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America is like a welcoming home for people coming from all around the globe. And when people from different nationalities reside here, they impart a shining impact of their culture on American culture. American culture is a mix of all the people belonging to a variety of ethnicities. With influences coming from all around the world, American food is one of the most influenced parts of American culture. Americans are fond of all kinds of cuisines and have an amazingly acceptable palate. Talking particularly about the impact of African culture on America, African food has greatly impacted American cuisine. The main reason behind African influence on American cuisine is the long history of slavery. In that period, African culture influenced Americans in a number of ways, and that can still be seen in this time period. Through the slave trade, Africans brought the beauties of their culture in American and these changes left imprinted on the American land. And now you can see delicious African food that is famous in America served everywhere.
Here, I present to you some of the very famous, delicious, and authentic African dishes that are loved in America. So, let's get started.
•    Ethiopian Coffee
There is no doubt about the popularity of coffee in America, as this is definitely the very first hot beverage that every American loves to drink in the morning, and surely doesn't like to say no in the middle of the day as well.
This list of delicious African food that is famous in America is incomplete without mentioning Ethiopian coffee. With their ultimate love for coffee, Americans have developed an exciting range of coffee flavors. But the taste of original coffee beans still stands out. Talking about the original coffee beans, various countries are growing coffee now, and all the taste of coffee beans differ from region to region. 
However, Ethiopian coffee is one of the earliest types of coffee that has retained its supreme quality, luscious consistency, and of course, phenomenal taste to this date. And is loved by the Americans from core their hearts. 
Judith Carney, author of in the shadow of slavery: Africa's botanical legacy in the Atlantic world, wrote, "Ethiopia is the birthplace of the world’s premier coffee, How to take a coffee bean, know when and how roast it, and turn it into a delicious beverage involved a deep cultural knowledge system of growing and brewing varieties from the Ethiopian highlands where it originated." She added, “When Europeans reached East Africa, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and the Emirates in the 16th century, they encountered coffee houses and culture around the drink. But given the racial prejudice against Africans honed during the transatlantic slave trade—and the fact that coffee had become so central to Muslim culture—Europeans attributed the art of making the drink and the profusion of coffee houses to Muslim societies.”
The geographic location and climatic conditions of Ethiopia are just perfect for growing the best coffee. 
Factually, this drink was first formulated in this beautiful part of the world, Ethiopia, and then distributed all over the world. And Americans became one of its super fans, and their day is incomplete without having a sip of coffee.
Several coffee chains are now doing business all around the world, and surely not all are using Ethiopian coffee beans. However, the origin of coffee beans goes back to Ethiopia.
•    Black-Eyed Peas 
The super delicious black-eyed peas are added as a major ingredient in some famous American dishes, such as Hoppin' John. Originally, black-eyed peas were called as Vigna unguiculata, but surely Americans would have gone with literally the simply descriptive name, and that would be black-eyed peas, because of a black dot on them and of course these are peas.
This amazing food is native to southern and central Africa. These black-eyed peas are famous as cowpeas, too, in some parts of America and Africa.
The name cowpea seems really different. However, it is really interesting to know that this name is not what natives called it by. But, the black-eyed peas were used as the food of livestock back in days, and that's how people started recognizing them as cowpeas.
Before that, in the period of slavery, the black-eyed peas, along with other legumes, were provided as the source of food on the ships carrying slaves.
Today, Americans make incredibly delicious dishes using the highly nutritious black-eyed peas. In addition to Hoppin' John dish, which is made with black-eyed peas (of course!), green peas, and pork, these black-eyed peas are the key ingredients of the cuisine of southern region of America.
Moreover, there are several dished made with black-eyed peas, which are associated with the joy and fun of New Year's Day. Some believe (many actually!) that eating black-eyed peas on new year's day brings you good luck for the coming year.
Well, either it is because of this belief (or superstition) or the taste, black-eyed peas are really famous in America. The magic of the lusciously creamy taste of black-eyed peas is not restricted to any specific place in America, rather everyone who loves to eat healthy and tasty is a big fan of them.
No coming to the nutritional profile of black-eyed peas; you will be amazed to know that these legumes are nature's treasure with respect to tremendous nutritional content. These peas provide you with a balanced intake of proteins and calories.
So, for all the Americans out there, the next time you'll be enjoying some delicious dish having black-eyed peas, you can surely recall the whole background story of coming to these peas in this region.
•    Kola Nuts
Kola nuts are originally grown in West Africa, and one of the two (other being the coffee beans) widely appreciated nuts, especially in America, and all around the world. The trees from which kola nuts are obtained can reach 40-60 feet height. They produce beautiful star-shaped fruit that contains 2 to 5 kola nuts inside.
Kola nut gives a distinctive flavor to the beverages, and you'd be fascinated to know that Coca-Cola and Pepsi also add these nuts in their formula to make a unique flavor. Back in the days of slavery, the African slaves used to have their beverages to replenish their water needs and freshen up.
Among all the delicious African food that is famous in America, this one has really made its significant mark and has become a household name because of "Coca-Cola."
Kola nuts have an exceptional amount of caffeine, way more than what coffee beans have. So, the beverages having kola nuts as the taste enhancer also have an immense quantity of caffeine.
The utmost popularity of Kola nuts and coffee beans, both of which find their origin back on the African soil, reveals the strong imprints of African domestication in America.
•    Rice Pudding
Americans love a gooey, lusciously creamy, and perfectly flavored rice pudding. And interestingly, not many Americans know that this superbly delicious dish is also originated from the beautiful land of Africa. Most of the rice dishes that are enjoyed with zeal and pleasure on the American dining tables these days have their roots back in the African cuisine.
The period of African slavery has tremendously affected the American cuisine and cooking style that we see today. And rice pudding is one such really influential African dish. From the day rice pudding has arrived on the American soil till to date, it has been one of the most favorite food of Americans.
Rice pudding is cooked as the basic dish, and as per the preferred taste, cooking style, and flavor, this dish is presented in a number of ways. Owing to its versatility, Americans enjoy it as main dish, dessert, and even as a snack on different events, large gatherings, and family parties.
Other than the main ingredient, rice, rice pudding is prepared using milk, water, raisins, cinnamon, and sugar. The flavor and aroma of cinnamon give a unique and distinctive taste to this dish. These are the main ingredients used to prepare rice pudding. Else, depending on your personal preference, a lot of different variations can be made to this dish.
No matter which part of America you'll be in, if you ask people about rice pudding, you'll definitely be able to find some fans of this dish.
•    Jambalaya
Well, the name of this dish is giving a huge hint. It really sounds like an authentic African word. And you will be amazed to know that this recipe is hugely popular in America. This is one of the numerous African dishes which were traded from African in America through the slave trade. And with its unique taste became favorite.
 Jambalaya is a mixed rice dish prepared with meat and vegetables and served with delicious sauces. The ingredients and formulation of jambalaya are very basic, and it is used to make several other delicious dishes.
This is one of the very first African dishes which were exported here in America through slave trade, and within no time it became one of the favorite recipes of Americans. You will find a number of varieties of Jambalaya in American restaurants.
This superbly delicious African food that is famous in America is loaded with a range of flavors. Starting with the rice of African origin, numerous spices with unique flavors are in cooperated that blends in amazingly well and give a distinctive flavor to the dish.
The basic reason for its popularity among Americans is its rich flavor. Louisiana was the first American state to become fan of Jambalaya's flavors, textures, and overall uniqueness. And now, this dish is presented and enjoyed all over the country. Other than rice, meat, meat stock, and vegetables are added as main ingredients. Jambalaya can be served and enjoyed in different ways.
This delicious African dish is prepared for different family events, office parties, large gatherings, family parties at home, and also at restaurants. 
•    Watermelon
The list of delicious African food that is famous in America is definitely incomplete without mentioning juicy and utterly refreshing watermelon. This food is loved all over the globe, and not many people know that it is indigenous to African soil. 
Carney wrote about where the watermelon was originally started growing in one of her books, “its prototype was originally a bitter melon that was grown on arid savannas for its edible seeds and as a storable form of moisture,” However, the juicy, sugary and refreshingly delicious watermelon that we all are fond of today was first grown on the soil of Africa.
A number of African countries are famous for watermelon cultivation, and Americans love to have this refreshing, nutritious, and tasty fruit on the table. Though experts and scholars dive into prolonged factual debate on the origin of watermelon, it is true that it has been widely cultivated in Egypt for many centuries.
You will be amazed to know an interesting fact related to the historical significance of watermelon usage. Well, you must surely be well aware of the way the Egyptians used to build whole castle for their pharaohs to live after their death. And in these castles, every single thing was provided for the pharaoh's comfort on their journey to the afterlife.
You must be thinking, why am I mentioning the Egyptian mummies and their pyramids for pharaohs out of the blue, just in the middle of describing popularity of watermelon in America? Well, fascinatingly, Egyptians used to place the watermelons inside the pharaoh's tombs, and the reason behind it was that watermelon would provide hydration and moisture inside the tomb. And this shows that Egyptians have been cultivating watermelon for centuries.
So, apart from the debate watermelon's origin, it is for sure known that its fruit is grown in Africa. And as Americans became fond of this nutritionally enriched and flavored food, now watermelon is grown in different parts of America.
Americans do not follow a single way to eat it, and rather they love to enjoy in several ways. Apart from easting it simply in the form of cubes, Americans make smoothies, juice, and varyingly flavored drinks with this fruit as well. It is especially consumed during summertime and is often enjoyed around tropical regions in summers.
Talking a bit about its nutritional profile, watermelon is mainly composed of water (about 92%). And other than water, watermelon provides you with vitamins and exceptionally beneficial antioxidants. And with all its nutritional predominance and delicious flavor, Americans love to have it as their meal every once in a while.
•    Okra or Gombo
Gombo is the African name of Okra, one of the most delicious African foods that are famous in America. This dish has also been exported from Africa to America through slave trade and is the readapted in America as per the taste and liking of Americans. You will find an amazing range of variations of this dish all over America.
Okra is an exceedingly significant food in Africa, and its importance is deeply rooted in African culture. Everybody in Africa loves to eat okra, and Africans cook this vegetable in a number of different ways with a lot of different combinations. And when this food came to America, Americans too love it by heart.
Talking about Okra's significance in African culture, many cultural experts and scholars have written about okra. Jessica Harris, a renowned author, and culinary historian, has written in her essay regarding the significance of African culture in American cuisine, “Wherever okra points its green tip, Africa has been. In the South, where enslavement lasted longer, and climate made Africans and their descendants most at home, it is revered and treated with respect. It’s an ingredient in the southern succotash of many states and reigns supreme in many of the gumbos of New Orleans and southern Louisiana. Southerners just seem to know (or perhaps have learned from African-Americans) how to savor the slippery juice that the tender pods exude when they are cut.”
Harris said, "Okra is connected indelibly with the American South. Yet gumbo has become totemic, linked forever in the American mind, particularly with southern Louisiana."
As far as the cooking styles of okra are concerned, there are numerous ways to cook it. Okra can be individually fried and cooked along with simple spices, or it can be paired up with organic foods such as chicken, beef, and others. Cooking with meat and other organic enhances its nutritional value. Whether cooked alone or with meat, you will definitely fall in love with the taste of the final dish.
Now coming to the nutritional profile of okra, like all other vegetables and fruits, okra is also loaded with nutrition that is exceptionally beneficial for our physical and mental health. This natural wonder gives you a tasty and nutritionally enriched option to eat without causing any harm.
Okra is a flowering plant. It is enriched with highly beneficial potassium with zero calories. And its nutritional richness is another great reason for which it became immensely popular among Americans. This is definitely a tasty option to remain perfectly healthy, fit, and presentable.
There you have it! I really hope that you have enjoyed reading about the delicious African food that is famous in America. All of the above-mentioned food is loaded with nutritional content and is really tasty as well. If you haven't tried anything among them yet, then you are definitely missing a real pleasure. Find out authentic recipes to make a variety of dishes and enjoy true African taste at your table. These dishes represent the imprints of the period of slave slavery and exhibit the true essence of authentic African culture. American soil is known for its absorbing quality of various cultures, ethnicities, and everything about them, and the presence and popularity of African food among the cultural American dished is its proof. 
Let's find out a little more about how the slavery period has shaped the American cooking style in more detail.
•    Slavery Reformed the American Cooking Style
Alicia Cromwell, doctoral student at the University of Georgia, says "I'm trying to teach my students, black and white, a different kind of history about slavery, If we want to understand current relationships, then we need to go back to these very uncomfortable pasts and explore how Africans actually contributed to American culture." The slavery period has left solid imprints on the American culture that still last in their original format, and we can pinpoint them at one or other occasions. On a positive side, slavery provided a unique, distinct and exclusive dimension to American cuisine. The trade of African food into America commenced at the peak of slavery period. At that time, the American owners of the slaves ordered to get seeds of African crops to grow in America in order to provide African food to their slaves, which they used to eat back home, as the food available in America was not fulfilling for them. This shows that African slaves had permission to grow their crops in America. And that built the foundation for the arrival of African cuisine in America which later became an integral part of American food. With the arrival of seeds of African crops, local American farmers also started growing these crops. And within no time, these crops became famous in American culture, and different varieties of native African dishes were introduced as per the local taste.
After slavery was outlawed in America, families of African slaves settled in America and keep on growing their native crops such as watermelon, and okra. And are still doing so. And now these foods have become an essential part of American culture.
The significant existence of delicious African food that is famous in America depicts the deep correlation between African and American cultures. In a nutshell, one cannot define boundaries between cultures when it comes to music, food, love, dance, fashion, literature, and all the artistic dimensions which are connected with hearts.

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