Fun Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy At Home

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Posted Date : 05 Apr 2020 17:41 hrs

"Social distancing", "Stay home, Stay Safe" and "We all are in this together!" are some of the very effective phrases that we are hearing tens of times every day these days. When keeping ourselves, our loved ones and everyone around safe is extremely important, at the same time, it is very difficult to stay at home, doing nothing. Especially, for people who have kids, it seems an excruciatingly difficult task. Keeping ourselves calm, composed and somewhat busy is not that complicated, as taking care of children all the time. In the absence of homework, and no school work, kids are taking these days as vacations; and parents have no idea how to keep kids busy from dawn till dusk and surely onwards. We understand that you as a parent must be dealing with this tricky situation to the best of your abilities. And we really want to pitch in some good ideas on fun activities to keep your kids busy at home in these hard times. Here in this article, you will learn each and everything in detail about this much-needed topic; and hopefully, by the end of this read, you must have planned some cool and interesting stuff to do with your kids.
Before starting, we want you to say just one important thing, and that is to stay positive and calm. These are sure, confusing, hard, and uncertain times; and everyone all around the globe is terrified of this unseen COVID-19 virus. But there is no use in getting anxious, stressed or depressed. If you are following all the guidelines given by the major health authorities then you will remain safe. And regarding social distancing and staying at home, everyone around the world can understand each other's situation. And in these times, staying hopeful, optimistic and positive is the best strategy to cope with this hardship.
Now be cheerful, and let's find out what activities you can do with your kids while staying at home!
•    Follow a Schedule
Surely, the routine is disturbed or rather devastated. However, it is exceptionally important to keep track of time to teach your kids following a set schedule. Now that schools are closed, but you must make a schedule with everyday "to-do list" involving every member of your family. And make it everyone's responsibility to follow the schedule or else make some small punishments.
•    Read a Story Book Together
Among all the fun activities to keep your kids busy at home, reading a story from book or kindle sounds amazingly educational and worth the time. This activity will keep them attached to the habit of learning. And in addition to that their mind will remain on the intuitive, creative and imaginative side, rather than falling for just watching cartoons. Moreover, it will give a bonding quality time with your kids.
•    Ask Your Kids to Write Summary of the Story
Reading a storybook together is an appealing thing to do for all kids. The next task is to take things to a new level, and that is to ask your kids to write a summary of the story, If not a summary, then ask them to write the summary in form of simple points, or just mention what are the characteristics of the leading characters. Or they can also moral of the story, in their personal opinion. Having this reactionary summary of the story will ignite the imaginative and creative skills of their mind, and will also enhance the sense of competition to do the best. You can also put some good rewards for doing a great job. This will increase their morale a little more.
•    Set Up an Interesting Treasure Hunt with Fun Clues
A treasure hunt is one of the most loved kids' activities of all. Kids love the idea of finding "treasure" and all the excitement and secrecy involved in the whole process of finding it is exceptionally exhilarating as well. And for you a parent, this will be a great thing to do as well. A treasure hunt will not only keep the kids busy but you will also be sure that they are not just playing here and there. Simply, you can hide about ten or twenty kids' stuff here and there everywhere in the house and ask them to find it in a set time. This is one of the great fun activities to keep your kids busy at home for a few hours.
•    Arrange an Indoor Picnic
Well, it is a bummer that none of us can go out and enjoy a fun picnic in the park or any recreational place. But we can do, is setting up an indoor picnic. Undoubtedly, this will bring joy and excitement to the same level. So how can you do that? You can enjoy an indoor picnic in your lounge or living room. Grab some cool colored sheets, bring in whatever food you have, and sit around with your kids. There, you can play games as well. Such as asking fun questions with each other.
•    Film Exciting TikTok Videos
TikTok has taken over our social media applications by storm, and we are loving it. Both making new and fun videos, and watching funny stuff have become one of a great time pass of modern times. And these days, when our life is all about being self-isolated in quarantine, TikTok is one of the most fun things to do. And it becomes even more interesting when your whole family takes part in making one video. It is a great activity to keep your kids busy doing something fun and interesting. And especially in this age of booming social media, kids loving doing this stuff. So, if you want to keep your kids busy for a time being then give them this application and you are good to go.
•    Train Your Dog    
Not quite sure about it? Well, seriously, training your dog can be a great fun activity. This is for sure that your kids must love having a dog. If your dog does not know when to sit or stay there, then this time is a great opportunity to teach him/ her that. This is one of the most fun activities to keep your kids busy at home. Take the help of your kids and teach your dog simpler to tough tricks. Try to focus on this activity at least an hour of every day. And you will be surprised to see the results.
•    Give Your Kids a Sensory Bin
A sensory bin is a highly effective learning way for the kids. And in current circumstances, having a sensory bin can be a great getaway for you to keep your kids busy in some fun and creative learning activity. Just take a large plastic bowl and fill in it with anything and everything squishy. colorful and soft. And then give your kids a shovel and let them excavate for the next few hours. They ill love being busy with something they like.
•    Schedule a Digital Quarantine
Here is an interesting idea! In these times when we are all hearing and reading the word "Quarantine" a million times a day (not actually, but it certainly seems so!), you can arrange a digital quarantine. Surely, you may be finding it hard these days to keep your kids away from the digital devices as there is no homework, books, or reading stuff. However, it is extremely important to maintain a schedule for the screens. When all the school work through online classes and other educational tasks is completed, then give the cell phone, tablet or any other device to your kid. Other than that keep these devices in a "no-go zone". The concept of keeping your kids in a digital quarantine can be highly effective for them and you as well.
•    FaceTime with Long-Distance Family Members
Well, these days, whether your loved ones are living far away or just next door, both seem at the same distance. However, you can get yourself and your kids busy by calling over your loved ones and having a chat through a video call. This is an amazingly fun and meaningful way to connect with your long lost friends and family members. In the busy routine life, we often forget about talking to the ones who are most close to our hearts. Well, in this time of "social distancing", you can connect to them through the power of the internet.
•    Write a Travel Journal of all the Places You Visited
This quarantine time is most hard on people who loved traveling here and there with their family. Spending summer vacations in a different place every year sounds a fun thing, and most people do this in routine. Well, if you are someone who used to do this, and is now missing all the fun you had; it is a great time to make a travel journal of your family trips. You can take the help of your kids in doing that as well. It is all up to you and your kids how you organize this journal. It is a great idea to have a fun family time by reliving all the great memories you people had made together. Stick pictures of these trips as well and make things more memorable. And doing that will take up hours and the interesting thing is that you won't feel tired or anything.
•    Teach Your Kids to Write a Letter
In the modern age, when it is all about texting, commenting and most of all face timing with your loved ones and friends have become a norm; people have forgotten about the mesmerizing joy of writing a letter to your friend and then waiting for the reply. Especially, our kids have no idea about this fun activity, and it seems to be extinct. This is the best time to revive this forgotten art and entice the excitement of this art in your kids' hearts. Just take a simple pencil and paper and write a loving, heartwarming letter to someone living far away. And after finish writing, fold it over, stamp it, and send it through the mail. This is a great idea to not only keep your kids busy but to also teach them something new and different. Plus, the one at the receiving end will also love this loving gesture.
•    Motivate Your Kids for Cleaning and Organizing Stuff
One of the most common complaints parents have with their kids is that they are very messy. Well, now you have all the time in the world to teach your kids how to be organized, and well kept. Surely, cleaning and organizing do not sound fun, but it surely is necessary. Especially, when everyone is at home all the time, the home is bound to get messy.  So, it is important to give cleaning tasks to everyone in the home. If not more than at least scrap 15 minutes from the daily routine to clean everything out.
•    Make Jigsaw Puzzle
The jigsaw puzzle is a great way to keep your kids busy in a fun task. The more the pieces the higher time they will take to complete the picture. And surely this is one of the most fun activities to keep your kids busy at home.
•    The Best Time to Play Board Games
Say Bye to online games we used to play all the time. It is time to revive the golden days when all the family members were used to sit around and play board games. Plus, it is a great time to get attached to your kids through these games. Some of the best board games you can play are Monopoly, Scrabble, Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders and loads more.
•    Play Charades
Now when all the family members are at home together at the same time, it is a great time to play charades. Make two teams and forget about the boredom. It is a classic game to eradicate boredom out of the house. Plus, your kids will not crave about having the devices in their hands to play games online but will have more fun with you.
•    Ask Your Kids to Write Diary
Writing a diary is an educational yet exciting activity. Plus, it is an excellent way to pass the quality time. Your kids may not respond with zeal and excitement at the start, but be clingy and soon they will come around.
•    Organize a Paint Competition
Get some paintbrushes, a canvas, and some paint; and you are good to organize a fun competition. This will be a great scene to have a competition within your family in a fun way.
•    Set Up Gym Class for the Whole Family
We often take our health for granted and usually do not give importance to physical workout. And watching us, our kids also do the same. Well, this quarantine time is an excellent time to gather your whole family to have a family workout at your place. And it should not be for a single day only, rather make it your habit and do it every day.
•    Dress Up
We all are getting bored with the usual routine, and are not dressing up. Well, schedule a day and dress up with all your heart on that day. Celebrate anything you like, or just have a good time together as a family.
•    Make Customized Pizza
Cooking is fun. Invite your kids to the kitchen and take their help. Making a pizza is a great start. Whatever is available in your house, you can make a good pizza with it, and above all your kids will love both the whole process and pizza as well.

•    `Get Your Kids Busy in Art and Craft Activities
DIY (Do It Yourself) art and craft fun activities to keep your kids busy at home is recommended as some of the best things to do with your kids. When your kids get indulged and fully involved in doing something creative, not only they become vigilant physically, but it also enhances their mental capabilities as well. Playing with toys, or computer games is one thing, but using your innate creative skills takes their mental power to whole another level. That is why it is extremely necessary to organize small but frequent sessions of art and craft activities with your kids.
Here are a few art and craft activities that you can do with your kids,
•    Make greeting cards for upcoming birthdays or any other occasion
•    Use leaf threading technique to make beautiful decorations or temporary jewelry items
•    With the use of watercolors or crayons, paint a family portrait
•    Wool can be used to make vibrantly colorful and appealing pom pom
•    Use waste or extra glass jars to paint and make something useful, like a pencil holder
•    Exhibit a puppet show by hiding yourselves behind the couch
•    Create royal crowns for everyone in the family using different colored paper
•     Paint boring looking stones and give an attractive effect to them to be used as decorating stuff
•    Make jewelry using pasta
•    Design and stitch clothes for kids' toys

There you go! These are just a few things to do mentioned here. You can do tens of different things using simple stuff. Just take an idea from these DIYs and create something special and unique of your own. Additionally, you can go on the internet and can learn some cool and creative new stuff there as well. Just be sure to do all the learning and craft activity along with your kids, and keep on having their opinion on everything as well. Seeing yourself fully attentive in any activity will also maintain their attention as well. 
•    Shopping List for One Time Tour To the Shopping Mall
Keeping your kids busy in some sort of fun activities is a must. And we are sure that you will enjoy doing any of the above-mentioned activities with your kids. As we all are locked down in our homes and are going out specifically to get necessary stuff, so we have made a long list for you that will be enough to do all the fun activities to keep your kids busy at home. Write all these things and grab them in a single stop to the shopping mall.
•    Basic Craft Suppliers You Will Need
Here we have enlisted everything you ill need to do fun craft activities with your kids. Get all these general supplies at home, and you will have loads of fun with your kids for long.
1.    Wool
2.    Glitter
3.    Crayons
4.    Clear Nail Polish
5.    Watercolor Paints
6.    Balloons
7.    Masking Tape and Duct Tape
8.    Paper Table Cloth
9.    PVA Glue
10.    Vinegar
11.    Popsicle Sticks
12.    Marbles
13.    Tissue Paper
14.    Sticky Tape
15.    Old Jar
16.    Baking Soda
17.    Sharpie
18.    Rubbing Alcohol
19.    Toothpicks
20.    Chalk
21.    Acrylic Paints
22.    Mini Marshmallows
23.    Food Colors
24.    Air-dry clay
25.    Cornstarch
26.    Shaving Cream

•    Things Needed to Make Play-doh
You can make loads of fun things using play-doh. Leave your kids for hours with the play-doh and they will show their creative side to you.
1.    Table salt
2.    Cream of tarter
3.    Vegetable oil
4.    Food colorings
5.    All Purpose flour

Well, there you have it! We do hope that you have liked this list of fun activities to keep your kids busy at home. And more than that we wish for all of you to remain safe, healthy and happy. Now its time for you to pick any of these activities and get your kids busy in it. Well, it seems a long time to pass through, but with these enjoyable activities at your hand, you can make most out of it. Good Luck and have a safe time at your home.

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