How Life in Quarantine has Affected Relationships

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Posted Date : 24 May 2020 15:21 hrs

The consistently increasing number of death due to the lethal coronavirus all around the globe has made us all think about the increment of the current lockdown. And with that comes anxiety, mental stress, confusion, and uncertainty. All the negativity that we are facing around us, pose a terrible effect on ourselves. And if you are wondering how life in quarantine has affected relationships then the simple answer is, pretty badly. People who have decided to live under one roof during this quarantine period have started questioning their romantic life. While those who are living apart have no idea as to how can they have dates. Dating while keep social distancing is nearly impossible. And when all the public places are closed, the world seems a black hole. Nonetheless, we all need to work things through together. This time will surely pass through. Here, in this read you will get to learn some effective solutions for both situations, quarantining along with your partner and living alone. So stay with us.
?    Are you Self-Isolating away from your Partner?
According to the research keeping a little social. distance from your partner, for a while, can be healthy for your relationship. The phase when you start missing small things of your partner is the key element of keeping the beauty of the relationship alive. So, if you have decided to quarantine in isolation, away from your partner, then it may turn out to be an excellent decision for you.
One the other hand, many couples are finding it hard to keep the spark alive while talking on the devices only. The thing that most couples start missing first is physical contact. Researchers name it as "skin hunger", and it is nothing unusual. Chatting on the phone is not fulfilling as being close to someone, face to face. In this case, to make some amends, you can send some gifts to your partner. Gifts keep the relationship alive and let the other person know that you are missing them and want to be with them.
And most importantly, keep in mind that living together, without any intervention of work and friends, is not a paradise as well.
?    How Living  Together in Isolation with your Partner Working for Your Relationship
There must be many of you who are living together with their partners in quarantine. Surely, this experience is different as there is no mingling with friends, going out on work, or anything alike. And that must seem extremely unusual. How living this way is working for you so far? Are you loving it or this much togetherness is making you crazy? Here we have collected a few exceptionally useful tips and tricks that will help you manage your relationship in these difficult times. Quarantining with your romantic partner can be difficult too.
If you have decided to quarantine with your partner that you must surely know by now how life in quarantine has affected relationships. Under stably, living in the current situation, some working from home while many have lost their jobs, can be excruciatingly painful. Moreover, following new safety rules and precautionary measures is making things worse with each passing day. 
Now if you are wondering about how to cope up with the situation in a healthy manner, then you are at the right place. Here are some cool things that you can do.
•    Stick to Your Routine
Having your partner around all the time can be overpowering and domineering, but you must maintain you on routine. Do all the activities that are necessary for your health, hygiene, and happiness. Just remember keeping your mental health at its best must be your priority.
•    Talk About Your Sexual Life with Your Partner
This is not something that you should be overthinking about right now. However, having more or less sexual intercourse during this quarantine can be the reason for concern as well in some couples. For that matter, if you think that it is causing some issues in your relationship then do talk about them. If you feel that you and your partner are not on the same page then express your concerns freely. This is important as both men and women deal with stress differently. Men find sex contenting and relaxing whereas the opposite is true for the women. Women tend to lose their desire to indulge in any sort of sexual activity when they are stressed. That is why understanding what the other person needs at the moment is extremely important.
•    Work Hand in Hand with Your Partner
You might be working from home through the internet, but the regular home chores need to be done normally. And when both of you are at home, try to do these home chores together. If you tend to argue a lot then it is better to divide these tasks equally. Sharing these responsibilities will make both of you understand that these are your tasks and both of you should do them, instead of asking to do all the errands from a single person. For people finding the answer to how life in quarantine has affected relationships and how can you make it better, working together is the best solution.
•    Give Your Life a Structure by Making a Schedule
One thing that is terribly missing from our life in this quarantine period is routine. It seems that most of us have lost the sense of time and the whole day has just liquidated. And this may spark tension, and anxiety between couples thus raising unnecessary disputes and quarrels. This is exceptionally important to give some definition to your day. Before this corona pandemic, your life was defined by a regular set of several activities that included meeting with different groups of people throughout the day. Now you have to stay at home, bound with your family. In such circumstances, you need to make a schedule. This schedule must include both, working and non-working hours. While making this schedule, you must keep in mind to add some specific time just for yourself.
By creating a schedule, you will have predefined time for every task. All the necessary tasks like tutoring kids, making meals, and cleaning can be switched between you and your partner. This will not only create harmony but will also regulate your whole household. If you have teenage kids then you can assign some tasks to them as well.
Creating this schedule will minimize your or your partner's idle hours. And if anyone of you keeps on gossiping then minimizing the time of interaction will help both of you.
•    Try to Give Space to Each Other
Couples who have opted to live together for the first time in this quarantine might be having a difficult time coping up with this situation. Everything happening outside the home and within the walls of your place may not be going the way you must have planned your life. For this reason, it is extremely important to understand each other. It is not difficult to understand how life in quarantine has affected relationships all around the world. But the way you handle this situation matters a lot. This pandemic is not there forever. So, try to be there for each other, rather than annoying each other. We all are suffering through intense mental distress, and surely none of us would want to increase that stress. That's why a couple of scans make a huge difference in each other's life by giving much necessary space to each other.
•    Be Compassionate
Knowing how life in quarantine has affected relationships is necessary to know how to keep the magical factor of your relationship alive. All of us are going through a difficult time right now. When nothing seems certain, and you do not whether it is a partial lockdown or complete lockdown, and where can you easily go and where you cannot! Nothing seems to make any sense. Such a gruesome time can affect all mentally. Some of you may be stronger than the others. This means that all of us must be kinder and more compassionate for others. Like you cannot judge the book by its cover, in the same manner you cannot know how the other person is coping through the difficulties of life. So, it necessary for the couple to cultivate compassion and if they have kids then advise their children to do the same as well. Keep in mind that this is difficult for both of you, and bickering about trifle stuff will not make it go away any sooner. And that is why it is extremely important to understand each other and act kindly and wisely.
•     Listen to Your Partner Patiently
Communication and understanding are two fundamental building blocks of any successful relationship. Most of the people, almost all the time, think communication is only talking, Whereas, in reality, listening is an integral part of communication. Mostly, listening makes things much better than just speaking. Else, if both partners will start communicating/ speaking their concerns then there are quite strong chances of going nowhere near any solid outcome.
In this regard, this quarantine period is an excellent time to cultivate your listening skills. And this works for all types of relationships. Whether you are divorced, just started dating, married, or not, with appropriate communication skills you will be building a better relationship. Think of this time as an investment for a brighter and happier future.
•    You are not Alone, Share Your Experience
Surely, surviving through current times is becoming harder and harder with each passing day. You need to have a soft and compassionate shoulder at your side. This is the only way with which you can survive in a healthy and happy manner, moreover, you'll be able to become a helping hand for others as well. This is not the right time to get annoyed or tease others. We all must put our differences aside and work together to defeat this corona. Mental illness is one of the major side effects of this pandemic. And mental depression is spreading overwhelmingly fast because people are unable to communicate their fears, grief, and experiences. All of us need to share our stories and be the ear of concern for others as well. Coronavirus is something new and unusual, something none of us had ever experienced before, and surely no one had predicted 2020 to be this way. However, we all must be positive, helpful, and encouraging each other. There is no "correct or right" way to handle this pandemic. However, a little soft corner in your heart can make a tremendous effect on every one of us in your house and community. Just be empathetic, curious, and helpful. Do not judge others. Listen to their feelings, fear, and anxiousness with open hearts. Especially, take care of your spouse and little kids. They may be in a vulnerable state of mind, but are unable to express their feeling. Listen to them and tell your thoughts to them as well.
•    Better Not to Raise Unnecessary Conflicts
Considering all the panic, confusion, medical conditions, and severe economic condition all around us, it is not difficult to imagine how life in quarantine has affected relationships. The impact of this pandemic is very crucial. Everyone is going through difficult times. In such times, couples need to be supportive of each other. And rather than having arguments all the time, try to spend some quality time with each other. If we look into the pages of history, life-threatening events such as this one have resulted in an increasing number of divorces, because of anxiety, depression, and lack of support. However, such times can be the trigger of building a strong relationship as well. This is totally up to you how well you handle your relationship.
•    Utilize this Time to Strengthen Your Relationship
While it is the most difficult time of our lives, you can make it the best time to build a stronger relationship with your partner as well. Utilize all the time you are spending with your partner in repairing all the small knots that you must have had in previous years. Try to change yourself and expect amends from your partner in a peaceful manner as well. Having this free time to spend with your partner is one of the most amazing and unexpected silver linings of this quarantine period. So, when we are all depressed and confused about the uncertainty of the situation, let's relish its positive impact as well. This is the best time to connect with your loved ones. Those relatives with whom you were planning to meet up, but couldn't because of your busy schedule, just give them a call, or video chat on Zoom. Online chat is a great way to say "Hi" to your loved ones and be supportive of one another.
?    Best Things to do in Quarantine
Here is a list of some of the top affected things to try in this quarantine period. Surely, everyone is trying to do individualistic activities in an effort to make things easier, now this is up to you what activities would you prefer to choose.
•    Make Something New
This quarantine period is an excellent time to explore your artistic instincts. You have got all the time in the world to create something from scratch. Loads of artists from all around the globe are posting pictures of their creations including paintings, sculptures, mirror work, pencil sketches, pottery, etc. You must have also seen these pictures with the hashtags of quarantine art or art with the artist. Find out what your hidden talent is and let it flow in these frustrating times.
You may also be great at composing tunes. Else you can learn to play a new instrument as well. People are also learning to play the flute, piano, guitar, and stuff like that through online classes.
Sewing, knitting, and embroidery are also great activities to spend your time. And the pleasure of creating something vibrantly colored, useful, attractive, and beautiful cannot be explained with words. You can find several lessons for these activities easily available on YouTube.
Not only that, but two of the most useful ways of spending this time are also gardening and baking. With gardening you can alter the whole landscape of your place. And with baking you and your loved ones would be enjoying something delicious, new, and creative every other day.
Discover your hidden talent and create something extraordinary.
•    Take a Walk
Though extremely necessary, undoubtedly, it is extremely hard to constantly stay at home. The human being is a social animal we need to stay connected with nature and with our fellows. However, to get rid of this pandemic as soon as possible it is vitally important to stay home and stay safe. To calm things within yourself, take a walk outside your home, alone, or invite your partner as well. Make it a unique type of date, as you will be contacting your partner online. Chat with your friend or partner while walking and enjoy a good stroll. It will surely calm yourself and will put a positive impact on your day as well.
•    Reduce Your Intake of News
How life in quarantine has affected relationships? Well, pretty badly. But another major source of the problem is too much intake of false information. News channels and all social media platforms are showcasing nothing but corona related news. Anything related to corona, including several affected patients, death toll, economic situation, news conferences, rise in the number of corona patients all around the globe on an hourly basis, home remedies, medical solutions whatnot, news channels, and social media platforms are competing with each other in spreading false news. To stay mentally and physically healthy, especially when you are distant from your loved ones, it is extremely important to reduce the intake of all sources of news. And utilize your time and efforts in doing something good for yourself and others.
•    Organize Your Place
Another great activity that most of us were stalling for so long is getting our stuff organized. Now none of us can make the excuse of not having the time or too busy in my work or studies. You may gt pleasantly surprised when you start organizing things. You may come across something from the past, something special that was long lost in the time. Right now is the best time to declutter your cupboard, wardrobe, or whole place. And give it a new face with new decoration and setting. If you are a big makeup hoarder then organizing your makeup will definitely give you a great serenity and content. Else you can organize your wardrobe, etc as well.
•    Stay Connected with Your Loved Ones Online
We need to keep the social distance, but it doesn't mean that we cannot connect with our partner, friends, or loved ones through the internet. You can have a virtual dinner or lunch together with your friends using Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom. You can add as many recipients on the Zoom call as you want. With skype call the limit is 25 people and with WhatsApp video call, you can have a chat with a maximum of 8 people at a time.

It is amazing to see how life in quarantine has affected relationships all around the globe. Some of the couples have grown closer to each other while living under the same roof, whereas others have gone crazy and can't take it anymore. One the other hand, people who had just started dating are finding it hard to keep that magical connection alive. When everyone is confused, and has no idea how to spend their time, it is particularly difficult for the partners. Nonetheless, we do hope that the aforementioned tips will be helpful for you to keep your beautiful relationship alive. Best of luck, and stay safe.

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