Top Foods Americans are Crazy About

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Americans love food, all kinds of stuff. But there are some special dishes which they adore the most. Let's wait no more and talk about the top foods Americans are crazy about!

1.    Mac & Cheese

Mac and cheese are loved by every American, it is like a go-to meal. A gooey ball of amazingly textured and lusciously delicious mac and cheese is everyone's favorite. Where ever in America you will try a bowl of mac and cheese, you will find the taste and texture splendid, and will surely remember it forever.

2.    The CheeseburgerAmericans cannot live without burgers, and a cheeseburger is their top favorite one. Whenever you will see an American menu, you will definitely find a cheeseburger there.
3.    Corn Dog
Corn dog introduced to the world by Fletcher brothers, named Neil and Carl in 1942 when they served it at the State Fair of Texas. And since then the beautiful mix of cornbread with delicious hot dogs became a hit and a classic in the food history of America.
4.    Apple Pie
"There is no 4th of July, without Apple Pie", one of the many famous quotes of Joey from the "Friends" truly depicts the humungous craze of Americans for the Apple pie. This sweet sensation is considered a national treasure. This simple yet mind wobblingly tasty dish is loved by every American. If you come across anyone saying that key lime or pecan pie is better than the apple pie, consider it a lie.
5.    Drop Biscuits and Sausage Gravy
When talking about the top foods Americans are crazy about, you can never skip the gooey, silky, and amazingly nutritious biscuits. Especially the ones that are made with buttermilk and lard are the most favorite biscuits of all time. In countryside places such as Montana where most of the people are indulged in energy-draining chores, biscuits smothered in thick yummy gravy are must at the breakfast. You will find a number of different types of biscuits all delivering mouth-watering flavor that is certainly irresistible.
6.    Jambalaya
Jambalaya is an African dish that came in the United States at the time of the slave trade. It is similar to Cobb salad, enriched with nutritious content. It is cooked with some protein such as seafood, sausages, or chicken, along with rice, onion, garlic, bell pepper, and yummy seasonings. 
7.    Tater Tots
Light, crispy and immensely delicious tater tots had to made to this dish. A survey showed that more than 70 million pounds of these amazing tots got consumed by Americans in a year. This is like a must-have side dish to whatever you are having as a main course.
8.    Grits
Native Americans originated this dish which became immensely popular over time. It is prepared using cornmeal which is made by grinding corn. This dish is creamy, buttery and utterly delicious.
9.    Baked Alaska
Baked Alaska is famous all over the world, but Americans have some unique affiliation with it. The story of its creation is really interesting. United States got Alaska state from Russia on 30th March 1867. And the price they paid was ridiculously cheap. They bought it by paying just two cents per acre, making the total payment of 7.2 million USD. To celebrate this great trade, New York's chef, Charles Ranhofer created baked Alaska which is an igloo-shaped cake loaded with layers of ice cream. And the top is coated with toasted meringue.
10.    The Hot Dog
Hot dogs are enormously famous in America, throughout the country. There will no game/ match in which spectators are not having a bite full of hot dogs. This amazing American food is easy to prepare but exceptionally tasty on the palette. Other than baseball games, you'll see food trucks selling hot dogs on almost every nook and corner in America.
11.    Texas Barbecue
Barbecue is not something done on special occasions, rather it is a usual routine for the Texans. The most common barbecue items for the country folks are smoked and well-tenderized rubs. This not just a casual routine but an obsession for these folks. One of the topmost favorite spots to find delicious barbecue in Dallas Farmers Market. You surely won't be disappointed by the taste, texture and overall presentation. 
12.    Cobb Salad
Cobb salad is like a late-night snack for some Americans while others can have a bite full of this superbly nutritious salad at any time of the day
13.    Cornbread
Prepared with cornmeal, cornbread is not only delicious but is also packed with nutritious. It is eaten on its own, or added in the salad, stew, soups, or made sandwiches with.
14.    Reuben
This is a classic sandwich prepared with corned beef, melted slices of cheese, sauerkraut, and two slices of nutritious rye bread. Other than corned beef, some people like to have the slice of good pastrami as well.
15.    The Lobster Roll
Well, some Americans consider lobsters as a luxury item that not all can afford. However, the true lovers of seafood cannot say no to some lobster rolls with a sauce.
16.    Grilled Cheese
Cheese, in any form, is a delight, not only for Americans but for everyone all over the globe. Toasted, or grilled cheese sandwiches with some tomato soup are considered heaven on earth and are loved by kids of all ages.
17.    Gumbo
Gumbo is a bowl full of traditions, enriched with file, roux or okra. The origin of Gumbo dates back to the age of slavery. The fragrance that comes from the cooking of gumbo in large pots of stew is enough to bring back the family together.
18.    Buffalo Chicken Wings
Buffalo wings were first introduced at a bar, called Anchor Bar, in Buffalo New York. And within no time they became one of the most favorite dishes of every American on a game day.
19.    Chili
Chili is one of the top foods Americans are crazy about. It is prepared with savory beans, and of course meat. The combination of beans and meat creates an exceptionally nutritious recipe that is loaded with tons of spices. Texans own this dish and spread their flavor all over America with this unique dish. However, Cincinnati adds its own touch on this dish, and just put some chili on the noodles.
20.    California Roll
California roll is America's personalized form of sushi. This is prepared by inverting the seaweed and adding rice and toro (a form of raw tuna) inside. This is loved by Americans.
21.    Alaskan Salmon
Atlantic Alaskan salmon is one of the cleanest fish available in the ocean. Chefs give it a smoky flavor and cook on slow flame; it is served with lox and bagels. 
22.    Key Lime Pie
Key lime pie is incredibly delicious and for the better taste, Americans are torn between the Apple pie and key lime pie as both are utterly delicious.
23.    Thanksgiving's special Turkey
This certainly not just one of the top foods Americans are crazy about, rather thanksgiving is a complete meal for the whole family. Thanksgiving dinner is considered incomplete if there is no turkey on the table. Americans love to have a plate full of deliciously cooked, and well-seasoned turkey on thanksgiving.
24.    Chicago's Special Deep Dish Pizza
Chicago's pizza is really different from New York's pizza both the way it looks and the way it tastes. It is not thin crust, rather prepared in a deep dish and hence the name deep-dish pizza. And because of that deep dish, this pizza comes loaded with cheese and sauce. The amount of stuffing this pizza offers, Americans rightfully call it a "pie" more often. Chicago's people take incredible pride in their creation.
25.    Philly Cheesesteak
The lovers of greasy, cheesy, and loaded sandwich love this Philly cheesesteak. Considering its heavy greasiness, it is impossible to have it without having a classic "the Philadelphia Lean", the body posture that Phillies have introduced especially for this sandwich.
26.    Meatloaf
Meatloaf requires no introduction. A meatloaf contains all the natural juices and seasoned with just the right amount of spices to make it more delicious.
27.    New England Clam Chowder
You may find it untrue (and it is), but it is considered illegal to go Boston and come without tasting the New England clam chowder. Though this looks hideous as it is lumpy, white and seems a little dirty. Nonetheless, this soup smells amazing. Apart from its looks, juicy chunks of clam, luscious heavy cream, and butter will feel exceptionally amazing in your mouth and you will definitely wish to eat more than one bowl. The first clam chowder was served at Boston's Ye Olde Union Oyster House in the United States in 1836, and since then it is a super hit to date.
28.    Deviled Eggs
Deviled eggs are definitely one of the topmost favorite appetizers in almost all menus in American restaurants. Though the roots of this dish do not belong to the United States, now Americans delve into these deviled eggs like their own.
29.    Chicken and Waffles
The combination of chicken and waffles is a classic one that dates back to the '30s. This superb duo offers the crispiness of fried chicken with the soft fluff of waffles. And when the dish gets topped with some drizzle of maple syrup, the taste becomes mind-blowingly amazing. This traditional yet dynamic duo is a hit in every American household.
30.    S'mores
The actual word is "Some Mores", and the recipe of these yummy bites debuted in 1927 in the magazine named, Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts. Americans have formulated so many amazing sweet recipes with s' mores and just love to have them in one way or another
31.    Sloppy Joes
Sloppy Joes is another great, yummy and immensely popular type of burgers. This burger is loaded with meat and spicy flavors. Your visit to America is surely incomplete if you haven't had a bite of Sloppy joes.
32.    Coleslaw
Americans are not only great fans of burgers, but they also love to have bite full of healthy salads. Coleslaw is just like potato salad, originally created by the Dutch. This is cabbage salad and is a creamy and lusciously mouthwatering salad.
33.    Corn & Cob
Corn and cob is another great hit at the games. No matter in which state you are, if you are attending a festival or fair, you will definitely get to taste the crispy and juicy sweet corns on the cob.
34.    Peach Cobbler
Cobbler is an amazing adaptation of classic British pudding. When people from Europe came to America and desired to have a bite of their native countries, they started making cobbler with the fruits available on American soil. And since then, the peach cobbler has become a major hit among Americans.
35.    Red Velvet Cake
Red velvet cake is a massive hit all over America. The lusciously creamy texture of this cake gives you a beautiful amalgamation of roughness and smoothness. And the cut between creamy white color and rich cherry red color looks incredibly awesome to see. This cake is not only amazing in taste but also great to look at as well.
36.    Pancake, eggs, and bacon breakfast
While talking about the top foods Americans are crazy about, sharing a perfect "American breakfast" is definitely a must. This includes some yummy nuts, fried eggs, and crispy bacon on the side. Add some fruits with this, and there you go. Your perfect American breakfast is ready.
37.    Popcorn (A must in Movie Theaters)
Americans have invented a combination of movies and popcorns. They just cannot go to the movie theater without holding a bucket full of simple or flavored popcorns.
38.    New York's Pizza
This one is among the top foods Americans are crazy about and New Yorkers love to eat pizza every now and then. To be very honest, no matter what the occasion is, New Yorkers will love to have a slice of pizza. Whether it's an office party, birthday celebration, or just some friends are hanging out; a pizza on the table is a must.
39.    Pastrami on Rye
Pastrami on rye is the epic American sandwich that you can have a bite from any Jewish Deli. These irresistible sandwiches will definitely give you a stomach ache as it will be difficult for you to put them down after just one.
40.    Chicken-fried steak
Country side's chicken-fried steak is the finest of steaks that are full of flavors, juices, and smell. This is prepared using special cut of meat and is enriched with spices as well. And deep-frying brings on the flavors to the fullest and gives it a unique texture.
41.    Hamburger
A burger is a truly American creation and every American has a single favorite spot of his own where he finds the best burger of his liking. It is liked by almost everyone throughout the 50 states. Hamburger comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, flavors, and assortment; and all of the types deliver one common thing, delicious taste.
42.    Chilidog
Chilidog is like uniting two of the iconic American food, hot dog and chili. This too is one of the most favorite and highly demanded dishes at the baseball fare.
43.    Good Old Raisins and Peanuts (GORP)
GORP is like a nutrition bar, especially for the backpackers. The idea behind Good Old Raisins and Peanuts came from Europe, where people hike as a pastime. Making Good Old Raisins and Peanuts is immensely easy. Just put all your favorite nuts such as seeds, pecan nuts, Canadian ginger, granola, dried fruits, and some M&Ms, in a single jar and there you go. This will be your energy booster.
44.    Beef Jerky
Beef jerky came to America with the migration of Europeans to North America. They used this to fulfill their protein needs at the time of long travels. And to this date, beef jerky is a hit when traveling from one place to the other.
45.    Baked Beans
Native Americans love their traditional dish of baked beans. They love to eat it with hot dogs or grilled chicken every now and then.
46.    Onion Rings
Onion rings are simple yet classic. These are often served or eaten as the substitute for french fries. The mix of sogginess of the onion with the crisp of outer coating gives an incredible feeling inside the mouth. There is a range of recipes available to prepare onion rings, all delivering the best taste.
47.    BBQ Ribs
No American can deny the juicy, spicy and smoked flavor of BBQ ribs. BBQ ribs are loved by all Americans, especially the country people.
48.    Fajitas
Fajita is a mix of Mexican and Texan cuisine at their best. faja is a Spanish word which means grilled skirt steak. When the steak is grilled and wrapped in a tortilla then you will get the favorite fajita tacos of the rodeos in Texas. The fame of fajita begin Texas back in 1969 and is still hot.
49.    Po'boy
Sounds cool yet unfamiliar, no? Po'Boy takes its name from the word "Poor Boy" when said in the New Orleans's accent. This is the topmost favorite sandwich of America and is available everywhere.
50.    Potato Chips
Simple yet addictive, thin slices of deep-fried potato chips are favorite food of every American. Americans love to tam down their hunger with a bowl full of fried chips or some crunchy potato chips. In whatever manner potato chips are prepared, Americans will adore it to their hearts.
51.    Fortune Cookies
Well, you must be thinking that fortune cookies are specialty of China. Sure, you are right but these are also hugely famous in America. Americans just love the anticipation and fun of getting a paper out of the cookie and knowing what's written inside for them.
52.    Chocolate chip Cookies
Americans love cookies and chocolate chip cookies are one of the top foods Americans are crazy about. There is a huge range of brands available in America that deliver chocolate chip cookies and all of these brands are loved.
53.    Blueberry Cobbler
Cobblers came into being in the British American colonies and are loved by heart until this date. The real reason behind cooking this dish was using only a pan over or pot on the flames instead of using an oven. This may seem like a sloppy version of British pudding that is a refine dish prepared with steamed fruits. However, blueberries are particularly produced in  North America, so this dish surely cannot be replicated. Other than this yummy blueberry cobbler, Americans love another blueberry recipe, the blueberry muffins.
54.    Bagel and Lox
Another hit from New York. It is definitely impossible to restrict New York's cuisine with just a single dish, as it inhabits an overpowering community of different ethnicities. Among all the famous New York's foods including pizza, pastrami, and of course coffee; one of the top foods Americans are crazy about is bagel. This one is backed by the Jewish community who love bagel and lox. Bagels come in a variety of flavors and are loved by everyone.
55.    Tacos
Every street and corner of Los Angeles will surely have some sort of tacos selling points. The Spanish community here in America is overwhelmingly active and that is the reason you can relish your taste buds with all the different styles of Mexican cuisines. Tacos are definitely every American's favorite food, as these are not only packed with flavors but are also incredibly delicious.
Other amazing dishes that are loved by the Americans include,
56.    Nachos
57.    New Mexican flat enchiladas
58.    Indian Frybread
59.    BLT
60.    Frito Pie
61.    Green Chile Stew
62.    Reuben Sandwich
63.    Raw Oysters
64.    PB &J Sandwich
65.    Fried Cheese Curds
66.    Banana Split
67.    Maryland Crab Cakes
68.    Burrito
69.    Pot Roast
70.    Twinkies
71.    Cioppino
72.    Green chile stew
73.    Frito Pie
74.    San Francisco sourdough bread
75.    Smithfield ham
76.    Scrapple
77.    Tenderloin sandwich

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