutions to get a blooming relationship and rebound your love for each other. We'll categorize the problems and then find what solutions can be followed to get things straight. Let's get going!

•    Loss of Communication

No matter what is the severity of problems in your relationship, it all starts from lack of communication. Honestly, it is more like a cold war, that can penetrate deep in the core of your beautiful relationship and can destroy everything. And in today's technologically ungraded and overshadowed lifestyle, the main reason for this problem is continuous use of cell phones that restrict private communications. Surely, it is impossible to talk to a person when he/ she is lost in the lights of blackberry or iPhone.

•    Solutions

1.    Make appointments, follow these dates, and be there on time. It may sound ridiculous or undoable, but it will tremendously increase your confidence level, both of you will start seeing that you two are interested in making amends and things will get better eventually.
2.    If raised voices is an issue, then start communicating at public places. For this sit in parks, restaurants, or libraries, where it'll be impossible to raise voice.
3.    Stop interrupting each other, and try to develop the habit of listening. This way you will be able to understand the flip side of your point of view.

•    Financial Problems

Money is one of the biggest problems in almost every relationship. And the root cause of this problem lies within various paths. It may be because one person is not spending money intelligently, the couple is going through a crisis, on the whole, loss of finances through business hurdles and several others.

•    Solutions

1.    Couple facing this problem must be brutally honest about their financial situation right from the start of the relationship. Be realistic and analyze the situation intelligently beforehand, take things further only if you can live that life happily.
2.    While fighting, do not touch this subject, as it will ruin the matter wholly.
3.    Make some rules about the budget, as one can be a saver while the spender. It is wise to set all the finances on the table and then assign money to different tasks.
4.    Try not to play the blame game. Be understanding, thoughtful, and a good listener.
5.    Allow a particular amount of money to be spent by both people.

•    Sexual Inadequacy

Sometimes, love is not enough for some couples. Lack of a passionate sexual relationship can be a major cause of worsening the situation. Author of "Please Dear Not Tonight" Mary Jo Fay says, "Sex brings us closer together, releases hormones that help our bodies both physically and mentally, and keeps the chemistry of a healthy couple healthy."

•    Solutions

1.    Try changing things a little bit. Plan to have sex at some random places such as on the kitchen shelf, by the fire in the lounge or on the couch. Monotonous things in life make it bore.
2.    Enlist what gestures turn you on, and ask your partner to do the same. Then swap these lists to create a more pleasant scenario for you both next time.
3.    There is no harm in consulting a sex therapist. Lots of couple struggles through this problem and find it hard to get through it on their own. In such a scenario, do not hesitate to consult professionals.

•    Random Conflicts

When two people are living together, having arguments, a difference of opinions and clash of thoughts is really normal. Things get worse when both parties are living in their own repetitive nightmare and conflicts become a routine matter. It develops anxiety, stress, anger, and shattering of relationship.

•    Solutions

1.    Be mannered, civil and respectful during arguments.
2.    Be wise in choosing your words and tone. It is totally in your control of how you handle tough situations.
3.    Stir things a little. Change the pattern of your responses. If you will keep on replicating the exact response that brought you unhappiness and utmost pain, then you cannot expect different results in the future.
4.    Be honest and sincere with yourself. Observe, when arguing, is your attitude helpful in resolving the issue or raise the heat more! Are you expecting the other person to tone down and are you messing the situation more! The answers to the questions will help you see the bigger picture and resolve the issue in a mature way.

•    Prioritizing Other Things Over Relationship

This is one of the major problems in scattering relationships, and a little effort can easily mend the issue.

•    Solutions

1.    Try to replicate the time when you fall in love with your partner. What gestures or things were loved by him/ her?
2.    Try appreciating small things and make a habit of saying, "Thank you", "I appreciate that..", "I love it when you do this..."
3.    Go out, spend some time together.
Well, there you go. Follow these easy solutions to get a blooming relationship and you will definitely start seeing positive changes. And I wish you all the happiness, fun, and prosperity in your life.

By Amna A. for Ezega Blogs

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