Can You Fall in Love at First Sight?

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We hear about love, at first sight, all the time. Celebrities talk about their better halves on TV shows and interviews, almost every movie and drama series depict falling in love at first sight in one or another way, and surely we hear several real-life stories around us as well. but is it really, and can you fall in love at first sight? Or it all just a big fat lie that seems real but doesn't happen in real life. Well, all your questions about falling in love will get answered in this very article. So stick around and read it till the end. You will be amazed to know about your feelings as well.
•    Is It Just a Myth or Love at First Can Happen?
First thing first! Let's clear it out whether it is a reality or just a product of fiction novels, TV dramas, and movies! For many people, it is so much real while others have some doubts. And if you are someone who doesn't believe in any such thing, then you'll be surprised to know that, well, scientific pieces of evidence favors the believers. When two strangers set their eyes there is some sort of connection set up between some that get them going on a different, vibrant, and happy path of their lives.

•    Love Birds Use this Phrase All the Time
Love, at first sight, seems to be the first thing that partners say while describing their first meeting. And hearing numerous couples say the same words make it seems like a real deal. It is not particular for anyone rather you will hear it used by celebrity couples and your friends as well, in the same manner. Portia DE Rossi say such stuff about Ellen DeGeneres on Oprah Winery's show saying, " [I knew Ellen was the one] when I first laid eyes on her, but it took me three years to tell her how I felt about her because I was on Ally McBeal at the time and I was not living as an openly gay person, I was closeted and very, very afraid that if I talked about being gay, it would be the end of my career, so I wasn’t about to date the most famous lesbian in the world.” Same goes with Ryan Reynolds about Blake Lively, Prince Harry about Meghan Markel and there are several other examples like that. While talking about their first date, Ryan Reynolds says that "We went on a double date. She was on a date with another guy and I was on a date with another girl. "That was the most awkward date for their respective probably because we were just like fireworks coming across". Prince Harry described his love affair with Meghan Markel in the same adoring manner, saying, "The fact that I fell in love with Meghan so incredibly quickly was a confirmation to me that all the stars were aligned. Everything was just perfect," And while recalling when he first lay his eye on her, Prince Harry said, "I was beautifully surprised when I walked into that room and saw her," he recalled, and thought to himself: "I'm going to have to up my game here!" Surely sounds incredibly beautiful and mesmerizingly enchanting love story.
Similarly, you must have some friends who will tell you that they knew their soul mate right at the moment when they first laid their eye on them. And all of these little stories that are hiding tons of emotions inside let you wonder can you fall in love at first sight?
Here we will try to find out if it can REALLY happen!
As there are people who do not understand this concept. As Hugh Grant said, " I just don't believe in love at first sight anymore, even though I've based my whole career on the concept. In my experience, power, money and influence always attract the opposite sex. It's something that I've always exploited - with good results." Sounds about right. However, we cannot shred the possibility of it being true.
Well, for those who religiously consider results of scientific data, several studies have been conducted in this regard. Scientists have checked the emotional alterations and affections of people when they saw or meet their potential partners for the first time. This includes watching their pictures online, studying their behavior in the lab, and having a meeting with them. The data shone a light on several aspects of the reality of the love at first sight and answered Can You Fall in Love at First Sight? in detail. Being attracted or being in love with someone are two different feelings. However, both of these feelings are twined together. You can certainly not tore them apart. You will fall in love with someone once you are attracted to them and vice versa. There are either some aspects of one's personality that make us attracted to them, or we just fall in love with their physical beauty right away. Scientific results have explained all such points brilliantly. 
So without further ado, let's break them one by one. And while learning about these points, you may find your own love story around you as well, the one you were too reluctant or shy to consider to be true.

•    Men Experience Love, at First Sight, More Often than Women
When you are talking about the possibility of falling in love at first sight, scientific research has shown that men tend to experience this feeling more than women. Now, there is no certain reason behind this and surely a detailed investigation of this behavior is required. However, you can say that this may be because most of the women are more selective and choosy; and have several points on their list to consider anyone eligible to date them. On the other hand, men are not that selective, as they may experience love at first sight with multiple potential partners and not just a single one. However, men may tend to experience love at first sight often, but the possibility of translating this feeling onto a long-lasting relationship is a matter of another discussion. And their lies a big difference in describing the difference in personalities of most of the men and women. Please consider, we are not talking about ALL the men and women. Things may change from person to person.

•    Love at First Sight May not be Really "Love"
Well, can you fall in love at first sight? Yes and No. You can immediately know that you have just found your soul mate and will always be in love with this person for the rest of your life. On the other hand, the feeling you experience when seeing a person for the first time, may not be love at all. The feelings that reflect the strength of your love include strong intimacy, longtime commitment, and wild passion. And you cannot check all these qualities in a person in just one look, ideally. 
All these qualities can be gauged only in a long or established relationship. In that relationship, you may see how the partners have developed a sense of understanding, intimacy, and passion for each other.
Well, saying that, there is surely a possibility that you can found all these things in a single look. You can certainly not measure the possibility of falling in love through varying parameters. And that is the beauty of being human, extremely unpredictable, and just real.

•    Falling in Love, at First Sight, is Not Dependent on Memory
Where there is a possibility that love, at first sight, may not be real love, in the same manner, you may experience this beautiful feeling. As said earlier, people do report and say that they have experienced love at first sight, the very instant they lay eyes on their future partner, they knew that this is it. They are going to spend the rest of their life in love with that one person.
Love, at first sight, is an initial attractive reaction that your heart feels and your mind experience. And this beautiful feeling sows the seeds of a long-lasting future relationship.
However, people who do not believe in love at first sight often say that it is just an illusion, a long lost memory. It is just that people create an illusion of perfect soul mate instantly in their mind and build a whole plan over it.
In reality, this is not a proper explanation of this feeling of falling in love at first sight. Surely, it has nothing to do with memory and people do experience it.

•    People Experience Love at First Sight for Beautiful and Attractive People Often
This is another possibility. When you are looking for an explanation of falling at first sight, then it is quite possible that you feel a sudden sense of attraction for a physically attractive person. It is observed through research as well that people tend to fall in love for a beautiful person more often than a slightly less attractive person. This means that this sort of "Love at first sight" may not actually be love, but just a sudden rush of adrenaline after seeing a beautiful and attractive face. And such attraction may not last long enough to carry on an intimate and lifelong relationship. However, you never know! Everything is possible in love! As for some people the answer to "Can You Fall in Love at First Sight?" is yes no matter what.

•    The Feeling of Falling in Love at First Sight May Not Always be Mutual
Falling in love is one's personal feeling and this is quite possible that the other person's heart is not beating on the same rhythm. Scientific studies have shown that falling in love, at first, sight has proved to be a one-sided experience. This means that sharing the same level of affection and attraction, at first sight, is not common in real life. As Joseph B Wirthlin shared his love story saying, "I remember the first time I met my wife, Elisa. As a favor to a friend, I had gone to her home to pick up her sister, Frances. Elisa opened the door, and at least for me, it was love at first sight." However, one person's strong affection, love, and care can mold another person's heart with time, thus shifting other's opinions and points of view. Moreover, they may start feeling that it was also love at first sight for them as well.

How Can You Tell that You Are Falling in Love in Just a Single Meeting
We have talked a lot about what science suggests about giving your heart right away to someone else, the second you look into their eyes. Now let's get a little personal and find out how can you read your own heart and can you fall in love at first sight? And find out what different layers of your heart are saying about your feelings. Here you can judge your feelings for someone as well. If you are confused about making a decision then we are there to help. And in the end, you will find yourself at peace and self-aware of the feeling of love and attraction for the "special one". The following are some of the signs that you will experience when you have fallen in love with a person. Do analyze yourself around him/ her and you'll have your answer.

•    A Rush of Curiosity, A Sudden Urge to Know Everything About that One Person
Falling in love is a strange feeling. The moment that special person's eyes set on yours, your heart will skip a beat. Arundhati Roy has brilliantly given beautiful words to this feeling in her book, The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, saying,  “The moment I saw her, a part of me walked out of my body and wrapped itself around her. And there it remains.” When you have a soft corner for one special person, then you will have an urge within yourself to know more about them. You will try to up your game and be around that person. One of the simplest examples of this thing is online stalking. The minute you know the name of that person, you start looking at their social media accounts to find out all the possible details. What food they like, where they love to hang out, what are their hobbies, where they work, where they love to go, and whatnot. You will start seeing their pictures on Facebook and Instagram all the time, and will never tire of it ever. If you wish to know each and everything about a person after having a single meet up then you are falling for them.

•    Start Finding Similarities with His/ Her Personality
If you are looking for the answer to the question "Can You Fall in Love at First Sight?" then it starts observing your self, as the answer lies within you. When you have felt something special for someone then you will start finding similarities between them and your personality. And you will also try to mend yourself the way you think they will be attracted to you. The feeling of being in love so amazingly powerful that it drives each and every part of your soul and body, the way you like yourself to be looked by your lover. At the start of a relationship, you feel anxious on your toes all the time. But once you are settled within the relationship, you will start opening up and be yourself. The twists of a love story are unimaginable. As Karry Blues has written, “Building a love story, giving all of efforts unimaginables, giving all your love possible until this story breaks little by little under your eyes, in small pieces...” The feeling of falling in love is magnificent, charming, and beautiful, and a beautiful love story will make you stronger.

•    The Idea of Meeting them Again Make You Nervous
 When your heart flipped in the first meeting then you will feel something different, unusual. And that feeling cannot be described in words. And the idea of meeting them up next time makes you happy, and nervous at the same time. You start planning your meet up, but at the same time, you feel anxious and nervousness of laying your eyes on that person again. Love has such power on human beings. Madonna explained this crazy feeling through her song, ”What I’m dying to say, is that I’m crazy for you; Touch me once and you’ll know it’s true; I never wanted anyone like this; It’s all brand new, you’ll feel it in my kiss.” It feels unreal but you want that to happen so badly. You may try to think it as it is not a big deal but you can't play it like that, surely not around the person you kept on thinking about. In another song by One Direction, you'll hear, ”I’ve tried playing it cool, but when I am looking at you; I can’t ever be brave, cause you make my heart race.” This sudden rush of feeling within you cannot leave you now. If this is the case with you then you have certainly fallen in love with a beautiful person. Now it is time to nurture it, share it, and cherish it for the rest of your life.

•    Everything Around You Just Blur Out Except that Person
Love cast a spell over people, and they stop thinking about anything else, but their sweetheart. This feeling of intimacy and passion is real and happens with all the love birds. Cassandra Clare, an amazing author wrote in her beautiful novel, Clockwise Prince, “I could not tell you if I loved you the first moment I saw you, or if it was the second or third or fourth. But I remember the first moment I looked at you walking toward me and realized that somehow the rest of the world seemed to vanish when I was with you.” These lines brilliantly describe the indescribable feeling of falling in love at first sight. The person who experiences this fluttering feeling of butterflies in the stomach cannot explain it either. The beauty of love, at first sight, is that it makes you forget everything happening around you, and you just start thinking about the one person, as if nothing matters in the whole world, than just being with that one human being. If you have ever felt this way then you surely are the luckiest person in the whole world. Thomas Mann has beautifully described the uncertainty of this certain beauty of love in one of her writings as "This was love at first sight, love everlasting: a feeling unknown, unhoped for, unexpected--in so far as it could be a matter of conscious awareness; it took entire possession of him, and he understood, with joyous amazement, that this was for life." And the feeling that lasts forever is called pure love.

•    You Start Loving Their Usual Habits
Love changes you from inside out. It blurs your surroundings and captures your mind. You start loving all the habits of that special person, the ones you didn't even care about before in anyone else. You start thinking about their every move all the time. Leigh Fallon wrote in her exceptional creation called, Carrier of the Mark “This is going to sound crazy, but... from the moment I first set eyes on you I haven't been able to stop thinking about you.” This feeling is real and grasps you from head to toe and there is no escape from it.
Can You Fall in Love at First Sight? Yes, you can. All the universe around you and especially your self will remind you this when you feel a loving heartbeat for a special person. Just cherish that person for the rest of your life.

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