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This read is especially for the nature lovers, who are always striving to enjoy the pleasures of natural ambiance in reality. Here, I have compiled a list of the best beaches in Africa. You will definitely be surprised to discover the best beaches in Africa, and will surely start planning your next trip to any of these amazing beaches. Let's get started.
1.    Diani Beach, Kenya
Diani beach is the coastal paradise of Kenya that attracts tourists from all over Africa. There you will get to see the crystal clear water along with coral reefs offshore. The whole view around the beach is adorned by gorgeous palms.
2.    Cap Skirring, Senegal
Senegal is known for its rich natural beauty and Cap Skirring poses an excellent example with a beautiful beach on side. This beach is one of the topmost favorite beaches of Senegal's most stunning region, Casamance. Though there is not much facilitation for tourists you can stay in nearby villages.
3.    Anse Source d'Argent, La Digue, Seychelles
Anse Source d'Argent has been named as the most photographed beach of the world, and it definitely deserves the title by all means. The beautiful white sand of the beach feels utterly amazing to walk on, plus the walking trail and presence of a jungle down the hill fill your soul with tranquility and peace.
4.    Ifaty, Madagascar
Ifaty is present on the southwest coast of Madagascar and presents a superbly pleasant stretch of white sand along with a soothing array of palm trays on the side. The coastline is has a long stretch of fishermen's houses which are built with natural material that add tons to the natural aura of this place.
5.    Camps Bay, South Africa
For everyone who wants to discover the best beaches in Africa should visit Camps Bay. This is definitely one of the most popular beaches in Cape Town and attracts tourists from all around the world, throughout the year. There are various facilities provided for tourists, as you can find a number of cafes and bars along the road next to the Camps Bay.
6.    Banana Beach, Sao Tome and Príncipe
Banana Beach at Sao Tome is one of the most peaceful, quieter, and serene shoreline of the West African coast. You will be amazed to discover the clear, forest-fringed and shallow waters of this beach.
7.    Chitimba, Malawi
Chitimba is surrounded by the rich vegetation on the trees and hills that enhance the natural beauty of the stunning view. Moreover, this beach is kissed by one of the biggest African lakes. And you will be fascinated to know that there are more than 1000 species of fish are found in this lake.
8.    Coffee Bay, Wild Coast, South Africa
South Africa's Wild Coast brilliantly lives up to its name as it is stunningly wild with the presence of waves of the Indian Ocean rolling over the green hills, and beautiful cliffs. This beach will give you a rainbow of beautiful colors in a single sight and will take your breath away.
9.    River No. 2 Beach, Freetown, Sierra Leone
Someone who is looking to spend some time isolated from the hustle and bustle of tiring life and enjoy pure serenity and peace of nature, then River No.2 is surely a great option.
10.    Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt
With the passage of time, Sharm el-Sheikh has become one of the most profitable resorts in Egypt as it attracts numerous travelers from all around the globe throughout the year. The stunning beauty of the warm beach is a great attraction for swimmers and people who want recess from the urban hustle.
11.    Dakhla, Morocco
Morocco is especially known for its rich traditional history and surely spices, but you will be pleasantly shocked to know that this country also has a great variety of beaches as well. Dakhla is situated on the southern side of Morocco and is surrounded by peaceful lagoon and water on both sides.
12.    Bazaruto Island, Mozambique
Bazaruto Island is one of the most stunning tropical beaches of Mozambique. The clear sand of this beach mingle up with turquoise water and falls deep into the Indian Ocean. This island is particularly known for providing the best facilities to the divers.
13.    Chaves Beach, Boa Vista, Cape Verde
This beach is an ultimate example of an utterly exotic, attractive and serene beach. This beach is far on Boa Vista and eventually fall into the Atlantic. And if you love to take a pleasant sunbath far from the hustle of the city, then you should go there as soon as possible.
14.    Anse Soleil, Mahe, Seychelles
This stunning beach is surrounded by thick forest and a range of hills. Anse Soleil is located in the southwestern region of Mahe and is particularly known for its romantic and peaceful vibe. And on top of that, you can find the best seafood around this area.
15.    Belle Mare, Mauritius
Watching the sunrise and sunset amidst the tranquility of this beautiful Belle Mare beach is surely a memorable experience. This beach has particularly gained popularity for its exotic white sand and calm and shallow waters. And surely, Mauritius is best known for its natural beauty.
16.    Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia
While in Tunisia, you will find tons of beautiful spots to look, but without a doubt, Sidi Bou Said takes the cake. And for that reason, you will almost always find it very much crowded. However, you will love the beauty all around the beach and in the surrounding area.
17.    Uvongo, South Africa
Everyone thinking to discover the best beaches in Africa must start from South Africa as this place gives you a mix of both, pure African traditions and pompous colors of the modern world in a unique and attractive fashion. People coming to see Uvongo beach love to have little splash inside its lagoon. It surely is a fun place to be with your family.
18.    Essaouira Beach, Morocco
Essaouira beach in Morocco is one of the most spacious and perfectly facilitated beaches in Africa. If you love to take sunbathe under the shimmering sunshine on the beach, then this is one of the best options. Moreover, crazy wind and splashy waves also attract kite and windsurfers from all around the globe. 
19.    Nungwi Beach, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Zanzibar, Tanzania is host to numerous wonderful natural spots and welcomes a number of tourists from all over the world all around the year. This place is filled with so many beaches so it is extremely difficult to choose the best. And the Nungwi Beach is one such gorgeous beach. With the availability of facilities and on-point advertisement, this place has now become one of the most exotic and fun holiday destinations in Africa.
20.    Swakopmund, Namibia
Namibia is enriched with natural beauty. Apart from the obvious natural beauty, this beach is more like a fun attraction, a spot where people come to enjoy, play around and have fun. This is an amazing adventure site for people who love surfing, fishing, sand boarding and quad biking.
21.    Tofo Beach, Mozambique
Mozambique's beauty is unique, distinctive and lusciously appealing. The beaches here will mesmerize you to the core, and this Tofo beach is one such exceptional example of splendor. This beach lovingly caters to everyone, fishermen, swimmers, and sand frolickers.
22.    Loango National Park, Gabon
Now we are talking about not a single one beach but a bundle of beaches located around the Logano National Park of Gabon. If you live outside Africa, then you might have not heard much about Gabon, but you must. As this place has superbly splendid stuff to offer. This National Park is one such highlighting place of Gabon.
23.    Skeleton Coast, Namibia
The beach of Skeleton Coast is one of the very few magically captivating beaches of the world. This beach hauntingly amalgamates the amazement of wild, desert and waters in a unified space. The beautiful ambiance created by the warmth of Namibia's air with the cool air coming from the Atlantic feels utterly refreshing and soothing to the skin. A visit to this place must be in your to-do list of the new year.
24.    Watamu, Malindi, Kenya
The stunning white beach, Watamu is one of the best tourist attractions of Kenya. This beach is best known for giving the best snorkeling and diving experience especially for the people of Eastern Africa and tourists from all over the world.
25.    Beyin Beach, Ghana
Ghana has an amazing variety of beaches, plants, and wildlife to offer. Its natural beauty is so unique and diverse. The Beyin beach is a typical working beach where you will see a number of men filling their nets with all kinds of fish. And intermingling with the natives is a great experience along with relishing your eyes with natural beauty.
26.    Boulders Beach, Cape Town, South Africa
On your quest to discover the best beaches in Africa, you will definitely come across the world-renowned Boulders Beach located in the heart of South Africa, Cape Town. There is so much to explore here. You will be delighted to touch the white sand, see the chubby penguins and observe the boulders.
27.    Anse Lazio, Persian Island
Deep-sea divers and snorkelers love Anse Lazio, and why not. This magnificent beach has a wide stretch of sparkling white sand. And the clear water has just the right temperature to freely move inside and explore the underwater natural beauty. This place is surely a tropical oasis, open for everyone to enjoy.
28.    Falaises D’el Marsa A alger, Algeria
Calling Falaises d’El Marsa a Alger, one of the topmost favorite tourist attractions of Algeria wouldn't be wrong. It is not only the crystal clear water or soft sand of this beach that attracts people but the grey cliffs hanging over the waters, seeming like the most important part of the place. This place inhabits wonderful marine life and there are tons to explore for the snorkelers and swimmers. 
29.    Pereybere Beach, Riviere Du Rempart
This beach is an excellent spot to come with your family, as the water is considerably shallow as compared to the other beaches. So everyone in the family can enjoy the warmth of the water. Moreover, the apartments around the beach are comfortable, cozy, and perfectly facilitated to handsomely accommodate visitors.
30.    Noetzie Beach, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa
The wondrous ride to reach Noetzie beach make you feel realize that there is something incredibly marvelous coming down the steep passage. This place is more like a hidden gem that is wrapped up with the dense forest all around. Its sand is not white but has a luxuriously exclusive golden color. The rich aura of this place is breathtaking. 
31.    Flic en Flac Beach, Riviere Noire, Mauritius
As said earlier, Mauritius is one of the finest places on earth that present you with nothing but untouched natural beauty and scenic view all around. This place, in particular, attracts visitors for its warm waters and sparkling white sand. This is an utterly gorgeous public place that welcomes people of all ages to feast their eyes and have the best time of their lives.
32.    Hobie Beach, Port Elizabeth Eastern Cape, South Africa
The Hobie Beach is another gem from the crown of the South African crown. This is one of the most popular beaches in Port Elizabeth and attracts tourists handsomely. The fascinating thing here is the availability of sheltered rock pools where you can observe sea life up close. Plus, the administration organizes a number of festivals around the year on the beach which particularly interests the visitors and locals alike.
33.    Mombasa Beach, Mombasa, Kenya
Once in Kenya, you will definitely be amazed by its wondrous beauty all day long, throughout your visit. Mombasa beach is one such symbol of pleasant shock that Kenya gives you on traveling and exploring this country. This beach has a long array for palm trees, rich marine life, and world-class resorts to cater to the luxurious needs of its visitors properly. Plus, in specific cases, you can book the whole beach only to yourself. Well, why not!
34.    Benguerra Island, Benguerra Island, Mozambique
This place is a sea divers' paradise as it provides perfectly balanced water temperature, luxurious facilities, and amazing marine life to explore. This place has some of the most significant and unique sea creatures underwater. Plus, you will fall in love with the comfort and cozy feel of the accommodations. All in all, a perfect place to spend your holidays at any time of the year.
35.    Anse Victorin, Fregate Island, Seychelles
Anse Victorin blends different beautiful aspects of nature at a single place. It has granite cliffs, exotic beach (Of course), and huge palm all around the place. As compared to the other array of beaches situated on the island, Anse Victorin is untouched and thus holds so unexplored beauty. The most popular and recommended months to visit are November till January. What are you waiting for then? Start planning your trip today!
36.    Misali Island, Pemba, Tanzania
This coast of Tanzania inhabits the world's most exotic marine life coral range. This place is perfect for those who prefer privacy and feel uncomfortable on crowded beaches.  However, you have to spare a whole day to visit the Misali Islands as it is far from the main urban area of the city. But once there, you won't be able to stop yourself from dancing on the music of cool gust of air.
37.    Tropical Beach, Silhouette Island
It is so much fun and pleasing to discover the best beaches in Africa, especially the Tropical Beach in Africa is one of the best. This beach is far from major noisy cities and is best for snorkelers and swimmers.
38.    Anse Intendance, Mahe Island, Seychelles
Visiting Anse Intendance is not easy, as you have to tolerate extremely hot weather conditions, rugged way, and dramatic cliffs to reach there. Still, people do it with enthusiasm and craze. And why not? This place deserves to be visited and explored to the fullest. The finely powdered sand that seeps through your toes feels marvelous. And the bluish-green waters are stunning to look at. And on top of all this, the hovering mountains on the back at an exhilarating feel to the whole scene and you just can't stop but appreciate this natural wonder present before your eyes.
39.    Blue Hole, Gulf of Aqaba, Egypt
Undoubtedly, there is so much to discover and explore in Egypt. However, fortunately, we can visit and feast our eyes with the wondrous beauty of Blue Hole in the Gulf of Aqaba. This place is enriched with coral reefs and is home to a diverse range of marine life. Here, sea divers and windsurfers treat themselves and sail along the gorgeously golden sandy beach.
40.    Ponta da Salina, São Felipe, Cape Verde
Specifically known for its wild figs, unusually spectacular rock formation and active volcano around, this beach is one of its kind, for sure. The village around this beach, Sao Felipe, is vibrant and inhabit humble, generous and welcoming people. This is certainly unusual, but surely a must-visit place.
41.    Trou Aux Biches Beach, Pamplemousses, Mauritius
This list is not complete without adding most of the stunning beaches of Mauritius as these are surely best in the business. The Trou aux Biches beach is located on the northern coastal region of Mauritius island. Here you can find some of the finest bars, hotels, and restaurants to enjoy your stay and have tasty meals.
42.    Sharm el Luli, Red Sea Governorate, Egypt
This beach is loaded with finest and untouched natural beauty, but the major flaw is that this area is not developed at all, thus it cannot facilitate the tourists properly. Talking about the beauty of this beach, the water reflects numerous shades to the eyes making blue the most visible one, and the color sand is mildly yet pleasantly yellow that pleases the eyes a lot.
43.    Île Aux Cerfs, Flacq
It gives me so much pleasure to discover the best beaches in Africa as most of these gems are hidden from most of us, as they never get the recognition they deserve. One such beach is this amazing Île aux Cerfs. Its white sand is amazingly soft and soothing. And the whole view is surely a treat to the eyes.
44.    Shela Beach, Lamu County, Kenya
Shela Beach truly represents the highest spot for peace, tranquility, and calmness. This place can easily be reached through boat voyage. And during your travel, you will feel that you are entering into some different, unique and utterly beautiful place.
45.    Paje Beach Zanzibar, Zanzibar
Zanzibar is loaded with natural beauty and is definitely a paradise for anyone on the journey to discover the best beaches in Africa. The sand under your feet feels so unimaginably soft that your mind at first takes it as snow. The beauty of the sparkling waters feels so utterly pleasant to the eyes that you wish to remain there forever.
46.    Tsarabanjina, Mozambique Channel
In my research to discover the best beaches in Africa, I found this strangely named beach 10/10 in every aspect. The sapphire water is kissed with soft and intricately powdery sand that is surrounded by refreshingly cool tropical plants, giving the whole scene an amazingly attractive vibe.
Well, the list is not end yet. Here are some other great beaches of Africa.
47.    Nosy Iranja, Madagascar
48.    Nakupenda Beach, Zanzibar
49.    Le Morne Beach, Riviere Noire
50.    Wilderness Beach, Garden Route
51.    CHALE BEACH, Kwale County
52.    Curieuse, Seychelles
53.    Legzira Beach Tiznit, Morocco
54.    Mnemba Island, Zanzibar
55.    Sable Blanc, Djibouti, Tadjourah
56.    Djerba, Tunisia
57.    Nkhata Bay, Malawi
58.    Seven Wave Beach, Sao Tome & Principe
59.    Ile Aux Nattes, Madagascar
60.    Santa Monica Beach Boa Vista, Cape Verde
61.    Agiba Beach, Marsa Matruh
62.    Comoro Island, Comoro Repulic, Moroni
63.    Noordhoek Beach, Cape Town, South Africa
64.    Diaz Beach Cape Town, South Africa
65.    Fjord Bay Taba, Egypt

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