How to Keep Love Alive in a Relationship

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This is a common perception (which is true, often) that with time the relationship between partners becomes dry, unexciting, and almost dead. And most of the time, many couples hesitate to tie the knot because are they afraid that things will go bad for them as well. For many couples, keeping the excitement, attraction, and desire alive in the relationship becomes a strenuous task and things eventually turn bleak, boring, and dull. This situation can certainly happen but it surely isn't inevitable. You keep the heat within your relationship aflame by simple things. Here, I will tell you some secrets to how to keep love alive in a relationship. If you are honest and determined then you will certainly be able to surpass all the hurdles.
1.    Start Dating Again
Well, this may have sounded a little weird for you, but dating is not only for the youngsters who have just started going out. Rather dating is exceedingly important to stay connected to each other on a deeper level.
Dating can act as magic for your own self and for your partner as well. Leaving the excruciatingly captivating work and extremely busy home life can give a fresh start to both of you. Being with your lover at a beautiful place, dining out at a cozy restaurant or enjoying fresh breeze on a beach can have a magical effect on your mind that will trickle down on your relationship as well.
Going out of the home is not really necessary if you two can get some time out of your routine just for each other. Make a yummy dinner or plan watching a movie, and just enjoy each other's company.
Make dating habitual, and you will never complain about having a boring relationship ever.
2.    Plan a Second and then a third (and so on) Honeymoon
The honeymoon period is the most romantic, fun, carefree, and dreamy period of the couple's life. But as soon as routine takes over, partners forget how relaxed, in love and comfortable they feel in each other's company. And that is the time when they desperately need to plan a second honeymoon.
Not a bad idea, hunh! Honeymoon isn't necessarily for the newlywed couples only. All couples, no matter how long they have been together, can go on a honeymoon (surely without kids), Having a spare time out on vacations can make a huge difference in your life. With excessive work, harsh routine, and life hassles, the honeymoon can revive the deep love you two have while letting you forget all the troubles and difficulties of life.
And this must not remain till the second honeymoon, rather make it a habit. Go on a third, fourth and infinite number of honeymoons together and celebrate each and every minute of togetherness. 
3.    Have a Hot Bath Together
Longing for physical intimacy with each other is one of the most important signs of feeling the love for your partner. And this is one of those things that will not cost you a penny but is surely enough to realize the significance of having the love of your life with you. Enjoying a soothing and relaxing, as well as sensual and flirty hot bath together will ignite the lost feelings of love and sexual attraction that may have buried away with the cruelty of time. Enhance the spirit of romance and add some fragrant candlelight, bath bombs, and other tranquilizing stuff and feel each other's company to the fullest.
4.    Create a Tech-Free Environment Every Once in a While
In this tech-shadowed age, living without your cell phone, laptop, iPad seems impossible. And it seems like we are living in the technological cloud rather than walking on the earth. Whether it is our social life, work-life, or even personal life; all seems to be impossible to carry on without having any of these devices in hand.
All the important stuff aside, to have a long-lasting, happy, and healthy relationship with your partner, you both got to say goodbye to all these devices for a while. This creation of a tech-free time will zone you two out and you will be able to enjoy intimacy without any sort of interruption.
Simply create an hour or two from your routine and serve this time only for you and your partner. This will give you physical as well as mental satisfaction. But the key is that you both are willing to ditch the cell phone, only then this will do the trick.
5.    Give Some Pleasurable Services to Each Other Every Now and Then
Being there for each other is a big deal. The even bigger thing is to pamper each other every once in a while. This may include anything your partner may appreciate. For example, you can give him/ her a relaxing massage, wash each other's hair, shave your partner's face, or anything like that.
Surely, the sky is the limit. Surely, a lot of couples have so many secret stuff that tantalizes their feelings, and they mainly do these things at the start of the relationship. So, there is never too late. If you have some secret weapon, try it out and revitalize your love. 
6.     A Little Touch or Loving Gaze can Spark Enormous Love, Keep Doing That
The way your lover gaze you are one the most beautiful things one can experience in a lifetime. Surely, physical intimacy is vital, but the connection a couple can feel and built with the eyes only is massive.
The way your eyes can convey the message of love is certainly not at all possible with anything else. So to keep this connection. There is no need to exchange words. Just feel the presence of each other with a beautiful, romantic and passionate stare.
You may think it as something weird or awkward, but experience it and let your love settle in. And then you will see the pure magic.
7.    Cook Meal for Each Other
Anyone who is reading this and is wondering how to keep love alive in a relationship should know that it is not that difficult as it seems. You can feel ignite the spark of love in a relationship by doing simple things. And of those things is cooking. You do not have to be a great and the most proficient cook to please your partner. All the love and care are hidden in the effort you put into doing something. And on top of it, feed the food to each other. It may be sounding cheesy here, but trust me it's worth the try. Feeding a forkful of meal to your partner will enhance your intimacy and desire for each other. 
8.    Give and Take Full Body Massage
Physical intimacy, in any form, can be the most tantalizing and appealing thing to keep the romance going. Full body massage is an excellent way to feel each other's presence. There certainly no need to have a fancy collection of essential oils, or massage tables; as it is not something professional, but purely pleasurable. Just be there and enjoy the moment with your partner.
9.    Twirl a Little in Private
Have a little dance in private on some romantic music. Shake off all the stress of the day, have some dinner, and then enjoy a romantic dance with your partner. Dancing in your own home, in private, comes with all sorts of perks and advantages.
One of those advantages is that you can dance without clothes. You are not roommates or business partners, so no hesitations whatsoever. Enjoy each other's presence and feel the love within your heart for your partner. And you will surely feel that all of a sudden, all of your doubts of fading love will vanish away.
10.    Read Romantic Stuff Together
How to keep love alive in a relationship seems a difficult question but is not at all. It is as simple as reading a great romantic novel or some dreamy poetry for each other. The literature is filled with amazing romantic stuff. The poems of tender love, sweetness, and exotic beauty can inspire you to love and be loved. And then in novels, reading just a page or even a well-written passage can do the trick and make you feel the importance of each other in life. Good prose or poem can keep your love alive forever.
11.    Romantic Talk can Melt Anyone's Heart
The language of love can convey millions of emotions in just a few words. Your romantic feelings for your lover can never go unnoticed if you express them before him/ her.
Romance is all about cherishing the presence of your loved one in your life and spending each day and every day appreciating that love. It is most commonly observed that couples who experience detachment and loss of love in the relationship don't actually remember the day or time they express their love or true feelings. with the partner.
It is extremely necessary to show your love with words. So get on it before time runs out. 
12.    Hide Small Love Notes to Surprise Your Partner
This is one of the best answers to the question, how to keep love alive in a relationship. To keep the romance, love, and desire for each other alive, try keeping the suspense active. One exceptional way of doing that is hiding small notes having cute and sweet words of your love for him/ her written.
These unexpected surprises will melt your lover's heart right away. You can hide them anywhere, the places he/ she will be visiting first thing in the morning or last thing before going to bed. Or you can surprise them at the workplace as well. For example hide these notes below the pillow, in the bookrack, in the closet or anywhere else. Using cute little tricks can improve your love life tremendously.
13.    Renew Your Vows
Vows are one of the very special parts of your wedding. Through your vows, you exchange your depths of love for each other, the significance of your partner in your life, and your expectations of spending a loving, prosperous and happy future together.
Vows are not necessarily constricted to your wedding day. Renewing your vows can bring in the same sense of love, and romance within you two. And after all the years you and your partner have spent with each other, these vows will also be the embodiment of gratitude of being with each other through thick and thin.
There is no need of a full-fledge ceremony (do it if you want, surely no harm in celebrating your love with your family and friends), rather just speak your heart out to your partner and listen to him/ her as well. Try to do the things the way he/ she prefers, and enjoy the presence of each other in life.
14.    Spare Some Time (even a minute) to Ask How's another Person is Doing
Ask how the other person is feeling. Keeping a check on each other reminds the other person that you care. It doesn't matter how much time you are spending with each other. If you are not asking the very basic questions with each, you are missing a lot.
Living under one roof is not what makes you a great partner, rather in order to deepen and strengthen the beauty of your relationship it is necessary to see how the other person is doing. It is a very simple yet gigantically important thing to do, and you will definitely see enormous changes in your life. 
15.    Add a Little Twist to Old Habits
Unchanged routine for years and years creates dullness, dryness, and boredom in life; and all these feelings negatively affect the beauty of your relationship. Each and every one of us needs some spark, something unusual, and apart from our daily routine every once in a while.
These little and unexpected surprises make a ripple in your stagnant life and keep it refreshed, energetic, and lively. Coming to how to keep love alive in a relationship specifically, your relationship also requires some unusual, fun, and startling stuff every once in a while. These things don't need to be over the top, expensive or extravagant. Rather, simple and small acts of showing your love and level of care for your partner can melt your lover's heart right away.
Surely, most of the couples do have some special rituals or old habits that they do tend to keep as is. It will be great to give a unique twist to these old lovely habits. Just think of things that your partner would appreciate and love; do them with a new angle and then experience the newness in your relationship.
16.    Practice the Activities which Made You Fall in Love with Your Partner
Instead of pondering on the negatives all the time try to remember those special habits of your partner which made you fall in love. This will lighten up your heart, and make you realize what triggered you to hold your partner's hand for life.
The answer to how to keep love alive in a relationship will become extremely easy for you once you realize this. These activities can be anything like cooking something special together, going to some memorable restaurants where you first met, or anything alike. Live your past love life again and remember all the fun you two had together.
Do any of these things at least one time a month and call it the date. This way you will pave a steady yet steamy relationship all your life. And one thing that both you must take care of is to not forget doing this. It will be great if you keep track and give some special time to each other.
17.    Accept and Appreciate Each Other
Accept and appreciate the truth and originality of one's personality. Do not try to change anything or overpower your partner. This is called mindful tactics to have prosperity in a relationship. If you have fallen in love with someone then realize this and keep it in mind that you accept him or her the way he/ she is.
Appreciate all the goodness, simplicity and honesty of one's personality; and take it from there. No relationship can go for longer if both partners are not honest with each other. This mindful loving will empower your love for one another.
But understand this, that it is not about tolerating the other person. There is a huge difference between tolerating and accepting. You tolerate things that annoy you, but you accept someone with all your heart. Open your heart and feel the love.
18.    Be Understanding of Ups and Downs of Your Relationship
You must have known by now that the answer to how to keep love alive in a relationship is not that difficult. You start winning your love right when you start trying. And if you are trying then it means it was never even gone ever. It was always there in your heart and is still there to stay forever.
The best thing is that you two understand the situation and are willing to cope up with your life together. A good couple becomes a great couple if they lead their lives through every thick and thin having hands wrapped around each other. If you two are together and surely any time shall pass easily.
Moreover, you two must be understanding of each other's downfall as well; and should stick with each other. Most of the time, things are not crystal clear. We all have something dug in our hearts that we fear sharing with anyone. A partner must be someone who is there to listen to everything of his/ her lover. And this deep level of understanding will keep your relationship stronger.
19.    Give Each Other Some Space
No relationship can flourish beautifully if the partners are too conscious, and possessive about each other. You got to give some space to your partner. All the human relationship exists with some pure pleasure, love, harmony, and balance.
Maintaining the balance between overshadowing, and freeing your partner is the key to any relationship. Some people become too touchy about their partners that they want to know each and every single detail of their life. While others totally forget about asking.
Both scenarios are utterly deteriorating for any relationship. The key is to have a middle ground. It is exceptionally necessary to give your partner (and also have some of your own) space in order to have a fun and loving relationship.
20.    Focus on Positive Qualities of Each Other Rather than Concentrating on Negative Habits
Concentrating on all the negative things of your partner is one of the major factors in the downfall of a healthy and happy relationship. If you want to carry on the relationship then it is essential to keep the conversation line open. Discuss all the things that are annoying you calmly and patiently; also wholeheartedly accept criticism from another side as well. Any relationship is a two-way street, and you cannot have it both ways. Plus, try to focus on good stuff rather than pondering on the bad habits all the time.
There you have it. Everyone wondering about how to keep love alive in a relationship must have got their answer. I really hope that these simple and small, yet highly recommended tips and tricks will bring newness, fun, and a dazzling spark of love in your relationship. If you have just started your relationship and are getting cold feet thinking of losing all the beauty and romance with time; well know it that time not necessarily ruin your relationship rather it is quite possible that the love you and your partner have for each keeps getting stronger and stronger with time. And to keep things fresh, and dreamy you have just learned some great tips. Follow your heart and practice a few of these tips and have a blissful life ahead.

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