How Can You Protect Your Home From Dust Mites!

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Dust mites are close relative of spiders and ticks. It's quite impossible to pinpoint these creatures with naked eye, as their size typically ranges from 0.2 to 0.33mm. Keeping your house clean and protected from house dust mites is extremely important to enjoy great health. As many people get infected by these mites, without knowing the actual cause of the allergy. Here, you'll see how can you protect your home from dust mites!

Particular Mattress Covers

The most common and primary recommendation of any doctor in case of tackling any allergy is recommending to change the sheets of the mattresses. Your mattress is the first and foremost place where the dust mites will thrive, reproduce and get you infected.
A number of bedding brands are now covering this issue, and have presented great options for mattress covers. These mattress covers are specifically designed to protect your mattress from entering and inhabiting dust mites.

Dust mite covers safeguard your body from allergens excreted by the house dust mites. The structural design, material and zipping, everything is specially structured to protect your body from getting in touch with the allergens. Possibly, the allergens are already residing in the mattress. So, with a mattress cover on top, you'll stay safe and allergy free.

Benefits of Covers

One of the most basic, and primary characteristic of a dust mite cover is it being hypoallergenic. In hypoallergenic bedding, a particular material is used that resist these allergens excreted by dust mites, in addition to other microbial organisms. Overall, your mattress will be guarded from any sort of tiny invaders with these covers on.

Comprehensive research has been done on the allergens shed by house dust mites. Primarily, these allergens are present in the fecal material of the dust mites. Additionally, the exoskeleton and body fragments of dead mite are also loaded with certain allergy causing properties. The exposure to these allergens cause asthma, atopic dermatitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, and other devastating allergies.

Dust mite covers provide a preliminary protection from staying away from these allergens. These covers act as first line of defense, and provide you safety from developing any allergic condition. But if you are already suffering from asthma, then do consult a good doctors as well and start using mattress cover for rendering disease elevation.

In addition to protecting from house dust mites, mattress covers also keep your body safe from bacterial and fungal invasion. These are impermeable for all microscopic organisms thus keep you safe, and healthy.

With the use of mattress covers for a while, a significant decline in the dust mites can be observed. And eventually, your mattress will be free from any dust mites and other microscopic organisms. Specific temperature, and material of the cover will stop the reproduction and survival of the dust mites. And within a couple of wash, you mattress will be clean as new.

Types of Mattresses and Need for Covers

Dust mite covers are essentially needed for the protection of your mattress. However, there are certain types of mattresses that are naturally resistant to any sort of microbial growth. 
In this regard, latex and memory foam are considered to be the best type of mattresses as these are not only comfortable to sleep on, but also keeps you safe from germs.

Latex is naturally nonallergenic material and prevent the growth of dust mites, fungus, bacteria, and other microorganisms. With the natural hypoallergenic characteristics of this material, you'll always be safe from any sort of allergic reaction. Thus, there is no need to spread dust mites mattress covers on this material.

The natural dimension of weave, and the taste of latex makes it inhospitable for the survival and growth of dust mites. Similarly, tightly closed weave present extremely hostile environment for the fungus and bacteria as well.

If you are using mattresses of latex material, then you do not need to worry about purchasing dust mite covers.

Washing Method

Most of the people are curious about how often they should wash their mattress cover. Well, dust mite covers are super easy to care and do not need frequent washing. On an average, you can wash your mattress covers once or twice a year. And if you have pets or/and kids at your place, then spillage accidents can occur often, in that case covers will be frequently washed.

There is no need to wash the newly purchased dust mite covers. As there is no antimicrobial chemicals are spread on the covers, its just the material and design of these covers that made them special.

Dust mite covers can easily be washed in hot or cold water. But keep the temperature around 105 to 110, as extremely hot temperature can ruin the fabric. Before putting the covers in the machine, read the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Preferably, using antiallergenic detergent must be used. Refrain from using fabric softener or any sort of bleach. As it is caustic in nature, and can cause fuming. Fuming can elevate the asthma.

Lastly, there is no need to press the covers. Just tumble dry and spread on the mattress.

Points to Remember

A set of specific qualities makes a dust mite cover perfect for the protection of mattress against dust mites. A number of bedding brands are dealing with mattress covers, but it is highly advisable to look for following qualities while choosing one for your home.

Anti-allergenic- This must be the prior point to consider. Mattress cover must be hypoallergenic, resistant to allergens.

Waterproof Quality- It is an additional characteristic of a mite cover, and suits best for the families having kids or pets. As the spillage incidents are norm in these homes, so you don't want to ruin the mattress.

Pore size of Fibers- The lesser the pore size be, the best it'll protect your body from allergens. Pore size of the weaving of the fabric is measured in microns, and it must be below 10 microns for a dust mite mattress cover.

Now you must have all the answers for how can you protect your home from dust mites! Hope it'll be helpful.

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