How to Live A Happy Married Life!

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Happy-marriageWhether you are newly married or have spent years and years of your life with your husband, the question "how to live a happy married life!" roam around in every girls' mind. Answering this question can vary from situation to situation, but here I have picked up some points that will really help you know how to live a happy married life! Hopefully, these points help make you your relationship pleasurable and soothing with your life partner.
So without further ado, let's just dig in!

•    Put On a Smiley Face in the Morning

Morning greetings hold great importance in your life. Greet your spouse with a loving smile in the morning. When you see your partner in the morning, avoid making any negative facial expression or expressing anything that can start a fight. Try to add some good, positive and loving comment. It can be anything. For example, you can say "I'm very lucky to wake up beside you" or "I love how your face looks in the morning", or "Marrying you is the best decision of my life". There can be numerous beautiful things that will hear like jingle bells in ears. And starting the day with such pleasurable statement will massively strengthen your bond.

•    Be Respectful and Considerate Towards Your Spouse

Respect is the key component for the survival of any relationship. A human being can survive without love and care, but never without respect. And when it comes to the marital relationship, respect and love hold the same weight. Undoubtedly, if you want someone to respect your existence, your financial status, your looks, your personality, your friends and everything and everyone related to you, then similarly, it is your responsibility as well to give your spouse the same freedom and respect.

Couples who are humiliating towards each other in one or another way cannot survive longer. If you are unable to give respect and importance to your spouse's opinions and are always imposing your opinions on him/ her on every matter, then it will ruin all the tenderness from your relationship eventually.

Try to be understanding, kind, and considerate towards your partner's opinions, and about everything that matters to him or her. Remember to make them feel important in your life. This way, your partner will feel attached to you.

•    Sort Out Ways to Tell Your Partner that You Love and Embrace Their Presence

In addition to giving immense respect to your partner, appreciating their presence in your life is extremely important. While searching for tips and tricks on how to live a happy married life, you will find "show how much you love him/ her" repeatedly. This is definitely a million dollar advice that can win you his/ her heart forever.

Normally, when a couple starts dating, they both are head over heels in love, and never shy of showcasing and depicting their love for each other. Rather they find a number of crazy ways to show their partner how much they love them and how desperately they want to live with them. But after a certain time of getting married, couples lose their spark and start leading a boring life.

This is where things start getting out of hand. With the passage of time, one or both will start feeling that their presence is not important for each other. And they want to part ways.
To avoid such circumstances, it is exceptionally important to show your love every now and then. Be expressive in admitting how much you love and appreciate their presence in your life. You will see great results with this simple act of love.

•    Appreciate Little Things Caringly Done by Them

In today's modern life that is mainly led by excessive use of handy techs all the time, we forget to appreciate little things in our life. We become so eagerly involved in our daily routine and mess of getting things done at the right time, that our relationship gets out of the loop.
And that is no one's fault. It is becoming a norm in our society. However, if you want to keep your relationship at a healthy pace, you really have to invest yourself in it emotionally. Be vigilant and observant of every little thing your partner is getting done for your ease caringly. And once you'll start observing, you will start appreciating.

And when it comes to appreciating, saying thank you and meeting someone with a beautiful smile can add immense pleasure in your daily life and of course tons of love in your relationship. No relationship can strive longer if both the partners are not appreciating the good in each other.

•    Concentrate On Good in Your Spouse At Present And Forget the Past

To keep your relationship flourishing productively and feeling happy and content all the time, It is immensely important to avoid thinking about each other's previous mistakes. Living a happy life demands you to more concerned about what is happening right now, rather than pondering on what has been done in the past. Clinging to each other's past can only bring harm, unhappiness, and surely loads of arguments between the couple. And surely, it will ruin all the harmony, poise, passion, and love you two had.

•    Try to Be a Good Listener

Listening is one of the essential actions to be considerate and respectful towards your partner. It is not always being vocal and expressing about anything and everything yourself. Rather, being a good listener will help you tackle and handle situations wisely. Having a conversation is a sign of a great relationship. Surely, all the couples have arguments at one or other point. But there isn't anything that cannot be resolved or handled through conversation.

You must make a nice effort to really hear what your spouse want to say to you. It is not good to interrupt them in the middle of their talk.

Most importantly, put phone from your hand, make eye contact, give relative facial expression, and add positive comments. Figure out various stuff with your spouse. If your spouse is asking questions, then try to concentrate, help them out, and give good advice. There can be a million things that must be discussed between a couple. You must build stamina and patience to listen to your partners thought. 

•    Never Underestimate the Power of a Sweet  Text

Living in the tech world have both its perks and curses at the same time. Try to use modern day technology to always remain connected with your spouse. Sending a sweet lovely message can really make your partner loved, missed, or crazy about you. Be a little flirtatious, and playful, and never ever be shy of showing your love. You can send a text that says, "Just can't wait to see you", or simply say "I miss you", "I love you". Say whatever you want to say to your partner, and be expressive. You will definitely observe beauty in your relationship. This is definitely the key to make your life contented, happy, and filled with love.

•    Hug When He or She Comes Home

Losing physical touch can tear your relationship to pieces. It is not all about intimacy and making love on a regular basis. Rather greeting your partner with an intimate hug after a tiring day can be exceptionally soothing.

Commonly, the couples who are not leading a contented life, and are on the verge of breaking up loose the charm of this physical relationship. Often, one or both the partners are busy checking their schedule, or if they say something then it is some kind of complaints. For example, " Why didn’t you take out the trash" or " Why didn’t you cook dinner?", or "I told you to take kids from school? Why weren't you on time?" and things like that.
Instead, thoughtfully and intentionally hug your partner when come home. Make it an intentional longer hug of about 20 seconds. Surely, this is a long hug then average, but you will see amazing results. It will release the love hormone, oxytocin, and you will feel a rush of beautiful feelings. This will make both of you appreciate each other presence in your life. This small act and depiction of life can increase your bondage a million times.

•    Be Considerate of Your Partner's Moods

If you are wondering about how to live a happy married life, then always remember to be conscious and considerate of your partner's mood swings. Marriage is a two-way road. If you want him/ her to understand you through thick and thin, then you have to do it yourself as well.
If you observe that something is different and is not quite right today, then ask him/ her what's bothering! This can be the time when your attention is needed the most. Grab this opportunity and be there for your partner.

•    Saying "I love You" Can Work Like a Charm

Being in love for life is not all about feeling but also about expressing it. If you feel that you don't have to say "I love you", as your partner must already know it. Then you are probably wrong. Your spouse needs you to say these words, just like hearing them would make you feel needed, loved, and cared about.

And don't just say these words carelessly. Say "I love you" as you mean it. Look your partner in the eyes, lean forward and say it reassuringly. Don't just say "love ya!". Rather say it properly, meaningfully, and with all your heart, so that he or she can really transcribe your feelings.
Making such small efforts can bring wondrous joys in your life. Surely, these little things are what connect couples forever.

•    Take Out Special Time From Your Routine that is Just "For the Two of Us"

With the passage of time, as your relationship grows, life brings in a number of obligations, duties, and tough scheduling, and all of this distant your relationship. It is natural to feel alone, unneeded, and gloomy at some times, in such circumstances.

To avoid such a depressing condition and to make things work perfectly, both of you must make time for each other. After passing years of precious time, this can be hard. But you must work things out, and squeeze some time from the busy schedule.

You can take a week off from work, and if that's impossible then plan a gateway on the weekend. If you ask how to live a happy married life, then trust me, taking some time off and spending it wholly with your life can be of key importance. This free time can really help you connect at so many levels.

•    Surprises and Gifts Can act as a Magic Wand

Make every moment special. You do not have to wait for something extraordinary to happen in life. Rather just appreciate trifle things done by your spouse and celebrate these moments by exchanging gifts.

Be attentive to your partner's need, and then surprise them with a gift thus to feel them heard and important.

And surely be thinking about celebrating major occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or most important dates. All these things will create a sense of harmony, pleasure, and love that will last forever.

•    Be Helpful!

It's as simple as that. A couple can turn from being good to great by just being helpful, supportive and kind for each other. It encompasses everything including helping in daily chores, understanding workload at the workplace, encouraging at the time of despair, standing by when any third person is pulling your partner down, and a million other things. When you are living together, there are several things that you need to be supportive of and similarly numerous things for which you want to be cared about. So being supportive of each other can really make a marriage happy.

There you have it! Hope you loved every bit of it!

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