World's Best Holiday Destinations in 2020

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Are you an enthusiastic traveler? If yes, then make sure to read this article from top to bottom, as here we have compiled the list of world's best holiday destinations in 2020 where you can make the best of your life's memories. All the places mentioned below present a lustrous, joyous and remarkable set of characteristics that ensure joyous and cozy holidays to their visitors. So, without further ado, let's find which countries have made it to the list for 2020.
1.    Armenia
The tourism industry of Armenia has gained immense popularity over the past recent years. Its neighboring country Georgia has always remained the apple of the tourists' eyes because of the Caucasus, but Armenia also touching the Caucasus never gained much recognition. But until recently. Armenia has amazingly great stuff to offer for its visitors ranging from delicious food, stunning natural parks to incredible mountains. Moreover, Armenia's wine industry has boomed incredibly and is now producing the world's oldest wine that tastes and smells soothingly amazing.
2.    Plymouth, United Kingdom
Certainly coming among the top countries of the world's best holiday destinations in 2020 and that is all because of Plymouth's incredible architecture, welcoming people, and loads of adventurous and fun stuff for the tourists and locals. In recent years, people from all around the globe have started exploring Plymouth's culture, food, and architecture, whereas previously, Plymouth has only been known as the war-front city.
Interestingly, Plymouth is planning to celebrate its 400 year anniversary for which people are organizing more than 1000 events including fun festivals, musical performances, art exhibitions, amazing food and much more. Surely, it is going to be something that no fun lover would want to miss out on. 
3.    Panama
Panama has everything to offer that tourists would love to enjoy. It is truly blessed with charismatic natural spots including tropical forests, farms, islands, gardens, canals and what not. In addition to incredible natural views, Panama has an amazing range of architectural beauty and you just have to look around to appreciate and feel the gorgeousness all around.
This place has progressed tremendously and will solely be running on 100% solar energy. Panama is conserving the environment like no other, as all the food waste, 100%, will be recycled or turned into compost. Plus, wastewater is going to be used in irrigation. Not only that, rather you will be surprised to know that more than 75% of the archipelago has remained untouched.
You will not only enjoy going there but you will also be inspired by their lifestyle.
4.    Rabat, Morocco
Rabat is the political capital city of Morocco, and truly depicts the traditional and modern face of this country. UNESCO has listed Rabat among the polyglot cities as it's most commonly used language is not one rather three, English, Arabic, and French. This lingual diversity makes this city more attractive to tourists from all around the world.
Continuously running taxis, called Petit Taxis, create a cheerful buzz on the streets. The other thing that you will notice right away on the streets of Rabat is the fragrance and taste of spices in the air. Its cafes and restaurants particularly promote Rabat's magnificent role in the spice trade.
5.    Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto is Japan's timeless city that effortlessly blends the beautiful traditions of Japan's past with modern technological amazement. Its futuristic take on transport, shopping areas, and glassy hotels will make tech-savvy people fall in love with Kyoto at first sight. On the other hand, Kyoto's tranquil gardens, historic buildings, and centuries-old shrines will capture history lovers right away. Surely, this place is a must on the 2020's list for holiday destinations.
This is not all, as Kyoto is opening numerous hotels, and fun places in the coming year for its visitors, so there is so much to look forward to as well.
6.    The British Virgin Islands
In 2017, the British Virgin Islands were devastatingly hit by the terrible Hurricanes, Maria and Irma. This jolted its tourism industry horribly and the islands had to experience more than 90% loss in tourism. But, the British Virgin Islands worked incredibly hard to recreate everything that was lost in the past two years, and it is all set and ready to welcome tourists. Expensive and extensive hotel renovations, new openings, and reconstructions have beautifully mended what was lost; and you will love your time on the lusciously beautiful islands.
Privately owned Island, Guana Island is one of the most stunning attractions of the British Virgin Islands as it has more than 850 acres of the land, butterscotch beaches and can lavishly welcome about 35 guests.
7.    Pakistan
Pakistan has long remained in the background for its political crisis and economic downfall, but it has gained immense success reviving its long lost positive recognition on the globe since 2018. CN Traveller has named Pakistan the number one country to visit in 2020 for its strengthening efforts in security, economy, and overall development.
The northern area of Pakistan has particularly remained in a buzz in the last year as several YouTubers and travel enthusiasts visited Pakistan. This country is enriched with natural charisma including mountain ranges, water springs, lakes, luscious gardens, and so much more. Keeping in mind the climate change and opting for sustainable options, you will see pods installed in the northern regions of Pakistan.
Moreover, you will fall in love with Pakistani food. Actually, no matter in which city or part of Pakistan you are visiting, whether it is urban areas like Lahore or some rural village, every bite of food you'll be having will make you want more of that. Pakistan surely is a must add a place in your list to travel places in 2020.
8.    Siargao, Philippines
Siargao is making its name shining bright with its superbly adventurous surfing spots for surfers from all over the world. Ask any surfer and he/ she will tell you about all the great stuff about this amazing place. This beautifully lustrous tropical island is also well known for its tear-shaped geographical line.
Siargao is also naturally blessed with thick and lavish mangrove forests and grooves of superbly subtle coconut palms. This wonderful place is all set to make an amazing adventure for all of its visitors.
Everyone out there is in awe of gorgeous mountains and plains of Bali, but this place Siargao with 10 times less in size will give you anything and everything that Bali promises. So, if you are looking for some affordable destination in the region, then you must come and experience the beauty of Siagaro.
9.    Frisian Islands, Denmark
With an extensive and utterly beautiful archipelago, Frisian Islands is one of the world's best holiday destinations in 2020. The Frisian Islands are shared by three countries, Germany, the Netherlands, and Germany. These islands offer a natural barrier between the cold waters of the North Sea and the Frisian Coastline. This place is certainly wondrous, enchanting, and calming at its best.
Moreover, the Frisian Islands have become particularly famous for its suitability options. A few example of great initiatives here include opening of Dark Sky safaris back in 2018 at the Lauwersmeer National Park in Holland (considering Holland is among the top countries in the world producing light pollution),  installation of new sleeping pods which were once occupied by the hunters, opportunities for the visitors to release two seal species and several other stuff.
10.    Rijeka, Croatia
Rijeka is the country's most flourishing city with respect to industrial growth and thus contributes to the Croatian economy. As per land, this is the third-largest city of Croatia and tourists are attracted to this city the most. Here you will experience a lustrous blend of enchanting mountains, stunning beaches, ecstatic street festivals, and loads of fun and intoxicating places of Italianate grandeur.
11.    Portland, Maine, United States
Portland is a harbor city that offers ultimately delicious food to satisfy all kinds of pallets. This city's food is as diverse as you can expect from any city in the United States. Another great reason for its food diversity is Portland's incredible wealth in the production of fresh vegetables, fruits, and also seafood. You can say that Portland's bluefish feels as fresh as you'll imagine it to be flipping in the plate. Same goes with the oyster and other food. This is an extravagant place to make food memories.
12.    Lebanon
Lebanon is a culturally very diverse and liberal country. For its fascinating traditional variety, superb landscape, and adventurous opportunities, it is definitely one of the most attractive world's best holiday destinations in 2020 that you certainly won't wish to miss.
Lebanon's traveling advice status has been altered by the British Foreign Office earlier this year to safe travel which previously gave warning about visiting some of the country's areas.
Lebanon's intricately paved mosaic streets, crusader castles, and other historic places attract tourists from all around the globe.
There is so much to see in Lebanon, especially you will love its food in world-class restaurants and also on the streets.
13.    Galway, Ireland
Ireland's west-coast city, Galway, is becoming the 2020 European Capital of Culture which is making it a must-visit world's best holiday destinations in 2020 for sure. Fun, joy, and entertainment are at its peak in this beautiful city without any breaks. In 2019, this Bohemian city has opened several modern cafe's, restaurants, art projects, and community heritage to test its absorption. And it is now all ready to open its arms for tourists from all around the globe, people of different ethnicities and cultures.
This is not everything, as there is a lot planned to exhibit in the year 2020, fresh for its new tourists including terrific events all over the city at its pubs, beaches, and hubs.
14.    Paris, France
The fashion center of the world, Paris, is globally renowned for its perfumes, fragrances, arts, culture, architecture, and all things related. Eiffel Tower has always remained among the top places to travel in the world. If you haven't visited this city of light, then it surely is must visit place for you in 2020.
Great places for you to visit in Paris include Bulgari Hotel Paris that was designed by the world-famous Parisian architects Valode and Pistre. This hotel opens its doors on the pavement of the Triangle d’Or.
There are going to be so many great places to be opened this year in 2020 that every Paris lover is hoping to be a part of. In the first six months of 2020, Cheval Blanc Paris will be opened along the banks of the Seine. This is just a glimpse of what 2020 will bring in Paris that you certainly do not want to miss.
15.    Salvador, Brazil
Salvador is shining brightly amidst hard times as Amazon fires have remained the major part of the global news headlines. With these drastic fires, this part has become one of the most devastatingly deteriorating regions of the world. Plus, it also agitated people from all around the globe to take climate change seriously.
With that, Brazil is promoting eco-tourism that enhance profitable use of an existing land area, give sustainable employment opportunities to the locals, and immensely protect the biodiversity of the region.
After completion of Brazil's plan for the preservation of historic buildings, now this place is moving on and inviting a number of tourists.
16.    Dakar, Senegal
Dakar is the capital city of Senegal and is particularly known for its incredible taste in Arts. This city represents a stunningly attractive mix of traditional Western Africa with a modern take through its architecture, food, and lifestyle.
Dakar is considered to be one of the safest and also the most politically stabilized places of the regions. Moreover, with non-stop flights through TAP Air and Ethiopian Airlines, this city has become very accessible for tourists from all around the globe.
There you can enjoy live music venues, amazing restaurants, and great acts. Dakar is one of the most versatile and diverse cities in Western Africa.
17.    Costa Rica
Costa Rica is advertising its tourism industry as eco-friendly and sustainable. Small, yet this country has massive biodiversity which is the particular reason for tourists' attraction. One of the most favorite things of the visitors is to see sleeping sloths on the trees.
Costa Ricans are well aware of their responsibility for preserving their part of nature reserves and thus they celebrate the harmony between wildlife and humans. Moreover, Costa Rica proudly renewable energy to comprehend its more than 90% of the needs. And with that speed, it may become of the first countries in the world that is carbon-neutral.
Costa Rica is definitely a special place for adventurers.
18.    Amsterdam, Netherlands
Netherlands is all set to celebrate the 75th anniversary of gaining freedom from the wraths of world war II. And Amsterdam will host a number of celebratory events in this regard. If you wish to see vibrant colors, joyful entertainment, and excellence of merriment then visiting Amsterdam is definitely a must in 2020.
19.    Qingdao, China
Undoubtedly, China is progressing by leaps and bounds in each and every category you see. The boost of the Chinese economy is not all because of its massive business, technology, and trade; but some parts of it also owes to its tourism industry. Qingdao is adding loads to China's tourism and is opening new pages of success. This city is adorned with historically magnificent German buildings, modern sculpting art, and dazzling architectural scenes. Not only that, but this city is also naturally blessed with a refreshing coastline. Lush green parks, water springs, hillside villas, industrial spots, granite peaks, and several other stuff makes this amazing city of China one of the world's best holiday destinations in 2020.
20.    Egadi Islands, Sicily
Sicily has always attracted tourists to its sun-kissed islands, luscious sand beaches and great natural spots which are calming, tranquil and mesmerizing. And on top of that, Sicily is famous for its affordable holiday packages that excite all the travel enthusiasts a lot.
The Egadi Islands specifically present the shipwreck ruins which looks exceptional to watch at. This Egadi archipelago is created by the islands of Marettimo, Levanzo, and Favignana, plus the islets of Marrone and Formica. All the places making it more gorgeous and attractive.
Favignana is the largest island of these five islands. The beauty of this island particularly lies in its distinctively unique shape, a butterfly. This beautiful island offers numerous activities to its visitors and most of all people go there to relax and feel contented.
21.    Vienna
Back in the days, Vienna was the capital of the Austro-Hungarian empire and with that, it is loaded with a rich heritage in arts and architecture, food, and lifestyle. There is good news for music lovers, Vienna is going to celebrate 250th birth anniversary of the Beethoven in a musical way and there you may get to see world-renowned composers at a single place. Along with incredible music, you will definitely enjoy the great food of Vienna. And you will definitely love the hospitality of the people of Vienna.
22.    Bahamas
The Bahamas is famous for its refreshing beaches, lavishly green gardens, and scenic views. Its natural beauty attracts a number of tourists all year round. Plus, people also greatly enjoy beach activities and immensely pleasurable services. This may also become of the very first eco-destination in the cruising crowd.
23.    Haida Gwaii Islands, Canada
No matter wherever you go in Canada, you will surely experience serenity, calmness, natural beauty and an organized and well-administered introduction of technology. Haida Gwaii Islands is also called the Canadian Galapagos because of its intricately diverse and complex ecosystem and wildlife. This is one of the perfect world's best holiday destinations in 2020 for the adventurers.
24.    Mauritius
Stunningly gorgeous, naturally wealthy, and superbly advanced Mauritius has long been one of the topmost favorite holiday destinations for travelers. Its incredible beaches are such welcoming places for families and friends for a relaxed gateway. Most of the tourists all around the globe prefer going to Mauritius for romantic gateways. Northern parts of Mauritius are famous for thumping nightlife and beautiful beaches whereas southern Mauritius is known for its wildlife and unspoiled locations. 
25.    Bhutan
For everyone who wishes to take pleasure in seeing the beauty of Himalayan paradise with his/ her eyes while sitting in an authentic traditional place should visit Bhutan at the earliest. Bhutan follows the "High Value, Low Impact" policy when it comes to advertising its tourist industry. This compels travels to come, and dwell in the authenticity of Bhutan's cultures and traditions while enjoying the mystic beauty of nature all around.
26.    North Macedonia
North Macedonia has the best to offer to its tourists in all regards possible. Macedonia has started afresh after decades-long political instability and is ready to welcome tourists from all around the world with open arms. Its economy is now booming and has renewed several tourist attractions.
27.    Uruguay
Uruguay is an excellent destination to be added to your bucket list. This amazing South American place is one of the world's best holiday destinations in 2020 and it surely truly deserves to be there. Some of its top highlights include Atlantic shoreline, Ri´o de la Plata, and superb wine industry.
Top of everything, this country has remarked itself as one of the most progressive countries in the world. And that is because of its marijuana legislation, full embracement of LGBTQ+ rights, and superbly sustainable and secure tourism. Not only that, the people of this country are humble, welcoming and great to be with. You certainly won't want to miss out on going to this beautiful country.
There you go! We really hope that you have enjoyed reading about all the great traveling spots for the coming year. And surely, by now, you must have picked a few of your favorite spots to visit in 2020.

With that, we wish you very happy, cozy and prosperous new years ahead! Be kind and stay blessed.

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