Fun Activities that You can Enjoy During the Quarantine

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Posted Date : 19 Apr 2020 16:28 hrs

The whole world is bound inside their homes right now. All of us are wondering when will this stop, and what to do when there is no official work to do. Just remember that you not alone in this. This is the time when we all have to be united, stay united and fight this pandemic together. And if you are looking for some interesting activities then wonder no more, here we have compiled a comprehensive list of loads of fun activities that you can enjoy during quarantine individually and with your family as well. So, without further ado, let's get started.
1.    Sanitize Your Home, Personal Stuff, and Household Items
Surely, the current healthcare situation demands the best sanitization and disinfection tools, but you should not compromise on your health at any time. Maintenance of a healthier and cleaner lifestyle needs consistent use of premium quality UV light wand sanitizers in your routine. 
2.    Watch Movies in the home movie theatre
This one is for every movie-lover out there. And surely, there must be loads among you. Closure of movie theaters is devastating but surely necessary. But this won't stop us from watching movies. You can set up a home movie theatre. In recent years, with the boom of technology and simultaneous competition, movie projectors have become smaller, technologically advanced and affordable. You can get any good quality movie projector, depending upon your budget and size of your home, and set it up in your home. Pop up some popcorns, set up the couch, sit alongside your family, and enjoy a good movie. This is one of the most fun activities that you can enjoy during the quarantine.
3.    Boost your immune system with Healthy Foods
Boosting your immune system is one of the most vitally important things you can do for yourself right now. To fight against the overwhelmingly devastating harms of COVID-19, your body needs to be well prepared. And to do that, you must add immune-boosting foods in your daily diet. Green vegetable, citrus food, red bell peppers, nuts, berries, dairy products, and fresh juices are some of the nourishing, healthy foods you can include in your diet. Try different recipes of any of these ingredients and you will not only love their fresh flavor but they will also feel refreshing and energizing.
4.    Catch up with your quarantined Relatives
We all are in this together. The way you are trying to cope up with this life, others are doing the same. Moreover, in the hustle and rush of our daily routine and work life, we often tend to meet up with our relatives. Now you have the best time to catch up with everyone online. Just make a video call or send a heartfelt letter. Cheer each other, listen to the stories, and just be there for each other. If we will just sit in our small corner, then we'll become depressed. However, if we'll have a chit chat, full of laughter, with our family friends over the phone, then not only we will feel better but others will temporarily forget the hardships as well.

7.    Plant Home Garden
This one of the highly recommended fun activities that you can enjoy during the quarantine. Gardening plants is a refreshingly simple, and hugely effective thing to do. It works just like therapy. Watching grow plants from a tiny seed is an amazingly satisfactory thing. It takes loads of time and effort to plant your home garden the right way. It is not that easy as it sounds, but surely enormously rewarding.
8.    Use Tie and Die Technique to Create Something New from Old Clothing
Tie and Dye is an old technique of dying clothes into ombre like effect using different colors. The versatility of this technique makes it an art. It is super easy to do and you will have fun doing it. You can give a new look to the old boring clothes with this technique. And you will get something new and unique out of old and boring in the end.
9.    Try meditation
You may say that why we have added meditation in the fun activities that you can enjoy during the quarantine, as it is not fun. Well, you are right to some extent. However, do not underestimate the power of meditation. Meditation improves your health, reduces stress and gives relief to your mind and body to the core. The noise and chaos you must be feeling in your head will shun off, once you start meditating. There are different apps available that teach you how to meditate effectively. There you will also find mindfulness teachings, life coaching, soothing music and loads more. Moreover, you will find a good interactive community where anyone can share everything without having a fear of being judged.
10.    When Anxious, Call Therapist
Unfortunately, if everything that is happening around you has negatively impacted your mental health, the do not shy away from calling a therapist. Feeling anxious, depressed, negative, and fatigued all the time is not a normal sign. And you must desperately seek some professional help. All of this is understandable in the current situation, so do not feel the odd one out. You can have regular online sessions with a professional therapist. Plus, if needed you can also send a text to them. There is no need to leave the house to reach out to your help. Just find good professional care online and everything will be alright.
11.    Do Yoga Regularly
Yoga is the topmost favorite and highly recommended stretching technique to start your day. Now a lot of different places are offering online Yoga sessions during this pandemic. It is great to sign up for any of these courses and start relaxing your mind and body's muscles. Many people have experienced mental health issues these days due to overwhelming intake of bad news, and just news over and over again. This has badly affected their mind and their body as well. A good yoga routine will prove a stress reliever for your body and mind. You can also learn exceptional breathing exercises which will help you control your anxiety and depression. All in all, doing yoga is a great way to do stay positive during this global health issue.
12.    Invest Your Time in Pedicure
Pedicure is not only essential but gives you a great sense of relief, coziness, and comfort as well. In the routine hustle and bustle when we all are in a rush to be somewhere all the time, we often forget to take care of ourselves, especially our feet. Now, this is the time to give your feet a much-needed pedicure. The time you invest in taking care of yourself is never wasted. Just sit back, relax and dip in your feet in some good soothing warm water and let go of all the stress. It will relax your nerves and you will surely feel much relaxed after this treatment.
13.    Enjoy Playing Brain Games
Okay, so when you are sitting idle, wondering what to do and what not to, you can start playing some cool games that will excite your mind and get its engine started. There is a variety of educational fun games available online and on app stores. These games not only pass your time having fun but also help in keeping you sharp. There are different sorts of games available, such as some deals with a number, some with difficult quests, and some have IQ tests. Plus, you can either play them individually or get yourself involved in a community. It is great fun to play either way.
14.    Read Interesting and Happy Books
Put your mind into something interesting and creative. The best way of doing that is by reading a book. Reading books that interest you is one of the most fun activities that you can enjoy during the quarantine, and especially when you love reading. A good read is an excellent way to pass your time with joy. When you are reading something that opens your doors of imagination or entices you to think then you get away with that feeling and lost the track of time. Whether you like fiction, romance, horror, drama, sci-fi, history, or politics; a book will become your best friend forever. Especially, if I may mention any books particularly to read in quarantine than the best answer would be to read book series. As you will have plenty of books of the same story to read on and on. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire, Dr. Who, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hunger Games, Jack Reacher, The Diary of a Whimpy Kid, The Wheel of Time, The Dark Tower, Twilight, Divergent Trilogy, Gray Man Series, The Infernal Devices, Robert Langdon, Outlander, Vampire Academy Series, and Nancy Drew Mystery Stories are some of the most popular and hugely acclaimed book series that kids of all ages love to spend time with.
15.    Decorate Your Home Office
Now that we all are working from home, and trying to be as active as we all could be, it is time for organizing our home offices as well. Arranging a home office in a small space of your cozy home surely feels like a lot, but it is not that difficult as it sounds. Even if you are working from a couch, it will make a huge difference if you organize and manage all things concisely, especially if you are having group meetings on the Zoom platform. Meanwhile, there is no need to be extra conscious of anything. We all know each other and are very much understanding about the fact that there may be messy children and other family members having another group chat as well. Just do your best and you'll be good to go.
16.    Start Writing a Diary
It seems impossible to think of the time when we all will again be able to go out on our daily jobs, have friends get together, family parties, large functions and everything alike. But this time will surely pass soon. If you think of it, then making a journal of all these boring and seemingly confused days sounds pretty interesting after all this is over. Reading about your daily routine and how are you coping up with this tough situation may feel a great deal of courage and bravery when we all will be back in our routine life. So, start writing a journal and be creative with the process. You can also add fun little things to your family in it as well.
17.    Start Listening to Some Interesting Podcast
A podcast is an audio program that you listen through your phone. These days, making and publishing podcasts has become a captivating trend in America and several celebrities, TV anchors, motivational speakers, doctors and loads others. You can choose the one that interests you the most. This is one of the best ways to spend long hours listening to some cool and interesting stuff without being bored. Once you start listening to one, it becomes intoxicatingly addictive. There is so much fun, laughter, information and great things you can listen to from a podcast. It is a must-try thing in this quarantine. And you can share some interesting podcasts with your family and friends as well.
18.    Treat You and Your Family with Baking
Baking is never boring. It is one of the easiest and handy way to get your mind off tiring stuff of routine. And now among all this crisis we are facing, this is one of the most fun activities that you can enjoy during quarantine and also bring some great, delicious, and mouthwatering recipes on the table. Baked cheesy items, all sorts of loaves of bread, cakes, muffins, or anything, each and every baked item is loved by all members of the family regardless of their age group. Homemade bread has a unique and distinctive flavor of its own that can never be matched with the one you get from the bakery and that is what attracts all the family members; especially kids. And most importantly, it will keep you busy and waiting for something creative and delicious right after the bell. Baking at home can also serve as an affordable way to fulfill your food needs. As no country has remained safe from economic depression. Therefore we all better save as much as we can.
19.    Apply Hair Mask
Salons are closed, and your hair surely is missing some good treatment. Well, you don't need a salon to do that. You can give your hair a VIP treatment yourself, and you've got all the time you need as well. And this quarantine has made loads of people pro in cutting and dyeing their hair. Surely, you can do a marvelous job as well. However, do not start by cutting your hair, especially not bangs. Take baby steps in the start, the ones you won't regret afterward. The best procedure to start taking care of your hair is by applying a good hair mask. It will bring back their shine, healthy look, and pour in much-needed moisture as well. Feel free to apply for a good quality hair mask. This way, you'll have a good pastime and shiny, and healthy hair in the end too.
20.    Get Yourself Familiar with World's History
This activity is especially for those among you who always wanted to get themselves familiar with the world's history for long but wasn't able to squeeze time to do so. There is so much in history to learn about. Especially, if you are interested to know what had happened in the past when Spanish flu hit the humankind, then you will be able to find loads of similarities between that period and today. And if you want to get your mind off from this outbreak then you can learn loads about American history British Royal history, the timeline of technological discoveries, musical history, dance's evolution, and so on. There are hundreds of different subjects that will welcome you to learn about them, once you start reading a single sentence. And the more you start reading, the more your interests will get deeper. Top of all, learning history will make it easy for you to spend this time, as it will capture your thoughts away from today and will take you to the rich and intricately detailed past.
21.    Explore your Artistic Instincts
Channel your anxiety, and confusion into doing something artistic. Don't shy away from trying painting, sculpturing or anything that excites you. You are not a pro and most importantly, no one is judging you. Just pour in your thoughts on the paper, give color to your feelings and eventually you will get something great, created by yourself, to decorate your house. If you are not interested in artistic stuff, then it is an excellent time to learn new skills. It is extremely important to increase your skill set every year. And under current circumstances you do not have to make time, the time is right here in your hands, you just need to utilize it wisely. 
22.    Practice Applying a Perfect Cat-eye Liner
The struggle of applying the perfect cat eyeliner is real, and each and every girl can relate to it. Surely, there are several tutorials available on YouTube where professional, and YouTubers try to teach various easy methods to do the trick. But the key to success lies in "Try Try Again". Without practice, you cannot get the perfect shape and line. Secondly, another important thing to consider is the eye shape. Even when you know in which category of shapes your eye shape fall, you still need to practice about your own eye's size and specific shape. And that's the beauty of individuality. And trust me, you can learn to make the perfect cat eye in this quarantine. Just keep on practicing. 
23.    Learn Knitting and Create Something Useful
Knitting is one of the most interesting fun activities for a lot of people to the pastime. Creating something exceptionally beautiful, intricately designed, and of course useful as well, will surely bring you an ultimate sense of satisfaction, contentment, and pleasure. In addition to knitting, you can learn new techniques of embroidery as well. There are loads of different types of stitching techniques ranging from very simple to difficult. However, the results will be mind-blowing. Lazy Daisy, Chain stitch, split stitch, cross-stitch, satin stitch, stem stitch, are some of the most beautiful and easy to grab stitches in embroidery. And when it comes to knitting, you can start by knitting a beanie, gloves, or scarf. It'll be fun. These two are great fun activities that you can enjoy during the quarantine.
24.    Learn Foreign Language
This is the best time to learn a new language that you were wishing to learn for a long time. We all have one such language in our mind that we love to learn, even a little bit. But due to lack of free time, amidst our previous extremely busy routine, we were unable to do so. Well, now you have got all the free time in the world to fulfill your wish. Now, if you are wondering where to learn it from, then you will find a number of apps and online courses on the internet. You can learn Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, and even Valyrian (well, Yeah! All the Game of Thrones fans out there can have a taste of it).
There you have it. We wish all of you to stay healthy, happy and content. And whenever you are feeling down or confused, then get yourself busy in any of these fun activities that you can enjoy during the quarantine. You will surely feel better, brighter and brilliant. Just stay home, stay safe and enjoy life the way it is. Stay happy, healthy, and blessed.

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