Most Inspiring New Year's Resolutions for a Happy Beginning

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A new year brings chapters of new beginnings, happiness, success, and hope. Every year, people around the globe, set certain goals or resolutions at the start of the year that they wish to accomplish in that year. Some tend to keep up with their set tasks while others often slip out of the track. Interestingly, it is estimated that by the end of the second month of the year, February, most of the people forget about their new year's resolution at all. Nonetheless, it is a good practice to make some resolution and then try to keep following it. If you haven't set any goal yet, then here are some most inspiring new year's resolutions for a happy beginning of the year that you can opt for. I have categorized the new year's resolutions into three groups, this will help you opt for the one or few that inspire you the most.
Some Most Beneficial New Year's Resolutions to Save the Beauty of Planet Earth
Our earth is deteriorating very fast and we are not helping it preserve its natural beauty. Rather we are only taking all its benefits and in return making a huge mess. This new year, make a promise with yourself and your fellow humans to find ways to protect our planet earth. Here are some of the amazing green ideas that will most definitely inspire you to do play your part in protecting our habitat.
•    Skip Car Ride and Walk Through
Let's start our list of the most inspiring new year's resolutions for a happy beginning with the most fun resolution and that is "Walk towards your destinations and enjoy a break from your gym" This is a great goal for people who are looking to sharpen up their curves and tone up their body. Plus, it will be a great opportunity to skip this month's gym membership fees. And on top of it, if you will be skipping your car ride then you will surely have to spend less on a gas station. This is a win-win situation, no matter at which angle you are seeing it through.
•    Eat Plant-based Food everyday Twice a Day
Surely eating healthy is a great goal to set, but not most of us take care of going green especially in the holidays. It seems like a little meat and junk eating contest these days and the whole family is participating. After enjoying holiday food, most people tend to opt for a crash diet. Well, it certainly is not a great idea. Rather it will be great if you try a plant-based diet. Animal farming brings as much impact on climate change as greenhouse gases, cars, planes, and other modes of transformation on the earth. So, if you are switching to a plant-based diet then you will be doing a great favor for the planet earth.
•    Make Compost from Food Waste
Food waste is one of the major reasons for climate change. Whenever you toss your food in the trash can, think about the amount of waste it will be made on a bigger level. The time you take to waste food is negligible than the time it takes to grow, harvest and becoming ready to eat. Plus, some foods may spread methane gas in the environment which is a strong greenhouse gas and is extremely harmful. According to some estimates, if we calculate the total area covered by food waste, it will be equal to the third-largest country in the world.
•    Say Firm No to Plastic Bags
On average the life span of the single-use plastic bags is from 500 to 1000 years. And we only get the convenience of 15 to 20 minutes from these bags, just bringing the grocery from the store to home and that it. Surely, knowing the impossibility of plastic's degradation is making you feel this convenience an inconvenience. It is better to replace these plastic bags with reusable bags.  It is never too late to start a good thing. Please be sure to make environment protection your priority this year, so that our coming generation can live a better life.
•    Read More and More Interesting Books
All the book lovers who are looking here the most inspiring new year's resolutions for a happy beginning will love this goal. And if you are not a book lover, the try to be one. Reading books can bring tremendous changes in your personality. Moreover, being informed is extremely important in today's modern age. The world is changing with the speed of light and we really need to catch up at the same pace so that we would be able to remain connected with the rest of the world. And there is no better than reading books. Reading books will get you informed about everything happening around you and will also strengthen your mind to analyze things and situations in a better way.

A few Innovative New Year's Resolutions
Every one of us should start a new year with new energy, resilience and mental strength. Start of new year's gives you hope, strength, and power to anticipate something wonderful, exciting, and brilliant in your life; and all of this feels like redefining your life the way you want it to be. So, those people who think out of the box, and wish to hop into the new year with the zeal of achieving something great and wonderful in your life will be exhilarated to know our creative new year's resolutions as explained below. These amazing goals are especially for those people who love to spread goodness and happiness all around the world starting with a positive change from their own self. So, without any further ado, let's find out some of the most creative and innovative new year's resolutions.
•    Have a Lunch with One Person You Have Disagreements with and Talk through the Issues
Commonly, most of us tend to remain distant from a lot of people just because of a little difference of opinion on some matters at a particular time. Well, a great goal for this new year could be having a little time out with one such person. Having lunch with someone with whom you share any sort of disagreement can bring great changes within your personality and maybe in your life on the whole.
•    Make a List of at Least 10 Movies that were either Directed or Written by Women and Watch them with Friends/ Family
If you are a big fan of American cinema and have numerous American movies, then there are pretty strong chances that more than 90 percent of these movies have been directed and written by men;p and on top of that must have a male lead role. These movies mainly revolve around the life of a man and particularly project issues related to men specifically. The way a person tells a story leaves a solid mark on the reader or a viewer, and that is why it is extremely important to watch movies that are either written or directed by women. With that, you will get to know life from a woman's point of view. So, make this new year's resolution to watch at least ten movies that are either written or directed by women. This will greatly influence your perspective of life.
•    Be Pen Pals with One Person in Prison
This is surely one of the most inspiring new year's resolutions for a happy beginning as becoming acquainted with someone in need of your contact will give you inner happiness, poise, and satisfaction. Just a single letter can transform one's life. This is not only great for you but can have an immense impact on the life and personality of the man living prison life. 
•    Switch Off the "Active Mode" and Schedule a Dull/ Bored Time Once in a Week
Undoubtedly, our lives have become full of hustle and bustle, packed with a tight schedule. If your brain remains completely occupied with a lot of tasks or the future, then you are missing a great deal of happiness. With a huge "to-do list", we become disconnected from real happiness of life. So, this new year, make a promise to yourself that rather than investing your mind and body in routine life, you will spare some time for yourself, just to be bored.
•    Have a Little Chit Chat with a Stranger Once a Week and Try to make it Habitual
Talking to a stranger can be an overwhelmingly interesting experience emotionally. Surely, it is a piece of cake to go through your usual routine of day and night without bothering about anything or anyone around. But the real deal is to care for someone, to talk to someone and to try to heal others' pain. So, for starters, just say a little hi or hello, and ask "how are you doing", "how's everything going?" and make little interactions. These trifle things can brighten up other person's day and may help them feel important. It not only positively affect another person's day, but will also tremendously change your personality. And such happy changes can bring humungous alterations in your life.
•    Say Yes to Every Opportunity Come Before You for a Month
This definitely going to be the most inspiring new year's resolutions for a happy beginning of a lot of people's lives. And that is because we all shy away from some of the major opportunities come in our lives and turn them down. In reality, it is exceptionally important to say yes to these opportunities to have a happy, prosperous and happy life. Saying "Yes" can change your life tremendously, it can bring amazing happiness and tranquillity in your life. Thus, let's do a little experiment at the start of this year and start saying "yes" to things that scare you or make you nervous. I am pretty sure that you will be pleasantly happy with the results.
•    Do One Task that Scares you the Most, Fully Knowing that You'll Not be Successful
Here comes something very challenging, just be firm to walk through. There surely be a lot of tasks in your life which scare you terribly, and doing these things seems impossible. The one thing that keeps us away from facing our fears is the sense of rejection. We cannot comprehend the fear of getting rejected and failed. So, try to do something scary this year without fear of anything.
•    Talk through Any of Your Failures or Disappointments with Your Friends
Discussing your failure stories with anyone can be excruciatingly painful. And each and every one of us has their own specific time of healing. This time we take to escape from the terrible feeling of disappointment and dissatisfaction can either devastate you internally or make you stronger, depending upon your personality, your inner strength, your will power, and your support system. However, it is extremely important to discuss your disappointment with some trustworthy friends and celebrate them wholeheartedly. You can learn from your mistakes, only when you own them, else they can haunt you for the rest of your life.
•    Eat Healthily, Buy Vegetables and Fruits that You Used to Say No to
Indubitably, eating healthy food is not the most inspiring new year's resolutions for a happy beginning, however, it can massively transform your lifestyle. For some people switching to a healthy lifestyle flip their lives upside down. Eating healthy not only bring positive changes in your body but also make you mentally stronger. It is important to make another important point here, and that is to lower down the food waste. Those of us who go to the grocery store and only pick the most luscious looking food and do not touch a little imperfect food, are honestly increasing the world's waste. So, let's make a goal this year to decrease the world's waste while enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables.
Most Popular New Year's Resolutions 
Well, you must have enjoyed reading the most inspiring new year's resolutions for a happy beginning above. Here, I'm giving you a hint of some of the most common and widely make new year's resolutions all around the world.
•    Weight Loss
New Year's resolutions are made around the time of Christmas and that is the time when people eat wholeheartedly. So, naturally, the most common wish that people made the next day is to lose weight and tone up their bodies. It is not specific to any one part of the world, rather everyone all around the globe makes these goals.
•    Regular Exercise
After setting a goal of losing weight, the next resolutions is to commit to a certain exercise plan. Surely, a great idea but the real difficulty is following that schedule. With the development of technology, it has become extremely easy to keep track of the fitness plan. Now, you just need to install an application and it will automatically notify you of your set fitness plan. This is extremely easy and with full conviction, you can do it.
•    Better Financial Score
Improvement in the financial condition is another common goal. No matter how old you are, every one of us tries to achieve a better life. To create a better financial graph, everyone tends to follow a different plan. Whichever plan you are following, just make sure to stick to it and you will definitely achieve it. Plus, to have a little help, you can install finance managing apps on your cell phone as well.
•    Get a Better and More Interesting Job
Whether you are jobless or doing an utterly uninteresting job, finding a job is extremely important. A consistent job is surely exceptionally important to lead a better life, but if your heart is not in it and you know that with your skills you can find a better job anywhere else then there is no harm in discovering new opportunities. New year certainly calls for newness in your life.
•    Switching to Healthy Eating Habits
As said earlier, eating healthy eating habits is extremely important. Management of your mental and physical health is utterly important. And the basic point of concern is what you eat. Most of the people tend to make their new year's resolution to switch towards healthy eating habits.
•    Staying Happy, Stressing Less
Mental distress can eat you up from the inside. It is extremely vital to stay happy for your mental and physical betterment. Just forget about everything, and do make this your new year's resolution "Staying happy, free of distress" This may sound a little touché but you need to keep this thing in mind if you love yourself and everyone around.   
•    Quit Smoking
Smoking is a silent killer. Smoking cigarettes or any other kind of addiction is injurious to your health and can pose devastating harm to your life. If you want to improve your life and lead a quality life, then you need to quit smoking and start some good healthy habits. This is surely one of the most commonly set resolutions all around the world, but you have to be very strong and determined to get rid of this lethal habit. 
•    Spending More Time with Loved Ones
Life is short and there is no better way to spend it then being happy around your loved ones. All of us remain so invested in our work life that we almost forget about what is happening around us. And then our loneliness haunts us at later stages of our lives. It is highly recommended to live your life right at this moment as it is passing by very fast and you surely won't want to miss the fun.
•    Getting Rid of Procrastination
There is no fun in laying around lazily. Rather you need to be focused and organized to achieve greatness in your life. At whatever stage of life, you are, be active, focused and concentrated about your passion. As this is the only way to achieve your goals. Try to do all the important tasks in a timely manner rather than delaying them tomorrow.
•    Having a "me time"
Having some recreational and fun time of your own is very important. If you are giving your time to your work and family, then it is also very important to spare some time just for your own fun. And in this "me time" do whatever makes you happy and joyful.
•    Trying something New that Hasn't Done Before
This is another most commonly set goal in the new year, but it demands loads of courage, resilience and determination to surpass your fears.
•    Being a Better Version of Yourself
Being a better version of yourself means that you will try to enhance all the good qualities you have and diminish away all the bad habits. Every human possesses something good and something bad. Rather than investing your energies in analyzing your bad qualities, it is better to sharpen up what's good inside you and live it perfectly.
•    Actually Committing to the "New Year's Resolution" for the whole Year
Yes, this may sound hilarious, but not many people tend to follow through their new year's resolution pass the month of February. And one of the most common resolutions made by most of the people is to fulfill their commitment all around the year.
There you go! I hope you had enjoyed reading the most inspiring new year's resolutions for a happy beginning as much as I have enjoyed writing them. And you must have picked a few resolutions of your own as well. We really hope that you would be able to keep these resolutions alive all around the year. And in the end, we wish you a very "Happy New Year". May this year bring loads of happiness, prosperity, and blessings in your life. Stay blessed and enjoy every single moment of life with your loved ones.

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