Effective Parenting Skills to Manage Kids Behaviour Problems

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ParentingParenting is a really tricky thing. There is no hard and fast rule. Or a set of regulations that guarantee perfect results in the end. But surely, various experimental designs and social and psychological studies done of parents and children have shown a few tips that can help you to be a good parent. There are some parenting approaches that should be abandoned, while others must be embraced fully, in order to nurture psychologically healthy children. In the following read, you'll be able to learn some of the most effective and highly recommended effective parenting skills for management of kids' behavior problems.

It is not that you wait for something wrong to happen before start acting on these tips. Rather prepare yourself to be a better parent. Sure, every one of us has some flaws, but it is exceptionally appreciative to learn from them and move forward while making the best out of the available situation.

And these parenting tips will help you better judge the situation, better understand the personality of your child, and better judge the psychological state of your kid. And eventually, it will become easy for you to act, or make a decision. I truly hope that these recommendations can bring a positive change in your life. And if you start implementing these in your life, there are pretty great chances that you'll raise a great, psychologically healthy, and successful kid. Let's get started then.

•    Basic of Behavior Management Within Home

To effectively address the problem and resolve it, it is extremely important to first understand what are the major causes behind such behavior, and what consequences will come in response to this issue. To learn any sort of behavioral change, understanding of the following aspects is very important.

1.    Triggers
Triggers refer to the incidents or behavior that gave rise to change in kids' behavior. These factors determine the timing and intensity of misbehavior.
2.    Specificity of Behavior
Sure, you are observing misconduct and rudeness in a child, but understanding the specificity of this behavior is a key factor to prevent misbehavior.
3.    Prospective Consequences in Future
The events that occur right after the misbehavior, logically or naturally are called consequences. These can be helpful or unhelpful for the kid. However, the intensity of consequences depends upon the timing. The sooner they occur, the more intense they'll be.

•    Differentiating Between Good and Bad Triggers

The effective parenting skills for management of kids' behavior problems require a thorough understanding of the subject. And the most basic thing is to know what are the triggering factors and how can you differentiate the positive ones from the negative ones.

Triggers that You Should Avoid

Following triggers can give rise to bad behavior or psychological issues in kids so, it is better to avoid them.

-  Assuming that Kids Understand What You Want Them To Do

Elaborate what is expecting them to do, how do you want certain things to be done, and explain how do you want them to talk. Do not assume within yourself that kids will understand all these things by themselves, or know them beforehand.

-   Changing things Without Prior Discussion

Kids tend to get used to with certain environment, people and things. A sudden change of things or transition can be really upsetting for them and can trigger bad behavior.

-    Giving them Long List of Dos and Dont's

Be simple, explanatory and elaborative, but do not try to over-pressurize things on kids. An attack of a number of questions or specific instructions in a single go, may not be heard or understood by kids properly.

-    Calling Them From Distance That Feels More Like Shouting

Parents do not often understand this, and neglect it most of the times, and call their kids from a long distance. And ask them to perform some chores. Think from the kids' end. It feels like you are shouting at them.

Moreover, most of the times that are unable to properly decipher the message, and if things are not done as you have asked them to do, the situation becomes more gruesome and parents start scolding.

To avoid all these devastating consequences, it is highly advisable and appreciative to talk to your kids face-to-face. Communicating with kids by looking into their eyes will signal them that they are important for you. That you are paying attention to them.

-    Triggers that Must be Enhanced and Embraced

Following triggers or situations can prompt good behavior in kids.

-    Adjustment of Home Environment as per Kids' Needs

Parents should be vigilant and thoughtful about how they behave around kids. And is the environment of home good for healthy nurturing of kids. For example, when the kids are in the TV lounge, all the family members must prefer watching kid-friendly content.

When it is homework time, all sorts of distractions such as television, and cell phone devices must be out of reach of everyone. Meanwhile, there must pizza breaks or iPhone usage time so that things do not become too boring. Such sort of adjustments in the home environment can be a great trigger for the positive mental growth of kids.

-    Clear and Elaborative Expectations

Properly explain what are you expecting your child to do. Even if he/ she says that they've understood it properly, it is your responsibility to be clear and perfectly informative. Adapting this can be one of the most effective parenting skills for management of kids' behavior problems.

-    Prior Preparation and Discussion for Future Transitions

This implements on both things that are to done after a short while, and big things that are to be done after a month or so. For example, ask them to come at the dinner table in 10 minutes, or start their homework in 5 minutes. This will trigger a clock in their mind, and raise them to be punctual and their mind will be ready to accept the change.

-    Be Attentive to The Needs

This is a common practice that parents are not considerate to the timely needs and requirements of the kids. And these include both emotional factors and environmental factors. The most obvious, yet excessively ignored feeling of kids include hunger, anxiety, stress, and fatigue. The root causes of these problems vary from age to age, and phase to phase.

In the early years, kids are not able to properly communicate so parents tend to ignore these things. While in adulthood there can be homework stress, bullying at school, or any sort of emotional distress that kids are unable to properly tell. It is the job of the parents to be aware of any such circumstances. This is extremely important to keep in mind.

-    Lets Children Speak, Have Their Own Opinion on Different Matters

This is one of the primarily important effective parenting skills for management of kids' behavior problems that parents often tend to ignore.

And if children are suppressed of sharing their opinion two things can happen. One, they become very rude, impolite, and offensive in the later years while becoming extremely stressed from the inside.

Secondly, they may not be able to confidently express their opinion in the general public, or even within the classroom. Both types of situations are enough to ruin their personality, educational career and also professional career as well.

So, in order to avoid such horrible circumstances, it is best to be effectively communicative with your children. And let them be heard, speak and share their opinion. You may find that their opinion doesn't matter but in the long run, you'll see the positive impact of this practice shining within their personality.

•    Parenting Behaviour that Must Be Avoided

Not all the parenting skills are all bad, nor all good. Creating a good balance is the key to achieve success in parenting. Following are some parenting acts that must be avoided in order to develop strong personality skills in children.

-    Excessive Attention and Pampering

Excessive care and unhinged attention forbid the child to develop a sense of responsibility, self-awareness, and self-assurance. This makes the child impractical, fussy, and rude. It is extremely important for any kid to know how to perform their own tasks. Increment of dependency over others can make them lazy and can develop bad behavior.

-    Overreacting and Frustrated Behaviour

Parents can be frustrated sometimes over anything. And while being in such an irritable state, they overreact. This thing can demoralize children and push them way behind their current caliber or position. So, it is highly recommended to watch your tone or change your behavior while around kids.

-    Increasing Your Voice

This is called negative attention. Surely, you are attentive to what your kid is doing, but you are handling the situation in a negative manner. These sort of circumstances will increase the chances of bad behavior in kids. Additionally, if you are always criticizing your kids over anything good or bad they are doing, will also discourage them immensely.

•    Parenting Behaviour that Must Be Embraced

As said before, keeping a balanced approach at parenting is the basic thing to follow. In this regard, the following are some of the parenting acts that must be followed to keep your children away from developing bad habits and rude behavior. 

-    Reward System

Set any sort of a reward system at your home. Give points to kids for doing any sort of good thing, whether big or small and deduct points if they do something bad. This will enhance a sense of competition and becoming a better version of themselves.

-    Ignore the Wrong Behaviour for a While

It is really tricky yet superbly functional and results in bearing approach. If your kid is behaving rudely or doing something wrong, then do not start scolding at once. Ignore for a while, and let him/ her understand that it is not right. And then tell them the difference between good things and bad. It will make them feel guilty of their mistake while boosting confidence at the same time.

-    Be Consistent in Effective Communication

Effective communication is one of the stepping stone in building a great personality of your kids. If you talk like a friend, listen to their stories attentively and let them speak their heart out, they'll always respect your opinions in return. And this will help them make decisions in later phases of life. Not only that, this will keep them away from getting frustrated, confused, and anxious about things that are out of their hand, or situations that seem impossible at first.

-    Create a Set of Rules to Follow

Kids must be used to following home rules. These include specific timings for homework, helping in the home chores, timings to go out and things like that. And made it sure that kids are considerate of these rules. But be sure not to be strict. Talk to the kids and make some adjustments as per their liking.

Well, there you have it. For sure, becoming a parent is itself an excruciatingly tiresome yet hopeful experience. But at the same time, it comes with loads of fears and self-doubts. Most of the parents become so hard on themselves that they forget to enjoy their parenthood to the fullest, and do it like work.

On the other hand, some parents take the bar of their expectations for children so enormously high that they overshadow the fact that every kid has specific, unique, and distinctive potential that is beyond your expectations. It is exceptionally important to keep a good balance of love and scolding in parenting.

And in case this balance is not properly followed, there are pretty strong chances that kids will develop bad behavior.

Hopefully, your kids will be successful in every way, and the above mentioned effective parenting skills for management of kids' behavior problems be very helpful for you and your kids. Good Luck and Happy Parenting.

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