Most Luxurious and Expensive Restaurants in the World

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Undersea-RestaurantEver wondered what are the most luxurious and expensive restaurants in the world and what is the reason behind their sky-high price range! Well, wonder no more, as here I have listed a couple of high-end restaurants from all over the world, along with the reasons that make them special. Let's check them out! 


•    Crissier, Switzerland
•    Per Head Charges: 532 USD

Impeccable interior designing, lavish aura, luxurious seating arrangement, and exceptionally professional and well-trained hotel staff are a few of the highlighting features of this incredibly chic and high-end restaurant in Switzerland.

The menu of the restaurant is superbly well thought of and is presented with utmost delicacy. You can enjoy 11 coerces on the menu that costs 532 USD per head. Some of the super hit dishes of this menu include well marinated and perfectly cooked lamb, delicate mussels with uniquely tasteful saffron, pulp and pip consommé with Ossetra caviar and grilled beef cooked with wild pepper cristallines de Charlotte and fresh salad.

All in all, this restaurant will give you a memorable flair of fine dining with a magical pinch of luxury and aristocracy, surely treating the guests like royals.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

•    Conrad Rangali Island, Maldives 
•    Per Head Charges: 435 USD

In addition to serving the incredibly mouthwatering menu of delicious courses, Ithaa has a distinctive hallmark that stands it out from the lot.  And that is it is the very first underwater all glass restaurant in the world that is located 5 meters below the sea level. With that, you can imagine the mesmerizing view of the stunning underwater beauty, the vibrancy of attractive blue color of water, alterations of sun rays coming through the sea surface, scattered plants, and beautifully floating sea creatures, all create an enchanting aura all around. This interesting panoramic view let the customers enjoy the beauty of the underwater world while eating their delicious food and doing their business tasks in a pleasurable environment.

Talking about the menu, they serve 4 courses at lunchtime, and 6-course menu at the dinner time and most of the food is contemporary European. Overall, the cost ranges from 195 USD to 320 USD excluding any drinks.


•    New York, United States of America
•    Per Head Charges: 595 USD

People with aristocratic taste, desiring the best of the bests, will love this restaurant with all their heart. Masa is particularly considered as the most lavish and most expensive restaurant in the USA and seeing its class, services, and menu, you'll know why is it so.

Things that make this restaurant exclusive and distinctive from other expensive and luxurious hotels is that it only serves 26 people, and the reservations are registered at least three weeks in advance. Moreover, the menu is significantly picked by chef Masa Takayama himself that features splendid looking dishes made with fresh fish and Kobe beef that is imported all the way from the soil of Japan.

Excluding beverages and taxes, the cost per head comes around 595 USD, and including everything, it'll become around 809 USD. surely, if you want to taste the best, you got to pay the price. And this is why it is one of the most luxurious and expensive restaurants in the world.

Alain Ducasse

•    London, United Kingdom
•    Per Head Charges: 343 USD

Beautifully depicting the posh culture, and significantly classy style of the Londoners, Alain Ducasse amazingly features an incredible range of cuisine in a lavish manner that not only please your eye but also satisfy your palette in a delightful way. This restaurant is a three Michelin star restaurant that particularly offers the best French cuisine with a personal exquisite flair.

The French menu of this restaurant is definitely incomparable, and that is all because of the unmatchable skills of chef Alain Ducasse. You can enjoy the best of French flavors in the heart of Britain in just 343 USD at this restaurant and can relish your palette in an indescribable pleasant way.

Per Se

•    New York, United States of America
•    Per Head Charges: 685 USD

An outstanding depiction of magnificent extravagance, in every nook and corner of the place, and also the plate. Running under the expert eyes of Thomas Keller, Per Se, The French Laundry looks really a piece of blossoming art while keeping the historic treasures in hand.
In addition to the main menu, the chef picks daily tasting menu as well. There is an option of tasting special vegetable dishes as well. Both these menus contain 9 dishes each. The cost per head for the tasting menu can come up to 325 USD.

Being there, you'll fall in love with the supreme selection of decoration pieces, stunning interior design, and mesmerizingly depicted posh style in each and everything. And having a bite of the food will be a memorable experience.


•    Tokyo, Japan
•    Per Head Charges: 314 USD

Considering the modest location of this restaurant, in the basement of an urban building in Tokyo, it may seem at a higher price range. But it is not all about the panoramic view, seating arrangements of a number of chandeliers for a great restaurant, but the quality of food, preparation time, skills of the chef and authenticity of the dishes, that enhance the value of any dining. And for this restaurant, the presentation of cooked meat of purebred Tajima cattle is the major highlight. These cattle are raised in the Sanda region of Hyogo Prefecture for over 28 months, and animals that ticks all the boxes of a high-quality criterion are shipped to be cooked in this restaurant. So, you are basically paying for the distinguishing natural taste and pure quality of the food here. Anyone who wants to experience the best of meat from anywhere in the world, the cozy basement of this restaurant is definitely the right spot for you to check in.

By Amna A. for Ezega Blogs

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