What to Pack when Travelling to America?

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America is a magical place, and everyone around the globe wishes to have a ticket to that magical land once in their lifetime. If you are one of the lucky people and are visiting America on vacations then you should know that you are about to embark on the fun ride where you’ll be making numerous magical memories, and this ride must not be missed in weary thoughts. In the unique and funny words of George Carlin When you’re born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you’re born in America, you get a front-row seat”. And now you have tickets in your hands to watch that show, so smile. Here in this casual read, you will get the answer to what to pack when traveling to America. And after reading it all, you’ll know all the tips and tricks of packing like a pro for a long-distance trip.

How to Keep Important Documents in the Luggage?
First of all, it is very important to bring your passport, copies of passport, and the itinerary details with you. The immigration process in America has gone wildly difficult. So, being on the safe side of the road can guard you against any prospective harm. Moreover, you must keep the visa with you all the time, no matter where you are heading. And keep all these documents at an accessible place all the time, thus whenever you need any of these documents at any time, you can bring them out without any hassle.

How much money is needed and where o Keep it safely?
Well, answering the question about “how much money you’ll need in America?” is really difficult. Because, expenses depend on which hotel you are staying, what state you are visiting, and what really your budget, on the whole, is for the trip! However, one tip that I must give you here is to keep some change in your hand. Because giving a tip is essential in America, and whoever is helping you with any sort of work will be hoping to get some.
Now coming to safely pack the money, keep it at more than one place. There are not any strong chances of being robbed but one must be prepared for the first scenarios all the time. The best thing will be to have a money belt and put your money in there. Plus, bringing a backup will be great. Back up includes credit or debit card. Just in case, you lost some of your money then you can use this plastic money.

What Sort of Clothes you’ll Need and how you should pack them?
You should be clever when packing clothes. Different parts of America offers diverse climatic conditions all around the year. Surely, there isn’t anything to worry about. You won’t be at loss anywhere, as there are plenty of stores on every nook and corner of the country. When it comes to packing, then in the summer season a simple and casual t-shirt with shorts looks pretty good. Plus, it’ll be comfortable to roam around as well. Now talking about the winter and the fall season, the weather can be devastating on the Pacific Northwest and East Coast side. However, on the West Coast the cold season is relatively polite in the North and a bit warm on the Southside. So, if you are visiting any state in these regions, pack your clothes according to the severity of the weather. Now let’s come to the specifics.
•    Shirts/Tops
When packing shirts/T-shirts, keep in mind that it should be easy to layer them with other clothing. Moreover, the tops must look great when worn independently, for sure. If you are visiting America in the hot weather of summer then pack 5 shirts including one long sleeve shirt. And in winters, increase the number of long sleeves shirts. The number of shirts is dependent on the number of days you’ll be staying in America. Just remember, only pack high-quality shirts that look amazing when worn without any hoodie, jacket or blazer. Talking about fabric, the blend of polyester and cotton will be great but opting for a synthetic fabric will make thing even greater. This fabric is easy to wash and easy to dry as well.
•    Pants/ Bottoms
When you are packing your luggage just remember that your main focus should be to enjoy your time in the States and make splendid memories. And for that to happen it is important to pack as less stuff as possible to be free from the hassle of packing, unpacking, washing stuff, or just dragging it around. Now coming to bottoms or pants, you’ll not need more than two pants. It’ll be great if you pack some comfortable pants or trouser that looks stylish as well. You can also pair them up with the bunch of shirts you’ve packed. But trust me you’ll not need more than two pants. It’ll be a hassle and create a mess to think otherwise.
•    Undergarments
You can have a pair of swimsuit in case you’ll be heading to the beach. You can pack two great looking, luxurious sort of swimsuits. For boys, there is an enormous variety of boyshorts available in the market. Just make sure that the fabric is breathable and easy to wash.
•    Shorts or Skirts
Americans love to hang out in the shorts or fluttering shirts in summers. So, when you are thinking about what to pack when traveling to America, be sure to throw in a skirt or two (for girls), and a pair of comfortable shorts (for boys). Skirts always remain in everyday fashion and loved by women of all ages.
•    Sweater and Jackets
Add one or two lightweight and stylish sweaters in the suitcase. Having a cool colored sweater that can be a layer on any of your shirts and look amazing on your pants will be a great addition in your clothing. But just remember, it should not be bulky. And the same rule goes with jacket. Take only one jacket, great denim or leather jacket will suit you the best. If you will be facing harsh winter weather, then packing a collapsible fur coat is definitely a must.
•    Scarves and Socks
Adding a scarf and tying the knot around your knot in a different manner adds an amazing flair to your whole attire. Americans love having this cool approach to most of their looks, so it’ll be great to bring one or two of your favorite scarves.

Packing Toiletries and Similar Necessities
While wondering about what to pack when traveling to America, be sure to make a good toiletry kit.  For sure, all parts of America have everything you’ll need to luxuriously survive on that land. However, it'll be great to pack a wholesome toiletry kit in your luggage. A perfect toiletry would include 
•    medicines, and multivitamin tablets
•    first aid kit
•    washcloth
•    small towel
•    perfume/ deodorant, condoms
•    tampons
•    wet wipes and 
•    all such necessary stuff that all you’ll need on the go.
And after completing your toiletry kit, just don’t forget to keep it in your luggage. Otherwise, all the organized packing will go in vain.

Must-Haves Items to Spend Holidays in America
The most important must-have when you are going to America on holidays is to have a mind full of fun ideas, and spirit full of excitement. You surely be seeing a number of people from various ethnicity, cultural background, and different shades of the same color-humanity. This is what defines the beauty of America. As put by Madeleine Albright, “The magic of America is that we’re a free and open society with a mixed population. Part of our security is our freedom.” And this is what is going to define all the fun moments of your visit. Just brace yourself to enjoy all kinds of conversations and indulge in this multi-cultural American culture wholeheartedly.
Now coming to things, here is a list of must-have items that you should double-check in your luggage before you hope on your ride to the Airport.
•    Small Locks are essential to keep your small bags safe from the stealers.
•    Insect Repellent will come handy because you’ll be spending most of your time outside.
•    Pepper spray is not really important, but safety is sexy here in America.
•    A headlamp is necessary to easily travel here and there.
•    Small-sized Sewing Kit
•    Earplugs
•    Headphones
•    An inflatable neck pillow is necessary to help you spend night with comfort.
•    Stuff sacks will be great to pack all your dirty clothes in a single place.
•    Your Favorite Book to Read is the greatest friend one can ever wish for. You can pick any genre, any author you like, and you’ll be ready to hop on an adventure right away.
•    Sunglasses/ Glasses/ Contact Lenses to look cool, and also to protect your eyes from the heat.
•    Sealable Plastic Bag is a great item to keep food items safe and fresh for a longer period of time. Other than food, you can keep anything you’ll like to keep guarded in them.
•    Bandanna: You can pick whatever type of bandanna you like. These look pretty amazing on travelers.
•    Small day pack
•    A good Camera
•    Some extra money

Tips to Pack Electronic Items in the Luggage
Now coming to electronic devices, you certainly won’t be wondering about them much. Because we all remember our must-have electronic devices by heart. What to pack when traveling to America in the electronics category include the following items. And a couple of them are optional. Pick just the necessary items that you think you will need the most.
•    Tablet: This is an optional item on the packing list. However, packing and carrying a tablet is far easier than carrying a laptop. So, bring it on board.
•    Mobile Phone/ smartphone: Sure, you’ll definitely be carrying a Smartphone with you. These entities have become like oxygen to us nowadays. To make it work perfectly, you’ll need an international sim card or international roaming sim card with you. This will make your phone usage possible in the United States.
•    Digital camera: A digital camera is definitely a must. Choose a good camera and guard it in your life.
•    Laptop: This electronic device is certainly optional, and unnecessary if you are just going to enjoy your vacations in the States. Everyone in the United States roams around carrying laptops. If you find it compulsory to bring one with you, then, by all means, pack one.
•    Headphones: Headphones will be your friend to listen to some music or spend the long flight hours in good company.
•    Earbuds: Earbuds will help you sleep in the noisy cities of America, so do pack a pair in your luggage.
•    Adopters: In America, type A and type B adopters are used.
•    All kinds of chargers: Be sure to pack chargers of all the electronic devices you are bringing with you.
No matter which state of America you’ll be visiting, you’ll feel a gust of freedom, ease in the air, and freshness and energy within you to be bold. This country’s air welcomes everyone from everywhere. You just need to be courageous, confident and skilled enough to take you chances. Franklin D. Roosevelt had once said, “The winds that blow through the wide sky in these mounts, the winds that sweep from Canada to Mexico, from the Pacific to the Atlantic — have always blown on free men.”

Special Packing List for Summer Holidays in America
This one is especially for those lucky people who will be spending their summer holidays abroad and now don’t know what to pack when traveling to America. Apart from everything that I’ve told you here about packing, check the following list of items in your luggage specifically to enjoy the summers in America to the fullest.
•    A good high-quality Sunscreen to be safe in the UV rays of burning sun.
•    A bunch of vibrant swimsuits
•    A few pairs of Shades or sunglasses
•    A premium quality waterproof action camera to capture all the fun moments at the beach and in the rain
•    First Aid Kit
•    Sealable Drybag, just in case….
•    Water bottles to fight the heat with some refreshing water all the time.
•    Headlamp to carry around all the time
•    Short boots to roam around everywhere comfortably.
•    Flip flops and a pair of sandals to enjoy the cool breeze on the beach or while watching some great monuments of the country.
•    A bunch of pairs of ankle socks just to protect your feet from getting dirty.
•    A hat is definitely a must-have for girls. It gives your whole look a gorgeous flair and distinguishable beauty.
•    Enough undies! (no explanation required, for sure)
•    Bag pack: having a backpack will give you ease to pack your luggage in a single place and to carry it with no difficulty.
 There you have it. Now with this minimal list of items, your stay in America in the hot summer days will be absolutely pleasant, fun, and without any worry of the shortage of luggage.    

Golden Rules of Smart Packing
There is nothing to worry about what to pack when traveling to America, as you’ll find a great store having everything at every nook and corner of all the states. However, being prepared from your side won’t hurt. And for that, you’ll require some pro tips for packing. Here is a list of top 9 golden rules that will change your packing game. Read them, and keep them in mind for packing smartly. No matter where you are headed, these rules will guide you like a best friend.
1.    Only put as much stuff, as much the carry on can fit in itself. This will do two good things for you, first you’ll be dragging less weight and second, in case, your bag is lost then you won’t go through much pain.
2.    Try to make a combo of different clothing. Meaning that bring just 4 shirts and 4 bottoms, and try to mix and match. Think of it as 16 outfits on the go. Think more about your own comfort, and be enthusiastic about seeing the sceneries of the new place, rather than spending all time thinking what to wear and what to not.
3.    It’s not going to be a fashion contest, but yes good memories will make you a great travel diary. So, there is no need to overstuff your luggage with hairdryer, straightener, curler or such sort of stuff. And if you are that kind of person, who cannot live without being “presentable”, then it’s better to sit on the couch and watch a good documentary on America.
4.    This is going to be one of the greatest packing tips for travelers. Do not take jeans. This may sound weird and undoable, but you got to trust me. These are heavy themselves, and on top of that, they absorb dust, dirt, and moisture like crazy. It’ll be a mess to keep them dry. In my opinion going with khakis or cotton pants is a great option.
5.    There is no need to pack shampoo, soaps or conditioners. What do you think, doesn’t America have these ?
6.    Specifically talking about what to pack when traveling to America, then you really need to take about the weather. And to be very sure about the weather condition, specifically, check the forecast of that specific city/ state beforehand. And then put some warm clothes like a jacket. But don’t take a lot of them. These will increase the weight of your luggage enormously.
7.    With intensely tight security on the airports these days, be sure to make your suitcase easily distinguishable so that you won’t be accidentally taking someone else’s. To do this, you can put some colored ribbon or a sticker on top with your name.
8.    Here is a little trick for you, if you want your luggage to be put first on the belt! Just put a sticker on top of your luggage bag with “Fragile” written on it. This will give an indication to the staff to keep this bag cautiously and to move it first when the plane lands.
9.    And last but surely not the least. Pack half of all your clothes that you are planning, and instead double the amount of money you’ll be taking. Do this and you’ll be thanking me later. This last rule is potentially the most important rule of them all.
Now, I sure that you must have had the answer to the question, what to pack when traveling to America! Hopefully, this read has covered all the points you needed to know about. I pretty sure that now on your next visit to abroad, you’ll be packing your entire luggage like a pro. I’d like to say that just keep in mind that the most important thing about visiting America is living every moment with full of joy and excitement. The land of United States of America is more than just rocks, plains, mountains, sea, enormous buildings or statues; this place on earth describes the strength of self-respect, freedom of speech, multicultural co-existence, peace, and harmony. Adlai Stevenson has beautifully put the love of this country in any patriot’s heart saying, “When an American says that he loves his country, he means not only that he loves the New England hills, the prairies glistening in the sun, the wide and rising plains, the great mountains, and the sea. He means that he loves an inner air, an inner light in which freedom lives and in which a man can draw the breath of self-respect.” And when you will be visiting this great country, you will definitely feel this feeling in every nook and corner.

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