Top 30 Peaceful Countries of the World in 2019

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Living in the world where every other minute you read something bad happening at any place on our plant, you really want to know which the peaceful places to live in are, and how these places are being governed to attain this position. Here is the list of top 30 peaceful countries of the world in 2019. Global Peace Index studies all 163 countries on the basis of particular characteristics every year and releases a list of peaceful countries. The countries are scrutinized on the basis of domestic and international conflicts, the density of military forces, and social security and safety. Let’s which countries make it to the top of the ladder!
1.    Iceland
Peace Index: 1.072
Population stats in 2019: 339,031
Total Area: 103,000 km2
Iceland is named the most peaceful country in the world for the 10th time in a row. This nation is surely doing some wondrous things to attain such an unachievable mark. There is no air force, army navy or any kind of military troops for the defense of this country. The crime rate in Iceland is near negligible. Its education system is one of the best. Icelanders are certainly the most contented people on earth when it comes to enjoying a happy well being with their job and financial state. Moreover, there is no tension between the different economic classes in society, which sounds pretty unbelievable.
2.    New Zealand
Peace Index: 1.221
Population stats in 2019: 4,783,063
Total Area: 270,467 km2
New Zealanders are a peace-loving, calm, and friendly nation. For more than a decade New Zealand has remained in the top 4 peaceful countries on the map. The area of this country is just the same as of the United Kingdom but its population is only 4.7 million. New Zealand has maintained amazing health status, education system, and job earnings for its people, and that surely are the main reasons which make it a prosperous and peaceful nation. Keeping all these perks that New Zealanders enjoy there is only a single problem, and that is of extremely expensive housing. The affordability to get a home is the main gap between the rich and the poor in New Zealand.
3.    Portugal
Peace Index: 1.274
Population stats in 2019: 8,955,102
Total Area: 83,871 km2
Portugal is one of the fewest European nations who have emerged with an outstanding economy, peace, and reforms over the past few years. With the population of almost 9 million people, this nation has climbed from the 18th position to the 3rd in this list of top 30 peaceful countries of the world in 2019. It ranks superior among the top industrialized nations with a mind-wobbling number in housing, personal security, environmental conservation, and job security.
4.    Austria
Peace Index: 1.291
Population stats in 2019: 8,955,102
Total Area: 83,871 km2
The beautiful country of Austria has progressed immensely since the end of the cold war. It is a new member of the European Union and finding its way to cultivate new political reforms with its neighbouring countries. Austria has prospered substantially with respect to its economy and social aspects. However, once in a blue moon the migrants and some political workers have conducted a few rallies. Still, Austria is enjoying a peaceful status in the world.
5.    Denmark
Peace Index: 1.316
Population stats in 2019: 5,771,876
Total Area: 43,094 km2
Denmark is one of the most beautiful and eco-friendly countries in the world. It has maintained its mark on 2nd position in the list of most peaceful countries in the world for 5 years in a row (2011-2016). And in 2017 it came down to 5th position and is still spotted there. This decrease in the position was due to Russia's threat of increasing military activity in Denmark, and western and Eastern Europe, and in with an increase of Denmark's own military in response to this threat. The crime rate is very low in Denmark, and it is regarded as one of the safest countries to travel.
6.    Canada
Peace Index: 1.327
Population stats in 2019: 37,411,047
Total Area: 9,984,670 km2
Canada stands at the 6th place in the list of top 30 peaceful countries of the world in 2019 due to its remarkable numbers of low crime rate, political stability, and substantial economic state. There are only 97 million residents in Canada living in the 2nd largest territory of the world.
7.    Singapore
Peace Index: 1.347
Population stats in 2019: 5,804,337
Total Area: 710 km2
In grave times, when the Global Peace Index is increasing drastically, Singapore has managed to upgrade its position on the world stage by 13 places. It was standing on 21st position as per the stats gathered in 2018, whereas in the list of top 30 peaceful countries of the world in 2019, it is positioned on 7th place. Singapore has gained remarkable points in the fields of social security, overall safety, and international and domestic level conflicts. However, the reason that held it back from being in top 5 is the presence of heavy militarization, armed forces, and police forces. This is because the major share of Singapore's economic stability comes from seaborne trade, and strict security is needed there for smooth processing.
8.    Slovenia
Peace Index: 1.355
Population stats in 2019: 2,078,654
Total Area: 20,273 km2
Slovenia has climbed up 3 points since last year. This country has very small land with only about 2 million inhabitants. This makes fewer humans to throw trash in the environment, plus it is comparatively easy to manage a small population. Slovenia is full of natural beauty. It has remarkable natural forests, beautiful beaches, and luscious green fields.
9.    Japan
Peace Index: 1.369
Population stats in 2019: 126,860,301
Total Area: 377,930 km2
Japan is rising in the world as one of the biggest automobile manufacturers and tech-savvy nation. It is a densely populated nation, approximately 12 times denser than the US and about three times denser than the whole of Europe. Still, it has managed to keep itself in the top 10 world’s most peaceful nations. The crime rate is decreasing in Japan with each passing day. And with the prosperous economic state, every individual is leading a contented life.
10.    Czech Republic
Peace Index: 1.375
Population stats in 2019: 10,689,209
Total Area: 78,865 km2
The Czech Republic has shown outstanding progress in the fields of social security, personal safety, political stability, and international relations. Moreover, people are happy with their economic state, job earnings, social ranking and overall well being. Thus, there is a low crime rate in the country, making it one of the topmost peaceful countries all over the globe.
11.    Switzerland
Peace Index: 1.383
Population stats in 2019: 8,591,365
Total Area: 41,284 km2 
Switzerland is one of the most gorgeous places on earth to enjoy lush natural beauty with much needed social security. In comparison with the area, it may seem densely populated with inhabiting more than 8 million people. Swiss enjoy a diversity of religion and ethnicity. It has a high healthy life expectancy with quality, social security, and prosperous economic state.
12.    Ireland
Peace Index: 1.39
Population stats in 2019: 4,882,495
Total Area: 70,273 km2
The Republic of Ireland has shown a significant increase in its economic growth, personal freedom, and social security over the years. It stands on 5th position when it comes to having economic freedom. And that is the major reason for social balance and harmony within different ranks.
13.    Australia
Peace Index: 1.419
Population stats in 2019: 25,203,198
Total Area: 7,692,024 km2
The major reason for Australia’s enormous success on economic, social, and political grounds is its low population density. There are only 3 people in Australia on 1 square kilometer. This makes it easy to provide basic necessities to people and also to put the country on the progressing track.
14.    Finland
Peace Index: 1.488
Population stats in 2019: 5,532,156
Total Area: 338,424 km2
With a very low population density of almost 8 people per square meter, Finland is one of the most sparingly populated countries in the European Union. Finnish people are provided with immensely great opportunities to lead a happy and prosperous life. With the provision of all the necessities and luxuries in hand, Finnish is surely one of the happiest nations in the world. The World Happiness Report marked Finland on top position.
15.    Malaysia
Peace Index: 1.529
Population stats in 2019: 31,949,777
Total Area: 330,803 km2
Malaysia is ruled by a monarchy system of government. Malaysians are progressing with each passing year when it comes to the economy. Most of the Malaysian population lives in the urban areas of the country. And there live people of different ethnicities and cultures. 
16.    Netherlands
Peace Index: 1.53
Population stats in 2019: 17,097,130    
Total Area: 41,850 km2
Top 30 Peaceful Countries of the World in 2019
The official name of commonly called Netherlands is “The Kingdom of the Netherlands”. Its geological position is very important for trade and tourism. On the western and northern areas of Netherland borders, it is connected with the North Sea. On the south it’s border is attached with Belgium the United Kingdom, and Germany. Talking about its population, there are 1044 people in the Netherlands on every square kilometer. The major part of its economy is gained by tourism, and for that, it is the capital city, Amsterdam, is of immense importance. The Netherlands stands on 18th spot on the basis of the economy, with a population of only 17 million people. And that is the main reason for its remarkable approach towards building peaceful life norms for everyone.
17.    Belgium
Peace Index: 1.072
Population stats in 2019: 10,036,379
Total Area: 450,295 km2
The borders of Belgium meet with Germany, Netherlands, France, and Luxembourg. The European Union headquarters and NATO headquarters are located in this country which enhances its importance further. It is not a highly dense country. It's the capital city, Brussels, is the main hub for all the major economic activities of the whole country. Most of the people enjoy healthcare facilities and good quality social and economic services. And these perks keep the country happy and peaceful.
18.    Sweden
Peace Index: 1.533
Population stats in 2019:
Total Area: 103,000 km2
Sweden is positioned on 18th spot in the list of top 30 peaceful countries of the world in 2019. Its official name is the Kingdom of Sweden. It is one of the Scandinavian countries. And with respect to the land area, Sweden is the 3rd largest country of the European Union. The largest city and the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, is the main center point of all economic activities. Swedish people enjoy a really high quality of life and as per the World Happiness report published in 2018, Sweden is positioned on 9th number. This shows a very low crime rate, general prosperity, and personal safety in the country.
19.    Norway
Peace Index: 1.536
Population stats in 2019: 5,378,857    
Total Area: 323,802 km2
Norway is not densely populated and is ranked 119th according to the United Nations estimates with a population of 5.3 million people. There are only 16.5 people inhabited on every square kilometer of Norway. Such low population makes things easier to manage, and there are heavy chances that each and every individual be able to enjoy basic necessities without paying any cost. This is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and generates handsome revenue with tourism and trade.
20.    Hungary
Peace Index: 1.54
Population stats in 2019: 9,684,679
Total Area: 93,028 km2
The borders of Hungary are attached with Slovenia, Ukraine, Austria, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania, and Croatia. And that amazing borderline is enough to give a handsome boost to the travel industry of the country. This country is known for its beautiful natural scenery and amazing historic architecture. The population of the country is culturally very diverse because of its diverse bordering countries. Budapest is the largest economic hub of Hungary. 
21.    Germany
Peace Index: 1.547
Population stats in 2019: 83,517,045
Total Area: 357,114 km2
Germany is ranked 21st on the list of top 30 peaceful countries of the world in 2019. This is Western-central European country and is the most populous country in the European Union nations. Its borders meet with Poland, France, the Czech Republic, Denmark, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Belgium, and Austria. With respect to the population, it is ranked 17th in the world. Apart from all the great economic reforms and high quality of life, Germany is facing numerous vacancies on skill requiring jobs. And that is why it is welcoming immigrants from various other countries to fill in these spots, and to advance the wheel of its economy in a positive direction. However, welcoming immigrants has sparked a new debate on personal safety and social security. And this is the main reason that it is ranked this low in this list of peaceful countries, despite all the great economic progress.
22.    Slovakia
Peace Index: 1.55
Population stats in 2019: 5,457,013
Total Area: 49,037 km2
The Slovak Republic is getting there and is gaining points to climb up on the ladder with each passing year. It is not a densely populated country, and a major chunk of the population resides in the capital city named as Bratislava. The bordering countries of Slovakia are Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Ukraine.
23.    Mauritius
Peace Index: 1.562
Population stats in 2019: 1,269,668
Total Area: 2040 km2
Mauritius or the Island of Mauritius is well known all around the globe for its beautiful beaches, lush spots to hang out with friends and loved ones, and luxurious facilities for a comfortable gateway. And that is the main drive of Mauritius’s economy. It’s amazing tourism and travel industry is flourishing marvelously. Good economy and great personal security make this country fun and peaceful country to live in.
24.    Romania
Peace Index: 1.606
Population stats in 2019: 19,364,557
Total Area: 238,391 km2
Romanian people are well-known for their hospitality and kindness all around the world. They are very kind and happy people to be A major. Surely, they deserve to be on the list of top 30 peaceful countries of the world in 2019 every single bit. Romania is not much densely populated country. There are 213 people on every square kilometer of the country. The capital city, Bucharest, is a highly populated city of Romania. With a low population, the government is providing all the basic necessities to all the individuals.
25.    Bulgaria
Peace Index: 1.607
Population stats in 2019: 7,000,119    
Total Area: 110,879 km2
Bulgaria has a very low population density with only 66 people per square kilometer. It shares its borders with Turkey, Greece, Romania, North Macedonia, and Serbia. The major portion of Bulgaria’s economy relies on mining industries, machine-building industries, agriculture, tourism, and metallurgy. After the communist era, Bulgaria shifted its interest from these economies to dealing with computers trading and biochemicals industry.
26.    Chile
Peace Index: 1.634
Population stats in 2019: 18,952,038
Total Area: 756,102 km2
The Republic of Chile is the 38th largest country in the world with respect to land area and 62nd most populous one. This makes only 24 people per square kilometer of the land. The economy of this country is progressing by leaps and bounds since the start of the 21st century. With an amazingly well, and stabilized economy, the country has provided enormous facilities to its people. Main industries of Chile include mining, agriculture and business sector. Moreover, Chile has flourished very well in the fields of tourism and finance over the past few years.
27.    Croatia
Peace Index: 1.645
Population stats in 2019: 37,887,768    
Total Area: 312,679 km2
Croatia is located at the crossroads of Southern Europe, Central Europe, and the Mediterranean. The coastal area of this country invites a huge number of tourists all around the year. The Kingdom of Croatia started inhibiting in the 7th century, and it declared its independence in 1991. Now, the country is back on track and is progressing by leaps and bounds with each passing year. There is quite a possibility that Croatia may jump to higher numbers in this list in forthcoming years.
28.    Poland
Peace Index: 1.654
Population stats in 2019: 37,887,768
Total Area: 312,679 km2
The Republic of Poland is located in beautiful Central Europe. Its borders meet with Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus and Ukraine on the western side. On the northern side, it meets with Baltic Sea, Lithuania, the Russian exclave and Kaliningrad Oblast.
29.    Botswana
Peace Index: 1.676
Population stats in 2019: 2,303,697
Total Area: 582,000 km2
The Republic of Botswana is mostly the Kalahari Desert. The main reason for it being on this list is a very low density of the population and flourishing economy. There are only 3 people in this country for every square kilometer.
30.    Qatar
Peace Index: 1.696
Population stats in 2019: 2,832,067
Total Area: 11,586 km2
Qatar is the topmost richest country in the world. The economy of Qatar is booming every year and the major reason for such a gigantic economy is its oil industry. Undoubtedly, there are pretty strong chances that in coming years, Qatar will climb up the ladder in this list of peaceful countries of the world.
Well, there you have it. Hope you have got all the much-needed information about the top 30 peaceful countries of the world in 2019 and the qualities which make them stands out in the whole world. With changing social and political norms the world peace is fluctuating with each passing day, and one cannot be fully certain about one country’s standing on this list at a specific position in the forthcoming years. However, those top countries which have managed to stick on the highest ranks in this list with lowest crime rates, phenomenal social security, and commendable personal safety are particularly leading their people with much care and caution. And all other nations need to learn a lot from these countries to sustain and increase the world’s peace for the betterment of our future generations.

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