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Parenting-TipsBeing a good parent requires you to prioritize things in reference to what is good for your child's future, and that demands stamina, courage, and surpassing through loads of hard decisions. There is not a designation like a perfect parent, as being a human being we all have some flaws in our personality and can't give a 100% in everything we indulge in. A  parent just needs to be there for his/ her child at the time of need, and the kid must always feel easy and relaxed while sharing anything with his/ her parent. You must have listened to parents complaining about how tough their responsibilities are, or kids complaining about not having the full support of their parents. Well, it is not that difficult or complicated as it sounds. To make things clearer for you, here I have enlisted a few of the most effective parenting tips that will thoroughly guide you to try to be a good parent for your precious kids.

•    Be a Good Role Model

When a child is born, his/ her brain is like a clean and clear canvas on which nothing is drawn, printed or written. The baby only knows how to cling on to the mother to feel warmth, peace, and love. Even the newborn have to learn how to suck milk to fill the hungry stomach. Saying that, whatever the baby listens, observe around and feel will start imprinting on the clean slate of the brain, and these lessons either trifle or grand, good or bad will be there forever with him. So, if you desire your kid to be a kind, truthful and honest human being, you need to act like that yourself. Parents are the first and greatest teacher for a child, who start teaching the baby way before he/ she steps into school. Be mindful of your words, your tone, the way you treat others, and all your acts because kids are the most observant lot, you may ignore them as naive but all beautiful or dreadful things will always stay in their mind, forever.

•    Express Your Love Wholeheartedly and Loudly

Do not shy away from showing your love to your children. They need every bit of it to feel good, encouraged and hope for success in their life. Parent's smiles, laughter, encouraging remarks, and hugs are always remembered and cherished by children, no matter how old they become. Scientifically speaking, showing nominal yet immensely powerful gestures of love depiction release hormones like oxytocin, prolactin and opioids and these neurotransmitters bring in emotional content, calmness, and positivity in attitude.

•    Remain positive in Difficult Situations

When a baby is born, it's brain's 100 billion cells have little to no connection, and with the passage of time, connecting through these dots babies develop their thinking process, and thus give rise to thoughts and memories. Necessarily, the experience of both positive and negative experiences is extremely important to develop a good personality. As a parent, it is your responsibility to introduce them with discipline, and positive attitude while dealing within difficult circumstances. Do not let them afraid of negative experiences, as these possess a great learning experience.

•    Stand by Your Child in Every Situation

This is definitely one of the most effective parenting tips, to be there for your child through thick or thin. Develop the feeling of security and safety for your kid within your arms, and let them feel they you'll always be there for them without being judgemental. Let them feel your warmth, and confidence in them.

•    Open, Easy and Honest Communication is the Key

Communication is a vital element in any relationship, especially the parent-children bond. The way parents communicate with their kids and the way kids explain themselves towards them holds the key to their future personality traits, which in turn shape their career progress, relationship with their partners, and self-growth. It is exceptionally important to always keep an open line for any sort of communication with your children and allow them to share every single detail without being shy or hesitant.

•    Enormous Affect of Couple's Relationship on their Kids

Couple's own relationship health imparts an enormous effect on a child's personal growth. A respectful and loving relationship of the couple can cultivate a blooming personality of their child. You cannot expect to have a home full of shouting, yelling, and abuse and the child to grow all psychologically, and emotionally beaming. Some parents forget about the wellness of their child's mental growth while only striving their energy in personal matters. That causes a deleterious effect on a child's personality and is a definitive sign of bad parenting skills.

•    Refrain from Physical Abuse, Even slap, spank or any sort of Hitting

Try to solve issues or differences of any kind in a healthy environment of effective communication flared with kindness, and understanding. Slapping your child or hitting them hard whenever you feel the situation has become difficult to ruin their emotional growth and render them harboring confidence, and skills. Intensive and consistent abuse can impart different negative habits in children. As some kids become extremely shy and demure that it becomes almost impossible for them to tackle seven slightly difficult situations. By enduring pain and aggression, some kids become aggressive themselves and start bullying others. It paves way for criminal behavior, anti-social activities and in the worst cases mental disabilities for life. Be thoughtful for your children rather than posing your own life's issues and pressure on your kids. Self-composure, discipline, and positivity will help you become a good parent and raise amazing kids.

•    Explore Parenting Science to Widen Your Horizon About Children's Needs at Specific Age

Science has researched a lot in the field of parental skills, and there is enormous education available in this regard from which you can get plenty of help. There is no hard and fast rule of parenting, but as per the general behavioral pattern of children at a certain age, you can take control of things according to your situation.

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