Houseplants Used to Overcome Anxiety and Depression

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aloe-veraDepression and anxiety are becoming two of the most commonly occurring mental illnesses. And people who seem to be living their life joyously and with all the worldly content possible are often feeling stressed and lonely from the inside. Though, there are several effective medications are available to reduce depression. However, only medicines cannot be enough. You need some other aids such as physical exercises, mingling with people, spending money on the poor, and things like that to tackle the overwhelming state of depression. Moreover, there are some amazing houseplants available which have been proved immensely effective against stress and anxiety. In addition to being beneficial for mental health, these plants also look superbly appealing and attractive to the eyes. So, by keeping the plants at your workplace or home, they will be adding color around you and silently being medication for your mental health. Here, I have enlisted some of the highly recommended houseplants used to overcome anxiety and depression for you to take the utmost benefits from. let's find out about them in detail.

1.    Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is nature's miracle. This amazing plant is loaded with numerous advantages for your physical health, mental health, and also for your apparent beauty as well. And above all, this plant can withstand the harshest of weather conditions without needing much care, so once it is grown perfectly to the fullest, you can enjoy its benefits for a longer period of time. Aloe Vera is used as a herbal medication in most regions of the world. The gel of aloe Vera is used to cure various physical ailments. On the whole, keeping this plant can detoxify your room's air and help purify it from all the pollutants and harmful substances. Therapists recommend to place this plant inside your bedroom; else, you can keep it anywhere in your home. This plant will drastically improve your mental health by cleansing yourself from stress, worry, and anxiety. Breathing in the fresh air will keep you energetic, tranquil, and happy.

2.    Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is one of the highly recommended houseplants used to overcome anxiety and depression by the therapists and botanists. Well, to be honest, this plant's name is really difficult to pronounce for most people, so it is commonly called just "mums". And that sounds really cute and sweetly different. Chrysanthemum is known for improving the quality of air around you. This plant removes all the toxic and harmful chemicals from the air and enhances the air's purification level. By improving the quality of the air, it instantaneously poses positive effects on your physical and mental health. The positive chemicals that come out of this plant will help in the reduction of stress and anxiety by relaxing your mind and body. In addition to relieving yourself from stress and anxiety, chrysanthemum also induces good vibes in your mood and overall personality. These are not just theories, but all these amazing benefits of chrysanthemum have been proved through practical studies. Doctors not only recommend this plant to fight against depression and anxiety, but it also prescribed to keep in the bedroom to the patients of diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, swelling, fever, dizziness, and headache. If you do not believe it, then you can try it yourself. As there are surely no harms in keeping this plant if no benefits.

3.    Sago Palm

Sago's palm is another amazing plant that will help you get rid of all your mental stress and anxiety. This is one of those miraculous plants which are famous for purifying the air around you. In addition to freeing the air from harmful contents, sago palm also adds moisture in the air that eliminates those toxic elements, which are the main reasons for increasing stress, anxiety, and depression. Once you keep this plant inside your living room or bedroom, you will start feeling its extremely positive effects on your mind and body. This plant has been proved to improve your mental health by reducing mental pressures, calming nerves, and relaxing your muscles. With the improvement in the quality of air, you will sense calmness and tranquility pouring inside you as you breathe in. Because with the omission of all the harmful chemicals from the air, the air becomes really healthy and refreshing for the nerves. And this positivity of the environment makes positive changes in your brain. With these positive changes inside your nerves, your body will relax, and within no time, all the terrible feelings of depression and anxiety will vanish.

4.    Snake Plants

If you are someone who constantly has to deal with the negative effects of depression and anxiety, then you will definitely be aware of one of the most excruciating symptoms of depression, and that is a headache. A continuous headache can ruin your life. And that is why I have added this amazing plant, snake plant, in this list. Because the snake plant is known to dramatically decrease this painful effect of depression and anxiety and reduce headaches. In addition to eliminating all the negative vibes in the air, which causes headaches, the snake plant is also famous for imparting positive energy in the air. And with that, this plant almost instantly removes the feeling of depression and anxiety. The positive vibes this plant sends in the air are so amazingly soothing and tranquil that you will feel a sudden sensation of relaxation within your nerves. This plant can be exquisitely amazing for the eradication of headaches. Surely, worth a try. In addition to calming down your nerves and help in getting rid of a headache, the snake plant also has numerous other benefits. These include improvement in overall mental health condition, meaning that with this plant around your place, you will experience improvement in sleeping habits, overall energy, reaction time, focus, and concentration, and with all of these amazing benefits, your anxiety level will get down. And to tell you a really fascinating fact, NASA has also said that snake plants have been really helpful for them. Surely a great endorsement. What else do you need that will sway your heart.

5.    Lavender

The list of Houseplants Used to Overcome Anxiety and Depression is definitely incomplete without mentioning the beautiful lavender plant. Lavender is nothing less than a natural treasure that is enriched with a long list of amazing benefits for your health, beauty, and comfort. You must already know that lavender essential oil is exceptionally favorable for your physical and mental health. Plus, it looks so amazingly pleasing inside your home or at a workplace. Apart from all its extraordinary beauty, stunning fragrance, and natural characteristics, lavender is also very effective in reducing mental stress and anxiety. If you search online, you'll see that almost every therapist and doctor is recommending keeping lavender at your place to fight against anxiety. The beautiful scent of lavender has the ability to lower down your heartbeat to a normal level, decrease palpitations, decrease blood pressure, and also lower down overall all the symptoms of mental stress. So, if you are looking for some beautiful plants that are great for your health, then lavender would be a good choice.

6.    Skullcap

Definitely a weird sounding name (and when we are round Halloween season, just imagine its literal meanings!!), but an incredibly beneficial plant though. Skullcap is quite a famous plant when it comes to naming plants, which are really comforting and relaxing to be around. Surely, this plant is not associated with the nullification of anxiety and depression, but certainly, it will keep you safe from these terrible mental issues. Taking medication to relieve stress and anxiety is one thing, but if you are not dealing with these problems at an extreme level, then it is highly advisable to take such precautionary measures that will keep you guarded against these excruciatingly painful mental health issues. And that is when this amazing plant named skullcap can e really helpful for you. This plant is basically originated from America, and most of the people in that region keep this plant in offices and home to enjoy its calming vibes. This plant poses a natural effect on the environment and reduces the level of anxiety, stress, and depression. Moreover, it will keep your nerves calm and at peace. It is wise not to underestimate our miraculous nature and take benefit from each and every part of it as much as possible.

7.    Rosemary

Who isn't familiar with this amazing herb, rosemary? Surely, there won't be anyone who isn't heard about rosemary. But mostly we know rosemary as an ingredient in different recipes. However, you will be amazed to know that the plant of rosemary is loaded with numerous health benefits, and it is among those houseplants which are used to overcome depression and anxiety. Rosemary is well-known for improving the air quality, and it also diminishes the toxic chemicals which cause stress and depression. Moreover, it can also improve your memory, help you sleep better, and enhance the tranquil environment around you.
Interestingly, rosemary plant is available in two shapes, one grows in simple little herb pots, and the other is available in a spiral shape. Most of the people prefer the spiral-shaped rosemary plant. The spiral-shaped plant looks really interesting, different, and also adds a ton in the overall beauty of the place. Overall, if you are looking for apparent beauty as well as miraculous health benefits, the rosemary spiral plant is a great choice to go for.

8.    Gerbera Daisy

Among all the houseplants used to overcome anxiety and depression listed here, people may have mixed feelings about liking the gerbera daisy plant. Not many people are a fan of this plant very much. Nonetheless, if this plant is bringing more quality in the air around you, then it's worth tolerating, for sure. You'll be amazed to know that the gerbera daisy plant is known as one of the highly effective plants in purifying the air. These plants efficiently remove almost all the harmful chemicals from the air and let you breathe in the pure and clean air. Specifically, gerbera daisy is associated with removing all the chemicals and toxins related to ink. So, in that sense, gerbera daisy can be a great addition to your workplace, office, and of course, at your home as well. This will not be an amazing addition to all the intricate aesthetics of your place, but also will give an incredibly healthy touch to you as well. And don't worry about liking or disliking this plant, you will be amazed by the great values of this plant after a while and will also start loving it.

9.    English Ivy

When you are shopping for "English Ivy", make sure you tell its name loud and clear, and do not mistake it from simple "Ivy". And if this mistake does happen, then you'll feel miserable after a while as "Ivy" plant has swelled, irritating, and itchy feel to it, which is certainly not going to help you fight against stress and anxiety. Rather, you may start feeling some after having this itchy plant around.

We are more interested in getting our hands on the beautiful "English Ivy". This plant is loaded with a number of amazing benefits. In addition to being an incredibly effective anti-anxiety plant, English Ivy is tested to reduce more than 94% of the mold within 12 hours of total time. Shocking hunh! This plant works efficiently well in purifying the air. As it helps you get rid of the messy mold, English Ivy also eliminates formaldehyde from the environment as well, thus enhancing the air quality enormously. With an instant improvement in the air quality and spread of positive vibes around you in the bedroom, you will fall asleep in a calm and tranquil environment. And this will help you get quiet and uninterrupted long hours of sleep. With such poise slumber at night, you'll be awake refreshed and energetic in the morning. It surely is a great choice to bring in an English Ivy plant inside your bedroom.

10.    Jasmine

In the list of Houseplants Used to Overcome Anxiety and Depression, Jasmine is one of the most loved and appreciated plants. Jasmine flowers attract every eye towards them and are often used as the centerpiece at different events. You must have seen jasmine flowers at weddings decorated on the tables and everywhere around the bride and groom. It's beautiful white flowers look stunning and appealing wherever placed. These flowers are not only gorgeous to look at, but Jasmine is also extremely beneficial for reducing stress and anxiety. Keeping Jasmine inside your home will bring sweet and soothing sensations within your place. Plus, it will help in improving your sleep. And uninterrupted sleep can be an extremely healthy sign for your good mental health. When you get whole-night sleep, then you feel energetic and active in the morning, and that positively affects your all-day routine. Just adding an amazingly beneficial plant, like Jasmine, can do wonders in your life.

11.    Basil plant

Basil is another extremely beneficial plant out there, which is amazingly efficient in reducing the negative effects of depression, anxiety, and stress. It's incredibly soothing smell is all you need to calm down your nerves and feel pleasantly happy and tranquil. Several scientific studies have proved its superb benefits for the human body in elevating mental health. It is observed that basil can dramatically reduce mental stress, sleeping issues, forgetfulness, sexual problems, and mental exhaustion. Keeping basil plants in your home can really improve your sleeping habits, energize you from the inside, and also it can free you from the distressing knots of depression and anxiety. Basil is surely a very well known herb, but only when it comes to eating. However, you must also try to enjoy its other health benefits as well. Not only the modern scientific experiments have proved its amazing health effects, but it has also been used in ancient Ayurveda for medicinal purposes for centuries. So, there is no need to find more proofs for sure as this plant has already been tested on numerous people for so long. Now it is time to enjoy its benefits to get rid of depression.

12.    Boston Fern

Among all the houseplants used to overcome anxiety and depression listed here, Boston Fern has been named as the best plant by NASA to purify the air around you from toxic chemicals that are extremely harmful to your health. With the eradication of the harmful contents from the air at the highest level, this plant creates an extremely calm, healthy, and relaxing environment for you to breath in. The better the around you will be, the better you will feel. Moreover, purification of the air around you is really important for you to fall asleep and calm down agitating nerves. And the whole environment will become ideal for you to breathe in. You can not only keep this plant inside your bedroom, lounge, or at the office, but you can also use this plant as a decoration in your bathroom. The presence of this plant in your bathroom will create an amazingly magical effect around you. In addition to looking exceptionally beautiful in your bathroom, this plant will also remove injurious chemicals such as xylene and formaldehyde from the environment. Surely, this plant is worth having at your place. Boston Fern is definitely nature's treasure, and we all must know how to take benefits from this miraculous plant.

13.    Red Edged Dracaena

Don't be afraid of the name. The name may sound really difficult and complicated, but this plant, red edges dracaena is really beneficial and beautiful. This plant is also loaded with an amazing property of purifying the air, and giving you high-quality air to breathe in. This amazing houseplant will be an amazing addition to your bedroom. Red edged dracaena will impart relaxing vibes all around, and promote a clean and cool ambiance all over your place. In addition to getting rid of toxins from the air, this amazingly valuable plant will also remove the formaldehyde, xylene, and trichloroethylene from the air. With a decreased amount of formaldehyde and other chemicals in the air, you will instantly feel a decrease in your stress and depression level. You will feel more relaxed and at peace at your place. Plus, this plant will also boost your mental health, as it is incredibly beneficial in improving your focus and concentration.

14.    Chamomile

The list of houseplants used to overcome anxiety and depression is definitely incomplete without mentioning the amazing chamomile plant. This houseplant has been proved one of the most effective plants in reducing stress and depression. This plant is also used to make essential oils, added in diffusers, sprays, and is also added in teas. Diffusing the chamomile essential oil all over the place will give you sweet sensations of tranquillity and calmness while also spreading soothing fragrances. This will create an amazing aura around you, and this will help you attain a good sleep at night. This plant is also well-known for omitting negative energies from the air and bringing in calming effects. When the essential oil of chamomile can induce such amazing benefits at your place, then guess what a remarkable effect it will have when you keep the whole plant in your bedroom. Surely worth trying. So what you guys are waiting for! Go and grab any of these amazing plants and bring in some soothing effects on your life and say goodbye to the state of depression and anxiety.

There you go. These are some of the most powerful and incredibly efficient Houseplants Used to Overcome Anxiety and Depression. Keeping these plants inside your home will not only enhance the aesthetics of your place but will also be superbly beneficial health-wise. It is highly recommended to keep some greenery around you. It will look pleasing to the eyes and will calm your nerves as well. I hope you'll get excited to bring in a few of the above-mentioned plants at your place!

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