Amazing Benefits of Aromatic Lavender oil

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LavenderLavender oil is an aromatic oil that is extracted from the heartwood of the lavender tree. There are numerous amazing benefits of aromatic lavender oil which impart magical beneficial effects on your mind and body.

Benefits of Lavender for Your Physical and Mental Health

Following are some of the most beneficial effects of lavender oil on our body.

•    Maintenance of Eye Health

Lavender is an excellent source of vitamin A, that is extremely important for your eyes. Vitamin A helps in preventing muscular degeneration, various infections, and also keep you safe from night blindness.

•    Antifungal Properties

Lavender oil is scientifically tested to exhibit strong antifungal properties. Its miraculous benefits in fighting against fungal resistant infections are extremely helpful to stay away from any sort of inflammation. Researchers have studied a number of different fungal strains in the laboratory. And lavender oil is found to be effectively destroying the fungal wall in a wide range of fungal colonies.

•    Help in Reducing Anxiety and Stress

Because of its remarkable natural scent, lavender has long been used in aromatherapy. This natural lavender fragrance is not only refreshing to inhale but also is loaded with great medical benefits for the body and mind. One such benefit is relieving from stress and anxiety.
As a remedy to anxiety and stress, taking 80-160 mg of lavender oil is scientifically recommended for 6-10 weeks daily.

Being stressed and anxious develop tension in our nerves and can give rise to headache and other such problems. To cure stress, diffuse lavender in some lotion and massage, or just inhale it as is.

Lavender is an excellent therapeutic agent. It stimulates your immune system, relaxes your body, and boost mood while nullifying all the negative vibes of stress and anxiety.

•    Relieves Menstrual Pain

During menstruation period, pain in the lower abdominal area is very common. A light massage with lavender oil on that area of the body is scientifically proven to be incredibly beneficial. You will feel immediate relief from this pain and also from cramps. So, while you practice a number of home remedies, try rubbing lavender oil on your body which is also scientifically tested. And above all, it is a natural ingredient so, is safe from any sort of harmful side effects.

•    With its Natural Sedation Properties Enhance Sleep

Uninterrupted sleep is one of the vitally important ingredients to lead a happy and healthy life. There are numerous health conditions which are rooted in the loss of sleep. And in today's age of technological boost when everyone religiously uses mobile devices before sleep and lay down with running mind every night, sleep issues have become the common problem. If you are dealing with similar issues yourself, then lavender oil can really help you retrieve good night sleep.

Use of lavender oil before going to sleep can significantly enhance your sleep quality. It puts all the nerves of your mind in a relaxing mode and you start feeling sleepy and relaxed. You will not only have a great sleep but will also wake up with a fresh mind. And this quality of sleep and freshness of mind in the morning can have a tremendous effect on your all day's work routine.

•    Help in Decreasing Hair Loss

Lavender oil can also be quite effective in treating the hair loss condition, alopecia areata. This medical condition is common in both men and women. This can be mild in which hair is lost from certain parts of the body, or severe in which the patient loss hair from all over the body.
According to some scientific studies, researchers have concluded that regular use of lavender oil for months can enhance hair growth by approximately 44%.

Surely, not only the patients suffering from particular conditions of hair loss can take benefits from lavender oil, but anyone can use it to beautify their hair.

•    Improve Focus, Memory and Overall Mental Health

Lavender oil also has neurological benefits. In addition to decreasing stress, anxiety and depression, lavender oil can also be used in treatment for various neural dysfunctions. This oil has neuroprotective effects which are because it reduces oxidative stress. Interestingly, and fortunately enough, lavender oil has also been tested as a valid treatment option for stroke.
Moreover, studies have shown that lavender oil is a great natural treatment option to cure Alzheimer's disease.

To take its benefits to the fullest, you can diffuse lavender oil in home, massage it all over your body, or just simply inhale it. It is an extraordinary oil to massage on the back of the neck, back, and temple to release all types of stress.

•    Relieves from Headache and Tired Body

The soothing effect of natural lavender oil is unquestionable. After coming home from a tiring routine of the long day, a serene massage with lavender oil all over the body is enough to bring tranquility in your body. It will magically ease out all the strain of your muscles. And will increase the calming vibes.

Moreover, a lavender oil massage is a great remedy to get rid of an irritating headache. Headache has become one of the most general problems these days. The main reason for this issue is the excessive use of electronic devices. It sure is harmful, but using these devices has become essential as well. So, use of a natural remedy, lavender oil, is a great option to reduce headache. Not only massage, rather just inhaling lavender oil for about 15 minutes can automatically release the tension of headache from your body.

Lavender oil has long been used in aromatic therapy. There are numerous amazing benefits of aromatic lavender oil. And is exceptionally beneficial. You'll observe incredible relief in every inch of your body after just inhaling this natural ingredient.

•    Great Air Freshener

Spraying lavender oil all over your home will create an aromatic environment without being toxic like chemical in cooperated air fresheners. This is the naturally non-toxic ingredient that creates relaxing waves all over your home.

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