How Teenagers Can Survive through Quarantining and Social Distancing

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Posted Date : 17 May 2020 16:02 hrs

Life has just completely halted due to coronavirus pandemic globally. Schools all around the globe have abruptly closed and within no time students started taking their classes sitting on their home couches with tech devices on their lap. And that is not it. One of the most terrible and heartbreaking aspects of surviving through this pandemic is that many people are all mourning for the death of their loved ones. Closure of schools, no meet up with friends, halt of all sorts of social activities, constant air of dreadful news, and death of loved ones. All these things are enough to take over one's mind and sow the seed for depression, anxiety, and stress. So, how teenagers can survive through quarantining and social distancing? Here we will explain to you how this situation is affecting young and vibrant minds and souls of teenagers, and how can they cope up in these difficult times.
?    What Parents Can Do to Help Teenagers in the Current Situation?
Parents can play an exceedingly important role in helping their teen kids in the current situation. Surely, none of this easy for anyone. COVID-19 has posed difficulties and troubles for every one of us. However, with a practical approach, you can ease things out for both yourself as a parent and your kids as well, and acknowledging the grimness of the reality is the first step in doing that.
It is useless to worry about how teenagers can survive through quarantining and social distancing. Just by following simple points, anyone can seamlessly survive through this time. First of all, as a parent, it is expected of you to be more responsible, wiser, and a good decision-maker in comparison to your kids.
To do your job brilliantly, it is important for you to first mentally prepare yourself. Acknowledge the complexities of all the social and emotional challenges that you are feeling right now. And only then you will be able to understand what your kids are going through. Most of the teens are more sensitive and feel anything bigger than its actual weight (emotionally speaking).
You have to understand their mental situation. They are in a more vulnerable state of mind than you are. There is quite a huge possibility that they are not as much afraid of the coronavirus itself than losing their friends.
Another thing that can be helpful is to keep their enthusiasm and motivation for their goal alive. Teens are vibrant, enthusiastic, and full of zeal. But unfortunately, social distancing and quarantining have tame down this aspect of their personality. It is extremely important to keep this fire alive within themselves.
In addition to their personal goal, it is a great time to let them understand their global responsibilities as well. One great motivation would be to help their nation flatten the curve of rising corona cases. If, as a parent, you are feeling responsible to do your part, then it will reciprocate in your kids as well.
Moreover, be polite, kind, and understanding when speaking to them. Harsh tones and controlling language can further distance them from being normal. Humbly talk to them. Your style must be more like a conversation, then just a monologue delivered by a parent.
Following are some of the basic guidelines that can be greatly helpful for parents to help their teenage kids.
1.    First, Control Your Anxiousness and Agitation
Every parent out there who is wondering about how teenagers can survive through quarantining and social distancing and what they can do to help them, need to calm their selves down first. Being anxious, stressed, and depressed all the time can not only ruin your mental health but can pose a harsh impact on your kids as well. Follow these tips to stay calm and composed.
•    Only Rely on Credible Resources of Information: Spread of false information is one of the major reasons for getting anxious and depressed. Stay away from social media which are filled with nonsense and false news. Just rely on credible sources of information including CDC (Centre for Disease Control), WHO (The World Health Organization), UNICEF, and other alike portals.
•    Stay Connected with People who can Uplift Your Spirit: Talk to anyone who is always there to support you and lift your spirit. You can talk with your partner, your parents, your close friends, your spiritual guide, your doctor, or anyone you feel comfortable talking with.
•    Be Honest in Sharing both Sides of the Story with Your Kids: When in conversation with your kids, try not to hide any factual information. Be honest with them. There are numerous ways with which kids can get any sort of news. So, it is better to take them into confidence and tell them any sort of news yourself.
It is not that difficult to figure out how teenagers can survive through quarantining and social distancing. They are just like you. Just be honest with them and tell them when you are worried about anything.
2.    Do not Hesitate to Conduct a thorough Question Answer Session
A good parent always remains available to their kids. It is your responsibility to listen to and talk to your kids freely and honestly on this matter. However, only a single conversation is not going to be enough. So, be ready to have many sessions with them. With each passing day, there is a new set of information available on social media and other information mediums. As soon as they learn something new, your kids would wish to talk it through. You must be available to listen to them, talk all the points through, and also add in your thoughts on the matter as well. It is a great idea to place yourself in their shoes when in conversation. You may find teenagers no so talkative ones. But when they do, try to be attentive.
3.    Try Not to Play Blame Game
This pandemic has put all of us in a difficult psychological state. We often feel weak, powerless, and confused. And in such a mental state, and constant influx of negative news, there is a possibility that we blame the viral spread on a specific race. In this case, people of Asian descent are particularly receiving hate and anger all around the globe. It doesn't matter how this virus has started and who started it, but one thing is for sure that no parent would want to make their kids racist. So, it is highly advisable to refrain from blaming anyone, whether intentionally or unintentionally. When you are talking with kids about this virus then be mindful of not attaching it with any race, or country, or group of people. This time shall pass, this pandemic will surely eradicate one day. But what remains for long is our good personality. Once the teenage kids will start moving freely around with their friends and mates, then they mustn't bring in any sort of racial discrimination regarding the spread of coronavirus.
How Teens Can Cope With the Current Quarantine Situation?
Teenagers breathe and thrive on social connections, partying, celebrations, and having fun with their friends.  It is particularly challenging for teenagers to go through this difficult situation. So, how teenagers can survive through quarantining and social distancing without losing their self-control, hopes for the future, and most of all their social connection. Here are a few tips and tricks that will be very effective for teenagers in coping up with the current hard times. However, to make these tips work, both teenagers and the kids need to work hand in hand. This matter concerns all of us, and we must resist it together to be successful in the end.
1.    Explore New Ways to Celebrate Life Events
One of the most obvious disastrous things that happened with the young kids is that they are not able to celebrate the big events of their life with their cheering squad, loved ones, and friends. Kids who were eagerly looking forward to going on trips, planning their sweet sixteen birthday parties (or were hoping for a surprise birthday party), bought tickets to attend a musical concert or a sporting event, or had anything else planned are bummed out. Especially kids who were looking forward to their prom nights and convocation are feeling lost in the current situation. Some of these events are rescheduled, but most of them are canceled. And regarding graduation ceremonies, most of the universities are conducting online events.
Surely, virtual events cannot replace the live experience of being together with your friends, but there is no harm in exploring these electronic substitutes. And teenagers of many countries have explored these mediums to have a video conference on Facebook, virtual concerts, hangouts on FaceTime, and a lot more.
It is not a compulsion, but it can be a very healthy option to start exploring these options.
2.    Compose a Schedule of the Whole Day
Time holds an extremely important and vital part of our lives. Without having a schedule or time management, we will surely lose much sense of our existence. For the young kids who are not attending any school these days, it is vital to remain active in the school hours. You can skip an hour or two from the morning, but sticking to the rest of the schedule should be a must. Consistency in following these school hours will keep the kids connected to the normal life.
Other than the study hours, you should also keep the break time intact as well. And in this time, call your friends, invite them on a video conference call, check into social media accounts and have little fun with your school friends.
Following this schedule is necessary. Else, the kids will be chatting or watching movies all night long, and sleeping all day long. This physical and mental state will lead them towards procrastination. And in the worst case scenario, they will not be able to get ready to build a happy and healthy life for their future.
3.    Look at the Positive Side of the Picture
To eradicate this pandemic out of our lives, it is extremely important to restrict social contact as much as possible. Surely, we are living through harsh, depressing, and uncertain times right now, but we all must be hopeful of a brighter and better future. In addition to being hopeful, it is our responsibility to stay away from those people who are against social distancing. As Abhijit Naskar has said, “Those who are resisting quarantine are not advocating for "live free or die", they are advocating "I must have my freedom even if it means harming others." Remember, if your freedom comes at the cost of other people's lives, then that's not freedom, it's savagery.” If the health officials are telling us to maintain social distancing and spend our time inside our homes, it must be for a reason. 
4.    Connect through Technology
Finding out how teenagers can survive through quarantining and social distancing can be nerve-wracking, but be thankful for the boom of the latest technology. As it seems, it would be impossible for any of us to survive this quarantine life and manage social distancing, if there would be no high-speed internet or WiFi-enabled devices in our hands. With the closure of schools and all sorts of educational institute, everyone is relying on these devices to carry on with their semesters or classes. The same is true with the official work as well. Many offices all around the globe have started giving their employees online work to do. Hrishikesh Agnihotri has said, "We felt so lonely in the crowd. And now we feel so connected in isolation." And that is all because of technology. Technology has connected all of us globally. And it is one of the main reasons that all of us are being able to remain sane for this long.
In reference to the teens, it is okay for them to spend a little more time on social media or gaming portals, but with an off and on parental assistance. 
5.    Keep Social Media Usage at Moderate Level
Where social connection through electronic devices and the internet is an excellent option to cope up with the situation, it is also important to take a break from these mediums as well. For adolescents and teenagers, a break of at least half an hour to an hour is extremely important. And at this time, one must try to stay away from any sort of screens. You can sit by the window, have a little nap, stroll outside on the nearby pavement, or just shoot some hoops. A little break from technology is great for both mental and physical health. This will increase your mental power and will also help you think, focus, and concentrate better. Plus, when your mind is relaxed and at ease, you will be able to survive through this situation easily.
6.    Enjoy Fun Activities with Family
If you are a parent and are worried about how teenagers can survive through quarantining and social distancing, then the solution is right there in your hands. Family is what unites us together to our roots. Staying connected with our loved ones is what helps us go through in our life, passing through all sorts of situations. When we all were missing out a great deal of spending quality time together with our family, all lost in our routine life, this coronavirus pandemic has suddenly made amends for this thing excellently. Like Barbra Bush has once said,  “At the end of your life, you will never regret not having passed one more test, not winning one more verdict, or not closing one more deal. You will regret time not spent with a husband, a friend, a child, a parent.” It is extremely important to think of something positive out of all sorts of situations. And in this case, the leisure of spending our time together with the family is one big great advantage of the current scenario.
As Avijeet Das has just perfectly described this situation saying, “All over the world, people are being quarantined and are being compelled to practice social distancing. We are trying desperately to remain sane in a world that seems bordering on the insane. So, the time is just right for us to ponder, reflect, meditate, and discover the world within our minds.”Now the time that we have in our hands is of utter importance. We can do anything and everything that we were planning to do in our free time.
When all of us are stuck inside our houses, a great way of cheering everyone up is to do all the old fashioned things again. And these include watching a funny or anyone's favorite movie together, playing board games, playing online video games and betting on each other's loss, having a fun water fight, or any other thing like that. The sky is the limit. You can give everyone a single day and on that day everyone will do whatever that person will decide. Trust me, we can make this thing work. Just try it with each other and stay strong. L. Tom Perry has rightly put the importance of our families in life at this point by saying, “It is more important than ever to make our families the center of our lives and the top of our priorities.” 
In addition to these family activities, do not forget the elderly of your family. When they cannot go out for grocery shopping, it is your duty as a parent to tell your young kid to go out and help their grandparents or anyone out there in need of their help. It will spark a sense of responsibility and empathy within themselves. 
7.    Keep an Eye on the Sign of Stress and Depression
This point is of extreme importance, for everyone out there and especially for the teenagers. These are surely very difficult times, and many people and especially young kids try to put up a happy face for the sake of others whereas on the inside they are bearing so much pain. It is not a healthy thing to do. You must be vigilant and mindful of any sign or symptom that you observe within your personality that is directing towards mental pressure or depression. And if you are a parent then observe your kids. Depression will do nothing for you. You just need to be positive, hopeful, and mindful of your own betterment. Denise LaRossa has said, “The Coronavirus quarantine may make many want to scream. Let's hope soon they'll develop a milestone vaccine. Sure, the unknown can be daunting and scary. So, for now, just continue to say those Hail Marys. Take it day by day, and it shall all be okay!...” Live your life by focusing on a single day. Forget about the worries of the future and the past. Good times will come and must be on the way.
If you want to achieve great things in life or just live a happy and prosperous life, then it is extremely important to take care of your mental health. Shivanshu K. Srivastava has brilliantly described the importance of good mental health and its impact on our life by saying, “The sprouting of the seeds of creativity, intuition, and wisdom takes place in a relaxed mind. Only anger, greed, and ego require a disturbed mind.”
8.    Try to be Helpful for Others
 Tell your young teenagers to go out and be a helping hand for someone who cannot go out due to old age, or any other illness. 
There you go. We hope that if you are wondering how teenagers can survive through quarantining and social distancing then all these above-mentioned points must have helped you in finding a solution. Whether you are a young kid or a parent of a teenager, following any of these tips will be a great help for you in the current gloomy situation.

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