Misconceptions About Dating that Prevent People from Finding Love

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/love-misconceptionsFinding love seems to be a tricky business. And for some, it is one of the most difficult to get in life. A lot of people struggle in opening up themselves in front of new faces because of innate shyness, and that set them back. While there are some people who do try to mingle up, start a relationship, but ending up like a dejected soul. Dating certainly is not a piece of cake, but it is not that hard as it seems to be. There are numerous misconceptions about dating that refrain people from finding love, thus they stop trying. Well, here you'll get to go through some of the most common misconceptions about dating, and carrying out a relationship in general. Hope it will help you out to get into a healthy relationship and throw these terrible thoughts out of your mind. Let's find out about them!

•    Misconception no. 1: Marriage is the Key to Happiness, So Better Hurry Up

This can be true for some, but if the marriage has brought looming colors in one's life doesn't mean it is the secret key to happiness for everyone else. To be very honest, it is immensely great and pleasurable to be single than to live as a submissive in an abusive relationship for all your life. Most of the people in our society do not tend to think this way and are keen on having a psychologically upsetting relationship rather than being content and happy in their singlehood.

An abusive relationship is not only of the physical kind, rather people get hurt and tortured psychologically as well. There can be a million reasons for such kind of acts, but there isn't any justifiable reason to carry on the marriage with such a person.

Pretty often, such miserable marriages can end up by ruining many lives, especially children.
Secondly, if you are single right now and people around you keep on telling that get married, you'll enjoy your life then. Do not listen to them. A sure marriage built an excellent relationship, but you must rush things. Give time to yourself and the person you like. Build your relationship, understand each other, and try avoiding making harsh decisions.
Getting things done rashly will lead you nowhere.

•    Misconception no. 2: Getting Things The Way You Like By Negotiating Attractions

This is something probed by the shitty romantic movies that never become outdated. And let the guys think that because of their good humor, attractive looks, and being they can have whichever girl they want to. Well, niceness is not something that you can negotiate to be with someone. And this is the basic reason you hear many guys saying things to the girls like,

?    "Just give me a chance and be with me, I'm a good guy." 
?    "Come on, why not? You afraid of something"
?    "Wait, no, you don't understand. I really wanted to date you! I'm a sweet guy."
?    "Just a free dinner from me. What's could happen?"

For guys who think that this is something to e proud of, they will take one yes as consent and won't bother at all by numerous no's. This some of those infuriating and irritating misconceptions about dating that refrain people from finding love. And they started thinking, it is better off the hook rather than being used.

A relationship can only flourish if two people are working on it. It is not a one-way road. It this can't happen then you are not starting a healthy relationship for sure.

•    Misconception no. 3: Women Can't Get Into a Relationship After Certain Age

Definitely, one of the most common misconceptions that revolve all around the world. Sure things are changing, but all of the conservative people and some of the modern people still believe in this crap.

Love can happen anywhere and at every age. There are no set rules for finding love, to be acceptable for someone. And if people relate life with maturity as an argument then this surely isn't the case at all. Maturity has nothing to do with age, These are experiences of your life that makes you mature or left you immature.

There are quite obvious chances of a young man falling in love with an older woman, and they're "happily after". It sure is ridiculous to think otherwise.

•    Misconception no. 4: You Can't Be in a Relationship if You Have Some Issues

This is one of the worst misconceptions about dating that refrain people from finding love, and often people remain lonely and sad within their own world. This true for both girls and guys. Socially, we have set some rules or guidelines which if followed can only lead to the path of a successful relationship, or just finding a person.

There are so many myths attached to dating capability and incapability. People think that there is a particular version of a person that is eligible to date, and if you are not meeting that criterion then your chances of finding the love of your life are probably nil.

For instance, a fat person will think that his/ her life is doomed as the girls want muscular dudes or men wants skinny women. A short heighted guy would feel blue all the time, just because of the common misconception that girls only like to date a guy who is 6 feet tall. There is no end to such sort of misconceptions and weird stuff that we get to hear almost every day.
To be honest, no one around you would care who you are dating, how he or she looks, only if you are proud of your partner. And if you see that they are so much interested in the progression of your love life, then its time to get things straight once and for all, "This is none their business" so stop listening and try to be happy with whom you feel happy.

•    Misconception no. 5: You Can't Date If You Have Certain Number of Past Relationships

Honestly, it is injected in our minds through various means that you must find happiness within a single relationship only. Forgetting the fact that things not often work out as we plan them to be, and striving for happiness, looking for someone who truly admires yourself is everyone's right. This is definitely one of the most misconceptions about dating that refrain people from finding love and people stop trying.

These are our social norms that need to be changed. And especially girls. often try to carry on an abusive relationship just because of the fear that divorce will only bring destruction in her life, which certainly is not the case. Freedom, happiness, and living your life with the person who respects you is every person's right. Sure, we must try to solve the issues with the partner, but if things are becoming extremely difficult to solve then there is no point in ruining yourself for the rest of your life.

It goes for both men and women, to let go off this misconception and try to find inner peace and happiness.

•    Misconception no. 6: Being in A Relationship will Heal All Your Problems

Everyone strives for perfection, sorting out their issues, and living as the better version of themselves. But believing that dating or marriage will heal all sorts of problems in one's personality is certainly asking for something impossible.

This can only happen if all your issues are of financial nature and you have a filthy rich partner. And that can never be the case.

If you feel something missing in your life then your partner cannot fill that void, if he/ she tries. If you have some sort of insecurities, then these cannot go away just by the look of an eye of your partner.

If problems take time to mount up psychologically, then surely these will take time to get resolved as well. Do not over pressurize yourself, neither your partner. It will do nothing but damage to your relationship.

Undoubtedly, being in a great relationship, alongside a cheerful and understanding partner can make things easier for you, but he/ she doesn't carry a magic wand. Life is complicated, and things take time.

All in all, you cannot rely fully on a person to fill your void, take charge of your issues, and resolve all your life problems. He/ she is also in a relationship, and have some requirements and needs of their own. So it is it's better to keep a good balance of things rather than forcing yourself on others.

•    Misconception no. 7: You Better Change Your Personality to Be Loved

I've often seen people flipping their personality just to be fit in the eye of the other person. It is certainly not wise to lose the good in your personality and change it to look attractive to others. Such things can never last long. This misconception about dating can really keep you a million miles far away from being genuinely happy around a person.

Compromise is good but, changing your inner core upside down is harmful. Compromising is something like agreeing on the partner's choice of dessert in terms of choosing the movie of your liking. Things better are streamlined in two ways. Totally changing your personality, just to please your loved one for a while will ruin you emotionally and psychologically forever.

•    Misconception no. 8: A Fairy Tale-Like "Happily Ever After"

Unquestionably, this is one of the most ridiculous and childish misconceptions about dating that refrain people from finding love. To think that after starting a relationship or getting married there will be just blooming flowers, and romantic vibes all around you are definitely something immature.

"Happily Ever After" can only happen in the fairy tales told by the Disney. While in reality, you just forget about it.

Things take a pretty different direction in real life. A person can change and can act differently in different situations. And that is not only true about your partner but for you to, So, you better be prepared to tackle difficult situations and unusual sides of one's personality.

For now, just know, when you got to pay bills, and manage times the highlight of "Happily Ever After" get out of your mind instantaneously.

•    Misconception no. 9: There is a Miss Perfect/ Mister Perfect Out There

This is definitely the most annoying misconception that is fed in our rains from childhood. But people forget to tell us that it is quite impossible.

Well, for some it might be that seamless to be with just the perfect and right person. But for most of us, it can never be the case. Don't get it wrong. But you shouldn't be following a self-made checklist of certain characteristics that have to have in a person. Rather you must be out there looking for someone with whom you feel relaxed, someone who treats you better, who respects you a lot, and someone who is attracted towards you without demanding you to change.

For sure, some people are fortunate enough to find someone with whom their personality just click right away. Both partners have common likes, dislikes, and interests. But nothing is confirmed. You must be aware of the fact that no human being is perfect, so it will be a sign of intelligence to not look for perfection. Rather just go with the flow.

Well, there you have it. I have tried to cover up some of the most common and terrible dating misconceptions that refrain us to be happy. Definitely, you must have heard a lot of them about yourself, as this happens globally to make people think little of themselves. No matter what, you must streamline your life yourself, take responsibility for every action of yours, and be happy with the person you like. Try to work out things, but there is no point in being humiliated or disturbed all the time.

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