Most Delicious Foods that are Famous All Across Africa

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Africa is renowned for the enormity of its land and range of wildlife all across the globe. However, very little is known about the amazingly delicious, diverse, and mouthwatering food of Africa. Knowing Africa is the second-largest continent of the world and with that being the second populous continent as well, it is quite obvious that African food would be diverse, and different with a range of flavors, tastes, and textures. Here, we will tell you about the 47 most delicious foods that are famous all across Africa. You may have heard about a few of these amazing foods, but it is surely doubtful that you know all of them. So, without further ado, let's get started. 
1.    Bunny Chow
Famous in Country: South Africa
Cute by its name and utterly delicious by its taste, South Africa's special dish Bunny Chow is exceptionally fulfilling food that will leave its imprints in your mind forever. This wholesome dish is satisfying for both meat and bread lovers and on top, the gravy combines all the flavors pleasantly well.
2.    Kitfo
Famous in Country: Ethiopia
Coming to the food of the uprising African country Ethiopia, its cuisine is mouthwatering and has a range of flavors and textures that truly depict pure African culture. Kitfo is prepared with raw beef and what makes it special is the addition of traditional and authentic Ethiopian spices and herbs. Its buttery texture and mildly spicy taste make it a catch.
3.    Beyenatu
Famous in Country: Ethiopia
Now talking about another Ethiopian specialty that is among the most delicious foods that are famous all across Africa is Beyenato. This dish is particularly prepared for the satisfaction of vegetarians as it is loaded with the goodness of spiced greens, beats, different lentils, and a variety of other vegetables.
4.    Palm Butter
Famous in Countries: Liberia, Gabon
Originally from Gabon and Liberia, palm butter is famous all over the African continent. Palm butter is a combination of crunchy nuts served with a thick buttery sauce. This is a special lunchtime dish in Liberia, that is loved by every member of the family. The creamy richness of butter and intense nutritional contents of nuts makes this dish one of the bests.
5.    Pondu (Saka-Saka)
Famous in Country:  Danish Refugee Council (DRC)
There are loads of reasons to eat and enjoy Pondu but none not to. It surely is the special dish of DRC but neighboring countries like Rwanda can't refuse themselves from cooking and enjoying it every once in a while. It is prepared with onions, palm oil, chili and cassava leaves.
6.    Pweza wa nazi
Famous in Country: (Zanzibar)Tanzania
From the plains of stunningly beautiful country Tanzania, Pweza wa nazi tastes like a pleasant explosion of flavors and fragrances in a single plate. This dish truly lives up to a seafood lover's dream. It is specifically cooked with coconut milk and lime. Together all these ingredients make a lavishly creamy and tasty meal.
7.    Caranguejo e Coco (Coconut Crab Curry)
Famous in Country: Mozambique
Caranguejo e Coco is not only popular in Mozambique but for its great flavors, this dish has won millions of hearts all over Africa. In this dish, you will get a beautiful blend of both savory, curry and creamy coconut milk. The creamy texture of the coconut milk is perfectly blended with authentic African spices and is the signature step in its preparation.
8.    Fufu & Palm Nut Soup
Famous in Country: Ghana
The delicious cuisine of Ghana never ceases to impress, and this dish is the acclamation of the amazement of Ghanaian cuisine. Palm-nut soup is the specialty of Ghana and fufu is loved all over Western Africa.
9.    Nyama choma
Famous in Country: Kenya
The name of the dish is Kenyan word meaning "grilled meats" which perfectly describes the basic ingredient of the dish. The original version of this dish is made with goat ribs, however, people men the meat type as per their preference.
10.    Nsaka madesu
Famous in Country: Congo
It is the comfort food for the people of Congo. It is cooked with cassava leaves, beans, garlic, onion, and peppers. This dish is definitely part of all family get together in Congo.
11.    Suya
Famous in Country: Nigeria, Niger, Ghana, Cameroon
Suya is basically spicy kebab which is prepared by blending meat in various traditional African spices. It is one of the famous African street food as well. When people want to give a special treat, they do include this dish on the menu.
12.    Fufu with groundnut stew and okra
Famous in Countries: Ghana
The name of the dish perfectly describes the blend of a lot of different flavors and textures on a single plate. It is loaded with the goodness of nutritious okra, peanut and loads of spices. There is not a single recipe of this dish rather different regions of Africa relish themselves with its different versions. Though it is basically from Ghana you won't find any Africans who are not familiar with its taste.
13.    Waakye
Famous in Countries: Ghana
Another great hit from the beautiful country of Ghana, Waakye is a massive Ghanaian dish that is famous all across the continent. It is a mix of two different sorts of stews, both of which complement one another amazingly well. Every household in Ghana loves to cook this dish every once in a while.
14.    Palm-nut sauce with plantain fufu or omo tuo
Famous in Country: Côte D'Ivoire, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Benin, Togo
If famous in so many African countries then this dish surely has some significance to it. And rightly so, the palm nut sauce served with plantain fufu or omo tuo is famous among all Africans. And many consider this dish as the must on the Christmas table, as it has irresistibly beautiful flavor and creamy texture that you can't get your hands off it. 
15.    Foutou
Famous in Country: Côte D'Ivoire
Foutou from  Côte D'Ivoire is one of the most delicious foods that are famous all across Africa. It is prepared with boiled and hammered plantain and is served with classic Western African soup. The extraordinarily special sweetness of the boiled plantain along with meaty sauce when served together, give a flavorful textured dish.
16.    Tajine
Famous in Country: Morocco
Moroccans love spicy and significantly flavored dishes. This dish called Tajine is one such comfort food of Moroccans. This dish is named after the pot it is cooked in. It is basically casserole of vegetables and meats which is slowly cooked to pack all the flavors.
17.    Mufete
Famous in Country: Angola
Mufete is simply cooked meal prepared by grilling tilapia and It is served with sweet potatoes, beans, cassava, and boiled plantain. The combination of uniquely cooked unique fish with a handful of delicious beans and vegetables taste amazingly yummy on the palate. In this dish, you get all your nutrition in a single bite.
18.    Romazava
Famous in Country: Madagascar
Madagascar has so many unique things to offer, one of which is its superbly distinctive food. Romazava is the national dish of Madagascar and is often prepared at celebratory occasions. It is prepared with greens, beef, pork, tomatoes, garlic, and of course African specialty, onions. People love to eat it with rice.
19.    Kapenta
Famous in Country: Zimbabwe
Kapenta is a dried sardine dish that is cooked in tomato sauce. The mix of saucy tomatoes and dried and crispy sardines seems superb on the palate.
20.    Githeri
Famous in Country: Kenya
This Kenyan traditional meal is one of the most delicious foods that are famous all across Africa. This tasty meal is prepared with beans and corn in a special pot called, Sufuria. Sufuria is a large and flat pot which perfectly distribute heat all across the bottom of the pot to cook corn and beans. People also add meat and potatoes in it to make it tastier.
21.    Attieke-poisson thon et alloco (or cassava, couscous, and fried tuna)
Famous in Country: Côte D'Ivoire
This is a very unique dish, just like its name. As the name indicates, it is prepared with cassava and onion, tomato and fried tuna give this dish its uniqueness. Once you will have a bite of this dried fish, it will become difficult for you to forget its deliciousness and texture.
22.    Ewa Agoyin with Agege Bread
Famous in Country: Nigeria
Here, in this list, you will find plenty of Nigerian dishes which is the testament to this amazing cuisine. Ewa Agoyin is such an incredible Nigerian dish. It basically consists of boiled beans. It is served with spicy stew which gives it an unforgettable flavor.
23.    Ukwa
Famous in Country: Nigeria
Nigerian food is extremely unique and exceptionally flavorful. Ukwa is majorly eaten in the Eastern region of Nigeria where it deliciously replaces porridge. This dish is prepared with breadfruit.
24.    Matapa or Cassava leaf stew
Famous in Country: Mozambique
This is a massively loved and appreciated a dish of Mozambique. The cooking technique of this dish is as unique as its flavor; people of Mozambique own it with pride. It is prepared with cassava leaves which are slowly cooked in coconut milk. The addition of cashew nuts gives this dish an extra boost.
25.    Matoke and groundnut paste
Famous in Countries: Uganda, Rwanda
Popular in Rwanda and Uganda, Matoke is prepared with banana and served with slowly cooked peanut sauce. This combination of foods hit like an explosion of flavors in your mouth.
26.    Ugali, kienyeji mboga and mursik
Famous in Countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda
These are Eastern Africa's specialty. Ugali is often liked with green vegetables, and chicken or beef stew. This is particularly famous for its tons of starchy content.
27.    Moi Moi
Famous in Country: Nigeria
This is a Nigerian staple that is made with black-eyed peas, pepper, and onions. All the ingredients are very well blended and steamed to prepare a yummy bread-like dish. There are various versions of basic moi moi dishes in which people like to add boiled eggs, corned beef, shrimp or fish.
28.    Mealie Bread
Famous in Countries: Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe
Mealie bread is one of the most delicious foods that are famous all across Africa due to its lusciously unique texture that melts in your mouth and also because of its tremendous nutritional content. It is often served and loved hot, straight out of the oven. And people of South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Zambia contest in making its best version.
29.    Ofada Stew
Famous in Country: Nigeria
Nigerian cuisine is one of the tastiest cuisines in Africa. Ofada stew is one such example that makes Nigerian food immensely popular and appreciated. Ofada stew is also called Mama Put among Nigerians, and surely all Africans. This stew is very delicious, spicy, and leave you with a great flavor on your tongue.
30.    Pilau
Famous in Countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda
A special East African rice dish prepared with so many spices giving the rice unique African twist. Including a significant flair of spices, Africans love to add onion, garlic, and ginger in Pilau which makes it nutritious, and distinctively flavored.
31.    Malawah
Famous in Country: Somalia
Malawah is the special dish of Somalia. It is crispy in texture, round in shape and has loads of layers. If you have a sweet tooth then you will fall in love with this dish instantaneously. It is often served with sugar or honey and goes well with Somali tea.
32.    Shito
Famous in Country: Ghana
Shito is a thin sauce prepared with the skin of dried fish. It is often served at dinner tables in Ghana as a side dish. Its unique flavor and significant texture can give a boost to any main dish. It's the deep black color with a flair of greenish-red looks incredibly distinctive.
33.    Cachupa
Famous in Country: Cape Verde
This dish is, hands down, the most traditional and unique dish of Cape Verde. It is prepared by slowly yet consistently cooking sweet potatoes, peas, corn, carrots, fish/ meat, and beans in a large pot. This is a nourishing, warm, and very delicious dish. For anyone who is looking for a unique blend of taste and nutrition, this dish is the answer.
34.    Mogodu
Famous in Country: South Africa
South Africans take pride in Mogodu. This is a famous tripe dish on Southern Africa and is often presented as top restaurants as a traditional dish. The texture of this is particularly very special and significantly unique.
35.    Kachumbari
Famous in Countries: Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi
Kachumbari is a fresh salad that is often served at lunch time. In the hot summers of Africa, this salad act as a bite full of freshness. This salad is prepared with chopped onion, tomatoes, lemon and chili. You can take it as a side dish that every African loves and have eaten many times in his/ her life.
36.    Mandazi
Famous in Countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda
Deep-fried sweet items are definitely the guilty pleasure of many, and Mandazi is one such superbly tasty sweet dish. These are often served with a cup of hot tea as snack items. You cannot have just one of this Mandazi, and will definitely want to have plenty more.
37.    Rolex
Famous in Countries: Uganda
Rolex was listed as the top African food by CNN some years ago, and rightly so. Though it is one of the most popular dishes in Uganda, with its unique taste, vibrant appearance, and high nutritional value it obviously garbs the attention of people from other regions as well. It is basically a breakfast item, prepared with eggs and vegetables.
38.    Samosa
Famous in Countries: Kenya, Tanzania
Samosa is not only one of the most delicious foods that are famous all across Africa but all around the globe. Samosa is eaten in almost every region, with a range of stuffing catering regional tastes. This deep-fried food, often stuffed with meat or vegetables (and sometimes both) is a delightful snack item for many Africans.
39.    Jollof Rice
Famous in Countries: Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Togo, Benin, Mali, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Gambia
Jollof rice is one of the most dishes in West Africa. It is eaten like a celebration. Definitely, one of the most celebrated loved and cherished dishes of all. All the above-listed countries where Jollof rice is a famous claim to make the best version of this dish. Well, we cannot pick which country actually give it the best flavor, rather you got to try and decide yourself.
40.    Caldeirada de Cabrito
Famous in Countries: Angola, Mozambique
Caldeirada de Cabrito is prepared on special occasions in Angola and Mozambique. And interestingly, people of Angola prepare this as a ritual on their Independence Day. So, if you will visit Angola on their Independence Day, you'll surely eat at any place there. Basic ingredients of Caldeirada de Cabrito are potatoes and meat; and other than these two it got garlic, onion, bell pepper and ton of various spices.
41.    Egusi
Famous in Countries: Nigeria, Ghana
This is a traditional West African stew that is often eaten with fufu or a bowl full of rice. This dish is really unique as it is prepared with melon seeds.
42.    Yassa Guinar or Yassa Poulet
Famous in Country: Senegal
Yassa Poulet or Yassa Guinar is a chicken dish. The chicken is very well seasoned and marinated that every bite gives you an incredibly unique flavor and fragrance. Apart from chicken, this dish is served with lusciously creamy onion sauce that is full of flavor, fragrance, and texture.
43.    Ndole & Plantains
Famous in Country: Cameroon
Cameroon's people take the full credit of inventing this amazing dish, Ndole, and Plantains. Though many people believe that it is the National dish of Cameroon, but in reality, it is just so enormously famous there. Ndole and Plantains and is basically prepared with bitter leaf, stewed nuts, and spinach. And all these superb ingredients make a delicious dish.
44.    Seswaa
Famous in Country: Botswana
Seswaa is a meat dish, prepared with both goats and beef. It is particularly famous in Bostwana where people specifically make this dish on special occasions, ceremonies or other celebratory events. The unique seasoning and making technique of Seswaa give this dish an extraordinarily yummy flavor that enhances the texture and flavor of the meat.
45.    Chapati
Famous in Countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda
South Asians are well renowned with chapati, as it is originally from India and Pakistan. Though chapati is eaten almost every day in these countries, this flatbread is also very popular in East Africa. Chapati is eaten with beef stew, any type of gravy, and lentils. As mentioned above, people of Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya are big fans of chapati. Chapati is an excellent alternate of bread that is widely appreciated in America and Europe. If you have not tried it yet, please do. You will love chapati's taste and texture.
46.    Plasas
Famous in Countries: Gambia, Sierra Leone
Plasas is an incredibly healthy, and deliciously tasty stew. This is prepared with all the right ingredients that not only give this stew an amazing taste but also texture and high nutritional value. Let me tell you a few of its ingredients that will make you taste it for sure. Its ingredients include meat, pepper, leafy vegetables, dried fish and peanut sauce.
47.    Efo Riro
Famous in Country: Nigeria
Efo Riro is Nigerians specialty. It is exceptionally nutritious and mouthwatering stew. This dish is prepared with spinach, peppers, tomatoes, catfish, and meat. This Nigerian spinach stew is loved by many in Africa, and owning to its immense nutritional richness this stew can grab the attention of many fitness enthusiasts all over the world.
There you go! These were the 47 most delicious foods that are famous all across Africa. If you think that we have missed out on any great dishes that are particularly famous in any specific region of Africa, then please comment below. It is incredible to share specialties of one region to the other. What else is the internet here for?

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