10 Mughal Empire Landmark Monuments in India

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In medieval India, the Mughal Empire had built many beautiful landmark monuments one of which is even in the New Seven Wonders of the World. During the reign of the Mughal emperors, architecture buildings established were made for their own luxuries such as huge palaces and mosques.

Here are the ten Mughal empire landmark historic monuments in India which add to the beauty of our land.

1.    Agra Fort

agra-fortThe Agra Fort was the home to many Mughal emperors and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main part of the fort was built by Akbar the Great and the fort is also known as Red Fort of Agra. The architecture of the Agra Fort is a mix of Mughal and Rajput design, the fort has Jahangiri Mahal, Moti Masjid, and Mena Bazaars.


2.    Taj Mahal

taj-mahalThe dazzling gem of India, Taj Mahal is the epitome of love which is situated in the city of Agra. It is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and people from all around the globe come to see the beauty of this magnificent Mughal monument. Taj Mahal glows like a pearl and leaves everyone spellbound.  It was built by Emperor Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz Mahal, which has the tomb of the king and queen.


3.    Jama Masjid

jama-masjidThe massive Jama Masjid is situated in Delhi and it is one of the largest mosques in India. The mosque had been built by Emperor Shah Jahan and the architecture has three great gates and four towers which are made of red sandstone and white marble. It is the best example of Mughal architecture style and it is a must-visit when you are in Delhi.


4.    Buland Darwaza

buland-darwazaThe Gate of Magnificence was built by Emperor Akbar the Great in the success of the war in Gujrat. The tallest gate in the world is in Agra. It has a mix of Hindu and Persian architecture techniques which make it even more beautiful to endure.


5.    Red Fort

red-fortThe Red Fort was the residence of the Mughal Dynasty in Delhi and was built by Emperor Shah Jahan. It is made of red sandstone and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On occasion of the Independence Day of India, the Indian Flag is hoisted from the Red Fort. The fort is of much importance since the time it had been built by the Mughal. The architectural style of the fort is a mix of Indian and Islamic designs.


6.    Humayun's Tomb

humayun's-tombThis is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is the tomb of the Mughal Emperor Humayun. It has Persian architecture and it was the first garden-tomb of our land. The Char Bagh is the main attraction of the tomb. The Bagh has a quadrilateral layout with the Islamic concept of paradise.


7.    I'timad-ud-Daulah’s Tomb

Itimad-ud-Daulahs-TombThis tomb is also known as the jewel box of the Mughal and also as the baby Taj as it is known to be the replica of the Taj Mahal. It is in the city of Agra and it has many gardens. The Tomb is made in white marble with semi-precious stones engraved in Mughal architecture. Visit this monument is a must if you are visiting the Taj.


8.    Qutub Minar

qutub-minarQutub Minar is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located in Delhi this monument has Islamic and Afghanistan architecture. Inside the building are stairs which lead to the top. Beautiful calligraphy and designs are there in the building. This monument has verses from the holy Quran engraved on it.


9.    Sikandra

sikandraIt is the tomb of the Great Mughal Emperor Akbar the Great. Sikandra is situated in Agra and it was built by Jahangir. The tomb had a lot of pernicious stones engraved on it but it was looted by the Jat rebellion. The tomb has splendid architecture as it is a mix of Hindu, Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, Jain style which shows the secular mind-set of the great ruler.  


10.    Fatehpur Sikri

fatehpur-sikriIt was built by Mughal Emperor Akbar and it has the best Mughal architecture. Beautiful buildings and mosques are preserved which show the emperors secular religious views. It has a mix of Rajput and Islamic architecture.

These ten monuments will take you back to the exotic and royal time of the Mughals. Enjoy their royal architecture by visiting these beautiful monuments.


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