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Being in New York is not an experience, but an attitude, a feeling. The crazy pomp and show and maddening hustle of the city that never stops at any time of the day is the most appealing characteristic of the city. New Yorkers love the busy and lit life of their city. There is a lot of places to see in New York, and it is very difficult to choose or pick a few places. To give you some ease, we have compiled a list of some of the best places to visit in New York that are definitely a must-see in the city. So, anyone among you who is planning a trip to New York in the near future or is interested to dig a little dip into the life of New York, keep reading on. You will love learning about each and every place, and will surely add some of these places to your bucket list.
•    Lake Placid
Lake Placid village is located right in the middle of the Adirondack Mountains in Essex County. The village of Lake Placid is not much populated and is small in size as well. However, it gained much popularity and significance when it hosted the Winter Olympics of the year 1980. In addition, Lake Placid village is famous for a number of winter sports that are organized in this area all around the year. People love hiking over the peaks of Adirondacks in the winter season.
•    Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge is surely among the top in the best places to visit in New York as it holds immense significance for the New Yorkers and is regarded as the city's landmark site. The Gothic shaped arches and suspending cables of the Brooklyn Bridge appeal both locals and tourists equally. Brooklyn Bridge was built back in 1883 and it is the world's first steel suspension bridge ever. This bridge connects the Eastern River from Manhattan to Brooklyn. When around, you surely won't want to miss a long walk all across this bridge. From up there, you can enjoy spectacular sites of Manhattan and of Statue of Liberty as well. Some people also prefer biking or cycling over the bridge. But due to being very populous round the clock, it is extremely difficult to do any of that on the bridge.
•    The Guggenheim
New York has an abundance of state of the art museums and art galleries. Once in New York, you can visit a number of such places, depending upon your personal taste in the art. One such exceptional art museum is the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museums, or simply called the Guggenheim.  The Guggenheim is one of the most renowned and prestigious art museums of the United States. The building of this art museum is itself a piece of art. Building's design was given by Frank Lloyd Wright. It is in the form of a coil, giving simple and subtle but intricate and attractive vibes. This museum is situated on the most hustling road of New York, and that is Fifth Avenue.
•    Ellis Island
Ellis Island is situated on the bank of New York Harbor. This place has a museum and for sixty-two years, this place was the main immigration center of the United States. Surely, most of the U.S citizens now living in the country have at least a single person in their ancestors who had passed or took services from this point. When you visit Liberty Island or the Statue of Liberty, you can have a glimpse of this place as well. However, if you truly wish to feel the true essence of this place, then it is highly recommended to take Statue Cruises ferries and pay a long and thorough visit to the inside. This immigration museum also fascinates people who do a little research and draw their own family tree. For this, the American Family Immigration History Center is a great place. 
•    Central Park
Without any single shred of doubt, Central Park is one of the best places to visit in New York. If you say that this place is the most significant and highly talked about the place of New York, then it won't be wrong. Central Park is equally popular among the native locals as well as tourists. This place is one everyone's must-visit list on the way to New York. The luscious green beauty of this park makes a hustling and pompous city of the world, New York, a livable and beautiful place. Inside the park is not only plants but you can also enjoy a number of cool attractions as well. These include Central Park Zoo, Strawberry Fields, Belvedere Castle, the Lake and much more.
•    Catskills Mountains
The very first thing that pops into one's mind after hearing about New York City is an amalgamation of all sorts of noises, population, and hustle and bustle of people all around the city. On the other hand, New York City has a lot to offer other than honking horns, fast running metros, or coffee places. Catskills Mountains that are standing proudly on the Northern side of New York City are the best example of the beautiful juxtaposition of the urban life of the city and calm and peace of nature. This breathtakingly gorgeous place is particularly popular among those inhabitants of the city who are searching for a calm and peaceful place to cut off from their tiring routine life. This place offers numerous fun activities to its visitors all around the year. These fun activities include hiking trails, wildlife watching, and various winter sports opportunities.
•    Rockefeller Center
Being one of the best places to visit in New York, Rockefeller Center surely comes on top of the list of all tourists coming to the city, at any time of the year. This is a humungous shopping complex along with an exceptionally beautiful entertainment arena, situated in the middle point of the Manhattan. This place has a 70 story long Rockefeller Plaza with an art Deco Skyscraper that particularly attracts tourists from all around the world. On top of the Rock Observation Deck, you can have an utterly beautiful view of Manhattan. All around the year, the Rockefeller Center offers a number of beautiful sightseeing opportunities for its visitors. Just having a visit all around the building can be a wondrously entertaining trip.
•    Grand Central Terminal
Grand Central Terminal is located in the middle of Manhattan. This place holds an extraordinary value with respect to history, architecture, and transport. And anyone who is looking for someplace where he/ she can visit without spending any money but have an amazing time, then Grand Central Terminal is definitely one of the best options to go for. Here at this magnificent terminal, you will find a variety of options to have lunch from, plus you will have plenty of shops to shop from. However, the best thing about this place is its phenomenal architecture. From the glorious entrance and the gleaming marble floors to Nickle and gold plated chandeliers and sky-like ceiling, every inch of this place is worth watching.
•   Hudson River Valley
Breathing along the Hudson River, on the Northern side of New York City, the Hudson River Valley exhibits the beauty of American rural life. This lusciously green valley is mainly known for is beautiful agricultural land and natural landscape. And that means that this place is also known for an extremely amazing food range. With the handsome availability of fresh produce, the food at this place has an extra yummy flavor. There is a wide range of high-quality local wineries, organic farms, farmer's markets, and exceptionally skilled cheese makers as well. In the recent past, a lot of New York City's chefs have opted to open far-to-table eateries in the Hudson River Valley; and their businesses are flourishing brightly.
•    New York City Broadway and Theatrical Performances
Broadway and theatre are two of the best places to visit in New York that everybody craves about seeing whenever in the city. New York's Broadway is world-famous for its artistic excellence, professional maturity, and theatrical magnificence. Attending a Broadway show in New York City is like a dream come true for the tourists and an intensely valuable learning experience for artists from all around the globe. Broadway is a broad term that refers to a number of theatre venues situated along the long street in the Theatre District. Tickets for shows that are more raved about has to be purchased well ahead of time as these are sold in no time.
•    New York Public Library
New York Public Library is the testament to the literary taste of its inhabitants. The official name of this library is Stephen A. Schwarzman Building. New York Public Library attracts book lovers from all around the city and country. Both tourists and locals fantasize about going inside the library and read the treasure placed on the shelves. This building not only attracts book lovers but is also loved by architecture enthusiasts. The extraordinarily beautiful Beaux-arts design surely represents splendor and grace at the same time. Most of all, people come to see two famous lions, placed as the guards of the building, Patience, and Fortitude. The whole aura of the place is enough to mesmerize anyone around. You surely don't want to miss this magnificent sight on your trip to New York.
•    Fire Island
Fire Island is a thin island that is located just off the coast of Long Island. This place is not much hyped but it is one of the best places to visit in New York that everyone must-see. Most of the area of the island is taken up by the Fire Island National Seashore. Previously, this place was specified as whaling base but now it is considered one of the best seaside gateway destinations as this place gives cool, calm and peaceful vibes and is not very far from New York City. Its nearness to the main city along with beautifully amazing natural surroundings makes it a highly attractive place to the New Yorkers as well as other tourists. You should also visit this beautiful place on your next visit to New York. Just a reminder that this place remains closed in the winters and is only open in the summers, so plan your stay accordingly.
•    The High Line
The High Line is a one and a half-mile long park, located on a rail track on the West Side of Manhattan. This park covers three of the most populous neighborhoods of the city, West Chelsea, Meatpacking District and Hell's Kitchen. So why is it called High Line? Well, it got this name because it is standing about 30 feet above the street level. And interestingly, when up there, you can see a panoramic view of Manhattan's city and Hudson River. In addition to the glorious views it offers, this place is also famous for beautifully manicured greenery. In addition to its natural beauty, you will find art installations, picnic areas and a couple of food vendors as well. This is a great place to visit when getting bored or tired of the pompous life of New York.
•    Thousand Islands
Thousand Islands is located near the Canadian border. This scenic place is definitely one of the best places to visit in New York. The most appealing thing about this place is that it is located where Lake Ontario of Canada meets with St. Lawrence River. And this amalgamation of two waters along with lavish surroundings feels incredible, gorgeous and surely breathtakingly beautiful. To be honest, this place is famous as a vacation spot of the rich and wealthy, however, it is open for all travelers.
•    Time Square
Time Square is one of the most significant and highlighting places of New York City. The gleaming lit billboards, huge screens of famous celebrities, and hustle and bustle on the road are a few of the main characteristics of Times Square. Any movie ever shot in New York will surely have a glimpse of this place anywhere on the screen. Most of all, this place is particularly important with reference to New York's New Year's Celebrations. Every year, some of the most astounding and famous singers perform here on the new year's eve and millions of people gather around to celebrate, enjoy and have fun. Just a fun fact, Time Square got this name in 1904 and was named after New York Times Tower. And was previously known as Longacre Square.
•    Chrysler Building
Well, Chrysler building is actually an office building working from Monday to Friday. However, to appreciate is the aesthetic aura and architectural significance going inside is certainly not important at all. This architectural beauty was built back in 1930 and was named as the tallest building of the world at that time with 1046 foot height. However, this record was short-lived as Empire State Building grasped this title. Nonetheless, this building holds its own value and importance for the New Yorkers. Moreover, you won't need to pay a huge amount of money on the ticket to appreciate its architectural brilliance like you need to pay for the ticket of the Empire State building. So, do pass by this amazing Chrysler building on your next trip to New York City.
•    Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls is one of the most appealing and topmost romantic destinations in the world. And for that, it is often referred to as the Honeymoon Capital of the World. Rightly so, as couples book this place as their wedding destination years ahead. Once there, you will see a long queue of couples waiting for their turn to get married and start their honeymoon. Well, it does not mean that it is only a romantic destination for the newly married couple. But all sorts of travelers wish to see this grandeur natural beauty. Niagara Falls borders with Canada. And inhabitants of both countries, Canada and the United States enjoy the magnificent beauty of the beautiful Niagara Falls. One of the most stunning and much-awaited events is the exhibition of lighting and fireworks at the Niagara Falls. The acoustic feeling of watching Neon lights on the Niagara Falls cannot be described in words. So, it is highly recommended to visit this place on such events.
•    Frick Collection
Frick Collection is named by its owner, a steel tycoon of the 18th century, Henry Clay Frick. This building house has a huge collection of Renaissance period, basically covering the art from the end of the 19th century. This building is like a treasure house for artists from all around the globe. If you wish to relish your eyes with the incredible works of Vermeer, Manet, Degas, Goya, Turner, Rembrandt, and other renowned and historic artists then you must visit Frick Collection. This place is categorized in the form of different permanent galleries. In addition to these galleries, various exhibitions are also organized at this place which attracts numerous artists.
•    Carnegie Hall
Carnegie Hall in New York's first-ever concert hall. This place was built back in 1891 and is functioning brilliantly till date. This hall is located in the Midtown Manhattan on 7th Avenue. This hall is considered one of the most prestigious and renowned concert stage of the United States. Many of the biggest celebrity singers of all time have performed at this remarkable place including Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones,  The Beatles, James Taylor, Neil Young, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Tina Turner, Kinks, Doors, Marc Bolan and T. Rex, David Bowie, Doobie Brothers, Stevie Ray, Cowboy, Jay Z, Gomez, and many more. Just being there will give you chills. If you are a crazy music lover then you should definitely plan a visit to this hall, and attend a concert. You can only experience the crazy vibes of this place and these cannot be explained in mere words.
•    Radio City Music Hall
Radio City Music Hall is located down the Rockefeller Center. This is considered as the New York City's landmark and is definitely one of the best places to visit in New York for entertainment and music lovers. This art theater came into being in 1932 and since then, this place is producing musical extravaganza from the masters of its field, movies, and also best of dance performances. The dance company of this place is called, the Rockettes. The founders of this building were the Rockefellers who financed this place back in the 1930s to build the indoor theater. At that time, this building had the world's largest indoor theater.
•    The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Metropolitan Museum of Art or simply famous as the Met is one of the most popular museums of the United States. This great museum was built back in 1870 and is home to more than two million pieces of art having the historical significance of more than 5000 years. The Met Fifth Avenue branch of this museum highlight Egyptian art, American musical instrument, old costumes, armor, and decorative art. It will be great if you could visit one of the exhibitions at the museum as it will depict the most art pieces of the historic period in public. The other branch of the museum that is located in Fort Tryon Park is specifically known for its fabulous structure, halls, chapels, cloisters, and overall design. The art pieces in the museum mainly cover European architecture and medieval art.
There you go! I really hope that you have enjoyed learning about some of the fun, interesting and must watch places in New York. These are some of the best places to visit in New York. If you think that we have missed any place special and worth adding to the list then please feel free to comment down below and share it with us. We will definitely add it to a new list. Until next time, stay happy, and share happiness with everyone around.

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