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OrganizeForgetting important dates, missing important deadlines, lost keys, undone assignments, this all seems extremely disappointing for people around you. And they often let you think to work harder, think harder, or try harder. But it's not that simple. A person who is disorganized is suffering from core internal issues and have to face major problems in life. There is a constant embarrassment, low grades, fear of losing jobs, and guilt linked to oneself all the time. If you are someone like this, then this article is for you. Without further ado, let learn some awesome tips to organize your routine life and lead a well managed and perfectly organized life from here on.

Just remember, do not try to adapt everything written below, rather be easy and try to pick a thing or two from these points and then enter these strategies in your daily life. After a while when you become aware of yourself, your capabilities, your success level, and how well these little changes have changed your routine life, then you can go to next level and try some more points from the following list.
Wish you the best of luck!

•    Don't be Tough On Yourself, Rather Choose a Different Direction

People always start thinking less of themselves, when they recognize that they have been messy and disorganized all the past life, while there are some people who seem to be effortlessly smart, organized and well managed all the time. You may start thinking of ridiculous stuff too, such as the organized people have some sort of superpowers. Well, it is just a general instinct to think this way. But you must not be hard on yourself.

Beating yourself up is not a solution for anything. Think of it like this, you are a step ahead of your previous messy and disorganized self now that you have started thinking to plan and organize your life from now on. This is not an easy thing to achieve. It needs self-recognition, determination, and commitment to move forward.

Do not think ever that you are flawed, helpless or terrible at everything. It will do more bad than any good to yourself. Being organized is not any special skill or superpower, rather it is just a set of simple skills and strategies that people remain stick to all the time. It is not that organized people never make any mistake, rather they have learned from trial and error, and learned from their own personality's flaws.

Being organized demand commitment. And if something hasn't worked well for you then do it differently. The key is to keep on the same path. There are a few fundamental approaches that are universal to be organized. Otherwise, study yourself personally, and find out what works best for you. Because you are special in your own special way. Your uniqueness cannot be copied, neither you can copy someone else.

So, try to figure out the ways that work best for you.

•    Identify Weak Points of Your Personality

Well, there is nothing to be ashamed of, if you have some. We all have some flaws in our personality and that what makes us human. But better and successful people learn how to divert these flaws in a positive direction, and how to learn do good in life alongside these negative spots.

To do this, pen down strengths and weaknesses in your personality, in your opinion. Be brutal on yourself, and try to be as honest as possible at this point. Having your weaknesses right before your eyes will be exceptional to reach for practical solutions. With this, you will be able to think of targeted solutions. But remember, you are not digging for big stuff here, just point out smaller stuff. Such as, you end up piling up used clothes with the aim of never washing them, or you are always unable to find a perfect piece of clothing to wear when it is needed for some occasions, etc.

Working on these minor tasks is much easier and achievable then flipping your personality to 180°. This practice will help you reinvent yourself and to make a better version of yourself. This is definitely one of the amazingly awesome tips to organize your routine life.

•    Use External Tools To Manage Time and Stuff

With the new advancement in the fields of science and technology, life has become much smarter, faster and easier. There are a number of different tools, applications, and devices available right now in the market that can help yourself to organize each and everything in your daily routine.

There are now numerous apps available both for Android and iOS devices, which help you manage your exercise schedule, your fitness routine, remind you to walk, to wake up, drink water and what not.

Moreover, you can also get some amazing storage boxes to organize your wardrobe, kitchen, or the whole place. These storage compartments come in various shapes and sizes. It is not compulsory that these external tools are always technological savvy, rather you can use a personal diary, calendar, planners, etc, as well.

Find something that suits perfectly to your situation and enjoy its benefits.

•    Don't Just Imagine Being Perfect, Achieve it Practically

This is definitely one of the most efficiently result bearing and awesome tips to organize the routine life that you can get. Interestingly, this is one of the major issues that all the people suffering from being a messy experience. They surely plan amazingly well, think of all the great things to do, strategize their tasks, but when it comes to implementing these strategies, there will be zilch work done. Amusingly enough, there will always be something important stuff that comes up and ruins their schedule. A plan that has not been worked upon is just a wastage of time. Put anything and everything you plan or schedule into action. Surely, it will seem hard in the start, but eventually, you'll get to see superbly proficient changes in your personality.

•    Differentiate between What's Practical and What's ONLY work in Imagination

Certainly, it is not necessary that anything you plan will work out perfectly well for you in the future. There is a reason that people make plan B and sometimes plan C as well. But the most important thing to keep in mind is that you should not get disheartened from the first try.
This first failure will make you know what things do not work in practical life which are surely looking great while planning. This will help you distinguish between imaginary stuff and practical stuff. And to achieve the better result you have to rely on what's working practically well for you.

For example, some people have problems with setting their single wardrobe systematically. If this happens to you as well, then compartmentalize your wardrobe. Pick separate section for everything. Another solution (or you can say plan B) that you can adopt is purchasing separate baskets for each category of clothing. This will be a tremendous help for you. Meaning, that if something is not working perfectly for you. Then try to go in a different direction. Plan differently. Go for a different strategy, and find what is best in practical terms. Any point is a good point as long as it is working.

•    Be Consistent and Stick to Things that Worked

Sustainability in things that have worked perfectly for you is extremely important. If you have found a great schedule to get some task done in a timely manner or have found specific tools that have made your life easy and organized, then stuck with these things forever. For example, if you have created an awesome planner for, say, a week, and things you had planned to do were done pretty well. Then follow this same pattern for a longer period of time. Moreover, if you keep on changing the pattern, then it will start seeming like work to you. And it won't be helpful anymore.

•    Stop Regretting What's been in the Past and Start Looking for Better Brighter Future

Most of the people are unable to organize their life just because they keep on regretting the stuff that didn't work for them. It is one of the major drawbacks of one's personality, to remain attached to the past. What's done is done. You cannot change the past, but what you can change is the future. All cards of the future are in your hand. It is up to you how you use your present time. If you think that you have wasted your time before, then schedule this time, your present in a great manner.

Surely it is excruciatingly difficult to rub it off the shoulder but surely isn't impossible. It is not necessary to dive into the pit of apologies and self-disappointment. Just take a deep breath, and aim to start afresh.

And then think about how can you stop repeating those mistakes again the future. Surely you'll get the answer within your sorrow. Try to understand that you are not dumb, careless, or bad, you are in a learning stage, and people make mistakes during learning.

All of this cannot be done in a day or two. Things will take time to get better. Just think about a brighter future and your organized future self. It will keep you on track and consistent.

•    Some Great Tips that Works Everywhere and for Everyone

Being organized is surely something that is achieved on a personal level, but there are awesome tips to organize your routine life that works universally alike. And anyone who follows these tips can observe humungous changes in their life.
o    Start Writing- It may sounds cliché, but it is something that works for everyone. Doesn't matter what your profession is, what your age is, and at what stage of life you are. Writing important tasks to complete, or things to do will help you a lot. If you are not of penning down, then just start by giving bullet points and write small sentences or just words. After a while, you'll get addicted to this habit and you'll feel it a compulsion to fulfill the task that has been written on the paper. Moreover, it will also help you remember stuff that otherwise you tend to forget.

o    Always Remember to Place Everything Exactly There From Where You've Took it- This rule applies to both major big stuff as well as trivial stuff. For example, put your home keys in the same pocket, hang your shirts on the same place, put your wallet at a specific place of the table, etc. Well, if you want to get organized then don't leave any stone unturned. And the key to get organized is to repeat the same stuff over and over again so that it stuck in your mind. And eventually, you'll robotically start placing things at certain places.

o    Break down Overwhelmingly Bigger Task into Smaller, Easily Manageable milestones. This is definitely one of the most awesome tips to organize your routine life. As most people feel pressurized to think of doing a complex thing, while tend to complete a smaller, easier task first. This is the basic instinct. For example, do not plan on cleaning your whole apartment at once. First, organize your wardrobe, do vacuum the next day and then move on.

o    Don't Complex Stuff- Be easy and simple in your life. Do not try too hard. Simple strategies are best to follow and achieve.

There you have it. These were some of the most amazingly proficient and highly recommended awesome tips to organize your routine life that works for everyone. Hope you will be able to indulge some of these in your routine life. And if you do, then you will surely be startled with the changes in your personality. Always remember, change and sustainability, both are different but ironically, both are important o succeed in life. You just have to know when to use what strategy, and you will be good to go.

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