Basic Relationship Problems that Can Worsen With Time

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In the start, it is hard to pick anything wrong in a person you are dating. But as the time pass a little, things may become frustrating due to major personality flaws that you had missed before. Here I have enlisted a few basic relationship problems that can worsen with time, and if you could pick them in the start you can really save yourself from the major downfall in the future. 

1.    No Common Interests

We all are well aware of the universally renowned line "Opposite attracts", but its practical significance to cater to a long term relationship with prosperity and happiness is really small. As you may find someone mesmerizing, charming, or attractive in a few initial dates, and enjoy his/ her different take on life, but things may start changing within a few months. Forcing a relationship on your own self or the other while having no common interests or something fun to talk about is not a great idea. Dr. Alisa Ruby Bash, marriage and family therapist from California says, "If there is just no common ground, it will likely lead to the couple eventually having separate lives,". These differences eventually become frustrating and flustering to handle afterward.

2.    Having a Domineering, and Controlling Personality

Interestingly, everyone shows off the best side of their personality in the initial days of a relationship, and both people live in a cozy, comforting environment of magical positivity, and immense happiness. Here, it is extremely hard to observe the domineering and dominating side of one's personality. Dr. Bash says on this matter, "These will not only get worse but could also foreshadow a potentially abusive partner." And this is certainly unimaginable in earlier happy days of any relationship.

3.    Different Financial Expenses and Shopping Habits

Surely, no two human beings can behave in exactly the same manner towards different situations, not even the twins. In different circumstances, we all get to see a fairly different side of each other. Having poles apart expenditure limits on various items is one such matter that can neither be predicted nor can be similar in two people. Internationally acclaimed motivational speaker and inspirational author Jaya Jaya Myra says regarding this issue, "Since it's such a crucial aspect in day-to-day life understanding how both you and your [partner] relates to it is important, Don't wreck a relationship just because you are stressed about money and don't like or respect the way your partner handles it."

4.    The difference of opinion regarding Freedom

In the beginning, this may seem not a big deal, or even cuter and funnier to have something in your life who is different from you. But as the time passes, one or both of the people wish that other person behave as they want them to behave, and respect the boundaries made by them, which is surely the budding of a major relationship break down. Relationship expert Lisa from Love Quest Coaching says that "While we all want to love others 'no matter what,' we must first love ourselves and establishing healthy boundaries and standards is the best thing we can do," You can build a healthy relationship by being more open. Else this is definitely one of the basic relationship problems that can worsen with time and ruin your relationship.

5.    Problems with Past Relationships

Slight hint of ex or controversial family member from the past in any normal conversation can heat it up to blast very easily. Dating and Relationship expert from Chicago Stef Safran has an amazing device to share with the couple saying, "If you notice early on that you feel that you are not on the same page when dealing with things from the past, you need to find early on if you can make an agreement." Marginalize thing beforehand that you two feel okay to talk about and what not.

6.    Hesitation in Communicating Freely and Openly

Some people are introvert while others are extrovert, but while enjoying a healthy relationship both types of people love to chat easily and openly with their partners. Not being able to conversate with your partner without hesitation is a major problem that can lead to harsh circumstances on both physical and mental health of a person.

7.    Dishonest and Disrespectful Attitude

Relationship expert Lisa says, "If you notice a wandering eye or words and actions not matching up and your gut simply says this doesn't feel right, pay close attention," Be vigilant and very observant for your partner, as dishonesty and disrespect can hurt you in the future.

8.    Not Behind Honest About Financial Standing

Surely, it's not vital to open up financially in the starting days of a relationship, but when you are committing to spend a lifetime together financial honesty is extremely important. Else it will give rise to heartwrenching trust issues. Definitely, you cannot hide something of this sort from your partner forever, so why being dishonest when you can be direct and save the relationship. Relationship coach Todd Burkhalter says, "These issues always surface at some point, the trust that is lost spills over into distrust in other areas."

9.    Cheating Incidences- Intentional or Unintentional

Roaming eye from one attraction to other is definitely irritable for the time being, but if you are having an intuition that your partner is cheating on you or have solid chances of doing so then run for your life and save yourself from forthcoming grief. Psychological correspondent, behavioral scientist, and performance coach Dr. Josh Klapow says  "Infidelity is typically the most destructive problem in a relationship and signals major problems," Not just cheating, but gestures leading towards major acts can also destroy a relationship easily.

10.    Continuous Arguments Over Trivial Things

Internationally acclaimed relationship expert Rhond Milard says, "Couples need good communication skills, and this is especially true during the conflict, If you don’t do it well during the early stages of your relationship, it will continue to be a problem during the course of your relationship as life gets more complicated and challenging."

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