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Posted Date : 26 Mar 2020 03:30 hrs

I've played sense 2004, I have seen them remove the wildly, free commerce, and change combat entirely (EoC). All these things were put forward as some amazing shift that would help OSRS gold game grow in a more favorable manner while"coping" with the problems that they were undergoing, and guess what it killed the dam match. So next time you want to encourage your buddies to begin trying out runescape for their very first time, or to return to it, be sure to let them know"oh yeah in the event that you die you have to race back to receive your things and pay a commission". See how long they stick around.

Right, bossing is nerve racking as is, let alone having more negative consequences because will defiantly not promote more"brand new" RuneScape gamers to enter bossing.Using your logic we should nevertheless have our 6 hour afk guthan nmz training sessions. Zulrah drop table should have never been touched, normal void range should still be better than armadyl, anything else? Every time there's an update that is not"make sport easier" everybody jumps on the"only max RuneScape players will benefit from this" bandwagon.

I'm nearly maxed and I really don't know it. It feels like most high level people I know love the idea, but it seems to me it's only a discouragement to perform harmful content. Jmods said the market is at a fantastic place with duel arena tax so I am confused to how this assists Buy Runescape gold game.It's not doing anything. Why does a departure have to have a charge to it? Its always a conversation aimed at pvm bosses.

What's there to make it more punishing? With pvm bosses you've got the collectors who charge you a commission anyway. Simply stick on one of them if you would like to punish noobs.

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