Simple Methods of Cleaning Your Home

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Cleaning your home, household items, your clothes, and your self have always been extremely important. But in current uncertain times, all the health experts are advising sternly to clean your home, and all the household items once every week, thoroughly and completely. It is as important as staying inside your home, and frequently washing your hands. The unseen enemy, COVID-19, can be anywhere and everywhere, as we cannot see it with our naked eyes. But one thing that we can do to keep ourselves protected from its devastating harms is to keep ourselves and our surroundings clean. And for that matter, you do not need expensive, over-the-top cleaning products, but the use of simple household supplies can do a perfect job. Here, in this article, we will explain the simple methods of cleaning your home using products that you already have at your home. Cleaning your home is not rocket science. Just by using simply available things, you can make great cleaning solutions yourself. Moreover, you will get to learn how to and where to use these cleaning solutions. So, stick with us till the end. There is a lot to come.
Before commencing making cleaning solutions with the help of natural cleaning products, let's find out what cleaning supplies you will need to thoroughly clean the house.
•    Some Basic Cleaning Supplies     
In addition to the major cleaning solutions, you will also need some basic cleaning supplies to do the job properly. This cleaning equipments will not only help in thorough and perfect cleaning but will also protect you from harms of cleaning chemicals. Here is a list of some of these basic cleaning supplies,
•    Cleaning Cloths
•    Scrub Brush
•    Pumice Stone
•    Spray Bottles
•    Spray Mop 
You may already have all of these cleaning supplies available at your home. Else, you can get it from any nearby store in a single go. All of these cleaning products are easy to get and are cheap as well.
1.    Cleaning Cloths
Most people prefer buying paper towels for cleaning the kitchen and other household equipment. The paper towels may seem affordable first hand, but as soon as you start using them regularly, the cost will rise up and up, due to their increased use. On the other hand, buying cleaning cloths is a much better, and affordable option. Just take a couple of microfiber cleaning cloths and you are good to go for at least months. These cleaning cloths can be reused and washed easily. Thus you will be saving money while keeping your home clean.
2.    Scrub Brush
A scrub brush, specifically made of nylon bristles is one of the most commonly used cleaning supplies. This brush is a must-have to properly clean scrub and clean all sorts of surfaces. You can use it in the bathrooms and the kitchen as well. Be cautious to buy that scrub brush which has a soft grip, thus it will be easy for you to hold, handle it, and put pressure on.
3.    Pumice Stone
You may have seen pumice stones at nail salons, especially when you go there to get pedicures. This cleaning product is used to break and take off hard and difficult to remove stains and mineral deposits. The hard shell like the appearance of the pumice stone with embedded holes on the surface help in getting rid of stubborn stains. Although it is not a must-have cleaning product, it is highly recommended to keep in the bathroom.
4.    Spray Bottles
May sound trifle, but spray bottles are extremely important for cleaning purposes. Get a bunch of spray bottles and fill them up with different cleaning solutions. But, do not forget to label each bottle with the name of the solution inside, as you surely won't want to mix up two solutions. And as far as the price is concerned, the spray bottles are affordable and can be purchased from any store and online as well. If you wish to stay at home then just get them from any online store.
5.    Spray Mop
A spray mop is an inexpensive, long-lasting, and high-quality cleaning equipment. If you wish to make your life simple, easy, and hassle-free, then having a spray mop will suit you very much. There are different types of spray mops available in the market. Spray mops have a refillable cartridge inside along with a washable microfiber cleaning pad. You can easily wash this cleaning pad after cleaning your house. If you are not a big fan of spray mop, or just wish to skip it from your list, then our all-time favorite method of taking a bucket and a mop all around is an exceptional alternative.
•    Easily Available Cleaning Solutions at Home
Now that we have listed all the basic cleaning supplies to thoroughly clean our household items, let's come to our major topic of concern, homemade cleaning solutions. 
•    Baking Soda: Baking soda is one of the most appreciated natural cleaning products. Because of its use for numerous cleaning purposes, baking soda is considered a wondrous and magical cleaning product. It is naturally adorned with not only with cleaning abilities, rather it can absorb moisture, remove the smell, and kill bacteria as well. Later we will learn in detail about using baking soda as a cleaning product.
•    Hydrogen Peroxide: Hydrogen peroxide is an inexpensive but exceptionally powerful cleaning product. People often use hydrogen peroxide as an antiseptic solution, but it also serves as an amazing cleaner as well. You can wash hard surfaces of the kitchen, living room, and bathroom by spraying hydrogen peroxide within minutes. It will not only clean these surfaces but will also act as a disinfectant. Simply spray the hydrogen peroxide solution on doorknobs, kitchen slabs, tubs, showers, windows, etc. Leave it for about 5 minutes and then wipe the solution off.
•    Distilled White Vinegar: Distilled white vinegar is as to baking soda. There are numerous ways of using white vinegar as a cleaning solution. We'll discuss more the uses of distilled white vinegar as a cleaning solution later in this article.
•    Liquid Dish Washing Soap: Liquid Dishwashing soap is a multipurpose solution. Stocking your shelf with this cleaning solution will certainly go in vain. Plus, it is readily available everywhere and is cheap as well.
•    Cotton Balls: You can easily get large packs of cotton balls from any drugstore, or supermarket. These are not only perfect as a makeup removing product, but you can also open the clogged up drains these tiny balls as well. Surely a beneficial thing to have.
•    Essential Oils: Essential oils are no less than natural wonders. Just a few drops of high-quality essential oils can be powerful enough to get rid of dust mites, and other microbes. Plus, these are great for making DIY shampoos, bath bombs, soaps, and perfumes. You can add them to the machine. Moreover, adding a few drops of essential oil in the humidifier will freshen up your whole place.
?    Baking Soda
Baking soda acts as a magical ingredient in cleaning solutions. The mixture of baking soda with mild acid can clean almost all types of household surfaces. Now if you are wondering whether baking soda can effectively get rid of deadly microbes without posing harms or not? Here you'll get your answer. Dust and microbes love to be in humid locations including bedding, carpets, cushion, rugs, stuffed toys, and padded furniture. In addition to frequent vacuuming, mopping, and dusting, finding a better cleaning agent such as baking soda, can be a real relief.

•    Baking Soda is Different from Baking Powder!
Though similar in name, form, and color, chemical structure, and function of both baking powder and baking soda are different. Baking soda is a base and chemically named as sodium bicarbonate. It is often used in baking to add fluff in the dough. However, it requires acid and a liquid to get activated.
The reaction of acid and base (baking soda) in combination with liquid release carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide causes the dough to rise, soften up, and become light.
On the other hand, baking powder does not require anything to rise the product, as it contains baking soda as a base and has acid as well. When combined with water during baking, the same chemical reaction occurs as with baking soda. But the aftertaste of the final product is slightly different.
Interestingly, the chemical reaction between baking soda and acid is what makes baking soda a much beneficial cleaning agent in the household, as the same is not possible with baking powder.

•    Common uses of baking soda
Baking soda is one of the most affordable and easily available products of every household. A few of its remarkable uses include,
1.    After dissolving in water, baking soda can interact with acidic stains and help them clean. It is an excellent whitening agent for your laundry.
2.    The paste of baking soda and water is a great kitchen cleaner. You can clean over, kitchen tiles, marble tops, coffee cups, tarnished silver, and even clogged drain with it.
3.    Baking soda can efficiently absorb various types of odor including your laundry smell, garbage odor, and even eliminate odor from your sweat by decreasing its acidity.
4.    Baking soda is a cost-effective cleaning solution for your bathroom as well.
5.    A combination of vinegar and baking soda can clean stains from carpets, mattresses, and rugs.

•    Is Baking Soda Effective In Getting Rid of Germs and Microbes? 
The simple answer is, yes. Baking soda is an exceptionally effective natural ingredient that can help you in getting rid of the microbes and germs. This trick is being used for generations to remove pests and insects out of the houses. But how does the baking soda function?
Well, as we have discussed earlier that when baking soda (a base) comes in contact with an acid and a liquid, naturally, a chemical reaction occurs. This chemical reaction and the resulting gas seems like a massive explosion around and inside insects, pests, and dust mites.
 The baking soda reacts with natural acid inside the dust mites and the resulting explosion kills them right away.
Moreover, baking soda eliminates the bad odor by interacting with the acidic particles. This riddance of smell annoys pests and dust mites, as it ruins their favorable environmental condition.
Baking powder also can absorb moisture, thus drying up the surface where sprinkled. As house dust mites inhabit in a humid and moist area, so drier the surface lesser will be the mites.

•    How To Use Baking Soda To Kill Microbes In Carpet?
Use of baking soda is one such simple methods of cleaning your home with which you can thoroughly clean not only your kitchen and bathroom, but also dirtiest of carpets, drapes, and mattresses. 
Carpet is one of the most favorite places of house dust mites after bedding products. Both the enormous array of small textile fibers and thick fabric backing create a cozy and humid place for the dust mites to live in. Plus, the carpet also carries dust, pet dander, the skin flakes we shed, and other alike material inside it.
All of this material and moist environment of the carpet give enough food to the house mites for growth.
However, baking soda is your perfect armor to control these dust mites. The best method to use baking soda is by mixing it with essential oil. This are the simple methods of cleaning your home. Any of the following essential oils will do the trick,
•    Eucalyptus
•    Clove
•    Lavender
•    Peppermint
•    Rosemary
•    Tea Tree Oil
Spray this mixture all over the affected carpet. After about an hour, clean it with a vacuum cleaner having HEPA filter. The more time this mixture stays on the carpet, the better it will clean it. The vacuum will suck all the baking soda along with the dust mites. Now empty the bag outside right away.

•    Are There Any Side Effects Of Using Baking Soda
Though the use of baking soda is one of the easiest and simple methods of cleaning your home, still, you should be careful while using it. Baking soda or Sodium bicarbonate is consumed in multiple ways. Talking particularly about its side effects as the household cleaning agent, it can be harmful to the skin. 
•    As baking soda naturally can absorb the moisture, so it may over-dry the skin.
•    Baking soda can interfere with the pH of your skin. The natural pH of the skin is acidic lying between 4.5 to 5.5. Whereas, the pH of baking soda is 9. Contact of such alkaline agents with the skin can deteriorate the natural composition of the oil, thus making it vulnerable for bacteria and sensitive to sun rays.
•    Using baking soda without wearing masks can cause inflammation and skin irritation.

?    Distilled White Vinegar
Distilled white vinegar is inexpensive, eco-friendly, versatile in nature, non-toxic, and easily available anywhere and everywhere all around the world. White vinegar is often used with baking soda for cleaning purposes. You can clean microwave, countertops of the kitchen, stained plastic containers, drains, tub, showerheads, tile surfaces, and a lot more using white vinegar as a cleaning solution. moreover, you can use white vinegar as a detergent booster, and fabric softener in the laundry. let's discuss simple methods of cleaning your home using white vinegar.

Cleaning your Dining Room and Living Room Using White Vinegar
There are all sorts of surfaces in your living room and dining room including wood, fabric, and glass. All of these surfaces can be easily cleaned and washed using white vinegar.
To clean wood furniture, just take a quarter cup of white vinegar and add one cup of olive oil. And then apply this solution all over your wood furniture. This will not only clean the dust and stains off but will also give your furniture a natural shine and brightness. To increase the quality of this cleaning solution, you can add a few drops of lemon as well.
To clean glass products, make a 50-50 cleaning solution of white vinegar in the water and spray it all over the glass surface. Now get a clean microfiber cleaning cloth and wipe it off. You will get sparkling glass tops or windows.
Now coming to rugs and carpets, the most appealing parts of the living room and dining room. To thoroughly clean these surfaces, make a cleaning solution by adding 1/4 teaspoon of white vinegar and 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. Now mix these two in a cup of warm water. Spray this solution on the affected area of carpet or rugs and let it stay for a minimum of 10 minutes. Then by using a vacuum cleaner, clean the surface. You will get unstained and perfectly clean carpet and rugs in the end.

Cleaning Kitchen with the Help of White Vinegar
White vinegar is a versatile cleaning solution at its best and is one of the simple methods of cleaning your home. You can perfectly clean your kitchen using white vinegar.
To clear the kitchen drain, get a scrub brush that is small enough to easily get inside the drain. Then pour a small amount of vinegar in it and sprinkle a bit of baking soda on the brush. This will clean and clear the kitchen drains within minutes.
If you want to clean the refrigerator using simple and natural means, then white vinegar is your answer. With this in hand, you do not have to use toxic chemicals. Just prepare the mixture using equal parts of both water and white vinegar and soak a microfiber cloth in it. Use this dampened cloth to clean refrigerator surfaces. This solution will clear all the stains.
You can clean your microwave with this solution as well. Just put this mixture in a glass bowl and keep microwave it for a couple of minutes. Then open the door of the microwave and clean it using a cleaning cloth.
You can also clean stains on plastic containers and countertops. To clean the containers, let the vinegar sit inside the container for a few minutes. Then simply wash it with running water. The countertops can be cleaned in the same manner. Just spray the white vinegar all over the surface, then take a wet cloth and wipe it all over the surface. However, it is not a great idea to wash marble surfaces with white vinegar.

Cleaning Bathroom with White Vinegar
White vinegar is an excellent cleaning for your bathroom as well. To clean the tiles of the bathroom and other straight surfaces, spraying white vinegar all over is an excellent solution. Simply wiping it with the wet cloth after that will result in perfectly cleaned surfaces.
To clean the toilet, add a baking soda in the white vinegar and scrub it with the brush. For best results, let the solution sit there overnight. And then brush it in the morning. Scrubbing and brushing after this application will clean up the toilet.
Similarly, you can clean showerheads, tub, sink, and shower as well. Using vinegar is one of the simple methods of cleaning your home in no time.
You can also clean and clear the drains of your bathroom using baking soda and vinegar, as described for kitchen drains. Moreover, you can use arm distilled water to open the closed drain. Just let the vinegar stay there overnight and then with the help of a scrub brush, clean the drain. Then rinse it with running water.

There you go! We hope that these simple methods of cleaning your home will prove beneficial for you. The thing that you can find these cleaning solutions easily at your home makes these ingredients more valuable. As every one of us is avoiding going outside without any important task, and simultaneously need to keep ourselves and our places clean, so these sorts of cleaning solutions are need of the time. Do use them, and let us know your feedback.

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