Environment Saving Messages Of Famous Celebrities

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Leonardo-DiCaprioEnvironment cleanliness to save our mother earth from excessive damage and to protect our future generation must be our priority. A lot of celebrities have raised this issue several times. Here I have picked the environment saving messages of personalities that will melt your heart."

1.    Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio is the UN ambassador for environment conservation. He has spoken about this matter at several places. He touched the most important issue of global warming, saying, "Global warming is not only the number one environmental challenge we face today, but one of the most important issues facing all of humanity. We all have to do our part to raise awareness about global warming and the problems we as a people face in promoting a sustainable environmental future for our planet."

2.    Gisele Bundchen
The beautiful Gisele said, "We grow 85 percent of our fruits and vegetables. Not only do we know where our produce comes from, but our children experience firsthand the connection between the Earth and their food... Whether you’re talking about a home or the land, it’s the same — if you nurture something, it will nurture you back."

3.    Ian Somerhalder
Somerhalder said regarding this issue, "We are the environment. The world is literally one biological process. The trees are our lungs. Look at the Amazon River system next to a human cardiovascular system, look at corals or trees and look at our lungs, you literally cannot tell the difference. They’re the same. So when we destroy our environment, we’re effectively destroying ourselves."

4.    Alicia Silverstone
Alicia Silverstone is beautiful inside out and is surely beauty with brains. She said, "I try to be environmentally responsible in everything I do and everything I bring into my life. Every time I make a decision, I think, “How is this going to affect the environment?” I do the same thing when I make other decisions about my health, home, and food. I really think hard about what is the most responsible choice."

5.    Edward Norton
Norton is one of the most famous green celebrities who have always remain vocal about keeping the earth clean. He explained the gist of the matter by saying, "So the “environmental movement” is becoming an economic movement, is joining the social justice movement, is becoming a sustainability movement. It’s leaving behind the “People’s Needs versus Nature’s Needs” conflict in favor of making the case for environmental health as the essential underpinning of prosperous and stable human civilization. The best news is that the data… it all supports what environmentalists have been saying for decades, which is that we mess with the complex mechanics of the biosphere at our peril."

6.     Robert Redford
Robert Redford is one of the most vocal celebrities about the conservation of the environment. He has spoken about this matter a lot of times. He emphasized that time is running out of put hands and we must start changing our habits now. Redford said at one place, "As time goes on I've become more radical, because I've seen what's been lost, and how many of those things can't be repaired... The meter is ticking [particularly in the face of climate change], so you've got to get to as much as you can as fast as you can. I grew up with "This Land Is Our Land," and public land doesn't belong to that administration or this one... We want our kids to grow up with real natural places, not just photos of them."

7.    Shailene Woodley
This young artist has always remained utterly concerned and vocal about saving the environment. She has been part of numerous rallies in this regard. She said, "I exclusively buy used clothes… I’m going to be a citizen of this planet, and I’m going to do my responsibility and live in stride with nature instead of constantly fighting against her."

8.    Brad Pitt
While talking about his work with "Make it Right" foundation, Pitt said regarding building eco-friendly homes,  “What you’re seeing here is not just a neighborhood, but a new way to think about building on health, on homes that aren’t toxic, on homes that generate more energy than they consume,”

9.    Jennifer Aniston
Like others' environment saving messages of celebrities, Aniston paid attention to doing the best to save the earth on an individual level. She put this thought brilliantly in these words, “Obviously, when I learn about something new that I can do in my everyday life that makes a whole lot of sense and can help the environment, I do it. Eventually, it just becomes second nature. If we all begin to learn from one another and share some of the things we do, we just might be able to affect the world for the better through these little rituals. In a curious way, this would be a great wave of awareness: doing the right thing without being told to or having to think why.”

10.    Gabrielle Reece
The beautiful actress related the matter of saving our environment with her own family. She said, “My kids that’s their backyard. I think when they’re adults, their memories will be mostly of spending time at beach, the exploration, the freedom that you have. You take care of your house that you live in and we make our bed and we clean our cars and we do all that stuff, but yet we neglect sort of the place that really provides us with the greatest form of sustainability, which is the ocean.” And that should be the approach of all of us.

11.    Matt Damon
The fabulous, handsome, and super talented action hero, Matt Damon significantly put light on having clean water. He emphasizes on saving the water by comparing the unavailability of clean water to most of the people living in less fortunate areas saying, “Clean water is only as far away as the nearest tap, and there are taps everywhere. There’s a faucet everywhere. But the reality is, the water in our toilets is cleaner than the water that most people are drinking.”

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