How Do You Know Someone Likes You?

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Someone-like-youIf there is a guy who is keeping you wondering about the way he feels about you and you are unable to read your feelings as well, then this article is going to help you a lot. This read is for every beautiful girl out there who is drowning in this confusing situation and want to know all the signs and clues which will make it easy to understand the situation. Let's learn everything, how do you know someone likes you? Thus you'll be able to differentiate between the delusion and reality. Enjoy!

•    Stalking/ Connecting on Social Media Websites

Social media websites have become of the major sources of interacting with new people, making new friends in real life, and also, of course, finding your soul mates. If a guy has sent you a friend request on facebook, started following your Instagram, and has gone through your favorite posts, then there are pretty strong chances that he likes you. Now let's see how he take things once you accept his friend request. Well, you may be thinking here that a lot of people send friendship requests on facebook, and this point doesn't make any sense, so how do you know someone likes you?

Surely, your concerns are very right and definitely based on facts. But the difference comes in the way he interacts with you after you have accepted his friend request. I mean that how he interacts on messenger? Is he the one who always starts the conversation? Does he like almost all your posts, pictures, and updates; those too with which he cannot relate at all? If the answer to all these questions is a single word "yes," then he is most probably mad about you and wants to take things to whole another level.

•    Asked Straight Question Right Away "Do you have a Boyfriend?"

This is an extremely fun and also important question. There is a possibility that he may ask a version of this question, or can also ask it as is. Like he may say, "Are you seeing someone?" "Is there any special one in your life?" or anything like it. These small and trivial, yet exceptionally important questions make foundations for the new and happy beginnings, so let yourself hear these out! After hearing this question, there surely got the answer to "How Do You Know Someone Likes You?" Because this question will straighten things for you right away.

•    Asked Your Personal Number

If a guy is asking for your number, then he is surely into you. A guy never cares for taking someone's personal number unless or until you can be helpful in any way, or most probably, he wants to chat with you. If he has asked you your number then without a doubt, he likes you a lot.

To be honest, you must not take this as the "only" sign, as things can be different in different situations. And it may kind of get a bit embarrassing for you if he is not that into you. Take, for example, if a guy is asking your personal number because he needs your help academically, professionally, or for any other important person and cannot contact you; otherwise, then that's a totally different scenario. As this situation seems solely purpose-based. He needs your help, and for that, he has to have your contact number. On the other hand, if a guy is asking your personal contact number even when you two meet/ can meet on a daily basis, then he certainly wants to take things on another level. It surely means that he wants to know you better, and also want to tell you about himself and get things friendlier between you to.

•    Keep Asking you Questions, and a lot of them

Experts say that if a guy is really into you and wants to take things forward, then he will ask you a lot of questions. And not only that, but he will also be listening to the answers very intently (which we all know is really hard for guys in normal circumstances :D) And of course, in today's world of the hustle and bustle, no one actually gives a damn about other person's personal stuff. So, if a guy is really taking an interest in what you have to say about your life, your routine, and anything interesting about yourself, then he is surely very much interested in you. Take it as a sign and play along, as you may find the love of your life in him.

•    Finding Ways to Touch You!

A simple touch of a hand can make your heart flutter, that much strong effect a romantic touch has. Relationship experts and personality psychologists say that when a person likes you, he will find some extraordinary ways to touch you. They are generally on their emotional peak to find out some flirty ways to touch the other person. This includes inviting you to play games in which he will squeeze your hand or just generally touch your hand, roam around yourself, and stuff like that. And this all is when everything can go on without touch on the whole. This is all because guys love to fantasize about having around their crushes, and in most cases, they will definitely make their way to do so. This can be a slight thumb touch to even a hug. If there is this guy who is finding excuses to touch you and that sends you tremors of happiness, then this is definitely a smashing hit sign that he really likes you, and you are, for sure, falling for him.

•    Making Magical Eye Contact

Simple eye contact can speak worth a million words. There is no denying the power of an intimate gaze. For the person who likes you and also for yourself, it is like an incredibly enchanting superpower. With an extraordinary gaze, you will forget about any doubts about him like you or not. An intimate gaze can answer all your doubtful questions like you how do you know someone likes you? Does he like me? etc., right away. Just observe, is he making a longer than average eye contact with you? If yes, then there are quite strong chances that he likes you a lot. In addition to that, there is another type of eye contact called intimate gazing. Intimate gazing means that when a person is making a sensual pattern with his eye contact and taking his eyes from your eyes to the chest and to lips. If you have such a moment with a guy, then be sure he really likes you and desperately wants to hop onto the next level.

•    When he Gets Jealous

If you are wondering, how do you know someone likes you? or not, then observing the jealousy factor can help you see things with clarity. If a person is getting jealous of the guys who are being friendly with you or are talking too much, then he will immediately get jealous. Moreover, he will try to disperse those guys and will also try to commence some interesting conversation between you and him out of the blue. In addition to that, he will try to act all cool and easy about all this, but somehow you will get to know the awkwardness in the situation. After starting the conversation, he most definitely will add in some questions asking about the other guys. These may  be like, "what was Max talking you about?" "Jack doesn't normally roam around here; what was he doing?"He will throw all these questions before you, and deep down, he will be cursing all these guys that what is there business to get all flirty with my girlfriend. If he is acting like this when you are talking with someone else, then surely he likes you a lot.

•    The way he Smiles when he Look at You

The way his eyes twitch and his smile broadens when he sees you can be an enormous sign for you to know that he like you very much and want to start dating right away. Surely, you must be saying that there are a lot of guys out there who tend to smile on every other thing, so how can I know for sure that a person likes me with just a smile? Well, you surely are somewhat right, but not completely. 

Just understand with an example. There is this guy who likes you very much but has a very shy personality. However, whenever you are around, and you two make eye contact, there is a sweet smile on his face. And this smile is not a confused one or a weird one to keep you away. Rather it is just like giving away a sweet message for you out there that he has some solid affection for you in his heart. The same goes for overly joyous and hilarious people, as well. Surely, they'll be all at smiles all the time, but there must be a small yet powerful signal in their small when there is eye contact with you. Look for such things, and you will eventually stop wondering how do you know someone likes you? rather you'll be sure of some special one.

•    He May Ignores you to Get Attention

Depending upon the guy's personality and the situation you two are in, if he likes you, then he may try to ignore you. Most of the guys do this to make themselves noticeable before the girl of their dreams. Plus, there are quite strong chances that he becomes nervous around you, or he may want to know whether you care about him being around or not. There can be any of these things. However, it really doesn't matter what the actual reason, but what matters is his affection and infatuation for you. So, if you are being ignored by him, without any prominent reason, then most probably h wants to get your attention.

Saying that you must not raise your hopes too high without becoming fully certain of his emotions. Because there are some chances that he is genuinely ignoring you and doesn't want to be around you for some particular reasons. In this case, you can take help of your mutual friends and ask about his true feelings, so that you don't get hurt.

•    Remembering Everything You Have Told Him About Yourself

Well, this is not something hidden from anyone; men are very bad at keeping track of important stuff. It is not their nature at all to remember things in detail. However, if a guy remembers every single detail you have shared with him, then this certainly one of the most obvious signs that he likes you a lot. Not simply know you, but like you very much. This is not something anyone can do for you, but the only special one who takes an interest in you, your every single detail, and everything important for you. These include your best friend's name, your pert's name, your favorite color, your birthday, your favorite food, etc.

•    Laughs at Your Jokes with Full Heart, Even Stupid ones!

If a person has really fallen for you with all his heart, then he will do anything and everything to make your life and see you in a joyous mood. And this includes laughing at your jokes, even if they do not make any sense at all. Experts say that it is a highly recommended "interest indicator" that will tell you about the level of interest the other person is showing in you right away. This is a highly recommended sign by the psychologists and relationship experts because if a person is not smiling, let alone laughing at your jokes, then he dislikes you. Take it as a hint.

•    Finding Ways to be Around You

If a person has even a slight interest in you, he will try to be around you as much as possible. There is no denying in that at all. And this can be the start of something really strong, infectious, beautiful and immensely romantic. Starting things slow is a romantic gesture in itself. Being around will make him excited, thrilled, and happy. Being near not necessarily mean standing or sitting just two inches apart, but just being in the same vicinity. So that he can see you, hear you talk, and feel your presence all over the place. He may try to go to parties you are invited to. Start going to the same gym you go to. And will also make some stupid reasons while doing this. These are all the right signs of knowing that this person is head over heels fallen for you. And desperately wants to start things with you as soon as possible.

•    Start Teasing You every now and then

If he is teasing you every now and then and comes around you without any reason, but just to annoy you, then he is surely having a massive interest in you. Guys usually only tease the girls whom they adore immensely. A guy will never annoy a girl if he doesn't like her, or if she is not one of his best friends. Guys normally do so to be noticeable. They act funny and witty around very special people only. And if he is acting this way around you and finding ways to annoy you, then he has surely fallen for you real hard. You must be thinking that teasing is what little kids do when in the school, but you'll find it really interesting to know that teasing is a fun way to express love desire among adults. He is trying to make you laugh than annoying through this. And your smile and laugh make him happy. And all this shout that he likes you very much. Get these signs at the right time, and do not let moments fall off your hands. If he is someone who loves to see you smile, then he is really precious to be with forever. So, try to play along and start the relationship.

•    Help you Out Even When You Haven't asked for it

If he likes you, then he will go above and beyond to ease out every single trouble for you. And will do it more intently than just a friend. He will be willing to take risks for you. He'll be there for you even if he himself is tired of all the work he has done before. And even when your work seems boring, tedious, and excruciatingly difficult. If he is doing all this for you, then make no mistakes; he is really into you. And he not like you like just a friend, but he almost like you like a lover. And this is something to adore. If a person is doing all this for you, then there is no point in wondering, how do you know someone likes you? Because he likes you a lot.

•    Doesn't Bother to Check out Girls But you

If you are the only one who is his center of attention, and he doesn't bother about other girls, then he like you. Because it is something extremely hard for boys to avoid. A guy is really frank with his friends. And doesn't feel shame in telling his friends about how hot the girl before them is. But if he thinks that you are the only girl he expects, dreams and pray to spend the rest of his life with, then he will be very cautious in such situations. And will definitely avoid checking out other girls. Else, he will maintain all his attention on you. So spend some time with him to know is this the case or not. If yes, then he likes you.

•    He Gives you All his Attention Rather than Looking at Phone

In today's time of massive technological boost and gigantic use of electronic gadgets, especially cell phones, if a person looks at you and listens to you intently, then it is a big deal. If a guy always puts his phone aside when you are talking to him or just hanging out with him, then it means he likes you as well as respects you a lot. Most of the guys don't pay attention and just put their head inside the cell phone. So if your guy is more interested in you rather than the phone, then he certainly likes you very much. Just know that, and try to reciprocate this beautiful gesture yourself as well. It tells the other person that he is important to you, as well.

•    He Compliments You a Lot

This is one of the basic things that a guy who likes you will do, compliment you a lot. If a guy is frequently telling you how good you look, how amazing your personality is, how fabulous your dressing sense is, and whatever you do grabs his attention, then he has fallen for you really bad. It really doesn't matter what the compliments are about and what words he uses to express them as long as they are about admiring your personality. Just remember if he is complimenting you, then he likes you a lot. 

There you go! Hope all these points have satisfied the most burning question, how do you know someone likes you? These are some of the most incredible, highly recommended, and functional tips and tricks. And all of these clues and hints can be used as "interest indicators." If you are wondering about some guy who is not being straight with you and expressing his feelings on your face, then read these signs and know it on your own. If you think you are prepared, then you can simply go to him yourself and ask him out on a date. And start a romantic journey yourself. It will surely make the good story a great one.

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