How to Teach Your Kids About Love and Kindness

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Like you wish your children to learn loads of different skills, and have an education; in the same manner, kindness is one of the very important and must-have qualities to learn for every kid. Infusing the personality traits of kindness and being grateful towards others make kids more successful, mentally healthy and socially compatible. If you want to learn how to teach your kids about love and kindness then keep on reading this article. Here you will learn about all the highly recommended tips and tricks, as researched by the psychologists, that will help you teach your kids about being respectful, kind, and helpful towards others. So without further ado, let's hop on to learning something wonderful and inspirational. 
•    Lead the Way
One of the most effective ways to teach someone anything is to do it yourself. Leading others by the example you set to exhibit the best portrayal of the task. In this case, being kind, loveable and respectful towards others must be your personality traits. And that is how your kids will learn to be kind and respectful to others. As Thich Nhat Hanh has said that, "If you have the chance to be exposed to a loving, understanding environment where the seed of compassion, loving-kindness, can be watered every day, then you become a more loving person." Be an example of the person you want them to be. And that is how your kids will learn and be able to portray kindness. 
•    Talk to Strangers/ Random People Politely
Talking to strangers surely be unusual and unacceptable for many of you. However, this is something we all must include in our daily life. Though we all claim that the world is connected and become a global village through an enormous boost in the field of information technology, digital communication, and electronics; but when it comes to politely talk to a person sitting aside us on the train, we tend not to do so. Another big example of overpowering social distancing in our daily life is our routine gathering with friends or co-workers. Surely, we are sitting at the same place, having a delightful meal, but our heads are dumped into our cell phones. And that ruins the idea of sitting together and enjoying each other's company. And for everyone out there asking how to teach your kids about love and kindness, try to be polite and kind to strangers.
Now let's talk about how can you do that! Well, you can start by complimenting others. Every human being likes to be admired, and I'm sure you like that as well. Robert Baden-Powell amazingly put this in words that "In assisting his 'neighbor' every day to the best of his ability, and keeping truth, honesty, and kindness perpetually before him, the Boy Scout, with as little formality as possible, is pleasing God." This is the best way to strike a conversation. You can complement the other person about their clothes, or if they are holding kid then give a cool comment on their kids' and just like that you can hop on to a great conversation.
When your kids observe this kind and intermingling behavior of their parents they will automatically start absorbing this within their skin.
•    Believe in the Capacity of your Kids of being Kind
One of the first things that you as a parent need to learn in knowing how to teach your kids about love and kindness is that you have to believe in the ability of kids' potential of developing loving, kind, and respectful behavior. Kids absorb each and everything they hear and see and then try to reflect it through their personality. If you keep on saying them all the negative things about them like they are good for nothing etc, then they will grow up believing so and this will first mess up their mental health and surely their whole life. On the other hand, if you uplift your children saying how good they are, how skilled, kindhearted and respectful they are for others then they will be that person. Your children will surely try to live up to your expectations. The more you encourage them towards positive and helpful behavior the better the person they will grow to be. And if you are doubtful of anything great within their personality, then surely they won't be able to believe in themselves also. Cheer them up for any big or small act of kindness, and push them to keep on going in the right direction.
•    Be Respectful towards your Child as Well
One of the topmost things to know in learning how to teach your kids about love and kindness is to be civil, considerate and polite towards your children as well. A child's mind is extremely observant, sharp, powerful, and immensely attentive. And he/ she notes whatever she observes. If you give your children respect then you will be able to have it. And with that positive attitude, they will be able to do the same with others as well. Being kind, loving and respectful towards your children will automatically impart these characteristics in their personality. Moreover, it includes resolving conflicts through polite, sensible, and logical arguments rather than scolding or shouting. There is no need to make them realize that they are inferior in one way or another. Just be respectful and while doing so let them realize the difference between right and wrong. And in the future, they will do the same with you and others as well.
•    Often Use Positive Gestures
Infuse the habit of saying "thank you", "please", "good to see you" and things like that. Teaching them kind manners is extremely important to nurture positive and appreciative habits within their personality. Greeting people appropriately and correctly is extremely important and it goes a long way. Speaking to people in a respectful, polite, and humble way is one of the major parts of raising your children. A child's mind is just like a blank board where you as a parent can write anything and everything the way you like. It is your responsibility what you write on this board through your positive gestures, polite manner, and kind words. Whatever a child sees and hears; he/ she will do the same in his/ her adult life. So, just try to have a polite, respectful and pleasurable environment in your house.
•    Read Stories and Books about the Beauty of Kindness and Love
Listening to the stories before going to sleep is every child's favorite thing to do. This is the best time for a parent to let the kids know the significance and importance of being kind. Through heartwarming short stories, you can impart great knowledge in their minds. In addition to that, try to give a specific corner of your home specially dedicated to the books; and books that encourage compassion, love, and kindness within one's personality.
•    Be Vigilant of what Your Kids are Watching through Electronic Media
Electronic media including TV and movies are the major sources of entertainment for kids of all ages. All kids tend to watch TV day and night; especially in their vacations. And children like to imitate the actions, gestures, and words that they see and hear on the TV. And that is why you need to know what sort of stuff they are watching. It is not that television is something monstrous or evil, but how we use this medium is what's important. In the words of Jon Scieszka "Avoid demonizing television, computer games, and new technologies. Electronic media may compete for kids' attention, but we're not going to get kids reading by badmouthing other entertainment. Admit that TV and games can do things books can't." Children can learn a lot from good cartoons and movies. There are numerous channels on television and on YouTube that are spreading important messages in a fun manner and kids get attracted to these shows massively. You can also use this medium to educate your children about being kind and spreading love among others.
•    Try not to Spoil Your Kids
Children are the most precious gift of God that any parent can ask for and for that parents love them unconditionally. In doing so, most of the time parents often lose self-control and spoil their children. Parents bought each and everything their kids ask for and with that kids loses the sense of being grateful, thankful and patient. If you are that parent who wants to know how to teach your kids about love and kindness it is highly recommended and extremely important not to spoil your kids. Criss Jami perfectly put this into meaning by writing in her book, Diotima, Battery, Electric Personality, that “Man is not, by nature, deserving of all that he wants. When we think that we are automatically entitled to something, that is when we start walking all over others to get it.” Surely, this doesn't mean that you should not fulfill their demands, but while fulfilling their demands make sure to realize them the importance of things. Moreover, let them know about people in society who cannot afford such luxuries. This practice ill make them humble, kind-hearted and modest. The more their heart melts, the better they will be able to understand the importance of being kind and respectful towards each other.
•    Sharing is Caring
Interestingly, sharing is caring is one of the most catchy phrase and while being so memorable and appealing it is extremely important to practice as well. Teach your children how important it is to share your blessings with others. It not only includes money or materialistic stuff; rather it also includes time and energy. Helping someone by giving money is highly appreciative; but giving someone your shoulder to lay down, your ears to tell a story, or your time to be helpful are also extremely important gestures that we all must know. And these things can only be taught to the kids when as a parent you practice them or tell your kids stories about "sharing is caring".
•    Understand Your Child's Psyche towards Different Norms of his/ Her Social  Life
Children are very receptive to people's behavior. their gestures, their actions, and their words. And when your kid is telling you something about anyone in a negative manner than it is your duty as a parent to explore the story behind that comment. Try to investigate politely, why is he/ she is saying that? or is there anything they want to tell you? or is there anything annoying he/ she has seen? It is very important to take your level of conversation from a mild one to a more specific one. First and foremost, the most important thing is that your kid trusts you completely and feel that he/ she has the liberty to say anything to you without having a fear of being scolded. And only then your kid may open up him/ herself before you. After doing that, you can see yourself that how can you correct the situation, understand the misunderstanding and positively explain the circumstances to your kid.
•    Teach Your Kid that Name-Calling Someone is Equally Hurtful as Hitting can be
In learning how to teach your kids about love and kindness, you can start from the very start when someone is rude and annoying to others. And that is name-calling and annoying your school mates. Right, when you feel that your kid is big enough to understand things, situations, and behaviors; it is the time for you to educate him/ her about this very issue. Name-calling and making fun of others in one or another way is extremely painful and hurtful. It is important to teach young kids that these actions can have negative stress on mental health and can render all the creative processes of one's personality. Moreover. it may seem fun and hilarious at the moment; but it will only leave your regretful, remorse, and hurt for long. So, rather than feeling sad, pained and hurt for the rest of your life, it is better to mend ways at the start. So, encourage him/ her to apologize and make them understand the importance of apologizing.
Another aspect of the same story is being victimized by other so-called "cool kids" of the class. You as a parent need to understand your child's expression, daily school stories, and his/ her behavioral change. If your child is being victimized then it is immensely important to uplift your child's personality and give him/ her confidence in believing in him/ herself. 
•    Do not Induce the Sense of Competition with other Kids of the Family
Often, it is seen that parents induce a sense of competition in their kids with their cousins by saying all the wrong things. Surely, kids need to have a sense of competition and a positive attitude towards success. But this often reduces their strength and make their minds vulnerable to all the negative things. It is seen that kids desire to get good marks or behave nicely just to impress their parents or to not get scolded by their parents. While their attitude should be impressive and positive only for themselves not in competition with others. Rather than this, you must let your kids compete with themselves. As Criss Jami wrote in her book, Killosophy, that “If you want to find the real competition, just look in the mirror. After a while, you'll see your rivals scrambling for second place.”If your kids get indulged in self-competition than there are brighter chances of their success and mental and physical health. Moreover, they will only feel kindness rather than hatred and competition towards others.
•    Teach Your Child to Learn People's Facial Language
This may seem very difficult to do at the start, but once your kids are practiced enough it will help them in the long run. In learning how to teach your kids about love and kindness, teaching them this trick will help them understand when people are in need but are not expressive enough to deliver their message through words. In addition to that, kids will read and understand the other's end of the story. Learning other's perspectives regarding the same situation is extremely important and can help you understand and manage all kinds of difficult situations. If you know what is another person's point of view then you will read the situation through all ends and will eventually have a just decision. This trick is highly appreciative of leading a great life.
•    Do Not Let Go Rudeness
Edmund Burke has once said that “Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.” And rightly so. As a parent, it is your moral duty to not let go rude behavior of your child. It may feel nothing at the start and you do not say anything considering that he/ she is just a kid and he/ she will learn when gro up. But it is like nurturing a monster. You may think of it as a onetime thing. But if you let it pass, then the kid will think the liberty to do the same thing again. And with that, all your tries to make your kids kind and grateful ill go in vain. As P.M. Forni  wrote in his book, The Civility Solution: What to Do When People Are Rude, that “When the healthy pursuit of self-interest and self-realization turns into self-absorption, other people can lose their intrinsic value in our eyes and become mere means to the fulfillment of our needs and desires.” Rudeness can never be a single time thing. Rather by neglecting the rude behavior, you are indirectly encouraging the negative personality traits of your child. Moreover, when you see anyone being rude or inconsiderate towards others, do remember to point it out to your kid. For example, if a car splashes water on some passersby, it is extremely important to mention it out and tell your kids that this is a rude behavior towards the passerby and this will cause hurt, pain and shame to the person. Or, if you see a person laughing while body shaming a special person, then tell your kids how shameful and rude this act is. These situations are like the mode of teaching some great lessons to your children, and eventually a great stepping stone for building a helpful society.
•    Acknowledge Kind Behavior
Similar to mentioning rude and wrong behavior of others, you must also mention when someone is being polite, kind and generous towards others. Audrey Hepburn has beautifully connected kindness with beauty saying, "For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone." When kids learn about kindness, selflessness, and generosity of their souls through the examples of their surroundings they will be more educated on the subject. Confucius  said, "To practice, five things under all circumstances constitute perfect virtue; these five are gravity, generosity of soul, sincerity, earnestness, and kindness." These are the golden words by the great Chinese thinker and philosopher that we all must keep in our minds. By telling your kids about the good in the world, you will automatically impart goodness in their hearts.
There you go! I hope you must have learned some great things about how to teach your kids about love and kindness. What important is, that you must include all these tips and tricks in your routine life. If you infuse all these cool characteristics in your daily life; only then it is possible that your kids will grow to be gentler, humble, and kind at heart. And there is no denying in saying that our world right now needs such people more than ever. Surely, this puts all of us, as a parent, in a position of great responsibility to teach our kids how to be kind and respectful towards others.

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