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New York is an exceptionally diverse, vast, and glorious place; and it is impossible to experience all the interesting stuff this city has to offer. On your trip to New York, it will be excruciatingly difficult for you to choose where to start your journey. Well, here I have compiled a list of some of the fun things to do in New York that you must include in your bucket list. This list only covers a glimpse of what New York City has to offer, but nonetheless, you will love to experience these things. So, without further ado, let's get started!
1.    Wonder Around the Chinatown
You must have seen Chinatown in several Hollywood movies. Well, this is a small testament to its massive popularity among Americans. Though now there are numerous Chinatowns are running in New York City, but the oldest and the original Chinatown is in Lower Manhattan. Walking around the small street of Chinatown will make you feel as if you are not in the United States but in China. To fully discover all the nooks and corners of Chinatown you can sign up with any good guided tour.
2.    Enjoy a Fun Ride of Roosevelt Island Tram
The Roosevelt Island Tram is also famous with the names of the gondola or cable car. I have put it on top of the list because riding on this tram will give you a breathtakingly beautiful view of the globally famous New York skyline. These scenes feel like never seen before, and are great to make some unforgettable fun memories. No matter which part of the day you hop on this ride, both the night's and day's views are stunning and memorable.
3.    Sign Up for NYC Bus Tours
NYC bus tours are exceptionally interesting, and informative, and are also great for sightseeing in a relax mod. These bus tours usually stop at various popular locations which gives you a great idea about all the highlights of the city. Moreover, if you are traveling with kids then these bus tours will give them a chance to relax and sit, and enjoy all the cool things happening around. There is a whole range of packages available for these bust tours which differ on the basis of bus routes, timings, prices, and the number of days.
4.    Attend Any Sports Game
New Yorkers are a big fan of sports, especially hockey. New York City has a total of three hockey teams naming the Devils, the Rangers and the Islanders. But New Yorkers are crazy about baseball. The teams for this sport are the Yankees, the Mets, the New York Giants, the Jets, the Brooklyn Net, and the New York Knicks. All the teams have some diehard fans. If you yourself are a big fan then you can also buy tickets to see these teams playing against each other.  
5.    Visit National September 11th Memorial and Museum
This museum/ memorial is located in a spacious but simply organized open plaza to document and exhibit the souls lost on the tragic day of September 11. There is no ticket or fee required to pay a visit. In the museum, the dreadful events of that day are documented with the help of films, documents, and artifacts. If you wish to see the films then you'll have to pay some charges.
6.    Visit Ellis Island and Lady Liberty
Anyone visiting New York City for the very first time desperately wishes to see two places the most, one in Central Park and the other is the iconic Liberty Lady or the Statue of Liberty. And this is because whenever New York City's name is mentioned anywhere, you surely see a glimpse of this marvelous creation. To completely grasp the essence of both islands, you require at least four wholesome hours. These wonderful islands and Lady Liberty hold immense importance for the people of the United States. 
7.    Eat Authentic New York Food
New York's food is world-famous. There are over twenty thousand restaurants in New York, as per the stats recorded in the year 2018. And the most fun part is that you won't need to pay a mind-wobbling amount to eat some of the world's best and tastiest food. There are all types of foods available including pasta, pizza, mac n cheese, cakes, pies, brownies, cupcakes, Mexican food, Indian food, Chinese food, Italian eateries, and whatnot. But most of all, New York's think crust pizza is particularly famous among the locals and tourists. Honestly, it won't be an exaggeration to say that no matter what the occasion or celebration is, New Yorkers will love a slice of Pizza.
8.    See Live Broadway Show
New York's Broadway is a must-watch. Broadway is the lifeline of New York's entertainment. There you get to see some of the most powerful, entertaining, and mind-blowing performances in every category of theater. Among all the fun things to do in New York, watching a really cool show at Broadway would be the most stunning experience for a theater lover. There is a range of ticket prices available and you can also adjust the tickets as per the number of shows you want to enjoy.
9.    Walk in the Central Park
Strolling in New York's Central Park shuts you away from all the hustle and bustle of the roaring city and makes you feel calm, relaxed and new to the refreshing nature. Central Park is ay more than just a park, rather there you will also see fun rides, open spaces, zoos, lakes, ponds, monuments, fountains, bridges, sculptures, arches, a castle and so much more. These gardens are man-made with an area of more than 690 acres. You surely need a whole day to completely explore this gorgeous park.
10.    Hop on a Boat Cruise Travelling Around Manhattan
Boat cruises of New York City offer you a spectacular view of sites all around. With a different range of boating experiences including sailboats, single ride boats for tourists, hop-on-hop-off all day boats, speedboats, and nighttime rides that also offer superb music, and dinner; you got to choose the best of the bests as per your own preferences.
11.    Relish Yourself with Sightseeing Tours at Night
Nighttime sightseeing tours of New York introduce you with a superbly embellished modern world. Watching glitz and glamour along with gigantic and well-lit buildings that are standing with glory and splendor looks amazing at night. And when you are accompanied by a guide, then you get to know a lot about this beautiful city. These inexpensive nighttime sightseeing tours are surely a must for every visitor. 
12.    See Marvelous Brooklyn Museum
New York proudly presents some of the very well equipped museums, and among these prestigious museums is the Brooklyn Museum. Brooklyn Museum is among the top three largest museums of New York City with an area of 560,000 square feet. This museum is situated in the Beaux-Arts building since 1897. It possesses almost every form of art, all of which worth more than 1.5 million dollars. Brooklyn Museum surely invites people from every walk of life.
13.    Go to Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge is one of the major highlights of New York and is the major component of New York's skyline. It is a suspension bridge that connects lower Manhattan to the Brooklyn Heights and was constructed back in 1883. Watching this bridge along with the gigantic rectangular and arched buildings on both sides beautifully juxtapose grandeur and lightness of the city.
14.    Enjoy Utterly Entertaining Trip to Coney Island
Among all the fun things to do in New York-listed here, visiting Coney Island will definitely be a hit among the kids. This place is filled with all kinds of rides, but the roller coaster ride surely steals the show. This colorful place not only has some amazing rides, but you will also be pleasantly surprised by the enchantment of the beach. Both tourists from all around the globe and locals love hanging out here.
15.    Visit the High Line
The High Line perfectly presents the cleverly creative approach of the New Yorkers and that is rehabilitating old and historic buildings into something unique, interesting and very interesting. In 2009, this freight rail was renovated and presented as a public park. This public park attracted New Yorkers and in no time it became one of the most visited places in the city.
16.    Take a Trip to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum architecture of the building both from inside and outside is really different from almost all other buildings of New York City. Mostly, you will see massive, rectangular and steel/glass buildings all around New York City. On the contrary, this museum's building is a piece of art in itself. At first sight, you see a circular dome-shaped structure of concrete made with a subtle color scheme. And from the inside, there is a central ramp that goes from one exhibition floor to another making a spiral shape. This spiral/ snake-like moment not only look artistic but also enhance the space of the museum. This place is surely a must-visit for art lovers. 
17.    Please Yourself with Stunning Natural Beauty of Prospect Park
If you are wondering out of a number lush green and well-organized parks in the Brooklyn, which one is truly the Central gem of all these parks; then you will be escalated to know (and surely visit) the Prospect Park of Brooklyn. This park is particularly for its designing team consisting of world-renowned landscape designers and architects, Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmsted. This park has so much to offer for its visitors including a zoo, tennis court, basketball court, carousel, and playground. Moreover, there is a loop road specially designed for bikers and runners. The loop road is 3.35 miles long.
18.    See the Middle Ages Art at the Cloisters
The Cloisters is the one and only art museum in the United States that is dedicated to the art and architecture of the Middle Ages. The Cloisters is actually a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Its building is located along the Hudson River and present and utterly beautiful scenes. Plus, once there, you will see that it is not one rather five cloisters representing medieval art. And these five cloisters merge and open up into a museum of modern arts. This amalgamation of two different times gorgeously juxtaposes the historic beauty of contemporary art with a glimpse of modernity.
19.    Enjoy the Exhibition of Renaissance Revival at MoMA PS1
Well, there is so much extraordinary in New York, but if you are wishing to go to an extra mile of extraordinary then this museum is where you must be, the MoMA PS1. Now, you must be wondering what kind of a name this museum has. Well, let me tell you first and foremost, this is not just any museum, this is special as its name. The name is simple yet sounds really interesting. Its acronym for Museum of Modern Arts Public School One. Public School One is the building where it is formally constructed. This museum exhibits an exceptionally interesting collection of artwork. Mostly, you will see cutting edge contemporary art exhibited here. If you want to see the masterpieces from the likes of Ai Weiwei and James Turrell, then do visit this amazing place.
20.    Visit Gagosian Gallery
You may not hear much about art when it comes to fun places to visit in New York City. But in reality, the description of the beauty of New York is incomplete without mentioning art galleries. One such superbly presented and amazingly equipped art gallery is Gagosian Gallery. This is not any ordinary gallery but is one of the very few blue-chip galleries that showcase the high-end art of the artists whose works are increasing in value with each passing day. Saying this, the interesting thing is that the entry is free of cost and is open for everyone to enjoy the best of arts.
21.    Take a Tour of Whitney Museum of American Art
The Whitney Museum of American Art is a vast place covering 50,000 square feet of galleries. It exhibits renowned artists including Alexander Calder, Richard Avedon, and Jean Michel Basquiat. This extraordinary place has four spaces dedicated to outdoor exhibitions, terraces, one restaurant on the ground floor, and a bar on the top floor. Both the bar on the top floor and the restaurant were designed by the one and only Danny Meyer. Visiting this place will give you a unique feeling like you never had before. This place is chic, classy and surely one-of-a-kind.
22.    Go to The Frick Collection at the Fifth Avenue
The Frick Collection exhibit startling fine furniture and masterpieces of art in the form of paintings in a house or rather a mansion. The Henry Clay Frick House is located on Fifth Avenue almost covering the whole block of the city. This not just an art exhibition rather an institution where art fanatics love to come to absorb as much about the beauty of art as possible. But here is a heads up, children below the age of 10 are not allowed inside, so manage accordingly.
23.    Roam Around the Hustling Dover Street Market of New York
Now, after talking about the beauty of Arts presented in New York City, let's talk about the Dover Street Market that is inspired by London's central shopping point. This market opened in New York in 2013 and since that day it has become one of the most happening spots for the New Yorkers and tourists. This market is not dedicated for shopping spree only, rather it seems like a mix of art and fashion in a perfect form. Shopping here makes you learn about the designer's thought process and the whole line of work. This is way different than picking up dresses from the rack.
24.    Book Lovers Can't Resist Going the Strand Book Store
This one is for everyone looking for fun and entertainment within a reasonable price range. This bookstore is 86 years old and is one of the most fun things to do in New York for book lovers. The employees of these places are like magicians, as they are so well-trained that they will pluck the required title right away. Plus, the employees will also recommend great books as per taste.
25.    Enjoy Food from Smorgasburg Williamsburg Artisanal Food Market
Smorgasburg Williamsburg Artisanal Food Market inhabit about 100 vendors that cater thousands of locals and tourists from all over the world on weekends. The diversity of this place is mind-blowing, more like it make it extremely hard to choose what to eat and what to not. However, it does not remain open throughout the year, rather you can enjoy the food of this grand place from the month of April till October. So, if you are visiting New York around this time of the year then it surely is a delightful compulsion to visit this food market.
26.    Stopover Morgan Library and Museum
Among all the fun things to do in New York, visiting Morgan Library and Museum will surely feel unique and exclusively special. Morgan Library and Museum is an NYC landmark, registered in the U.S. National Register of Historic Places; and is also registered as the U.S. National Historic Landmark. It was organized to exhibit the collection of J.P Morgan's library. Inside of this humungous personal library or a museum are not only books but are paintings and artifacts as well. This place is almost always loaded with tourists.
27.    Visit Governors Island
Governors Island is situated in the heart of the New York Harbor covering over 172 acres of land. For more than two centuries this place remained closed for public and was used as a military base. But fortunately, it is now open for everyone to visit and observe its grandeur. This place has some of the great monuments and parks. Moreover, from May to October the administration organize exhibitions which are worth watching.
28.    See Performances at the Carnegie Hall
Seeing a performance at Carnegie Hall is one of the most fascinating and fun things to do in New York. Live performances are exceptionally well depicted. The tickets to these performances start from 30USD and you can also ask for rush tickets for 10 USD for selective performances.
29.    Feast Your Eyes at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden
The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is not just a solo garden but a series of pavilions, gardens, and conservatories, all connected by a spiral looped path. There is a lot to see in this garden, especially for the botanists and in general for the nature lovers.
30.    Enjoy New York Philharmonic Orchestra
For all the authentic entertainment lovers searching for related fun things to do in New York, New York's Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra is a must-attend performance. This orchestra mainly performs at the David Geffen Hall which is located inside the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.
31.    Take Your Kids to Bronx Zoo
If you are visiting New York with kids, then a trip to Bronx zoo will surely be a bundle of delight, fun, and excitement. You will get to see more than 700 species of animals, all inhabiting in their natural-like environment on 265 acres of land. This place is an incredible escape from all the bustling hype of Manhattan.
32.    Do Visit Cheap Yet Amazing Queens Night Market
Queens Night Market has particularly gained fame over the past few years for its Instagram worthy food. In addition to that, this chaotic yet enchanting place is also famous for its artisanal, and a mix of various ethnicities and cultures. Once there, you may realize its similarity with the southeastern Night Markets which are especially famous for their nighttime hustle and bustle.

Well, there you go! I hope you have enjoyed reading about all these fun things to do in New York and will surely add a few in your own schedule as well.

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