Tasty Tea Types for Tea Lovers

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Are you a tea lover? If yes, then you will have one or two favorite tea types that you cannot resist at all. Well, there is not just a few rather an incredibly vast variety of teas and tea blends are available. The major types of teas include green tea, black tea, yellow tea, white tea, and oolong tea. Then there is a long-range of subtypes of these teas that I'll tell you here. So, without further ado, let's find out some of the very tasty tea types for tea lovers.
•    Green Tea Types
Green tea is well-known for its numerous health benefits, especially for easing the digestion process. For its huge popularity, green tea is the most produced tea in the whole world. Surely, it is very popular nowadays, but its usage goes back to the ancient Chinese dynasties. Undoubtedly, green tea is one of the most famous and tasty tea types for tea lovers all around the world.
Though green tea is one of the widely consumed teas in the world, not many people are actually aware of the type of green tea they are drinking.
Well, there are various types of green tea that are made using a single plant, Camellia Sinensis. The blooming season of this plant is starting to mid-spring, and green tea is processed with the first harvest of the crop. Tea leaves processed from the first harvest are of premium quality so are most expensive as well.
This plant was first discovered on the soil of China, but many Asian countries have adopted different methods of cultivation and production. With changes in harvesting methods and processing of the product, different types of tea are produced.
After harvesting, the tea leaves are roasted or steamed to stop the oxidation and successive fermentation of the leaves. This step of the steaming process causes the difference between taste, and aroma of green tea types. For example, Chinese farmers, instead of steaming or roasting, pan-fry these leaves. After frying the leaves become flat, dried and a little stiff as compared to the Japanese green tea leaves.
Well, the following are the most popular types of green teas that you will come across. Let's find out a bit about their taste, aroma, and significance.
1.    Tencha Green Tea
Trencha green tea is an excellent natural medicine to boost your physical energy and increase metabolism. Its harvesting process is very different. Almost three weeks before the completion of harvest, the leaves are removed from the sun and kept in the shade.
After the completion of harvesting, the leaves are steamed, dried in the air, and then stems and veins are removed.
The leaves are not rolled as in other green tea types; and because of that trencha leaves have a relatively higher quantity of mineral, vitamins and other nutrients.
The most significant benefit of drinking trecha is that it is full of caffeine naturally and can be proved exceptionally beneficial if you drink it regularly.
2.    Matcha Green Tea
Matcha is the finely ground form of Tencha tea. After harvesting, the tea leaves are steamed and air-dried. Veins and stems of the dried leaves are removed and then ground in the till the fine powder is achieved. Matcha tea is very famous in America, Europe, and Asia for its numerous health benefits.
Clinical studies have shown the positive impact of matcha tea's major ingredient caffeine, on brain function. If you are dealing with some issues related to loss of attention, response time, or memory then regular intake of matcha tea will rectify all of your problems.
3.    Gyokuro Green Tea
The processing of very similar to the harvesting process of trencha with just a single different rolling process after harvesting and cultivation. The leaves are removed from the sunlight, thus went through less photosynthesis.
This keeps the quantity and quality of the flavored amino acids, such as theanine, intact, giving an incredibly unique and strong flavor to the tea.
Moreover, with intelligent harvesting, Gyokuro has a high amount of chlorophyll and caffeine; both of these ingredients improve mental health.
4.    Genmaicha Green Tea
Genaicha is a medium grade green tea because of the mixing of roasted brown rice during its preparation. The presence of powdered rice induces grainier texture. This tea is the mediocre form of Sencha tea. Genaicha is a great soothing agent for stomach aches. Drinking this tea after having fried food is especially really helpful. 
5.    Shincha Green Tea
To prepare Shincha green tea, the leaves are extracted from the fresh first harvest of the plant; and for that this tea is a bit expensive but ensures high quality. Coming to the taste of this tea, you will feel slightly bitter than normal green tea. The bitter taste is because of an enormous amount of amino acids with the lack of caffeine and catechins.    
6.    Kukicha Green Tea
Have you ever heard of the "twig tea"? Well, the Kukicha is commonly known as the twig tea because of its unusual manufacturing process. Kukicha is really different from all other green tea types, because (as the common name indicates) it is prepared with stems and twigs of the plant rather than its leaves.
Although green leaves are not used in the manufacturing process, still the final product retains a little hint of green color.
Similar to the preparation of Gyokuro, the twigs and the stems are extracted and kept in the shade three weeks prior to harvest and then these are steamed and dried. You will get yellowish brown colored Kukicha tea and this is known as the yellow brew.
7.    Bancha Green Tea
Bancha tea is manufactured using the second harvest, meaning that the first harvest is plucked to make other tea such as Sencha and the crop is re-grown for the second harvest. It is slightly bitter in taste and that is because of the increased amount of fluoride. Despite a little bitter taste, this tea is great for oral hygiene as it helps against tooth decay and bad breath.
8.    Funmatsucha Green Tea
Funmatsucha is primarily best known for its bitter flavor and cheap price. The reason behind its distinguishing bitter flavor is that it is fully harvested under the sun and the leaves complete their photosynthesis.
Nonetheless, there is no denying of its immense health benefits, as it is loaded with antioxidants way more than any other type of green tea. Thus, drinking tea can be really helpful for you to get rid of the common cold, headache, and flu.
9.    Fukamushicha Green Tea
Surely sharing the similarity of name with Funmatsucha, but Fukamushicha is really different in taste, aroma and harvesting process. Fukamushicha has a very rich and distinctive flavor because it is processed with a mixture of three types of green tea leaves, Sencha, Kabusecha, and Gyokuro.
And the bits and pieces of all types of leaves together make deeply colored and richly flavored Fukamushicha.
Talking about the differences in processing, the leaves of the above-mentioned tea are extracted and deep steamed after harvesting. Thus, keeping it loaded with nutritional significance. Drinking this tea gives you an amazingly soothing and relaxing effect; plus it will help in digestion as well.
10.    Konacha Green Tea
This is often considered powdered tea but is not available in the powdered form. Konacha tea leaves are separated during the processing of Sencha or Gyokuro and are then filtered. As this tea is not completely refined and has bits and pieces of other teas as well, so it is not that expensive.
To get the more exhilarating flavor of Konacha, the leaves are roasted with Houjikonacha. This mixing/ roasting dilutes out the bitter flavor. Interestingly, this tea is served at the Sushi restaurants and is highly popular.
11.    Sencha Green Tea
Last but not least, Sencha is the most widely liked variety of green tea. This green tea is definitely one of the tastiest tea types for tea lovers. It is fully harvested under the sunlight and the first/ second fresh harvest is collected to process. The leaves are then steamed, dried and rolled; and a fine needed like shape is achieved.
These needle-like leaves are full of natural juices, amazing flavors, and aroma. Sencha is enriched with vitamin C which is exceptionally important for improving the immune system, fighting against aging, and also enhancing skin glow.
•    Black Tea Types
Black tea is the most popular tea in the Western world. However, in Eastern societies, black tea is comparatively less popular. Both Americans and Europeans love the strong, bold, and rich flavor of the black tea. Well, not certainly a just a tea, rather black tea is a whole category that carries a range of fantastic tea that is full of flavor, aroma, and texture.
Black tea is prepared from the "Camellia Sinensis", and the major difference between black tea and all other types of teas is that black tea is highly oxidized. And that unusual and distinctive flavor of black tea makes it one of the highly appreciated tasty tea types for tea lovers.
Before finding out how and what types of black teas are prepared using a single plant, let's see where black tea originally came from. Well, historically a couple of legends are known regarding the development of black tea. But one thing is confirmed that it was basically cultivated, developed, and gained popularity on the Chinese soil.
Some say that black tea was developed in the Chinese province, Fujian around the 1730s; while others say that it has been there since the 15th/ 16th century and developed around the mountain range of China called, Wuyi.
Like many other Chinese developments, the development of this tea also remained a secret for long. Until, English and Scottish adventurers, and businessmen stole the seeds of the specific plant from Chinese soil and spread it around their continent.
After that, numerous countries developed tea manufacturing processes and machinery all around the globe, spreading the detailed procedure all around the world. And a number of countries including India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia, and several others are producing black tea.
Americans specifically love it cold, iced black tea. Generally, most people all around the world love to drink a hot cup of tea, but in the United States, people love iced tea. Southeastern states of America started this trend of iced tea and with the passage of time it spread all over the country and people started having iced tea in cans and bottles.
Here, I'll tell you an interesting fact about iced black tea and that is that it tastes incredible "half and half", meaning the mixture of sweetened and unsweetened black tea. Moreover, the addition of honey, lemon, or fresh mint develops an interesting flavor of black tea.
For all those who wish to know the amount of caffeine in this tea, well, a single cup of black tea contains about 50-90 mg caffeine. And caffeine level varies with the type of black tea you are having.
Now coming to the types of black tea, commercially it is sold with respect to its origin. Plus, you'll also find various blends of black tea leaves as well. Let's find out the most famous black tea types according to the place of production. 
1.    Ceylon Black Tea
2.    Yunnan Black Tea
3.    Darjeeling Black Tea
4.    Kenyan Black Tea
5.    Assam Black Tea
6.    Nilgiri Black Tea
7.    Keemun Black Tea

•    White Tea Types
White tea is exceedingly beneficial for your health. We all are well aware of the benefits of green tea. But as white is significantly less processed as compared to the green tea so it is more beneficial. And that is because it is loaded with antioxidants which are exceptional to get glowing skin, reduce weight and anti-aging. Moreover, it is tested to improve cardiovascular health and against osteoporosis.
White tea is available in various tasty tea types for tea lovers. Let's find out what are these in detail.
1.    Silver Needle
Silver Needle is the topmost expensive white and that is because of its pure and premium quality. Because of its strenuous and different processing, it is not that common rather rare. Silver Needle is purely prepared from the buds of the Camellia Sinensis plant. The buds are plucked in the early Spring season and air-dried in the shade. As the buds are left out to wilt and dry naturally, the dried buds form an appearance of the beautiful sheen needle, thus it is named Silver Needle.
2.    White Peony
White peony is one of the highest quality white tea. This tea is prepared using unopened buds and leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant. It has a superbly strong flavor and is appreciated in America, Europe and most parts of Asia. With the addition of leaves, its quality is a little lower than the Silver Needle but is more common.
3.    Tribute Eyebrow
Tribute eyebrow has a curled shape and is a little darker in color. Talking about its quality, well this tea is not of high quality rather is low grade as compared to other white tea types. This tea is prepared using young leaves of the plant only without adding any buds.
4.    Fujian New Craft
Fujian New Craft is newly crafted white tea in comparison with all other white tea types, as it was developed in the 60s. This tea is prepared on a grand scale. The processing time and method of Fujian New Craft are not difficult of long which makes its production easy on a large scale in a comparatively short amount of time. To prepare it, the leaves are slightly withered, rolled and air-dried. It is the strongest type of white tea.
5.    Longevity Eyebrow
You must be surprisingly shocked by the names of the white tea types. The names of these types perfectly describe the appearance of the dried tea, and once you'll look at these you will surely know to understand it. For example, this longevity eyebrow has slightly dark color with curly appearance. It is very similar to the tribute eyebrow. This tea is not prepared with the first harvest like silver needle and white peony so it is not of premium quality. Its taste is quite similar to the taste and aroma of oolong tea.
•    Puerh Tea Types
Puerh tea is traditional Chinese tea originated from the garden of the Southeastern Chinese garden of Yunnan Province. This tea is prepared from the old and wild trees of the Assamica variety of Camellia Sinensis plant. Puerh tea has two tasty tea types for tea lovers, which are:
1.    Seng Cha, that literally means raw or green.
2.    Shu Cha, the literal meaning of this word are fermented, red or ripe.
The age of the tree, the origin of the plant, and the drying process of the leaves determine the quality and taste of the final product. No matter which type of Pureh tea you'll choose, it will feel light refreshing and soothing.
•    Oolong Tea Types
Oolong tea is one of the widely used tasty tea types for tea lovers that is enriched with healthy nutrients. This tea ranges between black tea and green tea. Its oxidation level changes with respect to its harvesting and processing style between 10 to 80%. If the oolong tea is less oxidized then the dried leaves will resemble green tea and it is more oxidized then it will resemble the black tea.
The process of making oolong is time-consuming and requires intensive labor. After plucking the leaves, the leaves are air-dried under the sun. Then the wilted leaves are tossed on the large trays to speed up the oxidation process. Then after a while, the leaves are heated to halt the oxidation process. And this process of semi-oxidation brings out the unique flavor of oolong tea.
Now coming to the types of oolong tea. It is categorized on the basis of the style of its production. There are two types of oolong tea on the basis of appearance,
1.    Small-sized, Curled and wrapped (like Tieguanyin oolong tea) 
2.    Long, Curled, strip-shaped (such as Da Hong Pao Oolong tea)
Other than these, oolong tea varies from its origin as well. Mainly the oolong teas of China and Taiwan are the most popular ones for their taste, aroma, and numerous benefits. Each type of oolong tea can be easily distinguished because of their unique and beautiful fragrance, and aftertaste.
Moreover, a lot of exotic blends of oolong tea are also available.
•    Yellow Tea
Yellow tea is another superbly amazing variety of tea, also originated from China. It is particularly known for its silky taste, remarkable flavor and extraordinary deliciousness. Yellow tea is among the rarest and the most expensive teas. And recent scientific studies have also shown its outstanding benefits on human health.
The manufacturing process of yellow tea is very much alike other tea, but just have one single extra step of "sealed yellowing". During this step, the tea leaves are completely encased and steamed to remove the earthy smell. Moreover, this yellowing step decreases the speed of oxidation which gives it the characteristic color, mellow taste, and beautiful fragrance.
Talking about the nutritional content of the yellow tea, it is loaded with polyphenols, theanine, and caffeine. Polyphenols are the antioxidants that are exceptionally beneficial for your health. Theanine helps in lowering high blood pressure and also reduce stress and anxiety. Moreover, yellow tea also offers vitamin B complex and vitamin C. Regular intake of this tea also improves the lipid metabolism of your body and protect you against microorganisms.
Overall, yellow tea not only tastes amazingly well but also proves exceedingly beneficial for your health. 
There you go. I hope you have liked my list of tasty tea types for tea lovers. Surely, knowing so many incredibly different and amazing types of tea is fascinating; and I expect that you will be trying one of them very soon. Do comment below and let us know which one is your favorite tea type among all.

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