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Are you planning to visit the beautiful city of Rome in the near future and wondering where to start to go and what to see there? Then you are in for a treat here. Because we have compiled a pretty comprehensive list of fun places to visit in Rome that you will love to see and surely won't want to miss. Well, one thing is obvious that Rome is jam-packed with an enormous range of iconic buildings, historic landmarks, and glorious places that it is hard to pick just a few. However, on your visit, the best strategy would be to explore as many different sorts of places as you can. Meaning that there are numerous churches there, and it will be great if you won't see only a range of churches in a single go. Try to visit market places, parks, monuments, hills, and streets as well. Plus, every city has to offer a unique nightlife, so take time for that as well.
•    Villa Farnesina
Villa Farnesina projects the lifestyle of aristocrats in the Renaissance era. Everything you see around this villa will give you a sneak a peek to the way of the Renaissance lifestyle. Historians or renaissance enthusiasts wish to visit the grandeur and magnificence of this place once in their lifetime. This villa is located in the Trastevere district of Rome, in the center of Italy. One of the most interesting that fascinates tourists from all around the world to this villa is the beautiful depiction of the renowned myths of Psyche and Cupid through the genius hands of prestigious artists, Raphael. Exhibition of Raphael's paintings is one of the most attractive highlights of this place. There is a small entry ticket to this place. And if you are interested in a guided tour of this place in the English language then you must sign up for the one organized every Saturday. This place is definitely a must-visit by the lovers of the renaissance era.
•    The Coliseum
The Coliseum or Colosseum is the main attraction of Rome. This place truly symbolizes the rich history of Italy. Coliseum is an Amphitheater that was used as the sports arena by Romans, and to this day this amphitheater provides basic structural design for the construction of modern-day football stadiums. The basic design is famous by the name of the oval Roman plan.
The history of this coliseum dates back to the Flavian Dynasty in 72 AD. Its construction was ordered by the emperor Vespasian and was completed under the reign of his son named Titus in 80 AD. This building built of stone and concrete is considered to be the epitome of Roman architecture and engineering grandeur. 
This coliseum is the largest amphitheater in the Roman empire and has the capacity of entertaining more than 50,000 spectators. The major reason for its significance was the organization of the notorious gladiatorial combats. In addition to the gladiator battles, this arena was used to hold animal fights as well.
Entry to the coliseum is free of cost. However, you may have to wait in high season.
•    The Roman Forum
The Roman Forum, the Palatine Hill and the Coliseum are linked touristic sites; and you can enjoy all three sites in a single visit. So, missing any of these would surely be a regret. The Roman Forum thrived in the heart of Rome two centuries ago and you can observe the ruins of ancient Roman civilization lying all around the Forum, including religious buildings, administrative sites, and markets. However, you won't be able to pinpoint the exact explanation of the site. What remained of the historic glory of this place include triumphal arches, impressively designed walls and some standing and some fallen columns. If you wish to know about this place in detail then it is highly recommended to sign up for a guided tour.
The Roman Forum held a history of Roman politics, Roman religious life, the Roman Empire and its connection with the Western world. The building fell down in the 7th century and new fortresses and churches were constructed in the middle of the ruins.
On your visit to the Roman Forum, do remember to see Temple of Antoninus Pius, the Temple of Saturn, the Temple of Castor and Pollux,  the Temple of Vesta, the Arch of Titus, and the Arch of Septimus Severus. If you are enthusiastic about Roman civilization, seeing these places would be a treat.
•    The Pantheon
The Pantheon is one of the must-see fun places to visit in Rome as its ancient architecture is very well preserved and for that it feels like a great treat for eyes. Its stunning architecture, the intricacy of the design, and dazzling mastery of the sculptures are remarkably intact even after more than 2000 years. After its deterioration in the fire of 80 AD, the Pantheon was restored and you can get amazed by the beautification of brickwork that brilliantly portrays the technical efficiency of Roman engineers, workers, and everyone involved in the process. Most of all, the dome of this place is one of the most attractive fine examples of Roman architecture. Measurement of the dome is 43 meters and it is hanged in the form of a suspension without any obviously visible carriers. In addition to this marvelously built dome, this place has only a single light source and that comes from a 9-meter opening located right in the middle of the building. Here, Italian kings, Victor Emmanuel II and Umberto I as well as the genius painter Raphael are also buried. People also come here to the Pantheon to pay respect to these famous people of history. Surely, one more reason to come and visit the Pantheon.
•    Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel
There are more than 13 Vatican museums that are grouped in the form of a gigantic ensemble covering more than 7 kilometers area. This humungous architectural beauty is surely one of the best fun places to visit in Rome, especially for people who are deeply attached to the magnificent work of Italian artists, Roman history, and its overall philosophy about life.
The collection of Vatican museums came into being with the collection of amazing sculptures by Pope Julius II. And to this day, that small collection of sculptures has become a huge array of several museums that include some of the world's most inspirational and important artwork.
There is an enormous amount of attractions to catch inside the museums, however, the spiral staircase and the Raphael Rooms are two of the most famous highlights of this place.
Along with the museums is the famous Sistine Chapel that attracts hundreds of tourists from all around the world all because of its glorious decorations and exceptionally brilliant artwork. The ceiling of the chapel is one of the topmost famous characteristics of the Chapel. This ceiling was painted by Michelangelo between the years 1508 and 1512. And the whole world now considers The Last Judgment and this ceiling to be two of the most astounding works of Michelangelo. Now you must have known that being in Rome and not seeing that would definitely be a regret forever.
•    The Trevi Fountain
The Trevi Fountain or Fontana di Trevi in Italian is one of the topmost tourist attractions of Rome Italy. It is a highly recommended go-to site for anyone visiting Rome. This is the largest fountain of Rome and was built in the 17th century. This architectural masterpiece depicts the refinement of art and beauty. Interestingly, people are fascinated by this fountain because of the famous tradition that throwing a coin in this fountain will assure your visit to Rome again. And people love to follow and enjoy this tradition.
Trevi fountain was constructed in the period between 1732 to 1751 by Nicolo Salvi for Pope Clement XII. The water in this fountain comes from an aqueduct that was constructed originally by Agrippa. This aqueduct is called Aqua Virgo and is one of the many aqueducts that were used to supply water all around Rome in ancient times.
•    Appian Way
Roman architecture surely is one of the most significant and highly celebrated architecture in the world. In addition to that, Rome's roads and streets are also very unique, distinctive and depict a personal flavor of the country. Among these remarkable roads is Apian Way. This is one of the most popular and talked about the ancient Roman road that connects the bustling city with the south-eastern part of Italy, Brindisi.
•    St. Peter's Basilica
St. Peter's Basilica holds immense value in Roman Catholicism. This place is situated in the middle of Vatican city and remains opened for everyone free of cost 24/7, with the exception of Wednesday when it remains closed for the arrival of the pope. If you wish to see the pope then it will be great to visit on Wednesday and be in General Audience. Moreover, you can check the pope's schedule and most importantly his presence in the town from the Vatican's website to be sure. By paying a little fee, visitors can climb 551 steps to the summit. There on the terrace, visitors can have a beautiful panoramic view of Rome's magnificent landscape. One important thing to take into account is to wear proper dress code as it is an active church and daily service is performed.
•    Baths of Caracalla
Baths of Caracalla or Terme di Caracalla in Italian were built between 212 AD and 216 or 217 AD under the reign of Roman emperors naming, Septimius Severus and Caracalla. These were the second-largest public baths of the city and remain functional until the end of the 530s and then started ruining after years of disuse, negligence, and a devastating earthquake that shook every brick of it. The emperor Caracalla built these baths to make himself loveable by the people of the city and thus to gain political profit. This place is definitely a must-visit to have a look into the beautiful architecture of the Roman empire.
•    Monument of Victor Emmanuel II
As the name describes itself, the Monument of Victor Emmanuel II was built in the honor of Victor Emmanuel. He was the first king of unified Italy. This monument is definitely one of the best fun places to visit in Rome as its grandeur, and connection to Roman history both makes this place extremely interesting and fun to discover. This gigantic and splendid white building is constructed using marble that adds tons into its splendor, aristocratic aura, and architectural beauty. This monument was designed by an extraordinarily talented architect, Giuseppe Sacconi in the year 1885. And the construction of the building was completed in 1925. Inside the building are two permanently functional museums where various exhibitions are organized. One of these museums is on Italian Reunification and the other exhibits Emigration from Italy. In addition to these two permanent exhibitions, several other exhibitions also keep on rotating. You can check out their schedule and sign yourself up for the one you are interested in the most.
•    Santa Maria Della Vittoria or Saint Mary of Victory
Saint Mary of Victory is surely not exactly one of the fun places to visit in Rome, but surely highly respected one among the Catholics and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. In addition to the buildings stunning architecture and incredibly intricate detailing, this church holds literary connection as well. This church is featured in Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons", and since the novel's release, this church is heavily trafficked. If you are one of the crazy fans of the adventures of Robert Langdon, then you surely won't want to miss this place on your visit to Rome.
•    Piazza Navona
Among all the fun places to visit in Rome, Piazza Navona has something special to offer to its visitors. This place is loved by both locals and tourists alike. This place is not very far from the Pantheon. Piazza Navona is basically a famous public square of Rome that catches eyes for its spectacular aura, great eateries, numerous terraces and a number of fun things to do. Here, you can enjoy the sight of three splendid fountains as well named as, The Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, The Fontana del Nettuno, and The Fontana del Moro. Moreover, what attracts tourists to this place is its startling evenings where people can enjoy performers and artists of various art forms. There are a number of shops as well from where you can easily buy souvenirs. 
•    Gianicolo Hill (Janiculum)
Gianicolo Hill or Passeggiata del Gianicolo in Italian is located in the western part of Rome or on the western side of Tiber River and it attracts many athletic tourists who wish to see the panoramic view of the site from up the hill. On top of the hill, you will be able to enjoy the view of some of the most magnificent buildings of the city which include Altare Della Patria and St. Peter's Basilica. The hike and the amazing view, both make this hill one of the most fun places to visit in Rome. In addition to the majestic view of the city, you can also enjoy a number of monuments up there including Fontana dell'Acqua Paola. This is an exceptionally impressive place to spend your day.
•     San Giovanni in Laterano or Basilica of St. John Lateran
 San Giovanni in Laterano or Basilica of St. John Lateran is the church of Pope St. John Lateran and is one of the four major Basilicas of Rome. This church is dedicated to John the Evangelist and John the Baptist. And it is considered to be the very first Catholic church constructed within Rome. The outside of this church's building may not seem like a church, however, you will see a beautifully decorated and intricately ornamented interior. The columns, paintings, mosaics, and all the walls painted an extremely beautiful picture on the whole. Visiting this utterly beautiful place is definitely a must on your visit to the beautiful city of Rome.
•    Centro Storico
Centro Storico is one of the busiest and most tourist-friendly places in Rome. This place is actually a historic center of ancient Rome and is packed with numerous artistically designed churches, squares, streets and much more. You can say that it is a Roman paradise for the tourists from all around the globe as you can taste the true flavor of the mix of ancient and modern-day Rome in a single go. Without even a speck of doubt, this place is one of the most fun places to visit in Rome. You will love just a simple stroll on the streets while absorbing the luscious atmosphere of the surrounding. Just give yourself some free me time and wander around here and there, see what Rome has to offer you through its artistic streets. In addition to this hustling place, there are some irregular yet fun steps on the side called the Spanish Steps. These steps lead the way to the French church named Trinità dei Monti. These stairs are loved by the tourists as there they can sit and enjoy the life of Rome while eating something fresh from the market. These Spanish Steps were designed by Pietro Bernini who was the proud father of the all-time great architect, Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Once there, you will instantly fall into the ecstatic vibes of this amazing place. So, when you are planning to visit the obvious and most famous tourist locations of Rome, do not forget to add this one to the list as well.
•    Campo di Fiori
Campo di Fiori is the place where you can smell the freshness of fruits and vegetables. With the exception of Sunday, this market place gets filled by both the locals and tourists, all in search of some fresh produce and fish. Though it may seem that such a market place that is located right in the Roman historical center may do not have authentic vibes of a market place, still this place has finely managed to display its authenticity. Many travel experts confirm that this place has the same vibes as it had back in 1800, except for the obvious changes in the addition of cafes, gelaterias and a number of pizzerias. This place not only offers a bustling day time but is also famous for its nightlife as well. So, all of you people who really wish to see the authenticity of the nightlife of Rome, do have to visit Campo di Fiori at night, for sure.
•    Porta Portese
Porta Portese is located in Trastevere that especially organized on Sundays. This is such a must-visit fun place for all the crazy fashion enthusiasts on their visit to Rome. The clothes available here are extraordinarily amazing. You can find both new and old clothes here. And surely, your mind will blow out after seeing the extravagant uniqueness of the clothes. In addition to the cloths, the vendors sell anything and everything, from books to antiques, and replicas of antiques as well. And for that reason, it is highly recommended to visit this place along with a local to not pay a heavy price of a cheap thing.
•    Borghese Gardens and Gallery
Borghese Gardens offers an English-style landscape with an array of walking paths and a range of ponds as well. Here, in these ponds, you can also enjoy boat rowing. This place is such an extraordinary cut off from the ancient glory of the Roman architecture and paintings but is presently surrounded by it. So, you get to enjoy the beauty of two different worlds in a single place. In addition to the gardens, another prominent site here is the Villa Borghese. This villa is particularly famous for Borghese art collection. This gallery has an amazing collection of sculptures, paintings, reliefs and mosaics from the period of 15th to 18th century. Here you can see the work of some of the renowned Roman artists.

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