Early Signs of Pregnancy that You May Not Notice

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Early-signs-pregnancyCould you be pregnant and don't know it? More than 60 percent of women feel early symptoms of pregnancy for about 6 weeks of the pregnancy or until they realize they have missed a period. Whereas more than 90 percent of women do not realize that they are pregnant until 8 weeks. There are some early signs of pregnancy that you may not notice. Especially, if you are not keeping track of your menstrual cycle then you can surely not notice the start of your pregnancy.

1.    Light Bleeding or a Little Spotting

Anyone who is trying to get pregnant will be devastated to see spots. Nonetheless, if you only observe a little spotting just around the time of your periods, then do not get worried instantly, it may be implantation bleeding. This means that the fertilized egg is being settled along the lining of your uterus. The basic reason for this spotting is not yet known, but it surely accounts for the start of pregnancy.

2.    Food Aversions

If you feel that you are inclined towards certain foods and beverages more and get irritated by the others at the same instant, then this can be a valid sign of pregnancy. If your pregnancy has just begun then it is natural and normal to feel that way. You may be repelled by the smell of a hot cup of coffee that you loved normally, or it may also happen that you start craving for certain foods that you dislike a lot previously.

3.    Abdominal Bloating

You may think that abdominal pangs are due to unhealthy eating, or less eating and may not ponder much on it. But this can be one of the early signs of pregnancy that you may not notice. In the early stages of pregnancy, your body is going through a rush of hormonal change that elevates abdominal bloating condition without any apparent reasons. At this stage, though the size of your uterus is small, still you may feel an unusual increase in your waistline.

4.    Nausea

For some women morning sickness start about after a month or two of pregnancy, while for some it may start within a first or second week. If you are experiencing sudden feelings of anxiety and irritation without much of the different situation, you may be pregnant. This feeling diminishes completely in the second trimester.

5.    Mood Swings

This is one of the most common and obvious symptoms of pregnancy that almost every woman experience. The basic reason for mood swings is the extensive hormonal change inside your body that is rattling your mood like crazy. This excessive hormonal change, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy send signals to the brain through neurotransmitters, and your brain responds differently to every signal, thus you experience different moods at the same instant. If this condition is making you feel utterly pessimistic and hopeless than be with your loved ones, share your feelings with them, or just consult your doctor to get professional care.

6.    Frequent Urge to Urinate

This definitely seems normal when you had drunk a lot of beverages, whether water or any sort of alcohol. However, if you got pregnant then you will experience a high frequency of urination than normal. The main reason behind this feeling is the change of hormonal intensity and subsequent increase in the blood flow level through the kidneys. With this, your bladder will be filled more quickly than usual and you'll have a crazy need to pee more often than normal.
This frequency and urge of urination will increase and intensify as the pregnancy progress. The blood flow and its volume going through the kidneys will rise dramatically which will lead to more processing of fluid in the kidney, thus more accumulation of fluid in the bladder.

7.    Fatigue

Are you feeling tired and blue all of a sudden? This may be an early symptom of pregnancy. Feeling sleepy and sluggish all the time while having a full, uninterrupted sleep is because you are carrying more weight. And of course, if you are feeling irritated, and experiencing morning sickness, and on top of that have to go to pee in later hours of the night, then feeling sluggish and fatigued surely is normal and justified.

8.    Missed a Period

This early symptom of pregnancy will particularly help those women who track their periods on a regular basis. If your period arrives right on time every month and has missed the date of the period then it surely means that pregnancy-related changes are occurring in your body.  Whereas if your periods are not regular, and you are experiencing any of the mentioned symptoms, then it means you are pregnant for sure.

9.    Have High Basal Body Temperature

This is especially for women who keep checking their basal body temperature. Definitely, not most of the woman do this practice, but if you do, and have an imminent increase in the basal body temperature for about a period of two weeks, it may be a sign of early pregnancy. This is the right time to do a test to check the pregnancy.

10.    Sore Breasts

This is another one of the most common symptoms of the start of the pregnancy. Having sensitive, soft, and swollen breasts is basically because of the dramatic rise and change in the hormonal balance. This condition is at its peak in the first trimester but starts fading out after the adjustment of hormones in the second trimester.

Well, there you have it. These are some of the most common and obvious signs of pregnancy that you'll feel right in the initial weeks of pregnancy. If you are experiencing a couple of these symptoms then there are pretty strong chances that you are probably pregnant. For those women, who are trying to get pregnant these early symptoms of pregnancy are directing towards real good news. Just get a pregnancy test done at home, and you will definitely be surprised by the results.

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